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From Gaza to the World: on The Resilience and Courage of Palestinian Journalists

Journalists in Gaza are not showing us what is happening; they are what is happening. In the blink of an eye, reporters in Gaza put their press vests on and held cameras in their hands, shattering my previous perception — as a journalist myself — that real journalism was gone. Motaz Azaiza, Plestia Alaqad, Bisan

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Death of Canadian journalist Stephen Douglas in Sierra Leone shrouded in mystery

While police initially said he suffered a heart attack during a chaotic day of gunfire in Freetown, local journalists suggest he may have been hit by a bullet

Sierra-leone , Canada , United-states , South-africa , Rwanda , Freetown , Western-area , Toronto , Ontario , South-african , Canadian , American

Hong Kong journalist group 'deeply concerned' as reporter fails to return from Beijing trip

The Hong Kong Journalists Association said in a statement on Friday (Dec 1) it was "deeply concerned" about the safety and whereabouts of a South China Morning Post reporter who has been unreachable since attending an event in Beijing in late October. Minnie Chan, a senior reporter covering security matter

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In Delhi murder verdict, a plea to make cities safe

Youth-led decision-making can contribute to the betterment of the cities, while also empowering youth as informed and active citizens

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Sheriff Stands by 'Deeply Concerning' Arrest of Reporter

More than two dozen people were detained Thursday at a pro-Palestinian demonstration outside a Raytheon office in Arizona, including a local reporter who was covering the event....

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Freedom Of Speech: Freedom of Speech Silenced in Name of National Interest: Scribe Mangaluru | Mangaluru News

Journalist Sindhu Manjesh discusses the erosion of freedom of speech in India and the decline in press freedom, urging citizens to fact-check news received on social media.

Manipur , Uttar-pradesh , India , Pune , Maharashtra , Mangaluru , Karnataka , Solapur , Bhagwan-chavan , Rani-mukerji , Tusshar-kapoor , Karan-johar

Russia Files Criminal Case Against Journalist Masha Gessen

The Kremlin accused the New Yorker writer of spreading "false information" when speaking about atrocities in a Ukrainian city last year.

Russia , Ukraine , New-york , United-states , Washington , Kremlin , Moskva , Russians , Russian , Ukrainian , New-yorker , Masha-gessen

gershkovich: Russian court extends detention of Wall Street Journal reporter Gershkovich until end of January

A court in Moscow decided to extend the detention of Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, who is facing espionage charges. The extension sets a new detention period until January 30, as reported by Russian news agencies.

Lefortovo , Moskva , Russia , Moscow , Yekaterinburg , Sverdlovskaya-oblast- , Ukraine , United-states , American , Russians , Americans , Russian

How Much Are You Willing to Pay to Have Free Speech?

Justice John Marshall Harlan II summed up the primacy of the First Amendment when he wrote in the majority opinion, “One man’s vulgarity is another man’s lyric.”The post How Much Are You Willing to Pay to Have Free Speech? appeared first on Chris Carosa

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