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NATO's looming fault line: China – POLITICO

The military alliance is crawling as it attempts to detail a China plan — illustrating the debates expected to torment NATO for years.

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American Voices With Alicia Menendez

to show restore our humanity. to validate our love in law. that is what the respect for marriage act means. it can ensure that millions of americans will wake up and know that their marriages are safe and secure. and the marriage benefit isn't just a celebration. it means that we get access to over 1000 federal benefits that protect our families, our love, and our marriages. this is important. and this is coming out a moment where our community desperately needs a win. >> what are the bills -- religious organizations have the right to decline any involvement with a marriage without losing their tax exempt status. i wonder what you think about that? >> there is still a long way to go. i think passing this law is truly important to ensure that we maintain protections for people that need it. you know, i was at planned parenthood action fund for a long time. and after the fall of dogs it became clear that we are one supreme court decision away from losing even more of our basic rights. that includes the right to marriage, the right to marriage equality. it is critically important that

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

about civil rights? or is it truly about the return of the dark legacy of colonialism? >> that's a big question. i think at its core this is about tribal sovereignty. via plaintiffs are making some really broad arguments and that it was discriminating against them, discriminated against them based on race. at its core, it threaten the structure of federal indian law. that's what makes this lawsuit so scary is that if the supreme court rules in favor of the -- it could call into question the legal foundation protecting the rights of indigenous nations in this country. >> let's talk about the worst-case scenario. you know, let's talk about it's disappearing in the gutting of a gala. i mention this because you wrote in the atlantic, you said, i fear that the bracket in a lawsuit is the first in a row of dominoes. if the court strikes down icwa,

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American Voices With Alicia Menendez

changed? and the conversations you are most looking forward to having at this upcoming summit? >> right, so i think we are going to be a number of critical conversations here. we are absolutely gonna be looking at reproductive rights, at women's health. but we are also gonna be looking at women and the economy. we are looking at women in a global perspective. we are gonna be looking at women not just in a domestic the landscape, but the international landscape. so i think this is a moment, alicia, for us to pause and, a, celebrate all of the remarkable winds that women have made throughout the century carrying the right to vote. securing democracy. fighting for human rights. but then taking stock of what is happening in this moment. and coming together to chart a path going forward in voting rights, in the economy, in health here and abroad. so it is a moment of looking in

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Europe's future needs driven inventors – POLITICO

How strong intellectual property rights can help Europe drive innovation, laying a foundation for reaching its ambitious green and digital transition.

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Living in fear: Iranian LGBTQ+ activists in Turkey

Among the most vulnerable communities, discrimination and abuse follows them in exile, but the current uprising may signal a change.

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Welcome To IANS Live - INTERNATIONAL - Indo-Fijian lawyer may face jail for pointing out spelling error

Naidu may face a jail-term for his Facebook post in February 2022 in which he posted a picture of a judgement in a case that had the word 'injunction' wrongly spelt as 'injection'.

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The Turning Point Shouting Down Midnight

- let's hear from wendy davis now. - and we will endure until our efforts realize the state that we envision. [audience cheering] makes me cry all over again. [chuckles] and i don't begrudge greg abbott his win whatsoever, but there were a couple of levels that were deeply, deeply disappointing. one was we continued to see an outright assault on women's reproductive rights. ♪ ♪ no two dreams are the same. but there is one van equipped to handle them all. for over 120 years, mercedes-benz vans have

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The Turning Point Shouting Down Midnight

- roe v. wade was really a case that started here in austin. - the decision as to whether or not a particular woman will continue to carry or will terminate a pregnancy is a decision that should be made by that individual. - we are the state that brought this country roe v. wade and we will not be the state that bans abortion. [audience cheering] we have work to do, though. - opponents wasted no time trying to overturn the law. - no, no, roe v. wade has got to go. - we have been going backwards in texas. women are losing their rights instead of gaining them. - we say fight back. [audience cheering] - these laws are simply about stopping women from accessing their constitutionally protected right to abortion. - whose body, whose choice? - my body, my choice. - whose body, whose choice? - we've seen countless attacks on abortion access

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Countering Antivax Misinformation via Social Media: Message-Testing Randomized Experiment for Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Uptake

"[H]arnessing social media platforms for public health communications, directly countering dominant misinformation themes and providing accurate science-based information can be particularly effective in promoting HPV vaccination uptake." Since the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine was approved in 2006, the prevalence of misinformation on social m

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