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Transcripts For CNN Reliable Sources With Brian Stelter 20240708

with cnn, netflix, disney and twitter all left spinning with no stopping in sight. here at cnn, new ownership decided to shut down the cnn-plus streaming service less than a month after it was launched by the previous management team. the u-turn was front page news, stunning news and painful news for everyone involved. years of development possibly down the drain. some of the shows may never be seen. hundreds of staffers may be laid off, though the company is trying to place many of them in new jobs. amid these bruising headlines, folks are trying to make sense of it. some parts are believing the predictable points about talking points but the truth is, this was a corporate move. this cnn plus service was doomed because of the timing of the merger and clashing strategies. the new owner has plans to compline multiple streaming platform to make one big challenger for netflix. and speaking of which, this week netflix s earnings came out. incredible snag, subscriber numbers ....

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Transcripts for CNN Reliable Sources With Brian Stelter 20240604 15:58:00

Left a film behind. a unique man and story. when you ve been telling this story, do you have fears about your team? obviously, you have concerns about navalny because he s still in prison. well, that s a great question, brian. it s something that s obviously close to my thoughts. i have concerns about some of the investigative journalists we work with, who uncovered this story, that work is vital and necessary to expose the corruption and murder that s festered through the putin regime. so i think about the safety of those, but for my team and i, no, i don t feel fear at all. i m very comfortable coming on your show and shay aying vladim putin is a war criminal murdering women and children every single day and locking up oppositionists. this week, some news about another dissident in russia. vladimir kerimerza arrested this ....

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