Review Kerrie Baldock Reflexology At Sevenways Bondi Nsw Australia in Bondi

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Kerrie Baldock Reflexology At Sevenways Bondi Nsw Australia in Bondi

92 Glenayr Ave, North Bondi


New-south-wales,Australia - 2026

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions About This Location

Qus: 1).what is the mode of payment accepted ?

Ans: Cash , Credit Card and Wallets

Qus: 2).What are the hours of operation ?

Ans: Open all days mostly from 9:30 to 8:30 and exceptions on Sundays. Call them before going to the location.

Qus: 3).Do they have online website?

Ans: Yes . They do have. Online website is -

Qus: 4).What is the phone number Of the location?

Ans: Phone number of the location is - (02) 93654059

Qus: 5).What does the local business do?

Ans: Why Reflexology? Early on i worked in Libraries for years both here and overseas and travelled, having wonderful life experiences… in fact it was ALL about me. Fast forward a few years and the focus in my life changed; I stepped outside of the “me” zone and marriage and 5 beautiful little blessings of children took over. Each time I went into hospital and these little cherubs were born so perfect I would thank God, the Universe, the Angels, my guides and anyone else that was around at the time. But I also saw children and parents who would have much heavier burdens to bear, couples who were unable to have children of their own and children whose lives were cut tragically short and I knew I had to “give something back”. 5 years on and I was struggling with a seriously underactive thyroid gland. Although my levels were borderline bad, my symptoms were horrendous; I would doze at the stop light, move from chair to chair and I gained 20 kgs in about 2 months. I walked around in a fog most of the time, feeling like I had steel wool for brains, especially in the morning. The specialist suggested using medication (a lifelong decision) may not even improve the symptoms much. Alternatively, he suggested I try Reflexology. I was filled with great intentions to try the Reflexology modality, thanked him kindly, walked out his door and -brain fog- immediately forgot what he had told me! The Universe has this wonderful way of stepping in and some time later (brain fog again) my sister stayed with me for a few days to help out. She was a Massage Therapist and had just done a workshop on Reflexology and wanted to practice on someone- enter me here as the willing guinea-pig. We had daily sessions (which is not always recommended) and she gave me work to do on my hands in between. It was very intensive and I loved it – I don’t think I had ever felt so relaxed and on the 5th morning I woke up without brain fog and feeling ok. I felt that if it helped me it could possibly help others as well. I booked in and paid up front for the Certificate of Reflexology and the Diploma of Reflexology with Anatomy and Physiology in the middle. That was an ambitious move, I can’t tell you how hard I found all the work- the kids and I would be sitting around the kitchen table trying to write notes and study. After they had gone to bed I would sit and do assignments; I had the incentive that I had already paid out the money and I couldn’t waste that! I still remember and appreciate all the love and support that all members of my family gave me at this time…it allowed me the opportunity to grow and develop along a path that has become more like a 6 lane highway. Funnily enough, after I finished my Diploma I ended up tutoring for the Australian School of Reflexology and met lots of wonderful Reflexology students, some of whom are still close friends today. I’m sure the Universe chose me to assist them to persevere and complete the course because of what I had already been through. Since then, fast forward 15 years. 15 years of working on a variety of people of all ages and from all walks of life. 15 years of working on people with various illnesses ranging from stress, to fertility issues from emotional and adrenal overload to constipation, High Blood pressure to hormone balancing, ADHD to Parkinson’s and everything in between. Baby Eve was born last November as a direct result of Reflexology, you can read more about this in Karen’s testimonial. A joy for me has also been working with teacher’s from various schools in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Assisting those people better their health and wellbeing when they gave so much to educating my own children and now my grandchildren has been an ongoing pleasure. Teachers will always receive a 10% discount from me at North Bondi Health Centre. Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter, or even better book a session and come be a part of it…