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he will join me later in the show to talk about power, energy and more. then, the velshi banned boat club is back in session. author joins me to talk about her best-selling young adult novel deer martin, and why it s being targeted by book banners and sensors across the country. they ll see begins right now. good morning to you, today is sunday april the 24th. i m ali velshi. as new evidence comes to, light it is becoming increasingly clear that the failed former president did not act alone in his attempt to overthrow democracy. and cling to power, after losing to the 2020 election. brand new evidence filed in federal court this weekend by the house select january six committee suggests a slew of republican members of congress helped the ex president to devise a strategy to overturn the election results, back in december of 2020. deposition excerpts filed by the committee suggest that some of the twice impeached ex presidents most loyal stooges in congress were freq ....

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Map which he dropped himself, giving republicans a major advantage, and lately diluting the voting powers of black voters. beside another bill, the stop woke act. here woke stands for wrongs to our kids and employees. which i find quite creative. it restricts the ways that race is discussing classroom and adult workplace diversity training programs. here s the thing. despite all of his goofy politics, ron desantis is a potential 2024 front-runner for the republican nomination for president. he is actually got a pathway to the presidency. and it is the latest example of a path in which the republican party is heading. i want to talk about this summer with frank lets, he is a political analyst, communications consultant, and the pollster. he is a guy who has paid travis thumb on the pulse of these types of political calculations. frank, it is good to see. you thank you for joining. us it is wildly early where you are. in california. so, we are unusually grateful. ....

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