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president biden, did he? >> he did. he did, anderson. he said he would like to speak to biden directly to convey the dire circumstances that he is in. but he also said he wanted to get this message out right now, and it was worth the risk so that people could hear what he is going through and what he wants from the president. and i want you to take a listen right now. >> i would say that if a message could go to president biden, that this is a precarious situation that needs to be resolved quickly. and i would hope that he and his administration would do everything they could to get me home, regardless of a price they might have to pay at this point. >> so he is hoping that the administration pulls out all of the stops now to try to bring him home. >> is he -- i mean i can't imagine what his life is like on a day-to-day basis. is he hopeful, do you think? >> he hasn't lost hope. he seemed calm when he spoke to

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the message from the government quite harshly by that? that the message from the government quite harshly by that?— quite harshly by that? that is the ho -e quite harshly by that? that is the hope on _ quite harshly by that? that is the hope on the _ quite harshly by that? that is the hope on the side - quite harshly by that? that is the hope on the side of i quite harshly by that? that is the hope on the side of the i the hope on the side of the government because they are following the old, tired playbook they have. they are using every tool in their toolbox which noah's executions. i don't have to have an opinion on that. already tonight in tehran and throughout the country we saw a lot of anger and protest back on the street. so, this is only going to inflame the situation because they have killed over 450 because they have killed over a50 including 60 children in the streets. so, now if they think executions are going to be intimidating the protesters, i think they are very wrong because this is, bought 90 days always, it is unfolding like nothing before, and people are determined to continue. indeed. we have heard _ determined to continue. indeed. we have heard some _ determined to continue. indeed. i we have heard some condemnation from members of the international community, but our words enough? what more do you want to see from the

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providing drones and killing civilians and causing a lot of misery, raising two war crimes and the war in its own situation is starting to look like crimes against humanity are unanswered. the like crimes against humanity are unanswered. the director at the centre _ are unanswered. the director at the centre for— are unanswered. the director at the centre for human _ are unanswered. the director at the centre for human rights. i the centre for human rights. thank you forjoining us and for sharing your thoughts. let's take a look at some other stories in the headlines. president putin has vowed to continue attacking ukraine's energy infrastructure. moscow's missile strikes have left millions of people without electricity as temperatures plummet. but he said growing global criticism would not interfere with missions in ukraine. more than 1000 new york times employees have gone on strike in the first industrial action of its kind at the newspaper at more than a0 years. journalists and other workers at the media outlet often referred to as

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are no sinks. you cannot get refreshments and there is no call bell. certainly no privacy or dignity or confidentiality. which is terrible. as clinicians and for nurses, porters who work in that environment. it is very difficult. we didn't really sign up for that but we have to do whatever we can to keep patients safe and that is why things like the four—hour standard at the moment don't mean anything. you're just trying to keep the patients safe and that is what i tell my juniors every day. keep the patient safe and make sure you are ok as well and the staff are well supported. that is all we can do at the moment. thank you very much and good luck coping with this difficult situation over the next couple of months. thank you very much. there will be even more strikes, the pcs union who represent border force staff at six british airports say they will go on strike before christmas, during

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Jesse Watters Primetime

this? nothing. biden is silent. we thought a "new york times" reporter would ask the press secretary about the strike but they didn't show up to the briefing today this chair is reserved for a "times" reporter? looks like they were on strike, too. so "primetime" reached out to the white house and we haven't heard anything back. biden needs to be careful with his answer here. this is a tricky and sticky situation. one wrong move and he could have thousands of new enemies in the press. big guy cannot afford that. let's turn it over to joe concha, fox news contributor and the hill columnist. am i having too much fun with this strike? >> there is so much to unpack from that package and from that monologue. did you see the guy with the bernie sanders hat. >> jesse: i did notice that. interesting. >> jesse: where is bernie? isn't he out there with the little sign? i haven't seen bernie. he should be shoulder to shoulder. >> he has the gloves for them. >> the rat was there but apparently that was paul krugman.

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have to figure it out. that's where we stand today. theis a bit frustrating. perhaps not unavoidable. >> it's got to be very frustrating because when you hear secretary blinken say it was one or none, you know, i guess on a certain level it feels like, well, putin is the one who made that decision. he had the leverage and he made the desichgs and the one or none was the right thing? are you -- are you supportive of it? >> i'm absolutely supportive of it. to punish the thought of one man. an american in the situation who

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it's not as simple as that. we need senior decision—makers and it takes years to get that on board. into this dire situation that you paint, then we have the strikes where your colleagues will be walking out and seemingly making a bad situation worse? well, i have to say that the royal college is not a union. we can't comment on terms and conditions, but what i can say is that imagine how bad things have got to be in order fora nurse, ora paramedic to strike? that's got to be pretty bad. because these guys don't strike. these guys are so committed to patient care and to keeping their patients safe, they're dedicated and hard working, but we recognise they're overstretched, there are fewer of them than there were before and so therefore they're

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All In With Chris Hayes

further reporting from the washington post, we'll kind of climb to doing with here, trump has misled his own lawyers into what was in the boxes that were taken from mar-a-lago. for example, he told some of his team that he possessed only newspaper clippings and personal items in 2021, and those are some of the items, boxes that ended up containing classified marking, so you can't possibly, obviously trust him in this situation. >> i think that's exactly what's happening. anyone around him realizes that they can take that personal risk because what they're starting to see is that it can have ramifications for them, serious culpability and ramifications for them. this is part of the exodus of people who are willing to represent trump and are down to just, hate to use the word, the drags but in some ways, that's where we're at. it's such a risky proposition for your own personal and

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Tucker Carlson Tonight

swell. certainly from paul whalen's perspective it was, earlier today, he spoke to a cnn reporter from the penal colony where he's being held south of moscow. listen to him. >> i would say if a message could go to president biden, this is a precarious situation that needs to be resolved quickly, and i would hope that he and his administration would do everything they could to get me home regardless of the price they may have to pay at this point. >> i have to say i'm greatly disappointed that more has not been done to secure my release, especially as the four-year anniversary of my arrest is coming up. i was arrested for a crime that never occurred. i'm happy that brittney griner is going home today and that trevor went home when he did but beyond why i'm still sitting here. my bags are packed, i'm ready to go home. i just need an airplane to come

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CNN Tonight

it is -- it is different. the history of the monarchy is different. there is aspects of it as a black woman that she would -- i mean different in the idea what she would have to think about. >> and here's the reality, they deserved the support of their family. they deserved a family that could listen and could adapt, and they didn't get that. and now people want to say she's a cribaby and she's a prima donna, etseta, et cetera. but i ask anybody you put yourself in that situation and you imagine all those people coming at you, and you live on a continent with actual nazis, et cetera, and say you'd be happy to have no protection. >> all i'm saying and she was asking a whatever 88-year-old traditional woman to adapt. >> how do you see it? >> well, like i said last night i don't really watch the royals and that's my right. we won a war over it, but,

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