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Ten facts JDE workers need to know about the company and Unite

Ten facts JDE workers need to know about the company and Unite
Unite the union is presenting workers at Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) Banbury plant with an ultimatum on behalf of JDE: accept the rotten deal it has worked out with the company to slash wages, terms and conditions or face the sack in September.
World Socialist Web Site is presenting information derived from the most recent financial reports and accounts of parent company JDE Peet’s and its British subsidiary so that workers can understand both the company and its financial situation.
JDE Peet’s and the pandemic

Summer Olympics Competitions Fast Facts

Summer Olympics Competitions Fast Facts
CNN Editorial Research
Here’s some background information about the Summer Olympics, which is held every four years.
Paris is slated to be the host city for the 2024 Olympic Games.
Summer Olympics Facts and History
The first revival of the Olympics was held in Athens, Greece, from April 6, 1896, to April 15, 1896.
The first modern Summer Olympics champion was James Connolly (USA), who won the triple jump event.
Fourteen nations and 241 athletes (all men) competed in 43 events at the first modern Summer Olympics.
The Olympic Flame was first lit during the opening ceremony of the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam.

Star Trek: Lower Decks Releases Season 2 E01 & E02 Preview Images

Star Trek: Lower Decks Releases Season 2 E01 & E02 Preview Images
Posted on
Following up on the release of the official second season trailer for Paramount+'s animated hit
Star Trek: Lower Decks, how does a set of preview images from the first two episodes of Season 2 sound? Because that's exactly what's awaits after you're done reading this rambling- a look at Episode 201 "Strange Energies" and Episode 202 "Kayshon, His Eyes Open" followed by a look back at the trailer.
Photo: PARAMOUNT+ ©2021 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: PARAMOUNT+ ©2021 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: PARAMOUNT+ ©2021 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Issa Rae Marries Louis Diame In Private Ceremony

Congratulations are in order for
Insecure creator and star
Issa Rae who married
Louis Diame over the weekend in a private ceremony in the South of France. Issa confirmed the news on Monday (July 26) in a comical Instagram post in which
The Photograph actress sported a custom
Vera Wang dress and her signature smile. 
“A) Impromptu photo shoot in a custom @verwang dress. B) My girls came to help me, but they all coincidentally had on the same dress! They were sooooo embarrassed. C) Then I took a few flicks with Somebody’s Husband,” Issa wrote on her Instagram post, tagging all of her glam squad, too.

St. Francis and the Climate Apocalypse

St. Francis and the Climate Apocalypse
July 23, 2021
Philip Jenkins
It would be hard to find a more universally popular figure than Francis of Assisi. Christians and non-Christians alike commonly recall him as a wonderful figure of holiness, fully in tune with the animal kingdom, and the environment. It’s odd then to recall a time when Francis was the centerpiece of what we can best call a dreaded messianic cult, which the Church suppressed with a great deal of bloodshed. This was one of the gravest political and spiritual crises that the Latin Church suffered before Luther’s Reformation itself, two centuries afterwards. And the crisis of these years often foreshadows that later revolution.

Hachette ebook sales declined in the first six months of 2021

Good e-Reader
In the first six months of 2021, Hachette saw a decline in ebook sales. Worldwide revenue fell from roughly €97 million in the first half of 2020 to €90 million in the first six months of 2021. Digital audiobook sales generated €52 million, from €48 million last year.
Worldwide revenue at Hachette Book Group rose 14.8% in the first half of 2021 over the first six months of 2020. Total revenue in the first half of 2021 increased 16.4%, €1.13 billion, and EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) soared to €110 million, from €27 million in the first six months last year. Sales rose 26.9% in France and 17.3% in the United Kingdom, while sales in Spain/Latin America fell 4.5% due to a decline in Mexican sales, which offset “good momentum” in Spain.

How Many Olympic Medals Have South Dakota-Born Athletes Won?

There is a trio of notable athletes that stand out this year:
Swimmer Micheal Andrew lived in Aberdeen from 1997 to 2011 and began swimming lessons in the Hub City at age seven.
Pole vaulter Chris Nilson is a recent graduate of the University of South Dakota.
Taekwondo athlete Paige McPherson is competing in her second Olympics. She lives in Sturgis.
And while those South Dakota transplants look to bring home their own hardware from Tokyo, athletes who were born in the Mount State have a long history of success at the Summer Olympic Games, dating back more than 100 years, according to

Food and Drink: Paris-based Neale's brings the outdoors in

Food and Drink: Paris-based Neale’s brings the outdoors in
Published by admin on Mon, 07/26/2021 - 1:26pm
Too many spice rubs impart an expected savor to whatever they touch. You can pick out Montreal seasoning, for example, whether it’s dusted on steak, deli meats or fish.
Chef Aaron Neale creates spice blends with a somewhat similar philosophy, yet with a different effect. A fan of outdoors, open flames and a well-used grill, he created Neale’s All Purpose Seasoning with the idea of bringing an earthy, smoky hue indoors.
But he didn’t stop there. The Paris -- the one in Missouri -- chef added a second blend, known as Campfire. From a lengthy list of ingredients he distills the essence of flickering wood in a weathered pit, ashen smoke drifting into the settling dusk.

Carjackings double, violent crime up 50 percent in first half of year in New Orleans

Carjackings double, violent crime up 50 percent in first half of year in New Orleans
The most alarming spike was car-jackings with a 101 percent increase, followed by non-fatal shootings with a 64 percent increase.
Author: Mike Perlstein / Eyewitness Investigator
Published: 5:16 PM CDT July 26, 2021
Updated: 5:16 PM CDT July 26, 2021
NEW ORLEANS — A recent citywide survey showed that New Orleans residents are increasingly worried about violent crime. Now a study by the Metropolitan Crime Commission shows that people have good reason to be concerned. 
The study shows that during the first six months of 2021, violent crime – homicides, non-fatal shootings, car-jackings and armed robberies – increased citywide by 47 percent over the same period in 2020. 

Art activity

Art activity
March 13, 2021
The cover image for the March 2021 issue of Stone Soup is incredibly striking. Aiyla Syed’s photograph “Sensation” (pictured above) perfectly captures a moment that feels familiar and playful in a visually compelling way. FRANCE. Paris. Place de l’Europe. Gare Saint Lazare. 1932. The composition of the photograph is wonderful. While the main attention in […]
January 9, 2021
Procreate Emi Le’s artwork, “Invisible to Human,” is one of those deceptively simple pieces of art that reveals more, and poses more questions, the longer you look at it. There are so many intriguing things about it. Its title makes me stop and think as I focus on the strange, many-limbed creature on the right. […]

Ferdinand excited by 'world-class' Varane's expected Man Utd arrival

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The Real Madrid defender is understood to be days away from a move to Old Trafford for a reported fee of £42.7million (A$79.9 million) as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer finally finds a suitable partner for Harry Maguire.
United previously ticked another target off their transfer list when they announced the signing of Jadon Sancho, although Varane will provide much-needed experience at the other end of the pitch for the Red Devils.
And former United defender Ferdinand, who amassed 455 appearances and won six Premier League titles in Manchester, could not contain his excitement for Varane's potential arrival.
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Never too late: Cancer centers push patients to quit smoking

When cancer patients stop smoking, they heal faster, experience fewer side effects from treatment and lower their chances of tumors returning. Now, top cancer hospitals are helping patients quit as evidence mounts that it’s never too late.
The newest research, reported Monday, shows lung cancer patients who stopped smoking gained nearly two years of life compared to those who continued to smoke.
“It is a huge effect,” said Dr. Mahdi Sheikh, who led the study for the World Health Organization’s cancer research agency in Lyon, France. In lung cancer, he said, quitting smoking is “as necessary as the treatments.”

Mount Veeder winery wins Napa County approval

Aaron and Claire Pott have secured Napa County permission to build their Chateauneuf-du-Pott winery on the forested slopes of Mount Veeder despite a scattering of opposition.
The Planning Commission last week approved the 20,000-gallon-a-year winery. The planned 4,638-square-foot building at 2072 Mount Veeder Road will replace a house and barn that burned in the 2017 Nuns fire.
“I want to support small, family-owned wineries,” Commissioner Megan Dameron said. “In this case, the Pott family lives on Mount Veeder. They have vines and farm on Mount Veeder. And now they wish to have their small family winery on Mount Veeder.”
The Potts talked about their winery plans.

The Skanner News - At Tokyo Olympics, Skateboarding Teens Blaze Trail for Women

At Tokyo Olympics, Skateboarding Teens Blaze Trail for Women
Published: 26 July 2021
TOKYO (AP) — On the Olympic podium stood three teenage girls — 13, 13 and 16 — with weighty gold, silver and bronze medals around their young necks, rewards for having landed tricks on their skateboards that most kids their age only get to see on Instagram.
After decades in the shadows of men's skateboarding, the future for the sport's daring, trailblazing women suddenly looked brighter than ever at the Tokyo Games on Monday.
It's anyone's guess how many young girls tuned in to watch Momiji Nishiya of Japan win the debut Olympic skateboarding event for women, giving the host nation a sweep of golds in the street event after Yuto Horigome won the men’s event.

You are software engineers, so COMPILE YOUR SOFTWARES

26 Jul 2021
• 7 min read
Few weeks ago, I did a conference about Kubernetes/Docker (in French, sorry, but the slides are here), and I put inside a statement that some people, rightfully, were holding me accountable for: Docker images are slow, because they are using old technologies!
The (in)famous picture
But Loïc, what the hell is this scale? You are supposed to be a scientist, and you give us this poop?
I was saying that if you compile yourself your software (inside a container or not) you are going to have big improvements. But people didn't believe me.
me after the conference!

The Philippines Wins Its First Olympic Gold After Nearly 100 Years Of Trying

Hidilyn Diaz of the Philippines celebrates winning the women's 55-kilogram weightlifting match at the Tokyo 2020 Games — her country's first Olympic gold medal. (An Lingjun/CHINASPORTS/VCG via Getty Images)
Weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz made history Monday, winning the Philippines' first gold medal at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The country had been trying to reach the podium's top spot for nearly 100 years: It sent its first Olympic delegation to Paris for the 1924 Games.
Diaz won gold in the 55-kilogram category of women's weightlifting — and in the process, she also set an Olympic record with her combined weight total of 224 kilograms across two successful lifts.

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