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Black Theater Artists Are Helping Shakespeare Speak To More Diverse Audiences

Black Theater Artists Are Helping Shakespeare Speak To More Diverse Audiences
John Douglas Thompson portrays the magician Prospero in a Commonwealth Shakespeare Company production of
The Tempest in Boston this month.
Evgenia Eliseeva
Commonwealth Shakespeare Company
Thousands of people will lay down blankets this week and watch Commonwealth Shakespeare Company's annual production in Boston Common, the heart of the city's sacred civic space.
This year's selection, following a year off because of the pandemic, is
The Tempest. The production stars John Douglas Thompson as Prospero, a powerful magician ruling over a tiny island.
Thompson, 57, didn't take to the stage until his late 20s, but then quickly built a reputation as one of the greatest stage actors now working. He's earned a Tony Award nomination for his work in August Wilson's

U.S. Congress passes $2.1 billion for Capitol Police and Afghans

U.S. Congress passes $2.1 billion for Capitol Police and Afghans
The $2.1 billion bill was passed by the Senate by a vote of 98-0. The House of Representatives, which had previously passed its own $1.9 billion bill, then promptly approved the Senate version by a vote of 416-11, clearing the way for President Joe Biden to sign it into law.
Written By:
Richard Cowan / Reuters |
4:28 pm, Jul. 29, 2021
A Capitol Police vehicle parks at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S., May 22, 2021. REUTERS/Erin Scott/File Photo
WASHINGTON, July 29 (Reuters) - The U.S. Congress on Thursday approved emergency funding to replenish the Capitol Police and bolster security after the Jan. 6 riot by supporters of then-President Donald Trump and to evacuate Afghans who helped American forces from their country.

Stratford Festival review: The Rez Sisters offers no happy ending, only a glimpse into the pains, fears, hopes and joys of seven Indigenous women

Article content
Having each suffered their own trauma, whether it was the gruesome loss of a lover, a horrific sexual assault or the malignant cancer eating away at one of their own, it’s ultimately their love for one another that keeps their dreams of becoming a singer, reconnecting with a child given away at birth or even just improving the reserve to forge stronger connections with the outside world firmly rooted to the ground.
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Stratford Festival review: The Rez Sisters offers no happy ending, only a glimpse into the pains, fears, hopes and joys of seven Indigenous women Back to video

Biden asking states to offer $100 payments for COVID-19 vaccine

President Biden asks states to offer $100 vaccine incentives
A study found roughly one-third of unvaccinated individuals said a cash payment would make them more likely to get a COVID-19 shot.
Author: Claire Bermudez
Updated: 4:49 PM EDT July 29, 2021
WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden is asking states and cities around the country to use federal rescue funds to provide $100 payments to individuals who get the COVID-19 vaccine.
The cash incentive was one idea promoted in Biden’s latest plan to boost lagging vaccination rates in many parts of the nation. The core of his new plan, announced on Thursday afternoon, is a requirement for federal workers to disclose their vaccination status to their employers or face strict guidelines.  

How long can Peru's new socialist leader last? | The Spectator Australia

The symbolism could hardly have been clearer when Pedro Castillo was sworn in yesterday as Peru’s new President on the country’s 200th anniversary of independence. For arguably the first time in its history, Peru has a head-of-state who personifies the national majority — a campesino hailing from a particularly impoverished region of the northern Andes — rather than a member, real or honorary, of the largely white Lima elite.
Given Peru’s persistent, stark inequality, drastically exacerbated by the pandemic, perhaps the biggest surprise is that the electorate has waited until now to vote in such a radical left-populist. Although the rabblerousing rural school teacher currently appears to be tacking towards the centre, he had originally promised to nationalise Peru’s vast mining sector and ban imports of any goods already produced domestically.

Inside the Beltway: Biden border policy still a mystery

“The vice president’s new ‘strategy’ implies she had a strategy to begin with,” Sen.
John Cornyn said in a statement.
He already introduced the Bipartisan Border Solutions Act in April — but now wonders what the White House and Ms. Harris have been doing since then.
“For months she and
President Biden have hidden, waffled, and done everything but tackle this crisis head on. Meanwhile, the situation on the border has gone from bad, to worse, to a catastrophe. Vice President Harris and the Biden administration have yet to demonstrate they have the knowledge, experience, or will to fix the border crisis,” Mr. Cornyn continued.

Latest Articles

Latest Articles
Google ^ | 29 July 2021 | Steely Tom
Looks like she's being deep-sixed by the MSM.
Fossils found in rugged mountainous terrain in Canada’s Northwest Territories may give a glimpse at the humble dawn of animal life on Earth – sea sponges that inhabited primordial reefs built by bacteria roughly 890 million years ago. A Canadian researcher said on Wednesday the fossils, dating to a time called the Neoproterozoic Period, appear to show distinctive microstructures from the body of a sea sponge built similarly to a species living today called the Mediterranean bath sponge, or Spongia officinalis. If this interpretation is correct, these would be the oldest fossils of animal life by roughly 300 million years.

A US company has turned a former coal plant into a gas-fired Bitcoin mine

A US company has turned a former coal plant into a gas-fired Bitcoin mine
A US company has turned a former coal plant into a gas-fired Bitcoin mine
Bitcoin mines require a lot of energy to power the computers inside. Greenidge Generation in New York has converted a former coal plant into a gas-fired Bitcoin mine.
Facing criticism from environmentalists, the company argues it offsets its emissions and is committed to investing in solar.
BBC North America's technology reporter James Clayton paid a visit to the mine.

Rebel Wilson Shares The Actual Reason She Began Her Weight Loss Journey

Over the past few years,
Rebel Wilson has documented her health journey on social media. At the beginning of 2020, the
Pitch Perfect actress detailed her goals in an Instagram post, telling her followers she was hoping to lose 60 lbs. Wilson ultimately reached her "year of health" goals and has continued updating her fans well past the twelve-month mark.
During a recent Q&A on Instagram, Wilson was asked why she decided to lose weight. “That is such a massive question, but I’m going to try to answer it for you,” she began. “It first started when I was looking into fertility stuff and the doctor was like, ‘Well, you’d have a much better chance if you were healthier.’”

NBA Draft 2021 Presented by State Farm®: by The Numbers - Los Angeles Sentinel

NBA Draft 2021 Presented by State Farm®: by The Numbers
By Sentinel News Service
NBA Draft 2021 presented by State Farm
® will take place on Thursday, July 29 at 8 p.m. ET at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.  ABC will televise the first round of the NBA Draft for the first time, and ESPN will air both rounds.  Twenty draft prospects are scheduled to attend and have their once-in-a-lifetime experience on the biggest stage.
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer Mark Tatum will announce the selections for the first and second rounds, respectively.
4 – Since the NBA Draft Lottery began in 1985, 

Top 6 Reasons people are slow to get Vaccinated!

Reason 1: Lack of access, real or perceived
According to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s surveys, about 4 percent of Americans intend to get the vaccine as soon as possible but haven’t yet and another 12 percent are in wait-and-see mode. Particularly among these segments of the population, access is still likely a major barrier.
Reason 2: Covid-19 isn’t seen as a threat
Even after the past year, some Americans still don’t see the coronavirus as a serious threat. Maybe they’re young, seeing that the virus isn’t as deadly for them as it is for older groups. They could be Republicans, who bought into former President Donald Trump’s claims that the coronavirus wasn’t a big deal and that Democrats, experts, and journalists have exaggerated its risk. Polls show both groups tend to be less likely to want to get vaccinated.

Pratt Paper to Create 320 Jobs in Henderson

Beshear said the new plant will create a larger market for recycling in Kentucky.
click to download audioA 450,000 square-foot state-of-the-art paper mill that will employ 120 people is expected to be completed in 2023. In addition, a 700,000 square-foot corrugation facility that will employ 200 additional people is expected to be finished in 2026. Both facilities will be located on Kentucky Highway 425 southwest of Henderson.
Beshear also teased that some good economic news may be coming soon to Paducah during his weekly media conference.

Scarlett Johansson sues Disney over 'Black Widow' streaming release

Scarlett Johansson sues Disney over 'Black Widow' streaming release
Updated: 4:30 PM CDT Jul 29, 2021
Scarlett Johansson sues Disney over 'Black Widow' streaming release
Updated: 4:30 PM CDT Jul 29, 2021
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Where did you think I was all this time we have unfinished business. If I just think about like the broad, what's expected? I think it probably would have been a sort of espionage like Bond and I didn't want it to be that at all. Yeah, something I think that was expected. Um, and hopefully it's unexpected. Yeah. Oh, it was amazing. You know, being involved with all of the chases and, and learning how to do that and um, it was just very thrilling to be on a film of that size and then doing it so well. I did see the picture of you on the bicycle. You seem like you're having a loser fun. I was stuck with Stalin in front of me for hours. I mean she could, I did, yeah, that just that really you're very, you're in a vulnerable place then when you're dependent on a third person, a third party to get a wonderful space for two people to chat for hours and they can't get away. Mhm.

Good Afternoon, News: Officials Sound Heatwave Alarm, Laurelhurst Sweep Begins, and Biden's Tough New Vax Rules

The Mercury
provides news and fun every single day—but your help is essential. If you believe Portland benefits from smart, local journalism and arts coverage, please consider making a small monthly contribution, because without you, there is no us. Thanks for your support!
• Oregon's Office of Emergency Management has issued a report about the state's failures to deal with our last deadly heatwave and has made suggestions for how to improve... just as highs in the upper 90s to low 100s (!!) arrive today and tomorrow. Multnomah County is trying to get ahead of the situation this time around, by opening five cooling sites (an increase from last month's three centers), extending the hours at 15 public libraries, and sending out cellphone public alerts. (By the way, you have to reply "yes" to make them stop calling you. THEY REALLY WANT YOU TO KNOW!) Our Isabella Garcia has more on the story.

Senator Barrasso: Nancy Pelosi is a Hijacker and an Arsonist

Senator Barrasso: Nancy Pelosi is a Hijacker and an Arsonist
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"To imagine $4 trillion on top of the $6 trillion already spent on COVID relief; it is an astonishingly high amount of money that our country just cannot afford," Barrasso said.
Barrasso then brought up the bipartisan infrastructure deal, taking the opportunity to point the finger at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and explaining that she has no plans to work with Republicans on the infrastructure deal.
"Nancy Pelosi has made it very clear - she did it on the Sunday show this past week - that that will never see the light of day in the house unless and until the much bigger $3.5 trillion spending bill gets passed in the senate and sent to the house."

The Strokes debut Is This It at 20: Nudes, booze and 9/11

BBC News
By Paul Glynn
image copyrightLegacy Content Development
image captionThe Strokes are (left to right) Nick Valensi, Fabrizio Moretti, Albert Hammond Jr, Julian Casablancas and Nikolai Fraiture
Exactly 20 years ago today, The Strokes put out their game-changing debut album, Is This It.
The record was the catalyst for a new rock revolution throughout the noughties, sending hip skinny jeans, (p)leather jackets and Converse trainers into the mainstream in the process.
It also helped to make their native New York cool again during a tumultuous time for the city.
Here's 20 things you may not know about the LP, or may have forgotten in the haze of a hundred wild indie nights...

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