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Facebook testing end-to-end encryption as a default on Messenger

Facebook has long been criticized for not using end-to-end encryption as a default option for its messaging service, but that might change soon.

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Wisconsin GOP leader fires 2020 election investigator

The Wisconsin Assembly Republican leader who hired a former state Supreme Court justice to investigate the 2020 election fired him Friday, three days after the lawmaker beat a primary opponent whom the investigator and former President Donald Trump had endorsed.

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Jenny Slate: How Marcel the Shell helped the actress accept her 'beautiful smallness'

The comedian and filmmaker on being funny in a troubled world and her surprising, delightful, really rather good pandemic.

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Final briefs pave way for N.C. Supreme Court's latest take on long-running Leandro case

Documents filed late Friday afternoon with the N.C. Supreme Court offered what could be the final written words in the latest stage of the Leandro education funding lawsuit. The state’s highest court will hold oral arguments Aug. 31 to consider the latest Leandro dispute.

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