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DME achieves new milestone in Oman crude delivery Published: 8:05 PM, Jun 21, 2021 SHARE Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME), the trading platform for DME Oman — the Oman crude oil benchmark — has crossed a new milestone with the delivery of 2.5 billion barrels of crude oil since its inception in 2007. The increased interest in DME over the past couple of years and the trust earned from major national oil companies (NOCs) has contributed to the success of the exchange which is, today, the only transparent platform capable of bridging the most significant global crude oil corridor between the Middle East and Asia, the energy-focused commodities exchange said.

Messenger KUWAIT CITY, June 21: The Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) issued a decision allowing the import of all types of live birds, hatching eggs and one-day-old chicks for broiler and laying chickens from Kazakhstan, Italy, Croatia, Philippines and Finland, after confirming that these countries are free from bird flu, reports Al-Qabas daily. Official spokesperson of PAAAFR Talal Al- Daihani disclosed that the authority imposed a temporary ban on the import of all types of live birds, hatching eggs and one-day-old chicks for laying and broiler chickens from Lithuania, Estonia and the Kingdom of Lesotho due to the emergence of bird flu in these countries.

Messenger KUWAIT CITY, June 21: The educational and rehabilitation services sector in the Public Authority for Persons with Disabilities (PADA) has set its budget for the fiscal 2021-2022 at 40 million dinars, a decrease of 5 million from the fiscal 2020/2021 budget pointing out that authority is waiting for approval of the Ministry of Finance, reports Al-Jarida daily quoting reliable sources. According to sources at the authority, the process of calculating the financial allocations granted by the authority annually to its nurseries, which will start working and receive children soon in accordance with the regulations of the administrative decision (123/2019) issued in this regard, confirmed the decrease in the allocations that will be granted for nurseries that begin their work unlike normal times. The sources indicated that the regulation obliges the authority to pay these amounts according to its approved payment system, at a rate of 30 percent to be disbursed in 4 stages in the months of September, December and March of each year, and the fourth and final payment will be disbursed in May at the rate of 10 percent, pointing out that the three payments in the budget for the ending fiscal 2020/2021, while the fourth is included in the budget of the current fiscal 2021/2022.

Messenger KUWAIT CITY, June 21: The Chinese vaccine has been okayed by all the Gulf countries except Kuwait because Kuwait, as they say, is different in everything. It means the Emiratis, the Bahrainis, the Egyptians, the Moroccans and the citizens who have received the Chinese vaccine are forbidden to enter Kuwait based on the decisions issued by the ministries of Health and Interior. In the midst of all this, what is surprising is that the government sometimes blames the Ministry of Interior and at other times on the Ministry of Health for its shortcomings and tells the people that the government is not responsible for anything. ‘Our poor government … ’ In Kuwait, everything is forbidden, and when they disagree on a specific decision, they slap a ban, and everything that is a source of disagreement becomes ‘a ban’. … Yet, tomorrow is just another day. By Zahed Matar – Arab Times

Messenger KUWAIT CITY, June 21: Domestic workers, who took one dose of the vaccine against coronavirus and were infected after traveling abroad, will not be allowed to enter the country starting from Aug 1, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting sources. Sources disclosed that domestic workers who got one dose of Pfizer vaccine must wait for 10 weeks before taking the second dose, while those who got one dose of Oxford vaccine must wait for 16 weeks before taking the second dose. Meanwhile government sources confirmed that vaccinated expats returning from 1st Aug from high risk countries will not need to spend 14 days in non high risk countries as it was in the past. Upon entering expats who have been vaccinated with approved vaccines in Kuwait will need PCR – negative certificate valid for 72 hrs on arrival. Second PCR will be done during home quarantine period which is for a week, if negative the quarantine period will end.  Expats traveling with children for summer vacation, Cabinet ministers will decide if they need to be exempted or vaccinated.

Messenger KUWAIT CITY, June 21: The Coast Guard and Marine Rescue personnel rescued 5 Kuwaitis after their boat sank four miles off Al-Dabaia due to bad weather. According to a security source, the Operations Room received a report about the sinking of a boat with five 5 citizens onboard and immediately the Coast Guard and the Marine Fire Force boars headed to the site and rescued the men who were holding on to their sinking boat. All of them are believed to be in good condition. Meanwhile, three young men escaped after a fire engulfed their vehicle in a suburb of Jahra. The rescue operation in progress

>أثارت الإعلامية الكويتية مي العيدان، جدلاً بين متابعيها بعدما توعدت بفضح علاقة شاذة بين فنان إيراني وآخر كويتي فضلت عدم الكشف عن اسميهما. ونشرت العيدان صورة عبر حسابها في إنستغرام، كتبت عليها: “ترقبوا، الثلاثاء، سأتحدث عن الفنان الإيراني وعلاقته الشاذة مع فنان كويتي وفضائحهما في الكويت، ولندن”. وتابعت: “سأتكلم عن تعاطيهم وراح أقول تفاصيل ووعد راح تعرفونهم”. وواجهت مي العيدان هجومًا من قِبل بعض المتابعين بسبب إفصاحها عن وجود علاقة شاذة بين الفنانين، ما اضطرها إلى غلق خاصية التعليقات على هذا المنشور، ولم تكتفِ بذلك حيث ردت على الهجوم الذي تعرضت له، قائلة: “لا أحد يتفلسف.. الشواذ في الدّين يتم رميهم من أعلى، ولا يكفّنون، ويتم دفنهم مثل الجيفة، لأنهم يهزون عرش الرحمن“. وتفاعل المتابعون بشكل كبير مع تصريحات الإعلامية الكويتية وتداولوها على نطاق واسع، وجاءت التعليقات بين منتقد لأسلوبها وبين مؤيد لها، فقالت إحدى المتابعات: “يا كثر حبها للفضايح كل ما تخلص من فضيحة نشرت الي بعدها كله عشان تسوي سكوبات ترا عيب”. وقالت أخرى: “مثل هالامور يبالها ادله مو من عندك تتهمين الناس هذي فيها قضايا ومحاكم مو كل شي ترا ينقال وينشر”. وأضافت أخرى: “انا مع انها تنشر اسماءهم عشان يكونون عبرة لغيرهم ويتحاسبون حنا مو باوروبا وكل شي مسموح لازم في حدود”. وعلق متابع :” هذي بس كل حياتها تفضح فلان وعلان التهي بنفسك الله يستر عليك مهما كنت مستقيمة ممكن بيوم من الايام يجي احد يفضحك الدنيا دواره ما في احد ماشية حياته الا بستر ربنا، مو ضروري تفضحيه قدم ادلة للمحكمة مثلا او شي زي كذا مو ع السوشال ميديا”. وسبق أن شنت العيدان هجوماً على فنان إيراني لم تذكر اسمه، وكتبت على صورة عبر إنستغرام: “في ممثل إيراني أنا تحملته وايد على قلبي كرمال أخوه إنسان محترم وعشان مرض أمه، ما راح تتحمل، فخلاه هذا الشي يتمادى”. وتوعدته العيدان وبالقول: “أقسم بالله من هاللحظة ماراح يردني أحد ولا بهتم بأي أحد ولا بقدر أحد، أنطر حسابك عندي بدأ وراح يطلع، وقسما بالله لأخليك ماتعرف تنام الليل ولا تعرف تسوي أي شي بحياتك”.

Messenger KUWAIT CITY, June 21, (KUNA): The Minister of Information and Culture, Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Chairman of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi issued a decision to organize theatrical performances licensing in support of the theater’s civilizing, cultural, enlightening and societal message and the artistic value it presents to the community while confirming the status and history of the Kuwaiti theater movement. The Spokesman for the National Council, Assistant Secretary- General for the Culture Sector, Dr Issa Al-Ansari, said in a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) Monday, that the ministerial decision stipulated the formation of a committee to approve theatrical performances presented by private and private theater groups for adult theater and another to approve children’s theater performances.

Messenger TUNIS, June 21, (KUNA): Kuwait athletics team players made an imprint during their participation in the 22nd Arab Athletics Championships, which concluded in Tunisia.This tournament is of great importance as it qualifies for the 2020 Olympic Games in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, which will be held in the coming months of July and August. The promising Kuwaiti participation came despite the global health conditions and the suspension of sports activities due to the spread of COVID-19 around the world, and the desire of Kuwaiti sports to return to competitions after the previous suspension. In the tournament hosted by Tunisia with the participation of more than 400 male and female athletes from 20 countries, Kuwait’s players have bagged two gold, one silver and two bronze medals.

2021-06-22 07:02:36 来源: 网易家居综合 举报 分享至 分享至好友和朋友圈 想必大家都听说过,“有钱没处花”这个俚语。从事家居行业的有钱人,对自己的房子更是吹毛求疵。64岁的豪华家居企业家迈克尔.阿米尼就斥巨资为自己和家人打造了一座名叫“水晶宫”的豪宅。这座占地15,500平方英尺、有7间卧室、13间浴室,为了让自己的家更显独特,他为门厅定制了彩色玻璃圆顶并起名为“凤凰之眼”,用真黄金制作楼梯扶手和大门,还喜欢用施华洛水晶覆盖家具…… 阿米尼费劲心力的打造这座三层豪宅,原本是想要将此处作为自己和家人的住宅。但豪宅即将竣工,阿米尼却将这个房子挂牌出售,到底是为什么呢? 答案后面揭晓。先跟着小居一起感受一下这座“水晶宫”的魅力吧。 “水晶宫”占地总面积约1439平方米,从高空俯瞰,成不规则形状。白天,精心打理的绿化树木在太阳底下熠熠生辉。白色罗马柱和蓝色喷泉水池形成对比,与蓝色天空相呼应,打造出宏伟壮阔的气氛。 到了夜晚,太阳光褪去。豪宅灯亮起,星星点点又覆盖率强的金黄色灯光,营造出夜晚静谧美好的感觉。喷泉中央是伞形水源,伴有池底白色射灯,成为院子中独一无二的亮色。 豪宅大门是黑色栅栏与金色雕花。值得一提的是,金色部分采用的,是24K纯金涂料,而并非黄铜。 进门所见的楼梯扶手,与大门的设计风格相似。上面同样采用的是24K纯黄金涂料。 大门与楼梯之间的彩色玻璃圆顶,是有“凤凰之眼”的琉璃顶。圆顶中央镶嵌着施华洛世奇水晶,迎接着来到豪宅的客人。 圆顶上吊坠着的树枝形彩灯,也是房主精心定制的。分散的光源与圆顶的彩色美学互相呼应,形成了极致的美学享受。 豪宅的颜色呼应无处不在。天亮时,豪宅的主要颜色是与天空颜色相呼应的蓝白色。 天色暗了之后,豪宅光线与自然光线相呼应,变成橙黄,水池与天空颜色呼应变成深蓝。 房内无边泳池外的景色也是“水晶宫”的一大亮点。蓝色水池和蓝色天空相呼应,清澈明亮。池底的金黄色雕花,又与金色阳光呼应。让人真切的感受到了“水晶宫”的感觉。 白天,无边泳池的景色像蓝色海景。日落时分,屋里的景色却大变了样。金黄色的太阳慢慢落下,透出橙黄色的光景。 无论是从屋内,还是泳池边。在日升日落时,都能感受到完全不一样的景色氛围。 白天 白日泳池外观 夜晚泳池外观 不仅如此房间卫生间的色调,与彩色圆顶的颜色也相呼应。一间是粉金色调。 一间是蓝金色调。以万能白黑为底色,将彩色衬托的更加出彩。 主浴室则是全部以白色大理石为基调,因为此处有风光极好的外景。室内装潢尽量简单,能让人的注意力很好的放在美妙的大自然景观上。 大厅、影音室、走道,采用的颜色也大多是白色色调。简约却不简单,配上晶莹剔透的水晶吊灯和华贵配饰,真正的营造出“水晶宫”的观感。 走道上半弯的穹顶,为建筑观感增添华丽。 衣帽间采用的是复古棕调板材。配上水晶灯和玻璃镜,保证采光。 这是其中一间次卧,灰白色系让人放松。 豪宅中,家庭影院是标配。超大荧屏、灰色休息椅。 健身区。黑白配色干净利落,只有几个金黄色吊灯加以点缀。 起居室,大理石纹墙面,白色水晶钢琴。 桌球室,用红色栅栏、艺术油画和金色不规则吊灯增添房间的活跃度与趣味性。 聚餐处就在桌球活动室旁边,不规则彩色吊灯也让这个空间平添了不少活跃度。 琉璃彩灯都是定制的,每一处细节都可以体现房主的用心之处。 根据华尔街日报报道,这间房子最近即将完工,房屋将出售全套家具。如上面所说的,这座豪宅的饰面不遗余力,包括定制的枝形吊灯、内外白色约旦大理石地板、从地板到天花板的缟玛瑙墙,以及涂有24克拉黄金的门把手。最初,阿米尼打算将其作为自己的住所,但随着他的孩子长大和经常出差,房子不再适合他的家人。这套位于奥兰治县纽波特海岸的豪华七居室和13间浴室以6,980万美元(约4.5亿人民币)的价格挂牌出售。 阿米尼建造这座豪宅时,花费了极大的心力。可惜人算不如天算,房子即将竣工,却不再适合他与家人居住了。 其实人算不如天算的事情有很多,比如打工仔变成亿万富翁的故事大家也听的不少,例如接下来这位。 印度大叔跑迪拜打工变亿万富翁 住的豪宅堪比酒店 1980年,Rizwan Sajan父亲去世,作为家中长子,年仅16岁的他已经有了养家糊口的意识。于是他联系了自己在科威特一家建筑材料公司的叔叔,希望能得到他的帮助。但因为没到法定工作年龄,叔叔告诉他需要在家等两年才行。Rizwan Sajan以为叔叔这是在礼貌的回绝自己。于是他选择了继续完成学业,白天在Somaiyya学院就读商学院研究生学位,晚上则做兼职赚取学费和生活费。 但令Rizwan Sajan没想到的是,两年后他收到了叔叔的来信,询问他是否还想去科威特工作。Rizwan Sajan没有过多犹豫,很快便去了科威特,并在叔叔的帮助下开始全面了解建筑材料业务的运作方式。在之后的近10年里,他开始积累了一小部分的个人资产,顺利结婚生子,并在该行业获得了良好声誉。但1991年因为战争原因,他又被迫离开科威特回到了孟买,身上仅带着15万卢比(约1万多人民币),一切仿佛又回到了原点。 Rizwan Sajan和妻子Samira 但即便如此Rizwan也没有放弃希望,他重新联系了一位在迪拜拥有五金业务的朋友,对方答应给他提供一份薪水为1500迪拉姆(约2600人民币)/月的工作,外加25%的销售佣金。虽然之前他在科威特每个月的工资加佣金已经有15000迪拉姆(约26000人民币)左右,但他还是接受了朋友提供的机会。就这样,1992å¹´3月,Rizwan Sajan奔赴迪拜,开启了他在迪拜的打工生涯,也从此走上了发家致富之路。 Rizwan Sajan与妻子Samira及儿子Adel Sajan合影 发掘商机并果敢行事 在朋友公司工作期间,随着科威特局势的恢复,Rizwan Sajan之前的一些业务合作关系也被重新利用起来,他的薪水很快便翻了倍,加上佣金每个月他又可以赚取8千到1万迪拉姆(约14000-17000人民币)。后来凭借自己的经验和敏锐的商业头脑,他建议朋友将公司的业务范围扩大,做一些木材贸易之类的建材业务,但公司老板因为担心风险过高拒绝了。 思考再三之后,Rizwan Sajan便决定自己出来单干,来做这类业务,于是他成立了一家订货公司,并用自己仅有的8.8万迪拉姆(约16万人民币)租了一间办公室,买了一辆汽车,其余的用来支付日常开支。公司的交易模式也很简单,就是从供应商那里购买材料,再卖给买方,公司从交易中获得佣金。虽然看似简单,但一开始公司还是受到了大买家的强大阻力。 幸运的是,因为挑选的产品足够出色,Rizwan很快赢得了向一家公司供应镀锌瓦楞纸的合同。渐渐地,他的公司也吸引到更多大公司的注意,并纷纷从他那里采购产品。虽然公司业务已经逐渐稳定,但为了拓宽业务,Rizwan还联系了他在新加坡和罗马尼亚的一些老供应商朋友,希望能得到更多的合作机会。 “我对他们很坦率。我告诉他们,我还没有钱支付商品,但是既然他们认识我,我希望他们能相信我,寄给我材料,我答应在交易结束后立即付款。” 看似很不可思议,但Rizwan凭借良好声誉,真的收获了更多的材料供应商,公司业务也开始飞速扩充和发展。 形成多元丰富的产业链 如今经过20多年的发展, Rizwan Sajan成立的Danube集团已成为中东地区家喻户晓的知名品牌之一,在迪拜拥有150多家投资单位。旗下材料公司产品种类多达25000余种,集团员工人数超过2500人,在中东和亚洲9个国家和地区设有分支机构,其中中国就有好几个分支机构。因为Rizwan发现中国政府鼓励投资,并竭尽全力为经济发展创造有利的环境。 Rizwan Sajan还曾在2016年登上福布斯中东杂志的封面 集团的房地产开发部门Danube Properties也成为阿联酋五大房地产开发商之一。参与了迪拜塔、迪拜市区、朱美拉群岛、棕榈岛等多个大型项目的建设。集团旗下还成立了家具零售品牌Danube Home以及智能安全家居品牌Danube Systems。 而作为Danube集团董事长,Rizwan Sajan也成为了迪拜最富有的印度人之一。他在迪拜阿联酋山的高尔夫球场旁边建了一栋超级豪宅,无论从面积、装修还是配套来说,奢华程度都让人咋舌。 Rizwan Sajan的超级豪宅 里面装修堪比五星级酒店 可能因为自己家有做建材家居生意的缘故,所以相比于传统印象中很富丽堂皇的印度建筑和中东建筑,Rizwan家的豪宅显得更加简约大气,白色的外立面和方正利落的框架结构,很符合现代豪宅的特点。据Rizwan儿子Adel Sajan透露,当初他们家建这栋豪宅的要求也就是“白色、现代、干净”。 不过既然是富豪家,该有的一些豪宅特质也是一样都不能少的。 真是人生如戏呀,现在阿米尼的豪宅即将竣工,挂牌4.5亿人民币出售。一代家居大师亲手设计的全新豪宅就这样拱手让人,你感兴趣吗? (本文素材来源于[email protected],由网易家居综合) 本文来源:网易家居综合 责任编辑: 陈乔一_NOGZS18269 相关推荐

Gulf states show ‘limited’ progress kicking oil & gas dependency Al Jazeera Staff © Provided by Al Jazeera The clock is ticking for Gulf economies to end their overreliance on fossil fuels, as more countries around the world pour resources into accelerating their transitions to green energy and a low carbon future [File: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg] The clock is ticking for Gulf economies to end their overreliance on fossil fuels, as more countries around the world pour resources into accelerating their transitions to green energy and a low carbon future. But a report released on Monday from credit ratings agency Moody’s found that despite Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states announcing ambitious plans to kick their crude habits, economic diversification efforts have yielded only “limited” results, and further progress could be held back by lower oil prices and too many blueprints targeting the same non-oil sectors.

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What Is The 2 Digit Code Of Kuwait Country?


What Is The Capital Of Kuwait Country?

Kuwait City

What Is The Area In Of Kuwait Country?


What Is The Population Of Kuwait Country?


What Is The Continent Of Kuwait Country?


What Is The 3 Digit Currency Code Of Kuwait Country?


What Is The Currency Of Kuwait Country?


What Is The Phone Number Code Of Kuwait Country?


What Is The Postal Codes Of Kuwait Country?


What Are The Neighbouring Countries Of Kuwait Country?

Saudi Arabia,iraq

What Are The Languages Of Kuwait Country?