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The Whole Story With Anderson Cooper

under 11 k in less than a year good. you're competency-based masters at university of phoenix it's really been a gift having mom live with us but as a nurse, my training told me she needed more help than i could provide so i connected with the place for mom. >> my senior living advisor. understood are unique situation she quickly recommended communities and set up tours, a place for mom helped us get to a decision. >> and now mom is so well cared for. talk to an expert senior living advisor today at no cost to your family. >> everybody wants super straight super white teeth. they want that hollywood white smile. >> news censored in clinical white rights, two shades whiter teeth and 24/7 going to meet production. >> i think it's a great product. it's going to help a lot of patients i would describe my mom incredibly nurturing and encouraging, honest, truly my rock. >> she's hilarious, cheeky

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growing war as tensions over the israeli/hamas war and the volatile situation abroad is contributing to rising inflation and gas prices for americans. meanwhile, trump reported to a manhattan courthouse four times this week at the start of the first ever criminal trial of a former u.s. president. come november, he could become the first to be convicted of a crime. that conviction would not bar him from running to become our president the second time. no matter your stance on any of the above we can agree on two things, this is an unprecedented moment. and americans are not interested in who wins the next election. tonight the question is why? is part of it the trump saturation factor? given historic nature of his trial the af origin american will not escape seeing him on their screens for what is expected to be six weeks of

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Life Liberty Levin

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Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy

much for joining us. i get to sunday night. >> thank you. summa so i had jury seated in opening statements or next in the state of new york versus donald j trump, formal friends baroque prosecutor, and "fox news" legal editor. - on this historic trial after the break. ♪ and doug ♪ hello, ghostbusters. it's doug... ... of doug and limu. we help people customize and save hundreds on car insurance with liberty mutual. anyway, we got a bit of a situation here. ♪ uh-huh. uh-huh. ♪ [ metal groans] sure, i can hold. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty liberty liberty liberty ♪ ghostbusters: frozen empire. in theaters now.

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Prime Weekend

to seem neutral, those jurors seemed like they were red flags. a lot of the jurors were excused and not picked but there are a few on the jury. so, that will be interesting to watch as we proceed. >> what do you make of the anxiety that has been described. >> so, juror number two the nurse who found herself being outed on national tv it was heartbreaking. the judge said she would have been a good juror. she was ready to be fair and impatient and because she was outed now all of a sudden she finds messages, she is scared, she is criticized, prejudging how she would vote before anything has even started or any evidence presented. it has to be a difficult situation for somebody not in this arena at all. just there to do their civic jury. it is unfortunate and it needs

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Prime Weekend

>> no, i am not aware. i was focused on protecting a dozen or so members trapped. we were working on figuring out how to barricade the doors to prevent access to the gallery and then eventually had to find an escape route out. it was a very difficult situation. and luckily thanks to the courage of the u.s. capitol police we were able to find our way to safety. >> and, i guess my point is, this is not somebody who believes in treating all protesters the same. the op-ed for which there was much sort of attention around was about using the insurrection act on the protest erupted for george floyd. he is for, his words, forcibly removing, removing with force protesters he calls them pro- hamas protesters, most of them

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Prime Weekend

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Prime Weekend

palestinian protesters. cotton writing this, quote, i encourage people who get stuck behind the pro-hamas mobs blocking traffic take matters into your own hands and get them out of the way. it is time to put an end to this. the backlash was immediate. here he is doubling down on the comments. >> i said that, i posted it, i would say it again today and i would do it myself if i found myself in that situation >> people should take matters into their own hands >> it calls for getting out of your car and forcibly removing pro-hamas vigilantes so traffic can continue. >> we are back there were a lot of cameras on january 6th but they did not catching everything, are you aware of that man removing trump supporters on that day?

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Life Liberty Levin

the reason they have not found what is nonexistent. democrats made a fundamental political era by like mr. reagan to stake his claim for the only viable solution to face us. they will use as a term to attack reagan's policies. president bragg and propose a missile defense system for his country, this country 1983 he placed the democrats and a possible political situation. the strategic defense initiative the defensive missiles was a radical fundamental change or nuclear defense strategy. a proposal to move from a policy mutually assured destruction which relies on the threat of the revenge killing of minna sent tons of innocent as a deterrent it always bothered raggett to a missile defense shield which relies on killing and coming nuclear weapons before they can kill anyone. morally the policy of a missile defense shield is vastly

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Prime Weekend

you saw it with the trip he made the other day. his team is sitting down and thinking about what can we do while we are in the area? what can we do while we are in the courtroom, his legal team is trying to stick as much paper against the wall to gum up the works even if it buys up the freedom. they want that hour. they think it will benefit them in the eyes of their supporters they will try anything. it will be a look that trump gives to a person and a comment he makes. the way he described leaving the courtroom. they are going to look for every single opportunity to politicalize this and create spectacle. going back to the jury again. we are talking so much about how this is unprecedented to have a former president on criminal trial, but i have to say those 12 people are in an unprecedented position, never in the history of this country have we had people sit in the jury box in this type of situation and also in an

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