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Rosenstengel denies class certification in Jimmy John's alleged wage suppression | Madison

EAST ST. LOUIS – Chief U.S. District Judge Nancy Rosenstengel denied certification of a national class alleging that Jimmy John’s restaurants suppressed wages through a ban on taking jobs at other Jimmy John’s locations. 
She posted her decision on the docket on July 23, and sealed the order, giving the parties seven days to submit a joint redacted version. 
The class would have included about 600,000 persons at about 2,800 locations.    
Thirteen lawyers represent plaintiff Donald Conrad, nine from California. 
Eight California lawyers and Russell Scott of Belleville represent Jimmy John’s. 
Jimmy John’s dropped its “no poaching” rule nationwide in 2018, under threat of antitrust prosecution in Washington State. 

Think of me as a Pseudo-Jungian: An Appreciation of Carl Jung on his 146th Birthday

Carl Gustav Jung was born on this day, the 26th of July, in 1875, in Kesswil, Switzerland.
His father was a rural pastor of the Swiss Reformed Church, his mother the child of a prominent clerical and academic family.
He would later write how his mother’s mental illness marked him. He would say he grew up with two personalities, one the boy of his time and place, but the other, a being from some other place, he imagined the 18th century. At first he believed he would grow up to become a minister, then was fascinated by archaeology. Finally he settled on medicine, and psychiatry.

Outpouring of Support for SBA Nominee Dilawar Syed, As Group of Republican Senators Stall Confirmation

A group of Republican senators are holding up the confirmation of Dilawar Syed, President Joe Biden’s nominee for deputy administrator of the Small Business Administration, because of his involvement with Emgage Action, a Muslim American advocacy group.
The AAPI Victory Fund released a press statement July 21, expressing outrage at the “delaying tactics” of Senate Republicans because of the nominee’s religion. Several Jewish American organizations also rallied to support Syed, as did Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Maryland, who chairs the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship.
“Dilawar Syed is an exemplary public servant with a long history of ensuring that all small businesses have access to the support they need— regardless of who owns them,” said AAPI Victory Fund chair Shekar Narasimhan in the press statement.

Metallica books headlining concert in Hollywood, Florida, for November

By Syndicated Content
Credit: Anton Corbijn
Metallica is going to Hollywood…Florida, that is.
The metal legends have announced a headlining concert taking place November 4 at the Sunshine State’s Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.
Tickets go on sale to the general public this Friday, July 30, at 10 a.m. ET. If you’re part of Metallica’s Fifth Member fan club, you’ll have access to an exclusive pre-sale beginning Wednesday, July 28.
For all ticket info, visit
Earlier this month, Metallica announced a pair of hometown concerts taking place in December at San Francisco’s Chase Center in honor of the band’s 40th anniversary. Those shows are exclusive to Fifth Members.

Kirk Hammett Hints at Metallica's Future, Says Band Hasn't Peaked

Metallica's Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo had their eyes on the future when they jointly appeared on NBC Sports in the band's Bay Area home base last week. The two rockers' appearance came ahead of a July 22 baseball game between the act's favored San Francisco Giants and the rival Los Angeles Dodgers.
Speaking with George Kontos, a TV game analyst and former MLB pitcher, the Metallica guitarist and bassist, respectively, each relayed how the heavy metal pioneers aren't done rocking just yet, even for all their history. To wit, Hammett claimed the band hasn't achieved its apex.
Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

"Monk" - Serien - Krimiserie, ATV2, 27.07.2021, 01:30 Uhr - Sendung im TV-Programm - TV & Radio

Krimiserie, USA 2003
Ermittler Adrian Monk leidet unter starken Phobien und Zwängen. Er besitzt zwar ein fotografisches Gedächtnis und löst Fälle mit fast schlafwandlerischer Sicherheit, aber seine Marotten und Ticks kosten ihn den Job bei der Polizei in San Francisco. Monk versucht sich – erfolgreich – als freischaffender Detektiv. Und auch sobald sein Ex-Chef Cpt. Stottlemeyer in einem kniffligen Mordfall nicht weiterweiß, gibt es nur einen, der helfen kann: Monk.

¿Sabes qué playas de Oaxaca están cerradas al turismo por tercera ola de COVID?

Por lo que fueron cerradas las playas Punta Cometa y Mermejita, de acuerdo al regidor de Salud Jony Carrillo Carreño.
En tanto la autoridad municipal reiteró que son al menos 10 adultos mayores quienes han fallecido, mismo que no acudieron a vacunarse contra COVID 19.
A su vez, en Santa María Huatulco la autoridad decretó semáforo de color naranja hasta el 5 de agosto, por lo que sólo se permite un aforo del 60 por ciento en playas y bahías, mientras que en la zona urbana los restaurantes, tiendas de auto servicio sólo operaran en un 50%.
Para finalizar, los bares, cantinas, centros nocturnos al igual que religiosos no podrán brindar sus servicios. La autoridad estableció multas de hasta 17 mil pesos así como 36 horas de arresto a quienes incumplan las medidas y 500 pesos para quien no utilice el cubrebocas.

MLB trade rumors: Yankees, Brewers have inquired about Trevor Story

July 26, 2021
Oh boy, the MLB trade deadline can’t come soon enough. After the San Diego Padres kicked things off on Sunday by acquiring Adam Frazier, the rumor mill has opened quicker than ever. There are a lot of names potentially on the move, and one name that is up in the air is Colorado Rockies star shortstop Trevor Story.
According to MLB Network insider Jon Heyman, a couple of teams have inquired about Story, with the New York Yankees even making an offer to acquire him.
Yankees made a trade offer for Trevor Story. No evidence of any traction there at this point. Rockies haven’t definitively decided to trade him, though it would seem there’s a good chance they do.

California EDD can't freeze unemployment checks, must 'pay now' during eligibility investigations

California EDD can't freeze unemployment checks, must 'pay now' during eligibility investigations
By Lisa Fernandez and Emma Goss
And so what has been called "conditional pay" will now be switched to a "pay now" policy. 
In other words, as a result of a class action lawsuit, the EDD must now stop its policy of freezing benefits for people whose existing claims have eligibility questions and instead continue sending checks while they investigate the problem. Claimants whose payments are currently frozen will get paid for all the weeks they have missed.
"I was really happy because I've been waiting for so long," Katrina Aulaumea-Bullis, 32 said. A payment of $5,600 was deposited on her EDD debit card Friday morning. She'd been waiting for that money since February. 

Nearly 500 San Francisco bars may check customers' COVID vaccination status

Nearly 500 San Francisco bars may check customers' COVID vaccination status
By Aja Seldon
San Francisco bars require proof of COVID vaccination
Hundreds of bars in San Francisco are requiring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test for entry inside.
The call to tighten entry requirements was made by the San Francisco Bar Owner Alliance, a group representing nearly 500 establishments. They cited the rapid rise in cases of the delta variant, particularly among fully vaccinated staff members, as the motivation behind the cautious approach. 
Customers who aren't vaccinated may drink indoors at participating bars if they provide a negative COVID-19 test from the last 72 hours under the bar alliance's strategy. 

Rev. Graham Agrees 100% With Catholic Bishop on Pelosi's 'Support of the Murder of Babies'

By Michael W. Chapman
| July 26, 2021 | 2:48pm EDT
(Getty Images)
(CNS News) -- Evangelical leader Franklin Graham said he agreed 100% with Catholic Archbishop Salvatore Cordelione for "speaking the truth" about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) "support for the murder of babies through abortion."
Graham concurred with the archbishop that Pelosi's lack of concern for the murdered baby is the "epitome of hypocrisy."
In a July 24 post on Facebook, Rev. Graham wrote, "I’ve got to hand it to the Catholic Archbishop from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hometown of San Francisco for his boldness in speaking the truth about her support of the murder of babies through abortion."

Home Is Here

Home Is Here
In the Press
Home Is Here
They grounded an airplane, reunited children with their families, and led the charge to restore the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). When the Trump administration pressed local and state governments to defund sanctuary cities and enforce a public charge rule, a small army of clinic students helped protect some of the most vulnerable members of our society. For the past four years, Yale Law School’s faculty and students have been on the front lines of many of the country’s biggest immigration law cases, making headlines and changing the lives of clients whose futures hung in the balance.

These US cities, government agencies have implemented COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Mon, 07/26/2021 - 19:19 — legitgov
These US cities, government agencies have implemented COVID-19 vaccine mandates | 26 July 2021 | New COVID-19 vaccine requirements for government employees are being unveiled across the US. With nearly 51 percent of the US population still not fully vaccinated, cities such as the Big Apple and San Francisco, as well as at least one state and federal agency, are rolling out new policies. New York City just announced a mandate for its municipal workers -- including teachers and police officers -- to get vaccinated by mid-September or undergo weekly coronavirus testing...California will require all state workers and health-care employees to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or face weekly testing.

EXCLUSIVE: Part 4: FBI begins Summer, Fall of anti-hate initiatives

EXCLUSIVE: Part 4: FBI begins Summer, Fall of anti-hate initiatives
Leader of Bureau's nationwide effort implores communities: 'give us a chance'
Updated: 2:21 PM PDT Jul 26, 2021
Leader of Bureau's nationwide effort implores communities: 'give us a chance'
Updated: 2:21 PM PDT Jul 26, 2021
Hide Transcript
Show Transcript
long bitch somewhere. This is the sound hate could not silence the flame of Faith is still being lit here at Temple Emanuel synagogue in pueblo colorado. Richard Holzer tried and failed to snuff it out in an act of hate telling undercover agents he wanted to quote, get that place off the map In February. A judge sentenced him to 19 years in prison who are not going to hide mike Atlas Acuna is president of Colorado's second oldest jewish congregation. He's the one who told Rabbi Birdie Becker of the planned bombing that day in 2019. What went through your mind? I was incredulous. We've been here Since the 1800s. We're not going anywhere. It's hard for me to understand how someone could hate that much, polzer repeatedly expressed his hatred for jewish people. The attempted attack is now a rallying cry for the Justice Department's number three leader who used it last month to press F. B. I. Agents, prosecutors and intelligence analysts to combat the rise of hate in the homeland. Starting with talking to those in blue approach each and every law enforcement agency in your district that report zero hate crimes or does not participate in hate crimes. Reporting that outreach to local police and communities across the country is just one of several FBI initiatives launching this summer. Put in the work Omar Montgomery, head of a local NAACP chapter here is one of the community leaders who will be watching that outreach. We know that there's a huge distrust between the african american community and law enforcement. Once the reporting is taken seriously and there's a thorough investigation, we can begin to heal those gaps between the community and law enforcement. Do you have enough resources right now to fight hate crimes? Deputy Assistant Director J Greenberg is leading the bureau's new anti hate effort now designated a national threat priority. There's never enough resources. Greenberg detailed for us six new initiatives, all current FBI agents will get added hate crimes training, new agents will get it at the FBI academy. Fresh outreach to community groups, contacting every local law enforcement agency that has not reported hate crimes data to ask why additional help to local police to report and investigate hateful acts. And a nationwide anti hate ad campaign, in part to encourage often reluctant victims to come forward, rebuilding community trust in the law enforcement that's there to support them and ensuring that those communities will bring forward these reports of hate incidents and hate crimes so that we can help address it with them. But some of those people you must know, don't trust you, some of those people today might not trust us. And although there have been bad actors who have made poor decisions in times of crisis or brought that and tarnished our badges that is not representative of law enforcement nationwide and we would ask for the community to give us a chance to prove that Greenberg invited us to join him in Denver as he oversaw the first of the FBI's new hate crime and civil rights training conferences, we were the only journalists allowed in And we watched as speakers stressed the urgency of the moment. We are faced with a crisis of hate in this country. This is the first conference of its kind. Right? That's correct. Mike Schneider heads the Denver Field Office in a state with a 74% increase in hate crimes. That statistic is I think demonstrates that we have a lot more work to do. No one knows the struggle against hate better than the shepherds. 23 years after a homophobic Attackers beat their gates on Matthew, strapping him to a Wyoming fence and leaving him to die. Hate is ascendant across the homeland. So judy and Dennis Shepard came here to Denver to speak directly to the agents on the front lines. The trust that you build in these various communities is critical. We are a family who lost his son to hate in the most violent, violent brutal way imaginable. This should not be happening to any family. So what we're, what we're hoping is that by storytelling of what we went through that they might have a better understanding what other folks are experiencing as victims of hate crimes as the chief. You may not have bias, but the people below you, your staff, your officers, your office personnel may have that and they said no, thought about and said, you know you're right and I need to start setting the example myself and I apologize and this is in a major city. They apologize to you. The police chief did. Yes. The sound of penance from one chief and a chorus of resilience from communities that refused to extinguish their faith, no matter how strong heat blows, I know that what's happening now in the country will eventually die off and, and and we'll see better times because that's who we are as americans in pueblo colorado. I'm Chief national Investigative correspondent Mark Albert.

San Francisco Archbishop Questions Pelosi's Devotion To Catholic Church - No Spin News Excerpt

Watch as I examine the growing schism between the Catholic Church and abortion promoter Nancy Pelosi, who calls herself 'a devout Catholic.'  I predict that Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco will deny Ms. Pelosi communion; because the church teaches that abortion is murder, he has no other choice.

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