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Black Theater Artists Are Helping Shakespeare Speak To More Diverse Audiences

Black Theater Artists Are Helping Shakespeare Speak To More Diverse Audiences
John Douglas Thompson portrays the magician Prospero in a Commonwealth Shakespeare Company production of
The Tempest in Boston this month.
Evgenia Eliseeva
Commonwealth Shakespeare Company
Thousands of people will lay down blankets this week and watch Commonwealth Shakespeare Company's annual production in Boston Common, the heart of the city's sacred civic space.
This year's selection, following a year off because of the pandemic, is
The Tempest. The production stars John Douglas Thompson as Prospero, a powerful magician ruling over a tiny island.
Thompson, 57, didn't take to the stage until his late 20s, but then quickly built a reputation as one of the greatest stage actors now working. He's earned a Tony Award nomination for his work in August Wilson's

Kazakhstan: LGBT, women's rights activists besieged by mob

Kazakhstan: LGBT, women's rights activists besieged by mob
30 Jul 2021, 05:49 GMT+10
A training seminar held this week by feminists and LGBT activists in a mining city in central Kazakhstan might have ended in violence but for the intervention of police.
A group of activist trainers traveled to Karaganda on July 28 for a day of talks billed as focusing on "the rights of women, as well as lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer people." But as the event was due to get underway at a local business center, a group of furious locals gathered to demand its cancelation, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

Stories of racism, Islamophobia, and hope in SDG

Article content
“As I’m walking on the street, I see someone yelling at me ‘dirty Arab, go home, dirty Arab, go home… I’m not Arab,” said Abdollah Vakily.
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Stories of racism, Islamophobia, and hope in SDG Back to video
Vakily has written a faith column for the Standard-Freeholder since 1998, but said it has brought him some unwanted attention. Although he aimed to educate non-Muslims while helping guide believers, he received hate for his columns. He said he would receive letters or emails accusing him of lying or trying to dominate the country, but when he tried to explain his goals, they would not want to hear it.

Bentley's Limited Edition Flying Spur Hybrid Odyssean Edition Adds to Company's Green Line

Bentley's Limited Edition Flying Spur Hybrid Odyssean Edition Adds to Company's Green Line
James McCandless
On 7/29/21 at 7:22 PM EDT
Bentley's limited edition Flying Spur Hybrid Odyssean reflects the company's focus on sustainable materials
Bentley Motors
Bentley Motors today announced the debut of a limited edition of its new Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid. Dubbed the Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid Odyssean Edition, the company promises an even greater focus on sustainability in the materials used in order to meet the goals of its Beyond 100 sustainability and electrification initiative.
The Flying Spur Hybrid was introduced earlier this month, making it the second electric vehicle in the company's lineup after the Bentayga Hybrid. The company took inspiration from the EXP 100 GT concept car, making it the first mainstream vehicle to incorporate the ethos of Bentley's views on future luxury mobility. Inspiration was also taken from the 1955 S1 Flying Spur.

If you use Google Play Store on Android you could be owed compensation

If you use Google Play Store on Android you could be owed compensation. (PA)
A legal claim has been filed on behalf of nearly 20 million people in the UK who use Google Play Store on their Android phones.
Google “unfairly and excessively” charges people for digital purchases in its Play Store, a new legal action brought against the tech giant in the UK claims.
The action is seeking damages of up to £920 million on behalf of 19.5 million Android phone users in the UK, claiming the 30% cut Google takes from digital purchases means consumers are being overcharged while also shutting down competition.

Congress moves to reclaim its war powers

Congress moves to reclaim its war powers
The Conversation
30 Jul 2021, 06:41 GMT+10
Whether this bill passes as is, or with significant changes, or not at all, its proposal signals an effort by lawmakers to reclaim power over military action and spending that Congress has gradually surrendered over decades. It also puts pressure on presidents to evaluate their foreign policy objectives more clearly, to determine whether military action is, in fact, appropriate and justified.
As I've demonstrated in my research, even though the 1973 War Powers Resolution attempted to constrain presidential power after the disasters of the Vietnam War, it contains many loopholes that presidents have exploited to act unilaterally. For example, it allows presidents to engage in military operations without congressional approval for up to 90 days.

NDP MPP criticizes Ford for not calling state of emergency as wildfires burn across Northern Ontario

Ford rebuffed these requests during a visit to Thunder Bay Wednesday, where he met with community leaders and evacuees.
"There's a little confusion what a state of emergency is. It's not going to add any more resources. It's basically the province coming in, taking over everything," Ford said.
"There's already emergency orders put in place. So it's not holding back any resources. We will put all the resources we have. I won't spare a penny."
Ford has refused requests to call a state of emergency to address the hundreds of wildfires burning across the northwestern part of the province.(Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press)

Beaver kit first to be born in Norfolk for 600 years

A baby beaver has made history as the first to be born in Norfolk in more than 600 years.
Two pairs of beavers were successfully reintroduced at Wild Ken Hill, near Heacham on the north Norfolk coast, last year.
A baby beaver, known as a kit, has since been captured on camera paddling through water at night.
While only one kit has been spotted, beavers on average produce three offspring so there may be more.
An adult beaver at Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk, where a kit has been captured on camera (Wild Ken Hill/PA)
More cameras have been deployed inside the 55-acre beaver enclosure at the nature restoration project to establish how many kits have been born.

Pressure for Johnson as Wales moves to end isolation requirement before England

Boris Johnson is expected to face pressure to change his pandemic strategy for England after Wales confirmed fully vaccinated adults will not have to isolate from August 7.
The Prime Minister has insisted England is “nailed on” from August 16 to allow double jabbed adults to escape isolation if they come into contact with a positive coronavirus case.
But in Wales, First Minister Mark Drakeford has given the go-ahead for the isolation requirement to be removed nine days earlier for some two million fully vaccinated adults.
The change will come into effect on the same day that Wales is expected to move to alert level zero – when most coronavirus restrictions will be lifted.

China warns UK as carrier strike group approaches

BBC News
By Frank Gardner
image copyrightPA Media
image captionThe HMS Queen Elizabeth is part of the UK Carrier Strike Group sailing through the South China Sea
China has warned the UK's Carrier Strike Group, led by the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth not to carry out any "improper acts" as it enters the contested South China Sea.
'The People's Liberation Army Navy is at a high state of combat readiness' says the pro-government Global Times, seen as a mouthpiece for the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
China has been closely monitoring the progress eastward of the Carrier Strike Group, which is currently sailing through the South China Sea en route to Japan, while accusing Britain of "still living in its colonial days".

Migrants say they will try 'until they die' to cross English Channel

Defiant migrants will try 'until they die' to cross English Channel and reach UK. (PA)
People living in camps on the coast of France have said they will “try until they die” to reach the UK.
Around 2,000 migrants are currently living around Calais and Dunkirk awaiting an opportunity to cross the English Channel on board small boats or via lorries.
The defiant message comes despite the Home Office targeting migrants with Facebook ads pleading with them not to make the journey.
One 16-year-old boy from Afghanistan said: “I need to go to the UK. I am ready for anything to try and get there.”

How long can Peru's new socialist leader last? | The Spectator Australia

The symbolism could hardly have been clearer when Pedro Castillo was sworn in yesterday as Peru’s new President on the country’s 200th anniversary of independence. For arguably the first time in its history, Peru has a head-of-state who personifies the national majority — a campesino hailing from a particularly impoverished region of the northern Andes — rather than a member, real or honorary, of the largely white Lima elite.
Given Peru’s persistent, stark inequality, drastically exacerbated by the pandemic, perhaps the biggest surprise is that the electorate has waited until now to vote in such a radical left-populist. Although the rabblerousing rural school teacher currently appears to be tacking towards the centre, he had originally promised to nationalise Peru’s vast mining sector and ban imports of any goods already produced domestically.

Russian court sentences Jehovah's Witnesses to six years in jail

The Witnesses were outlawed in Russia in 2017 when the nation’s supreme court declared the movement “extremist,” in the same category as the Islamic State terrorist organization. The religious group is apolitical and is noted for its pacifism and refusal of military service.
The three were “wrongly convicted and harshly sentenced to lengthy prison terms,” said Jarrod Lopes, a Jehovah’s Witness spokesman.
“Russian officials have not been inconspicuous about persecuting Jehovah’s Witnesses,” Mr. Lopes added. “Arrogantly and barbarically, Russian officers record themselves raiding the homes of Jehovah’s Witnesses and forcibly arresting them. The footage is all over the internet and social media.”

99% of pregnant women admitted to hospital with Covid-19 unvaccinated – research

More than 99% of pregnant women admitted to hospital with Covid-19 are unvaccinated – with the Delta variant of coronavirus posing a significantly greater risk of severe disease, scientists have said.
Researchers at Oxford University have described their findings as “concerning”, saying that one in 10 pregnant women admitted to hospital with symptoms of Covid-19 often require intensive care.
In a study, published in an online server called medRxiv, the scientists said that vaccinations are able to offer effective protection from the risk of becoming severely ill from Covid-19, with far fewer numbers from vaccinated groups in hospital compared with those who have not had the jab.

A field of dreams for London's Italian community passes into history

Article content
But now — three seasons after the last match was played there — the soccer pitch at the Marconi Club on Clarke Road, which was more than just a place to kick a ball around, is being plowed under before fading into the city’s past.
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A field of dreams for London's Italian community passes into history Back to video
“It was nice to have a field of our own. It was nice to have a home,” said Rocco Cifaldi, who was instrumental in getting the field built and keeping it running. Cifaldi proudly notes it was he and another Marconi Club member who set up the first goalpost on the grounds in the early 1980s.

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