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Opening of 'Foundation for Polygamy' in Syria met with humour, outrage

Syrians reacted with both humour and outrage to the opening of the 'Foundation for Polygamy' in the opposition-held city of Azaz in Aleppo province.

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Anti-vaxxers are now throwing rocks through windows of Ontario businesses

The anti-vax movement has taken an ugly turn, which was admittedly extremely hard to do thanks to an already unsavory amount of action from those i...

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« Imagine » : Zaz dévoile un nouveau titre et la date de sortie de son prochain album

Il faudra attendre le mois d’octobre pour écouter les nouvelles chansons de Zaz

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which he was staying on a consistent basis. zaz about pm there were two adult males. california congresswoman katie hill is resigning after >> i thank you for your time admitting having an today. i wanted to look at the what's inappropriate relationship with a campaign staffer, and she's next aspect. the president alluded to also facing a house ethics materials being collected from the site itself. can you in any way elaborate on meeting over allegations that what's been cleollected, what's she had a relationship with a been looked through now and what that means. >> that information needs to be staffer in the house. she is denying a relationship exploited properly for any with a staffer, and photos with follow-on missions we may choose to do. >> i think what's next is we'll a nude woman were publicly continue the mission, and the mission is to ensure the distributed. hill is in the middle of a enduring defeat of isis in the region. and that's our mission. divorce with her estranged husband and accuses him of

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. circling ironworks unesco world heritage site owners the region's industrial past. and this week's euro video takes us to bosnia and herzegovina. i want to start by getting a proper overview. treetop walker books the clue visitors center is the ideal place to get an idea of the lay of the land it meanders through the forest for over a kilometer culminating at a height of 42 meters on the observation platform what a view. this horseshoe bend in the river is known as the zaz life and it's by far the most popular

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job skills and training. those kind of things, they can take a ridder and they can work on those skills so they can go home and be reunited. they can be growing members of their family. this is about people and life and hope. we understand that that is the best time for that. that is what people should be taking away from it. >> we just incarcerated a lot of people in america. most of those people are in state prisons. you have taken some impacts from zaz that has been one of the leading states in dealing with this. what did you learn there that you didn't know that you would like to see spread all through the united states in terms of friday reform. >> one of the reasons we want today do this and the white

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