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Abbott: Agreement reached to reopen baby formula plant

After production resumes, Abbott has said it will take at least eight weeks to begin shipping new products to stores.

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COVID deaths hit 1 million in US

The death toll is roughly equal to the total number of Americans who died in the Civil War and WWII combined.

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Yellen to unveil action plan on achieving global food security | Russia-Ukraine war News

The war in Ukraine's interruption to wheat, barley, sunflower oil and other staples has raised already high global food prices.United States Treasury

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Abbott says agreement reached to reopen baby formula plant

Under fire from parents and politicians, President Joe Biden’s administration on Monday is expected to announce an agreement to reopen the largest domestic manufacturing plant of infant formula and to ease import rules to allow supplies in from overseas, amid a nationwide shortage spurred by the Michigan plant’s shutdown earlier this year over safety issues.

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Reversing Trump, Biden acts to deploy US troops to Somalia

President Joe Biden signed an order Monday to redeploy hundreds of U.S. troops to Somalia to counter the Islamic extremist rebel group al-Shabab, an effort that American military leaders said had been hampered by President Donald Trump's late-term decision to withdraw forces from the country.

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What is the "Great Replacement" right-wing conspiracy theory?

At its core, it asserts that white people are threatened | The Economist explains

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Buffalo supermarket shooting: gunman aimed to keep killing if he got away

The white gunman accused of massacring 10 Black people in a racist rampage at a Buffalo supermarket planned to keep on killing if he had escaped the scene, the police commissioner said Monday, as the possibility of federal hate crime or domestic terror charges loomed.

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75% of Americans Say America 'on Wrong Track' under Biden, Poll Shows

Neon Nettle - 75% of Americans Say America 'on Wrong Track' under Biden, Poll Shows - NBC News polls reveals just 16% say country 'headed in right direction'

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Baby formula maker Abbott to restart production amid US shortage

Michigan plant had been under investigation for safety concerns and it will take over a month to begin shipping product

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Fired CNN+ Employees Get Welcome Baskets After Getting Laid Off From the Cable News Service

Many fired CNN+ employees, formerly part of the failed cable news service venture, received welcome baskets, which was a slap on the face.

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Symone Sanders says claims of rift between VP and Biden are 'palace intrigue'

Kamala Harris' former spokesperson Symone Sanders knocked down rumors of a rift between Harris and President Joe Biden suggesting journalists are just thirsty for some drama.

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After delay, U.S. Senate edges toward passing $40 billion Ukraine war aid

The U.S. Senate voted on Monday to advance $40 billion more aid for Ukraine in its war against Russia, setting the stage for a vote on the bill possibly later this week, after the military and humanitarian assistance was delayed due to opposition from one Republican senator. The tally was 81 to 11 on the first of a potential three procedural votes paving the way for final Senate passage of the funding, requested by President Joe Biden's administration to keep aid flowing and boost the government in Kyiv nearly three months after the start of the Russian invasion.

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Alito Opinion Sets Off Right-Wing Terror Threats

The right-wing freakout over peaceful protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices and chalk on the sidewalk in front of Republican senators’ homes, built around the seeming belief that any kind of protest at all is an act of violence, is actually a piece of classic right-wing projection.

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A Bezos-Biden squabble: Can corporate taxes tame inflation?

Jeff Bezos this weekend became the latest centibillionaire to launch a political fight on Twitter by denouncing a tweet by President Joe Biden about corporate taxes as “disinformation” and “misdirection.”

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