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Indonesian filmmakers sweep prestigious awards

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Indonesian short films and documentaries released on major streaming services Viu and Vidio won big at the region’s two important awards.
Web drama and mystery
Pretty Little Liars, an adaptation of the American series with the same name, won nine National Winner titles at the Asian Academy Creative Awards (AACA) 2020.
The awards’ announcement, made on Oct. 15 in Singapore, also honored two other Viu Indonesia original productions: web series
Assalamualaikum Calon Imam (Greetings, Imam Trainee) and
Dawuk, a short film in Viu Shorts! Season 2 produced by a group of students in Cilacap, Central Java.
From the three films, Viu received 14 National Winner titles out of 40 categories, making it eligible to enter the international round in December to compete with winners from India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, the Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia.

'Everyday is a Lullaby' dashes to Busan Film Festival - Entertainment

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A Man Called Ahok),
Lullaby promises to broaden the horizon of the Indonesian audience.
The film, however, will not be played in theaters at home.
“We will not hold any commercial release [event] for the film and opt for alternative distribution through film festivals. It’s an indie film that represents our idealism, so we focus on distribution in niche markets,” said Badalu.
Tuta said the low-budget film was designed to accomplish artistic and aesthetics feats.
“My only hope is for the film to be a source of pride for everybody involved in it,” he told journalists.
The project started in 2016 under the working title

Meyer Sound Constellation Amps Up Performances at the JIExpo Theatre

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Meyer Sound Constellation Amps Up Performances at the JIExpo Theatre
Performers who have graced the stage of the theatre include Yo-Yo Ma and more.by BWW News Desk
Check out the full story HERE.
The JIExpo Theatre in the Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) centre presents meetings, events, performances and more, recently having presented Yo-Yo Ma, whose performance proved as a showcase for the new sound system!
The JIExpo theatre, with its capacity of 2,500, is the largest venue in the Asia Pacific region to offer the acoustic qualities afforded by Constellation.
The theatre's managing director Prajna Murdaya shared:
"The venue was originally specified to be just a theatre, but I saw the potential to make it also serve as Indonesia's largest concert hall...When I heard about Constellation and its worldwide base of existing high-profile installations, that became a key factor in deciding to go ahead and offer it here as well."

Indonesian adaptation of 'Pretty Little Liars' wins at ContentAsia Awards 2020

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Indonesian web series 
Pretty Little Liars was named the Best TV Format Adaptation (Scripted) at the ContentAsia Awards 2020.
“The show was commended for its characterization, storyline, casting and direction, which one judge described as 'spot on for a high-quality local market adaptation' that appeals to growing urban audiences. The adaptation was judged to be well thought through and the localization appropriate for Indonesia,” ContentAsia wrote in their official LinkedIn post.
Adapted from the popular American series of the same title, the show premiered in April and is screened via streaming service Viu in 16 countries, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, India and Egypt.

Award-winning Indonesian movies to be screened at M Bloc

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The “FFI
Layar Tancep at M Bloc Space” event is held to mark the space’s first anniversary in collaboration with the 2020 Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) and the Indonesian Open-Air Cinema Association (PLTI).
With the format of
layer tancep (traditional movie screening), the event will feature one movie each Sunday in September. The movies were selected based on their having being nominated or won awards at the festival.
Free tickets are available to reserve on
loket.comevery Friday at 5 p.m. Each screening can only accommodate 40 people.
M Bloc applies strict health rules for moviegoers, including temperature checks and requiring that people wash their hands with soap. Visitors will be required to maintain 1 meter between each other, wear a face mask at all times and stay in their seat until the film ends.

'Rumah Kenangan': A family drama about memories built on lies

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th production,
#NontonTeaterDiRumahAja (watch theater at home) series of the Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation.
The 90-minute family drama is a relevant and timely narrative that plays out against the backdrop of the current global situation, with its six protagonists stuck in quarantine under one roof.
The ensemble cast consists of veteran playwrights and stage actors Butet Kartaredjasa, Ratna Riantiarno, Susilo Nugroho and Happy Salma, who produced the play. The remaining two are prominent film actors Reza Rahadian and Wulan Guritno, both of whom have a theater background despite their more notable popularity in the mainstream film industry.
Master actors: Veteran stage actors Ratna Riantiarno (left) and Butet Kartaradjasa star in 'Rumah Kenangan' by the Titimangsa Foundation, a family drama that takes place in the all-too-familiar conditions of the present. (Image Dynamics/-)

US teen drama mystery 'Pretty Little Liars' gets Indonesian remake set in Bali (VIDEO) | Showbiz

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Thursday, 23 Apr 2020 12:02 PM MYT
The 10-part Viu original series follows the lives of four friends and the mysterious figure ‘A’. — Picture courtesy of Viu
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KUALA LUMPUR, April 23 — Pan-regional video streaming provider Viu has launched an Asian adaptation of
Pretty Little Liars based on the popular US teen drama mystery television series of the same name.
The Viu Original series, which features Indonesian and Malaysian talents, is set in the fictional town of Amerta, Bali.
Pretty Little Liars follows the lives of four female students whose clique falls apart after the disappearance of their leader Alissa (Yuki Kato).

Viu releases latest original series Pretty Little Liars

Viu, a pan-regional OTT video service from PCCW Media Group with more than 41 million monthly active users, has announced the launch of Pretty Little Liars, a Viu Original series starring an ensemble of top stars from Indonesia and Malaysia. Adapted from the Englishlanguage teen mystery drama of the same name, this series follows Viu’s success with adaptations of globally acclaimed properties such as Endemol Shine Group’s The Bridge and CJ E&M’s Black, as well as series based on Viu’s original IP development.
The Pretty Little Liars series is released today with all 10 episodes available for binge viewing and enjoyment by subscribers in the 16 markets where Viu is available.

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Aviv Dance Festival Goes Digital

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