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Making sense of the markets this week: June 21, 2021 By  Dale Roberts  on June 18, 2021 A condo developer's latest business plan could shut even more Canadians out of the real estate market; winning and losing on the pipelines; plus, everyone wants the economy (and travel) to re-open, but COVID may have other plans. Advertisement Photo created by wirestock - Each week, Cut the Crap Investing founder Dale Roberts shares financial headlines and offers context for Canadian investors. Advertisement The Canadian housing story and a “bad” business idea The Canadian real estate boom (or crisis, for those looking to get in) has been one of the big headlines of 2020 and 2021. Housing prices have soared out of the reach of many first-time buyers. 

Lukasik faced one count of importation and one count of money laundering. At the High Court in Auckland on Tuesday, Justice Tracey Walker said she had taken into account the time the men previously served in overseas detention, prior to their extradition to New Zealand to stand trial. DAVID WHITE/STUFF Patryk Lukasz Lukasik was sentenced to nine years and one month on importing drug charges and money laundering. Both Wilk’s and Lukasik’s lawyers argued for their clients' sentences to be shortened, saying the amount of cocaine was moderate in comparison to other drug imports. Lukasik’s lawyer Lorraine Smith told the court her client had no real influence in the operation and was working for his father overseas, who was facing debts and possible prison time.

New Zealand Energy Corp. Announces Proposed Share Consolidation Wellington, New Zealand--(Newsfile Corp. - June 21, 2021) - New Zealand Energy Corp. (TSXV: NZ) ("NZEC" or the "Company") announced today the Directors have approved a consolidation of its share capital on the basis of one (1) new common share for every existing ten (10) common shares (the " Consolidation"), subject to regulatory approval, including approval of the TSX Venture Exchange. Effective on or about 23 June 2021, NZEC will complete the Consolidation. Where the exchange results in a fractional share, the number of common shares will be rounded up to the next greater whole number of common shares if the fractional entitlement is equal to or greater than 0.5 and shall, without any additional compensation, be rounded down to the next lesser whole number of common shares if the fractional entitlement is less than 0.5 and, in calculating such fractional interests, all common shares registered in the name of and held by such shareholder shall be aggregated. The Directors believe the Consolidation should enhance the marketability of the common share as an investment and will facilitate additional financings to fund future operations. A new CUSIP number of 650158207 replaces the old CUSIP number of 650158108 to distinguish between the pre- and post- consolidated shares. The Company's name and trading symbol will remain unchanged.

Dow Jones rises by nearly 600 points as Wall Street rebounds Lola Evans U.S. stocks finished sharply higher on Monday as bargain-hunters bought up big. The Dow Jones led the charge higher, jumping by 586.89 points or 1.76 percent to 33,876.97. The Standard and Poor's 500 strengthened by 58.34 points or 1.40 percent to 4,224.79. NEW YORK, New York - U.S. stocks finished sharply higher on Monday as bargain-hunters bought up big. The Dow Jones led the charge higher, jumping by 586.89 points or 1.76 percent to 33,876.97. The Standard and Poor's 500 strengthened by 58.34 points or 1.40 percent to 4,224.79. The Nasdaq Composite climbed 111.10 points or 0.79 percent to 14,141.48. The U.S. dollar's recent rally stalled on Monday in U.S. trading as stocks rebounded. Approaching the New York close Monday the euro had firmed to 1.1917. The British pound was sharply higher at 1.3929. The Swiss franc rose to 0.9178.

Though children were at low risk they occasionally became seriously ill with Covid-19, so the vaccine would protect them, Baker said. "But the main benefit is the population protection we get by vaccinating more people and that will really limit the spread of the virus." With newer, more infections variants, 80-90 percent of the population will have to be immunised to reach herd immunity, he said. There were trials under way for vaccinating children down to age six months, but there was a question how important that would be for reducing transmission. Baker said the dosage of the vaccine was slightly lower for children.

Rocket Lab not 'evil', but Kiwis right to feel 'uneasy' about US military ties - journalist Newshub 2 hrs ago © Video - The AM Show; Image - Rocket Lab/Twitter Ollie Neas on The AM Show. A journalist investigating Rocket Lab's ties to the US military says it's not an "evil company", but some Kiwis would be "uneasy" if they knew what it was putting into orbit. Rocket Lab started in New Zealand and launches from here, but is now technically an American-based company  - it's even in the name of its website, Like other US space companies, it has contracts with the superpower's military and intelligence agencies.

Boris Johnson says prospect of trans-Pacific trade deal is 'exciting opportunity' as Dominic Raab begins negotiations Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has entered three days of negotiations over the UK becoming part of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). The PM said the possible free trade agreement, which exists between Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam, would create "unparalleled opportunities for the UK". Earlier this month, the CPTPP announced that the accession process would begin following the UK's application to join the agreement in February. Mr Raab landed in Hanoi, Vietnam on Monday ahead of the accession process formally getting under way on Tuesday.

Why are we not excited about the naming of the All Blacks squad? A Set the default text size A Set large text size Replay A Set the default text size A Set large text size What used to be one of the most anticipated moments of my life has now evolved into a modicum of enthusiasm. It may be because I am now a New Zealander living in Australia where the media attention for rugby is so much less than NZ, but I feel that the naming of the All Blacks squad is less of a big deal than previously.

Mark Waugh was far better than his Test average would suggest A Set the default text size A Set large text size Replay A Set the default text size A Set large text size Let’s start with the stats – let’s get most of them out of the way from the start. More than 8,000 runs in both Test and one day cricket – one of only two Australians to achieve this double. He retired as Australia’s highest run scorer in one day cricket and our third highest in Test cricket. He was the sixth Australian to make 20 Test tons and retired with the most international centuries by any Australian, since surpassed by only three (Ricky Ponting, Matt Hayden and Dave Warner).

Parents, here are 10 last-minute school holiday treats for the kids Toggle share menu Advertisement Parents, here are 10 last-minute school holiday treats for the kids With one more week to go, here’s how you can make the most of the June break, in and outside of your home. (Photo: Otah & Friends) 22 Jun 2021 07:12AM) Share this content Bookmark We’re down to the last week of the June school holidays and you know what that’s like. The kids are well aware that in less than a week’s time, they – and you – will be back to the school routine of waking up early, homework, spelling and tests. 

Britain begins negotiations to join trans-Pacific trade deal Today 05:40 am JST Today | 07:39 am JST LONDON Britain will begin negotiations on Tuesday to join a trans-Pacific trade deal that it sees as crucial to its post-Brexit pivot away from Europe and towards geographically more distant but faster-growing economies. The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) removes 95% of tariffs between its members: Japan, Canada, Australia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Singapore, Mexico, Peru, Brunei, Chile and Malaysia. Britain hopes to carve out a niche for itself in world trade as an exporter of premium consumer goods and professional services. Accession to the pact would supplement trade deals London is seeking, or has already agreed, with larger members.

Households have been spending more locally, helping offset the drag from the loss of international tourist dollars. Westpac said the latest reading was not just a post-Covid bounce. “New Zealand’s economic recovery has been gaining traction in recent months, with a firming in activity seen across regions and sectors,” the report said. “Importantly, that includes the household sector, with a strengthening in the labour market, strong increases in retail spending, and continued gains in house prices,” the report said. “Households are also feeling more optimistic about the outlook for the economy over the coming year, and they expect that their own financial situation will continue to improve.”

The greatest bicycle journeys on the planet A recently released book will have cyclists dreaming of reopened international borders and the chance to pedal some spectacular touring routes. Cycle touring allows you to cover more distance than hiking while still immersing yourself in beautiful natural surroundings.  Matt Teffer Save Share rand départ from Brest this weekend, local cycling fans will be feeling the weight of Australia’s travel bans. There’ll be no trips to France this year to watch La Grande Boucle in person and cycle parts of the route itself. But to whet your appetite and start sketching out your bicycle adventures for when international travel once again becomes a reality,

疫情加剧贫富差距 美国无家可归者持续增多 纽瑟姆在事后向记者打趣称:“不同的人打招呼的方式不同。” 近期,美国发生多起与无家可归者有关的袭击案件。 旁边多名路人迅速过去帮忙,最终将这名袭警的无家可归者制服。目前这名无家可归者面临仇恨犯罪、袭警等罪名。 当地商家: 有时候无家可归的人会走进店里,骚扰顾客,说“把钱给我”。我没开玩笑,他们就这么走进来直接要钱。每个街区你差不多都能看到十名无家可归的人,每个街区都能看到几个吸毒的人,如果你现在出去,你就能看到他们。 另一方面,无家可归者也经常沦为暴力犯罪的受害者。 波特兰警察: 非常可怕,令人担忧。我认为,无家可归者是我们这里最脆弱的人群。 去年美国无家可归者人数达58万 根据美国住房和城市发展部发布的数据,2020年美国无家可归者约为58万,较2019年(56.77万)增加2.2%。平均每1万人口中,有18人为无家可归者。这是美国连续第四年无家可归者人数增长。 从性别分布结构来看,女性无家可归者占比为38.50%;而男性无家可归者占比高达60.70%。 公益组织“国家创新服务”执行总监 马克·多内斯: 无家可归现象和新冠疫情都凸显了我们国家持续存在的种族不平等,黑人、拉美裔和原住民受到的影响尤为严重。 2020年,大约四分之一的无家可归者聚集在纽约和洛杉矶这两大城市。《纽约时报》报道指出,新冠肺炎疫情期间有许多人失去工作、流离失所,尚未统计在这项报告中,实际的无家可归者人数更多。 疫情下无家可归者艰难生存 无家可归者: 这就是我们的厨房,这个很危险。 纽约市也是美国众多无家可归者聚集的城市之一。疫情暴发以来,纽约出台了多项限制措施,许多居民被迫居家办公,游客人数也大幅减少,而与此同时,流浪汉的人数激增,街道上到处都能看见或坐或躺的无家可归者,由于缺乏食物,许多人还在垃圾箱里找吃的。 当地居民: 我经常看到很多无家可归者,很多失业者。有些人在乞讨,还有睡在街上的人。 据慈善组织统计,今年2月,栖身在纽约市收容所里的已超过2万人,创下历史新高;与此同时,更多人露宿街头。无家可归者中有一部分人有吸毒、酗酒或精神疾病等问题,这也让当地强行乞讨、盗窃、抢劫等暴力事件激增。 对此,有慈善组织表示,疫情对纽约市的冲击巨大,当地经济遭受重创,许多公共服务陷入停滞,因此救助无家可归者的工作困难重重——无论是帮这些人重新适应社会,还是让城市的运转进入正轨,都将是一个漫长的过程。 贫富差距不断加大 流浪问题愈演愈烈 作为发达国家的美国,流浪者数量为何越来越多,他们为何无家可归?实际上,无家可归者的问题暴露出的是贫富差距加大这一美国社会制度的顽疾。 美国税收公平协会披露的数据显示,2020年3月中旬至12月,651名美国亿万富豪的财产从2.95万亿美元激增到4.01万亿美元。该机构负责人弗兰克·克莱门特感慨:“美国从未有过如此庞大的财富集中在少数人手中的情况。”而与此形成鲜明对比的是,哈佛大学公共卫生学院的一项调查显示,疫情期间,总收入低于10万美元的家庭中,高达54%的家庭面临着严重的家庭财务危机。《福布斯》网站统计显示,2020年疫情期间,2000多万美国人失去工作,很多人将陷入无家可归的处境。 俄勒冈州失业租户 麦克·格里格斯比-莱恩: 我卖了所有能想到的东西,从衣服到家具再到唱片。我动用了积蓄,用光了退休金,我减少了一切花销,包括药品和食物。我现在还拖欠着几个月的房租,我不知道还能怎么做。 耶鲁大学社会不平等问题专家 玛塞洛: 疫情非常遗憾、非常不幸地加剧了社会本来就存在的结构性问题,部分群体遭到冲击最为严重,不仅仅是从健康的角度,更是从经济的角度。 由于美国低收入人群的主要资产是房产,一旦失业还不起房贷,很有可能失去自己的栖身之所,而富人更多持有的是金融资产。疫情爆发后,低收入人群的资产因房价下跌而大幅缩水,民众饱受着失业和生活水平大幅下降的折磨;而富人则大多受益于政府的多轮救市计划,继续享受金融资产带来的收益,毫发无损甚至资产坐地升值。 多年来,包括美国总统在内的政客们一直承诺要缩小贫富差距,然而贫富的鸿沟却越来越大。这背后正是资本的力量作祟。富翁云集的美国国会参众两院就被媒体戏称为“百万富翁俱乐部”。在疫情给美国社会带来巨大冲击的当下,少数掌握制定政策权利的富人食言而肥,而更多失业者则流落街头,无家可归。 地址:南京市建邺区江东中路369号新华报业传媒广场 邮编:210092 联系我们:025-96096(24小时)  互联网新闻信息服务许可证32120170004 视听节目许可证1008318号 广播电视节目制作经营许可证苏字第394号

Guyon Espiner of RNZ11:32, Jun 22 2021 Police bail checked Shargin Stephens 64 times in 36 days - often in the middle of the night - before shooting him after he attacked a police car. Five years after an officer shot and killed a young Māori man, Guyon Espiner reveals previously untold disparities between what the public knows and what the evidence reveals. In a series of swift steps Officer L05 crosses the grass verge and closes in on his target. He aims his Bushmaster M4 at the chest of the 35-year-old Māori man retreating from him. L05 controls his semi-automatic rifle with an “excellent lockdown stance”- at least that's what another officer at the scene will later say.

Con rosarinos dentro de la delegación, Los Pumas partieron con destino al Viejo Continente Una parte del plantel del seleccionado nacional partió desde Ezeiza con hisopados negativos rumbo a Europa. Los dirigidos por Mario Ledesma jugarán el sábado 3 de julio ante Rumania y luego frente a Gales los sábados 10 y 17 de Julio en Cardiff. Será la primera parte de un semestre agitado 21 de junio de 2021 - 20:29 | El rosarino Jerónimo de la Fuente integra la delegación argentina que partió desde Ezeiza. Crédito: Prensa UAR Punto de inicio de la temporada de Los Pumas. Un semestre con muchos compromisos –un total de doce tests matches- para el seleccionado nacional. Por lado positivo poder volver a disputar ese número de partidos internacionales y por otro negativo, ya que todos los choques serán en condición de visitante.

A ministra também solicitou ao presidente Luiz Fux a inclusão do processo em sessão extraordinária do plenário virtual. Endossaram o pedido Wilson Lima (PSC-AM), Waldez Góes (PDT-AP), Ibaneis Rocha (MDB-DF), Hélder Barbalho (MDB-PA), Wellington Dias (PT-PI), Marcos Rocha (PSL-RO), Carlos Moisés (PSL-SC) e Mauro Carlesse (PSL-TO) e Antonio Denarium (sem partido-RR). Dentre os que não foram convocados, endossaram o documento Renan Filho (MDB-AL), Rui Costa (PT-BA), Renato Casagrande (PSB-ES), Ronaldo Caiado (DEM-GO), Flávio Dino (PCdoB-MA), Paulo Câmara (PSB-PE), Cláudio Castro (PL-RJ), Eduardo Leite (PSDB-RS), João Doria (PSDB-SP) e Belivaldo Chagas (PSD-SE). 

Benefit from increased Incense effectiveness while moving Be guaranteed gifts when spinning PokéStops so long as they have not reached their maximum gift inventory Receive 10x bonus XP from spinning a PokéStop for the first time Changing/Removed Bonuses During the pandemic, Incense effectiveness was boosted to attract Pokémon more frequently to players’ locations. It will soon revert to its original level of attraction when players are stationary, but will have increased effectiveness while players are moving, Niantic says. Players could also reach PokéStops and Gyms from farther away during the pandemic, but Niantic plans to revert that change too. The developer said that distance “may be increased during future events and as part of certain features.”

DNAberita Seorang pelaut yang jatuh dari kapal berhasil bertahan hidup setelah tetap mengapung dengan bantuan “sampah di laut”, demikian ungkap putranya. Vidam Perevertilov, demikian nama pelaut itu, sempat terombang-ambing di laut selama 14 jam setelah dia terjatuh dari kapal barang tempatnya bekerja di Samudera Pasifik pada dini hari. Saat jatuh ke laut, pria 52 tahun itu tidak memakai jaket pelampung. Dia lalu berinisiatif berenang menghampiri suatu “titik hitam” sejauh beberapa kilometer agar tidak mati tenggelam. Benda yang dia hampiri itu ternyata sebuah bola pelampung bekas. Dia terus mengapungkan diri dengan “sampah laut” itu hingga datang tim penyelamat. “Ia terlihat 20 tahun lebih tua dan sangat lelah, tapi yang penting ia masih hidup,” kata putranya, Marat, kepada media Selandia Baru, Stuff.

El Comité Olímpico de Nueva Zelanda publicó este lunes (21.06.2021) la lista de deportistas que participarán en los Juegos Olímpicos de Tokio, entre los que se encuentra la haltera Laurel Hubbard, quien será la primera atleta transgénero en acudir a la cita olímpica.   «Me siento agradecida y humilde por la amabilidad y el apoyo que me han brindado tantos neozelandeses», dijo Hubbard, de 43 años de edad y quien comenzó en 2012 su proceso de reasignación de sexo, en un comunicado.   El organismo olímpico neozelandés remarcó que Hubbard cumplió con los criterios de elegibilidad tanto de la Federación Internacional de Halterofilia, el Comité Olímpico Internacional (COI) y de Nueva Zelanda, incluyendo los referidos al cambio de sexo.

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Securing humanity's future, one tree at a time Chia sẻ | FaceBookTwitter Email Copy Link Copy link bài viết thành công  22/06/2021    06:28 GMT+7 It's still early in the summer and Hanoi's skies are a crystal clear blue as far as the eyes can see. The bodhi tree stands guarding Luong Van Chanh Temple in Phu Hoa District, Phu Yen Province, one of the National Heritage trees of Vietnam. An old temple against an ageing tree gives people a sense of firm background, stability and tranquillity, and is a classic rural Vietnamese landscape. VNA/VNS Photo Minh Duc Increased air pollution in recent years has made a blue sky a rare sight in Vietnam's capital, and while the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on all aspects of life, one area where it may have a silver lining is environmental protection.

He said Hubbard has "superior" biological advantages due to previously identifying as a man, which makes it unfair for her competitors who were born as females. "As I've said many times, I support transgender rights to equality and fairness - but not when those rights damage women's rights to equality and fairness. "This is unfair and unequal. And it's not 'transphobic' to say this, it's just common sense." Morgan slammed the NZ Olympic Committee's decision to include her in the NZ weightlifting team. "Meanwhile, New Zealand's infamously woke Government and the country's top sporting body have backed Hubbard's inclusion... "The uncomfortable, irrefutable truth is that this decision is a disaster for women's sport."

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