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but failed to take action. hundreds of ribbons to represent victims of sexual abuse in the catholic church and elsewhere have been hung outside st mary's cathedral where pell will be buried. one of the abuse survivors told us why they are so important. we have come to toss ribbons on the fence and to open this dialogue. the whole point for us is to offer support to other survivors and to keep the dialogue open. to try and open a dialogue with the catholic church which unfortunately is a difficultjourney. but it is mainly about having hope a giving voice to those who don't have one. for more on this i am joined now by our correspondent phil mercer. great tojoin the great to join the programme. just to say at the funeral is under way as we understand it. george pell, hugely controversial in life and in death. at

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the grief was overlaid with anger as mourners celebrating the life of tyre nichols also railed against the injustice of his death. i can't speak for everybody in memphis, i can't speak for everybody gathering, but for me, i believe that if that man had been white, you would not have beat him like that that night. applause . america's first black vice president demanding congress pass police reform legislation. and when we look at this situation, this is a family that lost their son and their brother through an act of violence at the hands and the feet of people who had been charged with keeping them safe.

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women's football team have equal pay and conditions to our mail team. and only a couple of years ago that agreement was put in place and in that press conference was the captain of the mail team and the female team. across cricket and many other sports we see this as something in australia that is an absolute necessity notjust europe but across all global sport. this world cup injuly and august in australasia new zealand this year will be so much the theme about gender equality through sport and from sport into broader society and therefore with saudi arabia, therefore with saudi arabia, the state tourism authority wanting and apparently being allowed to sponsor this tournament means that you have a country with a male guardianship system. essentially rendering all women through their entire life a legal minor. being able to

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controversial in life and in death. �* , ., , death. a hugely polarising fi . ure death. a hugely polarising figure right _ death. a hugely polarising figure right around - death. a hugely polarising i figure right around australia. cardinal pell was australia's senior catholic official 0nce senior catholic official once upon a time he was the archbishop here in sydney and melbourne. he was the vatican to become one of the chief financial advisers to pope francis. to his detractors though, he was the man who at the height of his power knew about sexual abuse within the church but did nothing about it. those were allegations that cardinal pell always denied. in 2018 cardinal pell was convicted of abusing two boys in a cathedral and melbourne in the mid—19 90s. he spent almost 400 days in prison before those convictions were overturned by australia's high court in 2020. thousands of people have crammed in to st. mary's cathedral for today's funeral and you could see behind me hundreds of people have been

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>> jesse: up next, a woman is bragging she hasn't bought groceries in years. she goes on dates six nights a week and has the other guy pay for all of her dinners. this is outrageous. you've never done this. tell me you've never done this. >> no, i've never done this because i don't care how nice the meal is, most men -- it's not worth like having to spend time with most men. >> jesse: the conversation is not that good? >> okay, eat cheap food. you're wasting your life in the company of men who are foolish first of all. these are idiots. >> jesse: we're not dumb, we're thinking maybe we could get lucky. >> these guys, i assume she's not sleeping with all of them. if she s there's another word for that which is totally that's your child abuse choice. >> jesse: i don't know what's worse if she's sleeping with them or all of them or not. >> it's up to her.

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not too shabby, all you can see the buffets, fresh foot veggies, heat, a.c., ping-pong tables. we know how much the venezuelans love table tennis but the migrants are saying no bueno, they got a taste of the high life and they can't kick it. except the migrant high life is causing problems for american citizens. listen to this guy working at another hotel next door. >> chaos, total chaos. i mean, there is no accountability. the city so-called running the program allows these people to destroy these rooms. the ones that are paying the price is the hotel workers. local 6 union workers. those guys and those ladies endure a lot of the disrespect from the migrants and there is some nice migrants but there is too much alcohol, too much drugs and too much violence. and you have teenagers, you know, going into the staircases

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god when they hold that child that that body and that life will be safe. for the rest of his life. and with this i will say, this violent act was not in pursuit of public safety. because one must ask was not it in the interest of keeping the public safe that tyre nichols would be with us here today. >> that is the most powerful black woman in the history of the united states, reverend fisher. what did it mean to the community in memphis that she was there and did that today? >> well, thank you, joy, for having me. i think her presence was powerful. i think her words were provocative and true. and beyond that, i think what people in the city, especially activists and organizers and people pushing this agenda

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