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The quick 18p hack that clears your frozen windscreen in five minutes | UK | News

There's no flashy gadget involved in this simple hack - all you need is a freezer bag and some warm water to get your windscreen driver safe.

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Giraffe falls and smashes through family's car windshield at wildlife centre

Kari Hill had been driving through Texas' Fossil Rim Wildlife Center when a giraffe stopped by her car to say hello.

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Shattered windshields are more than a nuisance. They could cause issues with airbags or support structure

The demand for car repairs in the Austin area is already underway, and it’s reaching as far as Troy Parsons’ Auto Glass shop in San Antonio.“Almost instantly we

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Tips for hiring reputable home, auto repair companies following hail storm

Thousands of Central Texans will need home and vehicle repairs following Sunday night’s hail storm.However, not everyone looking for your business is someone yo

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Kia Seltos windshield distortion is causing me extreme eye strain

Originally Posted by abhi162 Strange but true I actually thought that the person who posted about such issue in Patna was the OP of this post but then I saw it's in Dehradun. Here is a link https://twi

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New budget includes money for police protection, tools to solve crimes

SAN ANTONIO - The City of San Antonio has a brand new budget worth $3.7 billion. The city council approved the final version this afternoon.One new measure adde

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A Metal Office Chair Smashed Through Car Windshield In Utah

A Utah family went for a taco run but their windshield was smashed in by a metallic flying object on the highway.

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New Hampshire woman survives (very!) close call on Maine highway

A 21-year-old New Hampshire woman was driving on a Maine highway Tuesday when a shard of rusted metal smashed into the windshield of her Jeep, impaling itself only inches from her face.

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