Transcripts for MSNBC All In With Chris Hayes 20201009 00:19

Transcripts for MSNBC All In With Chris Hayes 20201009 00:19:00

work. kids have to stay home and they're doing zoom, they don't have money, people not paying mortgages. and i thought it was a noble thing that the speaker was doing, and then he turns it down. and then the stock market crashes, on which it's the only thing he reads. his position in these negotiations is so feeble, you can't imagine it. you can't imagine what a horrendously weak position he is. steve mnuchin, he has no bargaining chip right now. pelosi has every card that you can imagine, and he did it to himself. and then he started talking about he wasn't going to debate. now he's going to debate. he was going to do a stimulus, now he isn't. he really is a man -- he can't control his emotions. and mcconnell knows that, mcsally knows that, trellis knows that, dan sullivan, the

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