Arizona: Live Updates :

Lawyer who quit Legislature rebuked for campaign misconduct

David Stringer, a former state legislator and lawyer from Prescott, has been officially reprimanded for unprofessional conduct during the 2020 election.

Kyrsten Sinema's Long, Messy Breakup With Local Democrats

Seven members of the Arizona Democratic Party described to Insider their organization's frustration with Sinema and the anger that has been building since her election to the Senate in 2018.

McConnell Warns Against 'Radical' Supreme Court Pick

Lawmakers from both parties and interest groups swung into gear to influence President Biden’s choice for the first Black woman to serve on the nation’s highest court.

Reagan's White House made sure the president stuck by his promise to a name woman to the Supreme Court — they knew the politics would help too

President Ronald Reagan and his then-Supreme Court nominee pose for photographs at the White House in July 1981 AP Photo Conservatives have attacked

As addiction-related deaths continue to increase in U.S., new treatment center opens in Phoenix area

The Cornerstone Healing Center opened its doors as the country is faces skyrocketing addiction rates, with CDC data showing an estimated 100,000 overdose deaths in the U.S. in 2021.

Indigenous voters betrayed by Kyrsten Sinema's actions, officials say

Failure to show up for voting rights a blow to some people who were key in turning Arizona blue

Senate panel OKs working poor tax credit Dems, Ducey want

A Democratic proposal that creates a new tax credit for working low-income Arizonans has been approved by an Arizona Senate committee.

Arizona Bill Would Make Teachers Reveal to Parents if Kids Came Out as LGBTQ

The bill's sponsor said if the student's report doesn't rise to the level of reportable abuse, parents should be notified regardless of the subject

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's long, messy breakup with Democrats

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema at Arizona at a Senate hearing. ROD LAMKEY/POOL/AFP via Getty Images The relationship between Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and Arizona

Who's Who Among Some Possible Top Supreme Court Contenders

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement gives President Joe Biden a chance to make his first nomination to the high court

Tucker Carlson says he 'could care less' if people say he's a 'pawn of Putin,' as he echoes Russian propaganda on Ukraine

The host Tucker Carlson on December 7, 2021. Fox News Tucker Carlson told Axios he doesn't care if critics call him Putin's "pawn." Carlson has echoed

Arizona lawmakers reflect on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

"When we talk about the Holocaust ... we really, truly mean 'never again,'" said Rep. Alma Hernandez, D-Tucson.

Siga OT Solutions: SIGA launches in Luxembourg to support the OT cybersecurity of critical infrastructure and manufacturing hubs in Europe

BEER SHEVA, Israel, Jan. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- SIGA announces its European HQ in Luxembourg to rapidly scale SIGA's services for the cyber defence of national infrastructure and manufacturing

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