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Mid Night Boon in West-tripura

West-tripura,S.a.s.nagar (mohali)

Tripura,India - 160014

[email protected]

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Seko Shamte putting Tanzania film on world map Tuesday May 11 2021 Advertisement In 2021, women have been in the spotlight with Kamala Harris becoming US Vice President, Samia Suluhu now Tanzania President and for the first time in decades two women were nominated to the Oscar Awards and one carried the Best Director category. Tanzanian film director, producer and writer, Seko Shamte, is also putting her passion, talent and potential into building a more gender-equal world. Shamte has directed films and documentaries including, Mkwawa: Shujaa wa Mashujaa Hehe hero, Team Tanzania, Home Coming and Binti. How did your journey start and why a career in film?

It’s been a long time coming. After eight months of living in Japan, I finally managed to get to an event. Yes, I know, it’s inexcusable, but I do have a few excuses. So, when I saw Kouichi Kakuma’s Instagram post (AKA 911omomuki, AKA that Studio Allica Porsche) touting a huge Porsche event in Yokohama, the tummy turbo began to spool. I cleared my calendar and cleaned my camera gear. Sunday came around and I took the Blue Line Metro to Sakuragicho and walked over to the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouses, a favorite destination for romantic dates and fancy coffee. On this particular Sunday however, love birds had been frightened off by the rumble of angry Porsches and the smell of sausages and soy sauce.

1.25k In these crazy times, artists and media companies alike are doing everything in their power to keep fans of music entertained whilst under quarantine, where people cannot physically see their favourite artists live at gigs and festivals. There’s been some massive international online events happening with some of the biggest artists in the world, and the creativity is being felt more than ever. In Israel,  Music Tel Aviv teamed up with  Reshet 13 (two massively influential names) to bring music entertainment to everyone’s homes with some massive names in tow. To celebrate their independence day (and to make the most of the quarantine), they’re partying in style with a six-hour TV party called ‘Mid Night TV Party’. Unarguably one of the biggest events to happen in the country, they’ve brought in some big names like 

Next Chapter > Welcome to time attack, the fastest-evolving form of grassroots motorsports. Along with the more fashion and trend-oriented side of the Japanese drift scene, time attackers continue to challenge themselves and push the envelope more than anyone else out there. And this goes for the backyard builder all the way up to properly funded teams. Given how brilliantly it’s brought together in a countrywide wintertime championship, the team at Attack really have to be commended. I had a chance to spend a couple of hours at the Tsukuba round of Attack a couple of weekends ago, but this time around I did things differently; I wanted to experience the event from a time attack fan’s perspective. So unlike previous years where I’ve signed up for media credentials in order to park myself at the best shooting spots around the track, this time I decided to focus more on the cars, hence why I’m bringing you an extended gallery of shots, split between the paddock and the pit lane.

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celebrations under way in pyongyang. >> we saw the pyongyang marathon sunday. we have seen events. pyongyang marathon, sunday. we have seen the happy couple that the football match. sporting events have been prevalent. we are seeing festivities in the streets and many musical events. to mark the, the birth date, 103rd birth daytona of a very important day on north korean calendar. they would be expected to pay their respects to the eternal president, as he is known, kim jung-un, visited the mausoleum wheres they father and grandfather lay in statement. at the streak of mid night. he came into today. of course there is samba celebrations, commemorations

about the potential political ramifications but look, it's in their best interest for this to wrap up before the iowa caucuses and before democratic primary voters head to the polls to choose who they want to go against president trump. obviously impeachment is a black mark on any president. no president wants to get impeached but for democrats this could end up backfiring depending on how the political ramifications shake out in 2020 as we go in the primary process. arthel: yeah, so much could happen. we just really don't know but andrew, congressional reporter for politico. thank you for joining us. eric: the suspect accused of killing an alabama sheriff is now in custody. eighteen -year-old william chase johnson surrounded law-enforcement shortly after mid night. he followed a four hour manhunt. police say he took off after shooting and killing sheriff john williams senior at a convenience store in haynesville but he was known as big john, a respected law enforcement

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