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GV Prakash starts dubbing for his film '13' | Tamil Movie News

GV Prakash dubs for '13', a thriller by K Vivek. Gautham Menon, Bhavya play pivotal roles in the movie. The film is currently in post-production and i

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13-year-old shot in Penrose neighborhood

A 13-year-old boy was shot in North City Friday evening.

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STF seizes 13 kgs heroin linked to 'Dubai Kapila' - Breaking News – Sri Lanka 24 Hours Online Breaking News : News, Politics, Video, Finance, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Travel, sri lanka news,sri lanka latest news, latest breaking news, latest political news, covid-19 news,covid-19 news sri lanka, Sri Lanka Coronavirus updates, sl news, sl covid-19 news, SL breaking news, daily news, breaking news in sri lanka

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The key skills your child should have at milestone ages: 1, 5, 13 and 18

Is your child ready for school, high school, uni and beyond? Here are the key skills they should have hit by milestone ages. Any anxiety-riddled new parent...

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Mom's The Word | The Zone @ 91-3

Mom can be found in so many things! Including atmometer, chamomile, moment, thermomagnetic... Leading up (May ...

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Cold case: Swipe card found in Antarctica 13 years after being lost in Wellington

By Tessa Guest of RNZ You’ve heard of finding a needle in a haystack. What about finding a swipe card in the vast expanse of the world’s oceans? RNZ Concert...

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it's his first atp title of the season after losing out in three finals. any time you reach a final it is nonetheless a good week. can't be too hard on yourself. this one has been a long time coming and super happy to be able to do it here in barcelona in front of a packed stadium today and rafa nadal court is special to me as i looked up to him all my childhood and came here myself as a 13—year—old boy to watch him and the others play here. so, a great feeling. today, it felt like ijust did not — today, it felt like ijust did not have _ today, it felt like ijust did not have the mental capacity to even _ not have the mental capacity to even fight. even if i wanted to push — even fight. even if i wanted to push myself to fight i felt like — push myself to fight i felt like casper wasjust too push myself to fight i felt like casper was just too good today — like casper was just too good today. he had a fresher mind, better— today. he had a fresher mind, better tennis and he deserved to win — so, what do yo do if you've just won a big tennis tournament and hundreds of thousands of dollars? you jump into the nearest swimming pool of course! and it looks like all

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Young and Addicted

to freezing first thing in the morning before that cloud comes in, and there will be a lot of cloud on monday. we've got this light rain and drizzle affecting northern england, the midlands, wales heading towards the southwest. there could be a few spots of rain moving down across scotland before northern areas see the sunshine returning in the afternoon. but there won't be as much sunshine in northern ireland, it's not going to be as warm on monday. may make 16 degrees in glasgow, but it's going to be particularly chilly for the midlands and eastern parts of england. that area of high pressure continues to just get pushed away and these weather fronts move southwards overnight. with clearer skies, though, following into scotland, there could be an early frost around here. most of the cloud will be affecting some eastern parts of england heading to the southeast. a northerly wind then follows and the odd light shower around north sea coasts. cloud will tend to build up, the sunnier skies western scotland, northern ireland and wales. and here, temperatures will be 13 or 1a degrees. but, again, it's going to be colder further east, and generally over the next few

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CBS Weekend News

help the baby girl breathe. her lungs not yet fully developed. her mother, sabreen al sakani, was six months pregnant when she was killed in an israeli air strike in rafah last night. but miraculously, doctors managed to save the preterm infant. nobody else survived the hit on two houses. among the dead, 13 children. the youngest just 2 years old. here israeli defense force soldiers prepare for a different mission. but this is not in gaza. it's idf footage in the west bank city of tulkarem where they say they conducted a counterterrorism operation, killing 14 militants in close combat. residents are now cleaning up after the operation. what the israeli military does is it uses bulldozers to dig up the roads. you can see they've been completely destroyed, making

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