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roy. the hbo series succession will kick off its fourth and final season on sunday. and the show is leading man is, of course, the actor brian cox in his new book, it's called putting the rabbit in the hat, he writes this quote i would challenge oceans in pursuit of the reason why, why be an actor and on occasion i would get severely drenched unquote. i'm still trying to decode what that means. but, brian, we appreciate you after decades of mostly supporting roles or smaller projects. it is his work as logan roy in succession that is vaulted cox into the a list spotlight, complete with multiple golden globe and emmy nominations. i'll see you in speaking, anderson sat down with him in dubai. everything i tried to do. people turn against me. 100 ft. tall, you've said it can be almost distressingly easy to play. logan roy, your character

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Dubai: Market opening bell rung by Duty Free in support of Sheikh Mohammed's '1 Billion Meals' campaign

The drive aims to provide a sustainable food safety net for underprivileged populations and positively impact the lives of millions of people around the world

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What is Ramadan and How do Muslims Celebrate the Holy Month? – NBC New York

Ramadan began at sundown on Wednesday for more than 1.8 billion Muslims across the world. Here's a look at what the holy month means and how Muslims celebrate.

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Nigerian politician and wife facing jail after 'landmark' organ-harvesting case

Senator Ike Ekweremadu, 60, his wife Beatrice, 56, and Dr Obinna Obeta, 51, were found guilty at the Old Bailey.

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Amritpal Singh was targeting rogue ex-servicemen, youngsters to build terrorist outfit

Radical preacher and Khalistan sympathiser Amritpal Singh had been targeting drug addicts and rogue ex-servicemen to help him build a gang that could be easily transformed into a terrorist outfit, officials here said on Thursday.

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