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After Connecticut legalizes marijuana, only 2 New England states prohibit cannabis

Legal pot approval puts pressure on 2 holdout states
The growing acceptance of legalizing marijuana
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After Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont signed the state legislature's bill legalizing recreational marijuana on Tuesday, eyes are now on Rhode Island and New Hampshire as the final holdouts in New England to legalize cannabis.
Some marijuana rights advocates told ABC News it's only a matter of time before the two states join their neighbors, given the millions in extra revenue from marijuana sales and the calls for criminal justice reform from their constituents.
© Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images, FILE
"I think the pressure will be there, being islands of prohibition in the Northeast," DeVaughn Ward, the senior legislative counsel for the non-profit group the Marijuana Policy Project, told ABC News.MORE: The growing acceptance of legalizing marijuana

'It has to end': Biden targets illegal gun sales, rogue dealers in strategy to combat rising crime

'It has to end': Biden targets illegal gun sales, rogue dealers in strategy to combat rising crime
Joey Garrison, USA TODAY
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WASHINGTON –  President Joe Biden launched a new crime prevention strategy Wednesday in a push to take on soaring gun violence as Republicans blame a rise in crime on calls from progressive activists to cut police funding. 
In a speech from the White House, Biden announced a "zero-tolerance policy" for rogue gun dealers and a new focus by the Justice Department to try to stop the illegal sale of firearms.
Biden also emphasized that cities and states can use their portions of $350 billion in direct aid from Biden's COVID-19 rescue plan, approved by Congress in March, on public safety efforts, including hiring more police officers.

After Connecticut legalizes marijuana, only 2 New England states now prohibit cannabis

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ABC News
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Connecticut became the 19th state to allow for recreational use.
• 8 min read
The growing acceptance of legalizing marijuana
ABC News’ Alex Presha looks at the fight to legalize marijuana nationwide and how advocates hope decriminalizing marijuana could lead to economic and racial justice.Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images, FILE
After Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont signed the state legislature's bill legalizing recreational marijuana on Tuesday, eyes are now on Rhode Island and New Hampshire as the final holdouts in New England to legalize cannabis.
Some marijuana rights advocates told ABC News it's only a matter of time before the two states join their neighbors, given the millions in extra revenue from marijuana sales and the calls for criminal justice reform from their constituents.

Discussing Truths & Myths in the I Care a Lot Movie

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Wednesday, June 23, 2021
The world of professionals who work with seniors is abuzz over the film 
I Care a Lot. The film tells the story of a private guardian who preys on older adults. She moves them to long-term care facilities when they do not need such care and exploits them financially. And of course, she charges exorbitant fees for her “services.” The film has raised understandable concerns, and I have personally explained to local legislators why these abuses would be nearly impossible to perpetrate in New Jersey.
New Jersey Guardianship
Our state has strong due process protections including dual physician certifications, right to trial, and appointment of independent counsel to ensure that the individual alleged to be incapacitated is represented and their needs and desires are heard. The state also has a guardianship monitoring system which, in theory, ensures that annual reports that guardians must file are reviewed by an independent person. Unfortunately, the program is underfunded and relies on attorneys volunteering their time. In fact, contrary to the depiction in the film, many attorneys regularly serve as guardians and court-appointed attorneys for little or no remuneration. I have served as a guardian for an individual with developmental disabilities for eight years without any payment.

NJ School Board Restores Holiday Names Amid Back Lash From Parents, Community Members

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The Randolph Board of Education in New Jersey has reversed its decision to remove the names of holidays from the school calendar following a stormy meeting on Monday.
Earlier this month, the school board chose to amend the calendar by removing the names of all holidays and replacing them with "day off." The board voted 8-1 to reinstate the holiday names after parents and community members said they were shocked and insulted by the move.
"Stripping the traditional holidays on the school calendar is not only insulting, it sends the wrong message to our students. It lessens the meaning of the historical events," said resident Jack Murray.

Amazon ditched cannabis testing, and more employers will likely follow

Amazon ditched cannabis testing, and more employers will likely follow
By Alicia Wallace, CNN Business
Amazon certainly wasn’t the first major corporation to arrive at the cannabis reform party, but it sure made one of the biggest entrances to-date when it publicly pledged to relax its drug testing policies and also to back federal legalization efforts.
And now it’s a question of how many others will follow — especially during a time when some firms are desperate for workers.
Amazon kicked off June with an announcement that it would stop testing for cannabis metabolites as part of its drug screening program for positions not regulated by the US Department of Transportation. The company also said it would back the federal Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act, a recently reintroduced bill aimed at descheduling marijuana and reassessing some past cannabis-related convictions.

Murphy signs bills allocating $235 million more for New Jersey businesses and nonprofits

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by Todd DeFeo, The Center Square contributor
 | June 23, 2021 05:00 PM
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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has signed a package of bills to send $235 million to small businesses throughout the state.
The governor signed Assembly Bill 5704 to designate $120 million for microbusinesses, Assembly Bill 5705 to allocate $10 million for child care centers, Assembly Bill 5706 to send $20 million to bars and restaurants, Assembly Bill 5707 to provide $50 million for small businesses and nonprofits, Assembly Bill 5708 to set aside $25 million to establish a program to help new businesses and nonprofits and Assembly Bill 5709 to give $10 million to the Sustain and Serve NJ program.
“Our legislation will provide $235 million in grants to help businesses and non-profits who were hit hard by the pandemic and are now deciding when and how to reopen, rehire and ramp up to full operation in the weeks and months ahead,” state Sen. Dawn Addiego, D-Burlington, said in a news release. “The six-bill package sets aside $30 million specifically for restaurants, and most important, it includes a $25 million fund for the new restaurants, retailers and service providers that we need to fill the vacant storefronts in our downtown business districts left empty by businesses that closed.”

Calling PSEG Long Island's System 'Antiquated,' Public Power Advocates Demand Better

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Courtesy Danny Hopkins
PSEG Long Island was unable to meet their self-imposed deadline to fix communication system issues that led to poor performance during Tropical Storm Isaias a year ago. A Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) report found that all of those problems were preventable, and even though their service provider made upgrades, the system is considered “antiquated.”
LIPA has been reviewing its service contract with PSEG Long Island after Isaias last August. The utility company proposed a plan to upgrade its hardware to better communicate outages to customers by May 2021. They missed that deadline.
PSEG Long Island is operating a system that only one other utility company in the country is still running — it’s parent company in New Jersey. Now, LIPA and Long Island customers want there to be a considerable fix before the hurricane season ends in November.

Fugitive Candidate John McAfee Speaks To TPM From His Bunker!

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John McAfee wants you to know he’s dead serious about running for President.
You’d be forgiven for being skeptical. McAfee, who describes himself as an “eccentric millionaire,” made a killing in the early ‘90s when he departed from his namesake anti-virus software company. Since 2012, McAfee has mostly made headlines for his action-movie-like exploits in Central America, where he was wanted for questioning (not as a suspect) by Belizean police in the murder of his neighbor. So when his presidential campaign came out of nowhere this week, it felt like a stunt at least in part.
First, TPM obtained a Sept. 7 email in which McAfee announced his intention to run for President. Then he filed his statement of candidacy with the FEC the next day and launched a new website. A campaign announcement video followed Wednesday night. Curiously, the software pioneer didn’t utter the standard, if banal, phrase “I’m running for President” on either the campaign site or in the announcement video.

New York's Orange County, town of Chester agree to end biased housing practices targeting Jews

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New York’s Orange County, town of Chester agree to end biased housing practices targeting Jews
New York’s Orange County, town of Chester agree to end biased housing practices targeting Jews
New York Attorney General Letitia James: “The discriminatory and illegal actions perpetrated by Orange County and the Town of Chester are blatantly anti-Semitic, and go against the diversity, inclusivity and tolerance that New York prides itself on.”
(June 23, 2021 / JNS) A county and a town in New York have agreed to change their zoning practices as part of a settlement with the state after being hit with allegations of discriminatory housing practices that unfairly target the Chassidic community.

New Jersey: Jamestown Canyon virus reported in Sussex County resident

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New Jersey: Jamestown Canyon virus reported in Sussex County resident
New Jersey: Jamestown Canyon virus reported in Sussex County resident
Map of New Jersey/ National Atlas of the United States
The patient in his 60s tested positive after an onset of fever and neurological symptoms in May.
This is the first detection of a mosquito-borne disease in the State this year and only the second human case of JCV reported in New Jersey (the first case was in 2015, also in Sussex County).
“Spending time outdoors, whether walking, gardening, or playing with our dogs, is a good way to maintain physical and mental health, but it is important to take steps to prevent mosquito and tick bites, which are responsible for several diseases in New Jersey” said Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli. “When enjoying the outdoors, remember to use an EPA-registered insect repellent, cover skin with clothing when you can, and check yourself and your pets for ticks and quickly remove them with tweezers.”


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我当时从美国新泽西州大学申请转学,同时拿到了哈佛大学、耶鲁大学和麻省理工大学的经济系和麻省理工金融系的全额奖学金。其实哈佛大学和麻省理工的经济系在美国数一数二,都非常想让我去。因为在录取了以后,美国的学校是要你去访问学校,他来说服你。当时哈佛的教授找我谈话,说你不来这个名额就浪费了,不会再给另一个中国的学生,今年就不会有中国学生被录取了。当时麻省理工的系主任,后来做美国NBER国家经济研究局局长的Jim Poterba很温和,因为我说我可能会去MIT的金融系,我说那里的奖学金高一点,据说最坏的结果是出来以后可以去华尔街。他和我讲,没有关系,我们都在一个楼里面,以后经常会见到。我当时只是申请了东海岸的学校,因为女朋友当时在东部,所以像斯坦福、伯克利这些学校都没有申请,所以所谓的掷骰子丢出来这个事情我是很怀疑的。
我因为复旦经济学的底子还不错,第一年就考过了所有的经济基本课程的免试,宏观、微观、计量大部分的课程都是免试。记得当时四门初级经济学课程中三门课我都申请了免试,最后一门是宏观二,后来得诺奖的Peter Diamond的课,我实在不忍心免试,就去上了。和三十多个经济和管理的博士一起,老师给了两个A+,我是其中之一。微观因为免掉了所有的基础课,所以直接上来就是上博士二年级的微观专业课。老师是Bengt Holmstrom和Susan Athey,后者当时刚刚从斯坦福到MIT。第一次上课时Bengt和我们说,你们可不能瞧不起自己,说不定若干年后咱们这个教室里会走出诺奖得主。好多年以后我才反应过来,原来他说的就是他自己。那门课很难,把我上得几乎要吐血,因为底子还是不足,而且同学也都非常优秀。当时那门课上还有一位也是跳级从一年级开始上二年级专业课的学生。大家互相要别别苗头。后来才听说他是当时耶鲁大学Levine校长的儿子Jonathan,今天也是斯坦福大学商学院的院长了。
然后直接进入到写论文的环节,我第一年把资格考试考完了,但是论文写了四年。因为这个原因,我换了不少的老师。第二年我开始给Steve Ross做助教,著名的APT理论发明人,英年早逝,不然也应该是诺奖得主。后来我参与到1997年诺奖得主莫顿教授的一些研究工作中,包括整理一些关于期权应用的文献。后来开始和他进行很多年的合作。加入到哈佛大学商学院有点出乎我的意料。麻省和哈佛有一点点别苗头的感觉,一般很少直接雇用对方的学生。我是不多的从麻省毕业进到哈佛的人。当时我的导师戏谑地说,你从此加入了“黑暗”的那一边。

États-Unis : le fossé se creuse entre Donald et Ivanka Trump

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Y aurait-il de l'eau dans le gaz entre Donald Trump et sa fille Ivanka ? D'après l'entourage de l'ancien président américain, la femme d'affaires et son époux, Jared Kushner, auraient pris leurs distances avec l'ex-locataire de la Maison-Blanche. En cause : son incapacité à aller de l'avant après son échec à la dernière présidentielle américaine, révèle CNN ce mercredi 23 juin. Depuis son départ fracassant de Washington et son retour à Mar-a-Lago (Floride), le magnat de l'immobilier n'aurait pas tourné la page et se plaindrait pendant des heures de son élection « volée ».


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TRENTON, N.J., June 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Across New Jersey, a mental health crisis is brewing with dire consequences approaching. On the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic and racial unrest in our nation, the demand for mental health services has increased astronomically. Providers of mental health services are working tirelessly to support community members through telehealth and a moderated return to in-person services, however there are not enough licensed clinical social workers to meet the demands across the state. The result?  Clients often waiting upwards of three months for services at mental health agencies and even with many private practices.

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