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>> i am harris faulkner. this is the fox report. if you are just joining us. we are following a situation where americans wereçó under is going on ten hours and they are still looking for the attackers. here's what we know. some of our citizen&ñ were hurt in this. ñi terrorist hit a shopping mall in nairobi, kenya. 39 people were killed by armed gun men who threw grenades and shot at shoppers. they are said to be going store to store looking for them and we are getting word that five hostages that they are holding have been released. that is considered a positive sign. this group would not negotiate. we don't know who they had. if westerners or americansçó we

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work. and how clearance was granted to navy yard shooter aaron ñkóalex jack king explains the investigation. >> how wellçis the background check and security accomplished? they will have plenty of evidence to determine that quality of work and s+uqsrh that problem is. they should be able to fix it. >> law makers saidñr therñ need to be a ñithorough review while hiring federal contractors, harris, back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you and 12 people were murdered on the washington navy yard and tomorrow, a programming note for you. there is a ceremony honoring those victims. the first family president obama and his wife are scheduled to visit the barracks there and the president is scheduled to speak. watch our coverage beginning at 4:30 p.m. oastern.

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