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made missiles and the fleet s headquarters in sebastopol was struck by missiles last year, the repeated humiliations pushing russian ships further and further away from ukraine and eventually leading to the dismissal of russia s navy chief in march, not so long ago, russian state media would celebrate the navy s single aircraft carrier, the admiral, cuz nets off the jewel in the crown. but the ship has long been plagued by mechanical problems and has been in dark for years and more months, some western analysts predict it will never set sail again despite putin s glorification of russia s naval prowess, many of its warships here are vulnerable to both air and sea attacks and lack the technology to compete with western navies. or even cheap maritime drones made and ukraine an air in the ukrainian say that while the russians might be gaining ground in other areas, they feel that they ve really hurt. moscow is black sea fleet and essentially rendered it ineffective and the ukrainian say they will continue to develop those sea drones to hurt vladimir putin s naval forces even more. aaron. all right. thank you very much tonight and thanks so much to all all of you. it s time now for ac30, 60 tonight on through 60, the former president goes to washington to formalize his almost total takeover of the republican party. what he told lawmakers behind and closed doors when it signals about his plans, if we elect it. also time, cnn s donie o sullivan and talking with trump s supporters about what they think will happen to the country if he loses and to appeal its are prize-winning historian. but what she thinks might happen if you wins. also breaking news on supreme court justice clarence thomas already under scrutiny for setting millions of dollars in gifts and travel over the years. now, the senate judiciary committee reveals three more trips he took did not disclose. good evening. thanks for joining us. we begin tonight. keep them honest with the former president s de in washington with his party, and that use the possessive to describe the republican senators and house members he met with today in separate closed-door sessions, each just steps from the capital is no accident because if he s done nothing else over the last three-and-a-half years. of insurrection and search warrants and indictments and trials and felony convictions. it has been to remake the party of ronald reagan in his own image at the house meeting, he made a point of reminding members that nearly every republican who voted to impeach him as either been voted out of office or retired? not that by this point, there s survivors really needed reminding listen to speaker of the house mike johnson was basking in the afterglow and majority whip tom emmer, a self-proclaimed tough on crime law maker, attacking the criminal justice system he said very complimentary things about all of us we had sustained applause. he said, i m doing a very good job. i mean, we re grateful for that. i m going to add anybody who thought that this president was going to be down after the sham trial after that crooked trial that we saw in new york i think again more than more than one member of congress and the house meeting told cnn that the former president has spent most of his time airing grievances about his felony conviction. afterwards that a house judiciary committee hearing democratic members were all too happy to bring it up. just a show of hands for anyone in the room who hung out with a felon today hey, guys. i everyone get your hands up i want to begin by quoting the jury in the manhattan hush money payment trial guilty guilty guilty. guilty now, it s remarkable because whatever you think it congressional decorum or for that matter, x presidential criminality. this is where we are, but we are a convicted felon leads the self-proclaimed party of law and order in his post-conviction visit, just a few blocks away from the place that his supporters attacked into filed is just another headline. and so is what one lawmaker in the rooms, as he told house members about former democratic house speaker nancy pelosi, after calling one of his daughters a quote, wacko he reportedly claimed that one of her daughters wants told him that he and speaker pelosi would have had a quote, great romance in another life. daughter christine, today responded tweeting quote, speaking for all four pelosi daughters, this is ally he also called milwaukee side of the republican national convention, quote, horrible, according to a source in the room, another lawmaker later saying he was only talking about crime. all from a single meeting. at this other meeting, his republic republican senator is also close to the capital. he spoke with minority leader mitch mcconnell for the first time since december 2020. the photo prompting this reaction from liz cheney, the staunchly conservative former republican congresswoman, who was drummed out while first out of the party leadership and then out of office for co-chair and the january 6 committee she tweeted and quoted words mitch mcconnell made on the senate floor in february 13, 2021. cheney wrote, mitch mcconnell knows trump provoked the violent attack and our capital, and then quote watch television happily unquote as his mob brutally beat police officers and hunted the vice president he knows trump reviews for hours to tell his mob to leave and quote, even then with police officers bleeding, he kept repeating his election leinz and praising the criminals she went on to say again, quoting mcconnell, he knows that trump committed a quote disgraceful dereliction of duty unquote, and is a danger to our republic here are some more of what mcconnell said on that day there s no question nod. their president trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day those are tough words for mitch mcconnell, but just 12 days later, after he said that on the 25th, senator mcconnell, eight, those words telling fox is brett baer, he would support the man he so recently criticized if he s nominated in 2024 talk, it seems is cheap. join his now with more cnn s meloni s and ohno. what else went on behind closed doors today with trump will anderson heading into these meetings, lawmakers are really hopeful that trump was going to be talking about a campaign strategy or laying out his vision for a policy agenda. and now there was some of that. one of the more substantive moments was on trump brought up the topic of abortion and any counseled republicans about how he thinks they should talk about this issue. and he said they shouldn t be afraid of it. they should frame it as a state s issue. and you also encouraged republicans to voice support for exceptions not come across as too extreme on the issue, but for the most part, according to all the lawmakers that i spoke to, these meetings were more of an airing of grievance it says it was a gripe session at particularly in the house meeting this morning, i m told that trump, of course, brought up the legal challenges against them, calling all the charges against him, quote, bogus he also referred for to the department of justice as quote, dirty, no-good according to some of the lawmakers that i talked to, he even at one point, complained about taylor swift, were endorsing his rival president joe biden. and he also gloated about how most of the house republicans who voted to impeach him over the january 6 insurrection are no lines hunger in congress. so it was very wide ranging speech, very freewheeling that member ce felt more like a pep rally or even a roast than a serious policy discussion. morning and taylor swift has not endorsed joe biden. do you have any more details on the trump mcconnell counter well, with trump and mcconnell, there was a very serious effort. i m told by both parties he s to really bury the hatchet after years of feuding and years of frost newness right before the meeting, trump and mcconnell shook hands, which was captured on a phone photograph during the meeting. trump credited mcconnell with helping to elect more republican senators, and then after the meeting, mcconnell praised trump and said the mean eating was very, very positive. so just a remarkable inflection point. i think anderson, we re going to look back on this moment similar to kevin mccarthy trekking down to mar-a-lago in the weeks after january 6 and really just captures how much the party, including some of trump s former critics like mcconnell, have really fallen in line in the years after january 6 and despite these criminal convictions, anderson, millions and thanks so much, jonasson. i was new york democratic congressman daniel goldman, congressman. any surprises for you today in the visit by trump not really. he didn t come to the capital, which was good good thing because this is where he fomented a massive riot and insurrection to try to keep him installed in office. he didn t talk much about policy because he doesn t really care much about policy. what he cares about is himself and what he cares about is his conviction 34 times for being a felon and what he cares about her as three other cases and getting revenge. and he wants to do that by tearing down our democracy and what he was effectively doing today is greases the wheels, trying to play nice with republicans who support he needs in order to become president. so that he can take his fat let s just authoritarian views into office if he were to win. and it is just a very telling i think that mitch mcconnell has now bowed down to the ring of donald trump someone who, you quoted what he said on january 25, where he helped donald trump responsible for the january 6 riot. and has resisted donald trump. but now he has clearly demonstrated graded that donald trump owns the republican party. there is no other faction of the republican party that has any influence other than donald trump his maga supporters, obviously, none of us, there s privilege privy to the inner thoughts and mitch mcconnell. but why do you think center mcconnell made this choice? i mean, after, you know the strong comments he made criticizing trump theta, the racist attacks trump made against me kennels own wife. i mean, what is mitch mcconnell get out of this anderson, what do any of these people who have i know good mccaul s running. i mean, it he could he could go out on i d like liz cheney, who at least, has taken a very strong stand ultimately mixed for the same reason since that mitch mcconnell refuse to give merrick garland a vote for the supreme court and then rammed any amy coney barrett through under the same circumstances, two weeks before the election? that s what connell has a very focused and narrowly tailored view of what he wants to accomplish. and at the end of the day i m sure mitch mcconnell views donald trump as the only possibility to get these type of conservative judges who have now overturned roe v. wade paid back into more into the our judiciary and into the supreme court and push forward a clearly minority favored agenda that mitch mcconnell has been pushing for decades. it was seeing melodies and i was reporting is that trump was telling lawmakers counseling them on how to run about and talk about abortion and to talk about states rights and to not seem too extreme do you have any belief that that s how he would be if he got into office? absolutely none. donald trump does not care. donald trump used to be pro-choice. he used to be a democrat. now, he s out there promoting and celebrating his own work and getting roe versus wade overturned he will do whatever he needs to do to secure the support for his fascist anti-democratic attacks on the rule of law to undermine our democratic institutions. and if that means that he ll give over supreme court nominations to mitch mcconnell or someone else on the far right who wants to roll back our individual freedoms, even more than the supreme court has done. he will do that in a minute. and if there here s a national abortion ban that the republicans pass donald trump will sign that in two seconds. do not believe donald trump whenever he says that he will stand up for abortion rights, he has completely flip-flopped in his career. he will do whatever benefits himself. speaker johnson was asked yesterday, the former president attempt the outcome of the election. i just want to play that for years really for the first time republican house and senate meeting with him since the january 6 attack on the capitol are you committed or have you spoken to him about basically not not doing anything like that again, in committing to respecting the sort of american tradition of peaceful transfer of course, he respects that and we all do and we ve all talked about it at nauseum i mean i mean yeah. i mean, i can anyone say with a straight face is donald trump respects the peaceful transfer of power that i want you to take that clip and run it over and over and over. that is everything you need to know. oh about mike johnson and the maga republican party. they will look you in the eye and they will lie directly to your face over and over and over. there is no question that donald trump does not respect the peaceful transfer of power he has made it a litmus test for his vice president that whoever that will be willing not accept the results. and that s why you have every single vice presidential candidates. so far refusing to concede or acknowledged that they will accept them the results. donald trump, it will not accept the peaceful a trap power. you don t have to ask me or trust me, he already did it so for speaker johnson to look in the camera and to say that of course he respects the peaceful transfer of power. put that on every bulletin board around the country. it is total bogus and it shows you what knowing liars the republicans are. congressman, i appreciate your time. thank you thank you. president biden met today with ukraine s president zelenskyy of the g7 summit in italy. the two signing a new tenure security agreement at the press conference afterwards, frozen biden spoke briefly when asked about his son, hunter i m extremely proud of my son hunter. he is overcome and addiction. he is he s one of the brightest, most decent man i know and i am satisfied that i m not going to do anything. i sat i said i advise by the jury decision. i will do that no i m not pardon him the present-day also ruled out commuting his one-sentence seen as mj lee is traveling with the president joins us now from from very italy. so mj, earlier in the week, the white house appeared to leave open the possibility of a commutation or that flee not commenting at essentially overturning the sentence, not a conviction. what specifically did the president say about that yeah. when the president was walking away from that press conference, some reporters yell loud. would you commute your sons sentence and he answered directly. he said no that was after he had more broadly addressed the conviction of his son, hunter, as you just play they re standing by his son, standing by the judicial system, and also reiterating his previously stated position pardoning his son. he said, i will not pardon him. anderson white house officials had suspected that it was likely he would get asked about the hunter issue at this news conference, given that it happened just two days ago, he had not publicly commented on in yet on it yeah they knew that the specific issue of the commutation was one that could come up if you ll recall yesterday, white house press secretary karine jean-pierre was asked by a reporter whether she would rule out that possibility and she wouldn t say yes or no. and that exchange, the white house, new had taken on a life of its own when in reality, i m told the issue was really that some senior aides hadn t had a chance yet to speak to the president about the commutation issue. corinne john p, or said yesterday to reporters, i haven t talked to him about this yet. i m not just i m not going to have anything more to say on this, but it certainly was a really remarkable moment. the president speaking on this kind of a stage. on the other side of the world about an issue that has been so deeply sensitive for his entire family, mj lee, thanks more in prison, biden s trip later in the program next though cnn s donie o sullivan talking to trump supporters as well as a historian of dictatorships and autocracies about donald trump and democracy. and later there s breaking news turns out there are even more undisclosed it s trips supreme court justice clarence thomas took paid for by republican megadonor ave heart failure with unresolved symptoms. it may be time to see the bigger picture heart failure and seemingly unrelated he did symptoms like carpal tunnel syndrome shortness of breath an irregular heartbeat could mean something more serious cold, eight ttr cm a rare under-diagnosed disease that worsens over time 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democracy? she is actually not as good as you think it is but for centuries, america has celebrated its democracy democracy is worth dying for democracy remains the definition of political legitimacy, but some republicans and pro-trump media are pushing the idea that america is not a democracy. united states of america kirk is not a democracy. we are constitutional republic. those things were america is not a democracy. you don t want to be in a democracy. we are not a democracy. we are a republic. is america a democracy america is a democracy. it was founded as a democracy. i ve heard a lot of conspiracy theories. i hear a lot of things out on the road but to hear americans, people who would describe themselves as patriots say that america is not a democracy that stopped me in my tracks. you are hearing people say america is not a democracy because there are people around trump who want them to be saying that who ve been planting that narrative? his america democracy i don t i think we ll never know, but yeah, we re republic. what s the difference i feel like democracy what do we think this through its government i don t see freedom in democracy freedom in the republic honestly, the word democracy and the word republic have often been used interchangeably. there isn t a meaningful difference between them. so much of the warnings and criticism about trump is that he is a threat to democracy, that he has anti-democratic. absolutely. if they can convince people that we don t have a democracy, then it s okay that trump is attacking democracy because it doesn t really matter that s why, like why has democracy become a bad word? because it s been used in a way to change the flavor of our country, which is a republic these words were used in different ways in the 18th century and it s true the founders didn t want direct democracy by which they meant people gathering on the town square. they wanted representative democracy. but i think the reason why does conversation about language has so now is because there is a part of the republican party that would like to rule as a minority and they need an excuse for why that s okay. and so they ve begun to say, we re not a democracy. were, are public and it s not 100% clear what that means. but i think they mean we want donald trump to be able to do whatever he wants some people i ve been seeing debt trump events recently. yes. have been saying american is not a democracy. it s a republic and we ve always been my pros. first of all we have sleek. we re use that freedom of speech and freedom of religion. we used to have that two. now they re picking on the christians and the jewish people i mean, how much more can we are you concerned if trump loses yeah. that there ll be another january 6. no. i think there will be a civil war that s what i think will happen during this whole democracy republican is fascinating. this is the first i ve, i ve heard of that new thing that there are now pushing those. it looks like folks on fox are pushing it. is there a reason the people you spoke with think that country isn t a democracy now, i mean, yeah, look, i mean, i understand some of those folks. no doubt genuinely believed that i might have believed for a long time, this isn t necessarily a new talking point. however, we have seen it just revive over the past few months and they re really the reason we did this piece was over the over the past few months, just unprompted. as i was speaking to a lot of trump s supporters, they would bring this very specific lineup i love this real, it s not a debase right about the former government here. it s not a debate about democracy really why this is happening. and you saw it there in that piece, some fox news and elsewhere on conservative and right-wing media people are trying to convince trump s supporters, others that america is not a democracy in the first place. and we actually saw i haven t noticed that this seem to pick up a bit after president biden speech in philadelphia, where he described trump as a threat to democracy. this is how they seem to be trying to twist language to try and neutralize describing trump as a threat to democracy. because if america is not a democracy in the first place, then there s nothing to worry about your winning a solvent. thank you very much. one of the pillars of a democracy is the rule of law and laws of course are enforced by courts and the highest court in the land supreme court is once again under fire tonight. over new ethics concerns, specifically the behaviors surrounding justice clarence thomas. late this afternoon, senate judiciary chairman dick durbin released new information from a major republican donor about more undisclosed trips provided to justice thomas. it follows previous reporting about numerous undisclosed gifts from that conservative billionaire harlan crow, which include private school tuition for a relative of thomases and decade s worth of luxury vacations. last week after the release of his 2023 disclosures, thomas said certain disclosures had been, quote inadvertently omitted wherever last month in a speech, who railed against the quote, nastiness and quote lies directed toward him. draw now by our justice correspondent, just cash snyder, also a former federal district judge, johnny jones, the third and former federal prosecutor elie honig. so jessica, what do we know about these additional trips now that thomas took on harlan crow plane? yeah. the details just being released tonight for i m senator dick durbin. the details are several new trips happened in 2017, 2019, and 2021. so first and may 20, he 17 justice thomas took harlan crows jet from st. louis to montana and then to dallas. then there was a march 2019 flight where he flew roundtrip between washington, dc and savannah and then in june 2021, he flu round trip between washington, dc and san jose, california. all of this on crows jet and really intersect. i mean, these newly revealed flights, it only adds to what we know were other luxury trips that justice thomas enjoyed, bankrolled by harlan crow. there was also but 2019 trip to indonesia where justice thomas stayed on crows mega yacht. so there have been a lot of previously undisclosed travel that s been gifted by harlan crow is a gop megadonor. he s active and conservative causes. justice thomas, though, i ll note anderson has always it s described him as just a dear friend and says they ve never had any discussions about cases before the court. they ve wow, i mean, that that s you you re hanging out with justice supreme court. that s kind of amazing to think. has justice thomas explained why he did not disclose these these trips? because he talks about his love of staying in for vrb travel and drawing ran on a bus yeah. so he hasn t directly answered about these recent disclosures, but his attorney just released a statement tonight. it says this. it says the formation that harlan crow provided to the senate judiciary committee fell under the personal hospitality exemption and was not required to be disclosed by justice thomas the judicial conference change this provision last year, and justice thomas has fully complied with the new disclosure requirement. so i ll expand upon this to really explain it up until last year there was in fact this personal hospitality exemption. so justices, in the way they read it, didn t have to disclose certain benefits, maybe from there wealthy friends, things like when they stayed at their friends properties or traveled on jets. it was just last year, anderson that exemption was removed. so justices now have to disclose these perks, but there s some question as to whether the disclosures need to be retroactive. there s nothing specifically saying justices have to go back now and disclosed year s worth of trips. but it is still coming out and it came out tonight from the senate judiciary committee, judge jones, does this make sense you why wouldn t justice thomas just come clean about everything harlan crow has given him or paid for. why go through this kind of drip, drip, drip? you know, anderson, i have no idea but this has all the allure of a slow motion car accident. it doesn t look good. i toiled in the federal judiciary for 20 years and i love it. i respect it, but this tears that the fabric the code of ethics that the justices are subject to, which is, by the way, not enforceable says in the first canon that it is there to basically preserve the integrity and the independence of the judiciary now, under the circumstances to the point that was just made he amended his is 2023 ethic statement and he added a couple of his trips when you go to the question of retroactivity, i agree it s less than clear so why would you do that? and not include the other trips they re just revealed there s there s no good answer to that elie. i mean, do you agree with the statement from thomas s attorneys saying that because the personal hospitality exemption, he didn t need to not at all, the spirit of these rules is disclosure and these are not just a small gifts, these are gifts and not donations, but gifts worth tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. and the whole explanation that this is just a friend doing something for me. i mean, i gotta get better friends that this is something more than just a friend paying for his friend. hundreds of thousands dollars over that here for private school tuition for flights, for hotels violates every cannon in this ethics code. and if you remember anderson about a year ago, the supreme court for the first time ever adopted an ethics code. the criticism we made was it s toothless and i think now we re seeing that judge jones i mean, go ahead, judge. while i was going to say it s interesting to ellie s point about having a friend. here s the acid test, and this is not hard and it s not in the statement of ethics at all if you are making a friend because you re on the supreme court of the united states. if that s why this guy is friends with you, then i would suggest to you that if he s providing hospitality, that s just wrong. it just shouldn t happen. and i don t think that s a hard a hard test for any justice or judge observe if i had done this as a district judge, us district judge, i would have been absolutely subject to judicial discipline of the the most pronounced kind, and i would have deserved it. and so to me, there s if clarence thomas was sitting on this circuit court or was the head of the eoc. do you think that harlan crow would afford him this kind of hospitality? of course, he would judge jones. thank you. elie honig, jessica schneider, as well, just ahead. present. biden, promoting democracy on the world stage with ukraine and making a campaign issued home former us ambassador to the un, susan rice it s joins us next welcome to the waiver hood with wave. finding your style is fine when the music stops grabbing it, doesn t matter if you re outdoors hello. i m sorry, carl. this is me and chair form. i don t see you. just perfect for you but you love it. i told you we should have done opinion data i explained how many died they re not sending you need to sit down every style, every home at fisher investments. we may look like other money managers, but were different. and how so we re a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client s best interests. so we don t sell any commission-based products, then how do you make money? we have a simple management fee structured, so we do better when our clients do the clients really come first then yes, we make them a top priority by getting to know their finances, family, health lifestyle, and more. wow maybe we are different at fisher investments were clearly different. let s get started no. where s your mask? 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if it s not binding on the next administration well, anderson, let s step back a second and thank you for having me on and take a look at what president biden is doing at the g7 in europe he is going back to his third g7 with, our alliances restored and rebuilt stronger than ever with the united states leadership embraced in respected and he has rallied the world to defend ukraine, including with a $50,000,000,000 loan that the united states led and negotiating this week using the interest off of the russian frozen assets. he s negotiated this bilateral agreement, which is very valuable in that there is always a cost for the united states when it reneges on its commitments, when it walks back its agreements and while it s not a legally binding treaty, it s a powerful statement of us support and intentions in addition, he s just this week led and imposing tough new sanctions on russia and china. so with joe biden, we have strong leadership that is strengthened our leinz is not only in europe, but in asia and around the world, which makes america more secure and we have a leader who s trusted and respected we contrast that as you did in your opening with donald trump who is so profoundly dangerous, he has not committed to democracy at home or abroad. he embraces dictators he is the president, former president whose own vice president? national security advisors, secretary of state secretaries of defense. yeah, pretty much everybody on the cabinets of staff. all have set are unfit. and what does that say when the people closest to you say you re unfit to lead, that s very, very concerning when you hear from say that vladimir putin would release wall street journal reporter it just adjust if he asked, what i mean, does that make sense to you like, why wouldn t he then just ask now for that to happen? well, that s a good question. i understand. no, of course it doesn t make sense. it s bluster. it s, it s all dishonest and every day we hear something dishonest out of donald trump s mouth. that is inherently self-serving and not anything we can rely on its. you don t just get to wave a magic wand and have a dictator who s hell-bent on not only taking over ukraine but western europe and more if we allow him. and what is donald trump s say? donald i m trump calls putin a genius. donald trump tells putin that he can do whatever he wants. the hell he wants with our nato allies. i mean, it s the height of recklessness self-interest, and danger, and it s not a future that we can be confident in at all, it would undermine our security profoundly at a time when the world is a complicated place, when you are us ambassador to the un, you obviously dealt with nations whose leaders disregard laws, carry out vendettas against their political opponents when you hear don trump talking about getting revenge or retribution does that seem i mean that seem realistic to you? do you believe he would do that? i do believe he would do it. i believe we have if we have learned anything we should listen to what he says and what he does is often exactly what he says and sometimes worse we have in donald trump a leader who is not running to be the president of the american people he s running for his own self-interest to try to stay out of jail and that is incredibly worrying. and when he says that on day one, he intends to be a dictator, that he will come after his political opponents and anybody who has rubbed i m tim the wrong way. i take that very seriously and i think we all should susan rice. thank you for your time thank you. anderson. way up next to cnn exclusive. been wiedemann talks with hamas spokesman in beirut about the remaining hostages they are holding captive in gaza he asked them how many are still alive and why hamas is yet to agree to ceasefire. his responses coming up this is country is corrupt. we ve got to save it do some terrible things for the greater good we need you build. for the soup, start rounding this up and dumping us off in kansas show me, wrap that doesn t sound good. ashley? 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you seem that count star from the beginning. let s start from beijing on. but one why to talk about the base of 7 october what about the israeli came after good luck to 7 october. it was a reaction against the occupation. what camps after that? it shows the real face of israel. it shows how israeli the cube buying the policy and lands demolishing the situation of the palestinians, killing the civilians. it s not the first time they are getting the civilians hamas is, is an organization. does it regret what it did on 7 october, given what happened afterwards? we are living with this for the last 75 years as palestine s yes now, cnn spoke to one of the doctors who treated the for israelis who were freed on saturday. and he said that they suffered mental and physical abuse. and what do you say when he is an israeli has to say what does lay authorities are asking him to say if you compare the images of both before and after releasing, you will find that they were better than before. i believe they have mental problem. this is because of what israel have done in gaza. but in addition to what has been said about the four recent hostages freed there have been also claims about the dire conditions others faced while in captivity. the fate of the remaining hostages hangs in the balance at the g7 summit in italy, us secretary of state antony blinken said, hoping hamas would agree to the latest us backed ceasefire proposal. response we got was unfortunately not the yes that we were looking for a yes that virtually the entire world has given. okay. mr. hamdan simple question. why hasn t hamas yet agreed officially to the us backed posel for a ceasefire who said it s a positive step but we need to see the facts on the ground. we need to know what exactly that president means by saying a ceasefire, i withdraw while what is left, what do you need we need an israeli ideally, a clear position from israel to accept the ceasefire, a complete withdrawal from gaza, and let the palestinians to determine their future by themselves are you optimistic at this point in time that you will reach some sort of agreement well, i think if the united states administration acted in the positive way, seeing the situation not only in the eyes of israel we can reach soon an agreement. and in the absence of an agreement, this war goes on with know site then i mean, this hamas leader justifies the october 7 attack by hamas. and as long as she had an others, which was a violation of an ongoing ceasefire, claimed, no one knows how many hostages are still alive. obviously there are people who know in hamas, any claims that the released, that the hostages who were freed just recently, the four hostages that they are actually better off than they were before they were taken into captivity. i mean, that s just absurd well, that s what he said, but you need to look at it through the lens of how it s been seen in the region anderson there lot of pictures circulating for before and after pictures circulating on social media of palestinian prisoners who d been freed from israeli jails hills the pictures show healthy people going in gaunt, sickly people looking out. no. mr. hamdan, like millions of other in this region are seeing the pictures of these for israelis who were recently freed from gaza, who on the surf base surface superficially looked to be okay. so that seems to be why he s saying this and we re hearing it from many other people as well. keep in mind also that osama hamdan is a political figure in hamas. he is involved in and then negotiating process, but he s not part of the military wing that holds the hostages in gaza, so he s probably not complete the up on the situation in there. and i think what you re hearing in that interview is more a reflection, perhaps social media then his knowledge of the specifics of the hostages themselves anderson, where she refuses even call hostages, but been wiedemann. thank you. appreciate it. we ll be right back three body serie a. city client uses city s financial expertise to help drive its growth and keep its supply chain moving some more pet parents can get everything they need, right when they need it keeping more pets and families happy for the love of moving our clients forward, for the love of progress grass whether you re moving across town or across the country now, you can count on pods to deliver when we say we will, which is why we were voted america s number one container moving company. hook your move today at, introducing new advil targeted relief. the only topical pain reliever with four powerful pain fighting ingredients that start working on contact to target tough pain at the source for up to eight hours of powerful relief new abdo targeted relief all these games on directv and no satellite on the roof. think about this blue jays cardinals orioles. what s missing? 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let s tsunami afghanistan, iraq. so many places we ve been all those stories we ve told, interviews and live shots and folders, endless days and sleepless nights, boring car rides and bad flights all those airports we ve rushed to getting, there, getting out how many hours have we waited? how many calls have you made how much could cajoling and talking? how did you come to know me so well time passes and memories fade but i hope i never forget all that we ve shared and all that you ve been and will forever be to me. charlie and i spend more than a month reporting from new orleans and the gulf coast in the difficult days after hurricane katrina. the last show we did was from a badly damaged street and it was all deserted and it was charlie and meeting maybe seven or eight others cameraman and engineers and satellite truck operators we ve finished around midnight. we broke down the equipment, we wrapped up the cables are other people did neal halls worth one of my cameraman two dozen years from the cooler on his truck and pass them around and we lingered there for time talking remembering the things we d all just lived through, not wanting that feeling we had to

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they may not even have to go that far. i think the lesson is that you can terrorize people into not doing anything just by having a law and having the threat out there that somebody could be criminally prosecuted for doing something. the comstock act, this is not a hypothetical. there are lots of folks in right-wing circles writing about and talking about this. lisa rubin, thank you. thank you. that is all in on this thursday night. alex wagner starts now. good evening. there are women already terrified making choices about bodily economy. certainly. fear at all levels of american society. thank you, my friend. today donald trump made his first visit to capitol hill. the first time since his followers ransacked the capital on january 6. to understand why trump chose to come back now after more than three years away, you don t have to look as far back as the insurrection. you just have to remember what trump has been asking congress to do since his criminal conviction two weeks ago. the day after trump was convicted of 34 felony counts in his new york hush money case, eight republican senators vowed to oppose all biden nominees and all democratic legislation as retribution. today six republican senators led by j.d. vance put the oppose all biden nominees part of that into writing. senators explained they would block nominees including anyone who suggested the trump prosecutions were reasonable. anyone who opposed trump s guilt. anyone who supported organizations that celebrated the indictment of donald trump and anyone who supported alvin bragg or supported lawfare or censorship in other ways. which is just big enough to include basically anyone president biden nominated. these republican senators say their blockade will last until election day and in practical terms that means the u.s. government will not be able to appoint representatives to things like the u.n. general assembly or the world health organization or even the not particularly political seeming places like the civil aviation organization and public buildings reform board. what exactly do those organizations have to do with prosecuting donald trump? nothing. this is not about policy, it is about retribution. you might remember last year senator tommy tuberville pulled a similar stunt. tuberville became the first senator in history to do a long- term blockade of u.s. military appointments. senator tuberville kept more than 400 qualified servicemembers, 400, from being appointed or promoted for 10 months. all because of a department of defense policy that had nothing to do with those servicemembers. the blockade was such a blatant misuse of power. it was not just democrats who were appalled. there were some of his fellow republican senators no matter if you believe it or not senator tuberville, this is doing great damage to our military. this power is extraordinary that we are given as individual senators, but it is incumbent to use it in a reasonable way. everybody uses holds. the key is you put a hold on someone who typically has some kind of control over the issue you are trying to fix. there is not one senator in here who could not find a reason to object to an administration policy. in the military. none of us. we could all find something. i hope we don t do this routine. i just hope we don t do this routinely. does two times count as a routine? if so this makes it a routine and this time it is not even about the policy disagreement, however tangential. it is so republicans can protest donald trump being found guilty by a jury of his peers. today we also saw 29 republican senators sign onto this letter disparaging the rule of law and saying trump s conviction was nothing short of the evisceration of the american judicial process. so it is safe to say that from now to november the u.s. senate is effectively going to be at a standstill and unable to govern, not because of policy disagreements, but so republicans can perform an act of retribution on donald trump s behalf. as for the house where republicans hold a majority, well, things are looking worse. politico is out with new reporting saying that in the days after trump s conviction trump made a f bomb filled call to speaker johnson. trump s message, we have to overturn this. now a few weeks after that call it looks like speaker johnson s mission is not just to grind the government to a halt like his republican colleagues in the senate. it is to use the power of the government to make trump s criminal concerns go away. by way of an example yesterday, house republican leaders spent the day whipping votes for a bill that would allow presidents charged at the state level to move those cases to federal court. let me check my notes. how many presidents have been criminally charged at the state level again? oh, only one. what an interesting use of congressional power. politico also reports the speaker johnson is in talks with jim jordan about using the appropriations process to target special counsel jack smith and de-fund his investigation. neither of those have the votes to pass yet, but that is the kind of stuff that republicans in congress are working on right now, which helps put into context why donald trump went back to capitol hill today. it was not for any legitimate legislative concern. it was for what republican congressman matt gaetz called a pep rally for president trump. a pep rally complete with an early birthday party for donald trump himself. 11 something to do with this room. joining me now is the senior editor at slate two covers the courts and philip, columnist for the washington post. the birthday cake, pardon the culinary metaphor, but it really is the icing on the cake of fealty if that is the metaphor. are you surprised that the pledges of allegiance as they are are so explicit, so undisguised on capitol hill? i am not surprised. this is something we have seen for years. watching that package, the thing that struck me as republicans are a little bit like parents on an airplane with a crying child. they have this source of frustration and everyone is sick of it. they are stuck and have got to figure out how to calm this kid down. the kid is donald trump and he is mad about being convicted. don t worry, i will talk to the supreme court. they are doing everything to keep him happy, keep him quiet, keep him on their side and most importantly keep him from lashing out against them. that is what we see with this. they are all trying to keep him happy, keep him quiet and get through this. they are terrified of him and they adore him. he is the center of their universe and they can t control him at all. i do wonder as you see the machinations of the conference and republicans in the senate openly trying to undermine the rule of law, does it not throughout the notion of the justice system in america as we watch the legislative branch to this work? i think that is a feature, not a bug. i think we are seeing a systematic attack on the rule of law. i think even if we had not had the conviction in the new york trial, we have seen a long- standing set of attacks on judges, on juries, on, you know, prosecutors. on witnesses. i think the whole zeitgeist is, and it is not a surprise. this is a classic authoritarian play. just to foment doubt in institutions. if you foment enough doubt people start looking longingly at the strongman who will save them when institutions crumble. so no part of this is new or unfamiliar. i think what is interesting is seeing a lot of republicans who might have, at one point felt about donald trump, but stood fast on the principle that judges and juries and statutes and the concentration actually enforce some meaning. the degree to which they abandoned that and see no value in that i think is the part that is new and chilling. to that point, the idea that they will withhold these nominations across the government, right? the tuberville blockade wasn t great politics and yet they survived it and they are replicating it. on a different level it is not the u.s. military and certainly the w.h.o. and u.n. are not favorites of the republican party, but nevertheless they are stymieing the work and they think it is good politics? they do think it is good politics from the standpoint that the political focus at this point is retribution against joe biden and that is what they are focused on. mitch mcconnell doesn t wake up in the morning and say that is what he wants to do, but he understands. it is also mitch mcconnell in 2016, holding a supreme court seat. we have also seen this pattern in the past and it is very anti- institutional, but fundamentally about sending a message to the american public that d.c. does not do what it is supposed to do and we need to get trump in there. to make us do our work again. right. that is the singular focus from now to election day. i do think, you know, republicans are betting that the electorate won t punish them for this and that the broader american electorate is not tuned into this. this is part of the swamp, part of the dysfunction of the capital and you make an important point in one of your pieces this week about normalcy bias. americans have a normalcy bias. it leads them to believe everyone who tells them that everything is awesome. even as that system is hanging together by way of dental floss. we are talking about a system of justice, but i think it has extended to the dysfunctional government. because it still exists, because there is still a congress that occasionally passes laws, people can deride functionality, but they don t think democracy is in danger of falling apart in the same way they hold trumps criminal conviction as an example. a jury of peers found him guilty. it all works. things are not normal right now. things are very abnormal and i wonder if you can talk a little bit more about your level of panic in this moment. i try not to use the word panic because it makes my parents super scared, but i guess i would say think about where we were in 2016. what was deemed disqualifying in that race and think about the fact that in the intervening time we have civil jury s finding trump guilty of being a sexual abuser. we have 34 felony convictions. we have january 6. we have donald trump, who ran in 2016. we forget in the fog of memory, but as a family man, as a businessman who was going to drain the swamp. now just running as a straight up autocrat. he is running under the banner of violence, of suppression of rights, of suppression of speech. of deporting immigrants. this is really scary, what has happened, and it seems people are almost less dialed up now than they were in 2016 when they were like that access hollywood tape sounds bad. now every single day you get this drumbeat of what i think is really distressing. you know, saying kind of the quiet part loud about wanting to create an authoritarian state and i think we normalized it because we have to get to cvs to fill our prescriptions and we are raising our kids and we are tired. i think this allows us to wait until some adult says break the glass. i think what we have metabolized is normal is deeply frightening. you write about the way in which republicans were very incensed about the trump conviction. democrats were not about hunter biden s conviction and as a result republicans are up in arms and democrats are largely accepting of the hunter biden conviction. i find a number that is particularly staggering around all of this, is the number of people who acknowledge that the donald trump conviction is the right call. it is not moving them at all in their support for trump. this is new monmouth pulling out today. do you agree or disagree with the verdict finding trump guilty? 47% agree. 34% disagree. then you look at the numbers of people who are definitely or probably supporting each candidate. biden, 43. trump, 44. numbers are not moving even in the face of saying this conviction was the right thing. what does this tell you? it tells me two things. first we should expect this from the standpoint that even before the verdict a fifth of trump supporters said they thought he already committed a crime. we will vote for him anyway. the second thing is that donald trump did an effective job of inoculating his base against this. it is not just last year. it is in 2016. as soon as the russian investigation came to public consciousness he started saying it is a hoax and that pattern is continuing. it really helped his base. once they bought in on that that was it. this indictment, they look at it and they are like, that is exactly what he said. at some point rational people step back and are like it is hard to believe that they came up with all of these different crimes. they ve been busy. they are like they are allowed to get him. calling it an inoculation is right. ironic. because we had breaking news in the vein of the abnormal tonight, i want to get your thoughts. clarence thomas, who is a key part of the system of justice and rule of law, found to have three additional undisclosed trips that he took from his billionaire a friend harlan crow. these were trips he did not disclose. this is on top of the hundreds of thousands if not millions of gifts he has taken thus far and only lately come clean about. what does this tell you about the danger we are in in terms of the high court and the lesson it sends to lower courts? i think i would put this under the bucket that philip has been talking about. law is for suckers. you may have disclosure statutes. you may have ethics rules. you may have all sorts of obligations. this is not a surprise. and then coming out in drips. last week we had a partial disclosure of some of the trips that were paid for. but not all of them and here are three more trips that were never disclosed. so i think this is kind of part of the larger trump theory which is that we have leaders who do not have to answer to the rule of law and when the little guy fails to get his death penalty paperwork right, he goes to the death chamber. when clarence thomas again and again, time after time after time, does not file disclosures or amends disclosures partially, that s okay because the law is for the little guy. i find it part of this sort of very systemic devaluation of the rules that everyone is supposed to abide by and it is a very systemic effort i think to normalize the notion that some people are too cool and important to follow the rules. everyone is supposed to abide by the law. thank you both for your time and thoughts tonight. really appreciate it. we have much more ahead tonight. do you have any summer travel plans? today former president donald trump singled out one, quote, horrible american city he might recommend skipping. first the supreme court upheld access to the drug used in most abortions for now, but it does not mean the fight is over by a long shot. we will talk with nancy from the center for reproductive rights, next. rights, next. me platinum plus gives you the highest standard of clean, even in your machine. clean enough for you? yeah! scrape. load. done. cascade platinum plus. sandals jamaica sale is now on! with rates from $199 per person per night. visit or call 1-800-sandals here s to getting better with age. here s to beating these two every thursday. help fuel today with boost high protein, complete nutrition you need. .without the stuff you don t. so, here s to now. boost. her uncle s unhappy. i m sensing an underlying issue.. it s t-mobile. it started when we tried to get him under a new plan. but they they unexpectedly unraveled their “price lock” guarantee. which has made him, a bit. unruly. you called yourself the “un-carrier”. you sing about “price lock” on those commercials. “the price lock, the price lock.” so, if you could change the price, change the name! it s not a lock, i know a lock. so how can we undo the damage? we could all unsubscribe and switch to xfinity. their connection is unreal. and we could all un-experience this whole session. okay, that s uncalled for. in a unanimous decision today, the united states supreme court maintained access to the primary pill used in most abortions, mifepristone. the court rejected a bid to restrict access to that drug on procedural grounds. justice kavanaugh claimed the plaintiffs, a collection of antiabortion doctors and dentists and unlicensed retirees calling themselves the alliance for hippocratic medicine, justice kavanaugh said they had no legal standing to challenge the drug s approval. this case is dead, but the group of doctors say they are not done. the court said the clients don t have standing in this case. we are grateful the case will continue with three states working to hold the fda accountable for its reckless actions. today republican attorney generals in missouri, idaho and kansas are continuing to challenge access to mifepristone using the same legal argument in the case the court rejected today. this time they are framing access as an infringement on states rights. even if this challenge fails in federal court, there are still restrictions at the state level. last month in louisiana where abortion is already banned, it became the first state to classify both drugs used for medication abortion as controlled, date dangerous substances. effectively shutting down access to these pills through the mail. joining me now is nancy northup, president for the center for reproductive rights. i would first like your general reaction. was it one of optimism, anxiety, pessimism? how did you see it? well, it was huge relief because if the supreme court had upheld the ruling from the fifth circuit, then availability of medication abortion by telemedicine, receiving it by mail, things that made it much easier for people to get access to medication abortion if they do not live near a clinic, if they do not take time off, could have been taken away. so relief, but frankly also anger because we should not have been here to begin with. you can tell that nine of these justices agreed with each other. this case had no merit in the law and no merit in fact. so while i am breathing a sigh of relief today, i am really concerned. we know and you just showed us, you just heard, the campaign against medication abortion by those who are opposed to abortion is far from over. yeah and it seems very clear that the adf, the legal organization that offended these doctors, is out there, ready for the next wave of this which involves the states. the attorney general of kansas said today that states have the standings that the doctors in this case did not. how concerned are you about that legal theory? well i am concerned about it because obviously we have lower court justice who even agreed to this case that the supreme court said had no merit and threw it out. but it does not have merit. you can t go into court because you disagree with the ruling based on science by the fda. let s be clear. why are they going after medication abortion? because it is the method of choice by almost two thirds of women who have abortion in the united states today, choosing medication abortion. they want to cut that off. they want to cut it off in states where abortion is illegal, in states like illinois and new york and california and beyond. we need to be concerned because trying to keep coming in with the junk science as they did in this case and really baseless claims, they will keep on going. they can t ban medication abortion, which obviously is the end goal. there is a non-core strategy which is for states to independently take it upon themselves as louisiana did to say this should be a controlled substance. we are not going to use a here. is that the most pernicious strategy? is that the one you are most concerned about or do you think the whole ballgame of banning it nationally is where they will focus their firepower? they are going to do both and let s also remember that abortion is already banned in louisiana. so where we are today is the same status quo which is unacceptable and harmful. 14 states have banned abortion with really severe criminal penalties and for people in those states, you know, that status quo is completely unacceptable. in the meantime, nancy, as this is debated in the courts and so forth, there is a reality for people seeking bodily autonomy and healthcare across this country. the new york times has a staggering map of the number of people traveling across state lines to seek abortion care. 171,000 people traveled for abortions last year, which was more than double the amount in 2019. what is the picture you can paint for us about the reality of abortion care and reproductive health care in the united states right now? it is completely unacceptable that in 2024, four people in 14 states, that they have to travel out of state to get care they should be able to get in- state. we were in congress yesterday. there was a hearing in the subcommittee of the judiciary on of course travel out of state and one of our clients in texas talked about how because she was denied a medically necessary abortion in texas, what would have taken 15 minutes and turned around her health in 15 minutes, she had to spend three days and thousands of dollars going to the state of colorado. that is the reality for so many women and not everybody can leave their state. they don t have the means or the child care or the time off from work. it is really a healthcare crisis happening in the country right now. a completely self afflicted crisis. nancy northup from the center of reproductive rights, it is great to have your perspective. thanks for your time tonight. thank you. survivors of the sandy hook massacre reached a major milestone this weekend tomorrow could bring another measure of justice. first, donald trump s new election strategy to compete against joe biden and the rustbelt. insult the wisconsin city hosting the republican national convention. we have more on that, coming up next. we re trying to save the planet with nuggets. because we need the planet. and we also need nuggets. impossible. we re solving the meat problem with more meat. slowing my cancer from growing and living longer are two things i want from my metastatic breast cancer treatment. and with kisqali, i can have both. kisqali is a pill that when taken with an aromatase inhibitor helps delay cancer from growing and has been proven to help people live significantly longer across three separate clinical trials. so, i have the confidence to live my life. kisqali can cause lung problems or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. avoid grapefruit during treatment. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain, a change in your heartbeat, dizziness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills, or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. long live life and long live you. ask your doctor about kisqali today. they say we should stop eating so much meat. and long live you. so we made meat out of plants. because we aren t quitters. impossible. we re solving the meat problem with more meat. are your gutters clogged? 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it is not the end-all, be- all, but it is critical to maintain the presidency. when you look at wisconsin, i appreciate donald trump trying to dig a hole and keep digging, but you and i know what he is trying to do which is to set up a rural and urban divide. that is a state that he won in 2016. flashforward and biden wins with 20,000 votes. what happened in those four years? 300,000 more people voted in the state of wisconsin and that help to deliver a margin for biden. for those playing along at home, what are you expecting in 2024 and if it is closer to 2020, biden is in a great place. closer to 2016 and trump is in a better place. it is generating enthusiasm for the states to win. what you think about his actions and priorities in terms of what he talks about tailored to those states? what effect do you think that will have on the man in the coming months? will we see a focus on certain issues over others? geography matters. if you think of michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, what defines them? these are states that you know well that are factory towns that of lost jobs. due to manufacturing that has moved away from the united states. these are towns that are proud and built trades and apprenticeships. cars and parts supplies and they made crayons and all kinds of things. all kinds of stuff that we like and we saw those jobs move abroad. here comes joe biden saying i ve got a different plan. i ve got a plot that says we will make it in america. we will invest in industrial policymaking to bring jobs back. the priority is not just getting it cheap, to get equality and good and made in the united states. in 2016 and 2000 17 2017, everything is going terribly. here is joe biden doing it and now the politics as to translate in the states where we make that choice. you can see the way donald trump is campaigning. he does not have the same ability to go to these towns and argue that somehow he will do something to rebuild these areas when joe biden has come along to start to do it. the goal is to educate people about the fact that this choice has been made and do we stay on the track that joe biden is offering? do you feel there is tension within some of the states and i will pick pennsylvania because you have a more urban and suburban electorate clustered on philadelphia that he has to keep on his ledger and perhaps even expand his support and he also has allegheny county and the rustbelt part of the state which is much more of the scranton joe persona. is that a delicate balance? those are very different voters, different levels of income, different levels of information and education. how do you see his ability to strike a balance between the two? i tend to believe, alex, that i think joe biden does it well. the persuasion audience, the people who have not yet made up their mind about either candidate, the ones who are concerned about joe biden here and maybe donald trump there, those are working-class people who are often defined by not having a college degree, holding down a job, making under $100,000 a year. that to me is where you have to be laser focused and to my mind the argument they have not heard and need to hear over the next few months as you have a billionaire and ceo class. we are speaking on a day when donald trump went to the business roundtable to tell them you will get tax cuts for the rich. i will come back and you will be so happy. they have to know that that is the choice. as you mentioned, scranton joe, who has been taking on a billionaire class. trying to un-rigged the economy. fighting junk fees. going after uncompetitive mergers. things that speak to your pocketbook and trying to make your life better. here is a guy promising every day that i ve got the ceos backs. i will deliver tax cuts. that i think will be decisive and if you hone in on that working-class audience i do think they are the most important of all of the audiences we need to persuade. you are being generous and suggesting donald trump had a strategy by insulting the city of milwaukee, calling it horrible reportedly. mike johnson i think was on another cable news network saying he did not hear trump say that. i think other republicans don t think that is a great strategy, if it is a strategy. you know, is alex, i will say i blame myself for this. i listen to every donald trump speech and and everyone he tells you about the decline of american cities. he will go to san francisco, new york and wherever he is. he will pick a place nearby. everything is terrible. it is no slip of the tongue. this is intentional and by design. he is realizing the politics might not play exactly as i wanted it to because i will be going there shortly to court those votes. but this is what he believes. this is the american carnage theory. he believes in decline and everything is terrible. well, maybe he forgot that actually the rnc was in milwaukee, which is entirely possible. in the strange brain of donald trump. thank you as always for your wisdom and enthusiasm. it is great to see you. thank you, alex. coming up, today was the deadline for donald trump to file motions in his hush money trial ahead of sentencing next month. what did we hear from the former president and his legal team? 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or what if they were my significant other or what if they were able to walk the stage with me? who would i still be friends with now? seeing those children enter adulthood as a reminder of where this nation is 11 years later. according to the gun violence archive, america experienced more than 4800 past mass shootings in the past decade. in 2022 the nation mourned the death of another 19 elementary school students. another american community that will now be remembered as the site of a horrific tragedy. in the wake of that shooting president biden past the first gun reform in generations, but republicans have resisted the continued calls to ban the very assault rifles used at sandy hook and robb elementary. for years the family hook the sandy hook family were re- victimized by alex jones, who said that the shooting was faked. the families sued for defamation and eventually they won. tomorrow the judge overseeing that case is expected to move forward on liquidating alex joneses assets to help pay down the $1.5 billion jones owes those sandy hook families, just days after their children would have graduated high school. over the past few years there has been no shortage of discourse about how the next generation of kids will experience the transition into adulthood. could kids have a normal graduation during covid? 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there s only one thing worse then a broken record, a shifty broken record. i just want to apologize to the audience, that was a terrible shifty soundbite. tyler from kentucky, watch out for that doug burgum fellow, he has great hair. they re here alone will get you on the ticket. greg know we ve got janine from milwaukee, and wisconsin, come to milwaukee, exhibit a city with beautiful people. state downtown, and obraro recap take a picture with the bronze funds. we ll be there in milwaukee the whole week, johnny will be there cutting trouble. johnny from brooklyn, what about men blowing up candles? is that manly? . only on a birthday cake. if you re doing it in a dining room, use the software. always remember, i am watters, this is my world. sean: welcome to. everyone: hannity. tonight s the left it is now falling apart under even a minimal amount of scrutiny coming up we ll show you a mesar moment from disgraced former trump prosecutor nathan wade during a bizarre interview on fake news cnn. also outraged as biden walks a pay raise for the troops after handing out billions to, you know, those overeducated social science major people and ivy league institutions with their massive student loan bailouts and few real-world skills. but we begin tonight in europe where joe spent the day humiliating himself and that s on behalf of america on the world s page yet ag again. he is in italy for the 50th g7 summit, not going particularly well. joe started the summit by awkwardly kissing italy s prime minister, giorgia meloni, on the head, sniffing her hair at one moment seemingly. then he saluted her before shuffling away. then during a power shoot demonstration, biden got dazed and confused. how shocking. and started to just, you know, wonder off like that as other g7 leaders looked on in agony and desperate for somebody to bring joe back in to the fold. luckily, italy s bremen is a very graciously helped biden get back to the group and during the summit, biden also somehow muster the energy for a speech but unfortunately he got distracted by a plane flying over head. take a look. president joe biden: to include key parts of russia s financial sector. alloway till it goes over. president joe biden: at well as individual providing radical to it s defense production like microelectronics, machine tools and industrial materials. sean: that was part of a gene speech with ukrainian prime minister lasky and after those remarks, biden allowed questions from focal reporters. teemak from the u.s., two from ukraine. of course, reporters were selected ahead of time. let s start with so and so from the ap. and then the questions appear to be prescripted as per usual and then something pretty remarkable happened. one reporter from bloomberg actually there to go off script, causing biden to become very, very annoyed. it s not supposed to work like this. take a look. thank you, mr president. i have a question for president zelenskyy shortly an announcement but if you don t mind i would like to ask you about your discussions on the situation in gaza here at the summit. you were asked just a short time ago about it after the skydiving demonstration. can you give us your assessment of hamas response and do you believe that they are trying to work towards a deal or is this response working against a deal? and what is your message to our lives, including those here at the g7 at about what more, if anything, the u.s. can due to drive towards a peace agreement? thank you. president joe biden: i wish you guys would play buy the rules a little bit. i m here to talk about a critical situation in ukr ukraine. sean: the way you treat israel versus the way you treat ukraine, the rhetoric to use about ukraine versus the rhetoric usable in row, yeah, that would be irrelevant question. howard there this reporter though not ask the question that was preapproved by the biden white house. of course, the complaint media mob that they re supposed to stick to the script. half court scott jewell does want what you talking about israel and in order to turn his radical base, he seems to feel the need to trash america strongest ally in the middle east after the worst terror attack in the history and do what? put restrictions on israel s war for its very survival? against terrorists that oh let s see how in their charter the destruction of the entire state of israel? anyone to force them out of the middle east? and by the way, eight americans, joke, they re still being held hostage in gaza. module would rather talk about is the low proxy war with russia according to biden pallet is far more pressing after years and years of fighting, jonah wants to give ukraine pretty much whatever they want so they can fight there war against putin. meanwhile it s really the america versus putting well is putting handcuffs on israel. she s barely lifting a finger to get any of our hostages home. so far the u.s. has committed 174 billion taxpayer dollars to ukraine in their war against russia while allocating a measly 12.6 billion to israel after the october 7th terrorist attack buy the islamic terrorist group hamas. now for biden this is all political. as per usual. his radical base, they call the shots. he is merely an empty vessel, you know, that complies with their demands. the radicals run that party. ultimately, nothing will satisfy their blood less but bloodlust against israel and capitalism. they want modern civilization basically to cease to exist as we know it in my name on it replaced with radical marxism, socialism. and frankly they don t like the principles on which this country was created. they hate our system, they hate our way of life. and joe biden is desperately needing their votes among the democratic party as it once was no longer exists. there are part of radicals, are in shambles. we see chaos everywhere, success pretty much nowhere. there are far left protests every day at nearly every single events including last night s congressional baseball game. there are also prominent democrats now trashing joe biden and his mental decline, they re doing it behind the scenes and if they get a little too loudly get brought in and lectured. trenin isn t even losing thousands of votes in the uncontested democratic primary to uncommitted, hundreds of thousands of boats he d lost. this is what happens when the person at the top is barely able to walk and talk. much less lead his party and adapt to the most radical policy in the history of the country to give in to the radical base of his party. meanwhile it s a very different theory smacked story over at the gop. today former president donald trump was warmly greeted on capitol hill during what was a joint meeting with cong congress. the republican party is now rallying again president with president trump and his plan to build the reduce taxes, increased energy production. spur yet another american boom like never before. take a look. mr. trump: thank you very much. this was a great meeting. this tremendous unity in the republican party. we want to see borders, we want to see strong military. we went to see money not wasted all over the world. we don t want to see russian ships right off the coast of florida, which is what they are right now, that s unthinkable. we want to see this success for our country. and we don t have success right now. we have inflation that killing everybody. we have levels of inflation that nobody has seen for they say 75 years. i would say probably all of them are wrong. probably will never seen levels like this before. we are going to end that. we are going to bring back our jobs. we re going to bring back common sense the government. were going to have strong borders and we are going to have people coming to our country but they will come illegally. they re not going to pour in from prisons all over south america and all over the world and it s not just south america by the way. is all over the world. and we re not going to have important for mental institution switches where they re coming from. large numbers and large numbers are are terrorist. were not going to have this. so what s happening to our country is of great concern to the group of people standing alongside of me and i just wanted to say that we have great unity. we have great common sense. sean: joining us now, someone who was inside that closed-door meeting on capitol hill. is the speaker of the house, mike johnson is with us. mr speaker, will come back at great value. and we just settle one thing wants and for all here. did president trump has been attributed to him that he took a shot at milwaukee. that he do that? know. i didn t hear it and i was sitting right next to him. i introduce him this morning to breakfast when he started the day. s book on our without notes, sean, you can stand up there and hold the four is the lucky ones. president can turn it on his a game and i m telling you in the room this morning there was energy, enthusiasm, excitement. we had colic in there, sean, were commenting after his visit was this morning, they re house republicans, that they haven t been this excited about the future of our country in 40 years. that s what one of my colleagues pulled me. there s a palpable energy. in his words, something said this morning, he said, something is happening in america and we see it. there s a demographic shift going on and all these different segments of the population. were headed for a great november, we have to like were ten points behind but i m convinced donald j. trump will get a second term as president, we re going to retake the republican majority in the senate and we are going to go without majority in the house and that will be a good day for america. sean: if you go issue by issue, if you go to law and order, the economy can go to immigration, if you go to america s rule on the world stage, i don t see where the democrats run on any policy of success. let s start at the border. lost part of the fact that we ve identified isis people with isis connections now in this country, you know, that we ve got people coming from venezuela that we have people coming from yemen and iran and syria and egypt and afghanistan. 30,000 chinese nationals since october. 26,000 chinese nationals last year. tens of thousands of, you know, and breaded joe biden illegal immigrants from our top geopolitical photos. you know, congressman, how is that a mere clear and present danger to this country right now? it absolutely is and, sean, everyone around the country recognize that. we ve been saying for three years every state is a border state now because it is. as you and i have discussed many times have we documented 64 specific executive actions that joe biden took to open that border wide and they ve invited all these dangerous people into our country and they ve taken up the invitation and come here. it s a serious situation. the fbi director has to buy three or four quick times in congress now in recent months that all the red lights are flashing and what he means is we ve got dangerous persons, we ve got tariffs on our own shores, in our country because joe biden opened the border wide and everybody knows it, sean. been traveling around the country last month, and then events in 123 cities in 29 states no and it doesn t matter whether i m in a blue state, in a swing district, the message is the same. that people are fed up with this. they re fed up with open water, where it is doing to them, security, they re feeling of safety and, of course, the cost of living, the rising cost of crime. all of these things that have compounded the problems that we can fix and i think what her that reason american people will give us a chance to do that. sean: every crime, every murder, every rape and eventually i pray to god i m wrong, if a terror attack happens by joe biden s and breaded illegal immigrants in his open border policy is now on 11 million and burning in this country, he got blood on his hands. what does stress president trump say he specifically will do on the border? i m assuming he just said specifically to go back when he left office. that s the whole thing. president trump is able leader and he understood that he ran on the border, he reminded back in 2015, border, border, border because he s a business that are coming and he got control of it. because he used his authority. he was executive orders for the right policies. he instituted remain in mexico where people had to stay on the other side of the border to adjudicate their claims for asylum. that s a no-brainer. the border patrol agents have told us and the leaders of that agency said if president biden would just issue that executive order and remain in mexico again, we can reduce the floor by 70% at the border. but he will not do it, sean, you know why? you and i know why because they want to open border because they want to turn these people into voters and we are working hard to prevent that from happening as well. so many problems. sean: what did president say he ll due on the economy? what did he say he would do with israel, with ukraine? what did the president say that he would due to get energy prices down and get, you know, get the american people, get money back in her pocket? a lot. on all those fronts. with regard to the economy we ve got to revive the american economy again and we know how to do it because you and i both know after the first couple of years the trenton administration we have the greatest economy in the history of the world not just the u.s. why? because we implemented policies that we ve all always believed in. we reduce the regulatory burden on job creators and innovators, entrepreneurs to all of the economy to thrive and we reduce taxes on job creators as well and hard-working families. we ve got to make those tax cuts permanent because they re going to expire soon and that will be the largest tax increase in u.s. history if we don t fix it next year and we ve got to get to in their military state under control. on their joe biden parlay weaponize agencies and smothered american business in the free market. we can reverse that. president trump is ready to a. you got any plans we ll spend all night talking about that. we re excited to to implement those things not anything will get a chance. sean: 95 days, congressman early morning starts in pennsylvania. ninety-five days from tonight. speaking speaker johnson, thank you. joining us now is south carolina senator instagram. senator, are not of money has been spent in ukraine. it seems in many ways that that has devolved in to a proxy war between joe biden versus putin or the u.s. versus russia. american people putting really angry about her mother and relate europe has not stepped up financially to protect their own continent and a. and then you ve got what? $12 billion, that s it, lagos to israel. but even worse than that joe biden will not allow israel to fight the war they need to win against radical islamic terrorists that slaughtered them on october 7th, took their own citizens hostage, americans hostage, and he is lecturing bibi netanyahu, the entire time, is not helping at all, and the worst part is, he said the u.s. won t help in terms of offensively helping to win the war on terror. joe biden has surrendered on the war against radical islamic terrorism. can you explain the disparity, because i can t. michigan, joe biden is worried about losing support in michigan. is throwing israel under the bus. there s been no better ally to the it to a state of israel and president trump. here recognized jerusalem as the capital of the jewish state. you recognize the goal not cerium. biden is withholding the weapons israel needs to win a war they can t afford to lose. everywhere israel looks, the radical islamists want to cut their throats. here is my message to the state of israel. help is on the way. president trump is coming back. sean: why are you sure certain, senator? because american people have had enough of this for couriers of just misery. misery at home. misery abroad. what i would say today about the senate engagement with president trump, he was the team captain and we were glad he was leading us. everybody in that room is dying for him to get back in office. he wants us to win the senate so we can put judges on the bench. you talked about him helping us. it was the single best meeting i ve ever seen between the united states republican senators and president trump. he was in a good mood. people appreciate him. he is leading in every state. we need to win the senate back. he is doing better than ever every republican senate meant candidate. there with the majority incentive is to marry up with president trump and his agenda. it gives us a positive meeting today. you talked about rebuilding this country and i can t wait to have him back. sean: did the people agree with you or didn t agree with you on your belief that there should be incredible 15 week ban on or allowance on the issue of abortion? put that aside. one thing i would argue and i don t think i m wrong about is that 2022, one of the main reasons, if not the main reason, the red wave did not occur was because of the overturning of roe v. wade. we had another supreme court decision, it was unanimous today. it was on the abortion pill. i think were up to 60-70% of all abortions are done with a pill, and the supreme court made very clear today that that will remain legal. the democrats will demagogue the issue, but will this ruling impact any or mitigate any demagoguery that will occur this election season? number 1, no matter what you do or say, they re going to accuse us of hating women and being extremists. president trump said today that the democratic party is extreme. they support abortion up to the moment of birth. the virginia governor, the old governor, talked about allowing a decision after the baby is born. there the extremist, not us. i m proud to be pro-life. you know, france limits abortion at 14 weeks. my bill is 15 weeks. president trump said leave it up to the states. i respect that. this will be decided based on abortion. this election will be about your physical security, ears prosperity and trying to get the world back in check before a lot of us get killed. have never been more worried about an attack on our country then i am right no and president trump said he was to have soviet ships off the coast of florida. weakness breeds aggression. the day president trump is elected, all of the stops. sean: nuclear weapons, hypersonic missiles of the coast of my free state of florida. it almost seems like a cuban missile crisis moment but joe doesn t know. well this is the 1930s all over again. why did russia invade ukraine, whited put into it? because he thought he could get away with it on biden s watch. i really believe that. whether they attack israel so viciously? they thought america wouldn t deal with israel. all that changes the day trump wins. i can t wait to have them back in office, the republican senators appreciate this man, so everybody out here watching, do all you can to help president trump because our way of life depends on it. sean: it really does. i say this is a reflection inflection point for the country, we have all that is a tipping point election. it s weigh bigger. i ve never and like you have never been more afraid for the country and the state of the world and i am right now. lindsey graham, senator, thank you. when we come back, jim jordan is trying to hold the left accountable for their raisin water warfare tactics and organization of hell explain straightahead music mark my back got injured very bad. i was off work for about a year. i heard about relief factor from my wife. i took it every day, three times a day, for three weeks. .look at her and i said, the pain is gone. and she said, i m glad it helped. i said, no, you don t understand. it s gone. you, too, can feel better every day with relief factor, a daily supplement that fights pain naturally. call or go online now and get 35% off your first order. (vo) in two seconds, eric will realize they re gonna need more space. (man) gotta sell the house. (vo) houses. or, skip the hassles and sell directly to opendoor. (man) wow. (vo) when life s doors open, we ll handle the house. sean: mark your calendars pennsylvania, 95 days now from the early voting on whether 44 days before election day and about for a month from today them another district attorney alvin bragg, you know, the guy that ran to get trump, that guy and from prosecutor, third highest ranking doing the official michelangelo will testify before the house judiciary committee, both of them, to answer their bill and political motivated prosecutor s my prosecution of donald trump. and by the way that hearing we will be the day after donald trump s sentencing. meanwhile the other state case against trump, the one in georgia, has gone completely off the rails. appeals court there will here arguments in the fall over whether or not dar fulton county any wellness will be removed from the case. earlier today, willis moved to dismiss the appeal. game and unhinged speech at a church where she is claiming to have been attacked and over sexualized? that s what she said. in other news her ex-lover nathan wait sat down with big new cnn for where he is s own media team decided to park the interview to give some advice. wholly fake new cnn. it s like a saturday night live skit. take a look. when did romantic relationship between. [ engine roars ] of you start? yeah. so, you know, we get into there s been this effort to say that okay, these exact dates are at issue and these exact dates are i m getting signaled here. can we go off mike for a second? yes. okay. keep rolling. don t stop. sean: please pause while we know bring our person being interviewed into another room to give them the answer. you can t make it up. here with more the chairman of the house judiciary committee, jim jordan is with us. before i get to the people that, you know, calendula and alvin bragg going before your committee, let me go back to what we learn in this trial of hunter biden, putting aside the low hanging fruit which has the tax crime but not the various burisma joe biden like to the cou country, hunter biden led to the country. fifty-one former intel officials lie to the country. of the fbi as a venue that really s attorney had a copy of alert laptop then you would believe so they were prebunking that in their weekly meetings with big tech and social media companies. and then when asked directly if they knew whether or not this was misinformation or the laptop was real and they wouldn t give an answer. the media mob line, big tech sensor the story. excuse me, is that election interference, jim jordan? yeah, and he was election interference literally two and half weeks before the most important in residential again for me the ruling in a break here in the hunter biden case was really about two things. for anyone who had any doubts, we now know for sure that the laptop was real because the prosecution can play government, david weiss entered it as evidence in that trial. and then second, none of this happened but for those whistleblowers coming for forward. but for shepley and ziglar coming forward and telling us what because i was a catalyst for the judge to take there close look that she did in the delaware court or they would have got that sweetheart deal through. so those two guys came together came forward and give us the facts. and by the way the story, sean, has stood up. the white house story has changed palatine a story has changed, david weiss orienting multiple times but not whistleblowers and their story has not wavered one bit because their post testimony was true. sean: the government has acknowledged something that we knew four years ago, that the laptop was very real. does that know me that hunter implicating the big guy and hunter, complaining bitt bitterly, s income income go to pop s, that hunter after talking to eric sherman about which income account build pay for pop s home repairs. this issue of burisma, that all of this now come into play in terms of a real investigation and possibly if we had a real attorney general that actually believed in equal justice and application of our loss, when he really when he be investigating it? and what does it say about the fact that he new the laptop was real for foreclosures and did nothing with her? we ve sent referrals to this attorney general and i think in four and half months we are going to have a new president and then in january of next year we re going to have a new attorney general so i let that justice department take a look at what we ve sent there on both hunter biden and on jim biden. and then these other issues that you ve just raised there. but, yeah, i think everyone now who has followed this story, follow the path you been 51 former intel officials in this whole story understand that what they were telling us is just not accurate. everyone knows that and again sort of the final step is when they actually entered the laptop as evidence, even though they had it cleared back in the summer of 2019 and they knew all along, the actually entered it as evidence to remove any doubt if someone we have had some. sean: those 51 officials have to account for what dave said considering none that i know of ever even worked at the laptop and were they organized by wink antony blinken to sign on to something for no other rea reason, with no knowledge whatsoever except the knowledge that they wanted to put jordan to be elected? twenty blinking went with mike baraka put this together many did it at tony blinken know what sort of the catalyst for it all and he put to get approval from the cia because they had this advisory board to have to sign on anything like this and, of course, it was used to downplay the whole story. and it was used to sensor the new york post, their twitter feed and everything else. they were blocked. and most important leave american people were kept from the information. were not done coming back to more investigative work to group to do on this issue and racketeering to do that. i think we re going to find more information and i try to make sure that the country understands everything about that whole situation in october of 2020. sean: so no merrick garland has been held in contempt. i would like to know if anything is going to happen to him like peter navarro or steve bannon. i would also like an answer from the attorney general if he is comfortable with letitia james and alvin bragg running on a platform to use there positions of power to go after one man, one family and one organization and i would like to get a better answer as to why the third highest ranking justice department official, matthew calendula, why would ever colangelo, why would anyone ever leave the prestigious position to go be a lawyer prosecutor in new york city? because that does not make any career sense, does it? no, it doesn t but we ll get a chance to ask mr colangelo and mr bragg those questions on july 12 win they come. and i think there are three big concerns with that whole ridiculous case in new york. first is just a fundamental jurisdictional issue. this was in the federal elections shoe and the ftc said there was nothing there, no crime, no problem so the department of justice, the southern district of new york. who that is a fundamental problem, than their due process problems. he had a partisan judge, partisan prosecutor, he had the gag order part put an president trump and they never even told us what the crime if they were trying to prosecute for goodness sakes. and finally maybe the biggest concern is the expert witness on campaign finance, brad smith, so the campaign finance expert wasn t allowed to talk about campaign finance. he wasn t allowed to be the expert witness in the courtroom. so we re going to give brad smith a chance to tell the congress and the country what he wasn t allowed to tell the court and the jury. brad smith will be coming as a witness as well. sean: maybe the judge can be questioned as to whether or not he understands what the sixth amendment of the constitution is or his maybe he can explain why the narrative on identify the crime that trump was being charged with or how they were able to opt charge from a misdemeanor with statute of limitations over now into some election law felony. i would like the answer to that and maybe bring in and grown as well and expand how he came to evaluation of mar-a-lago of 80 millions. when the property is close to worth worth to close a million and evidence was overwhelming. jim jordan, thank you. when we come back, the biden white house loves, loves, loves giving out government handouts. know they want to give out and be told you last night deer and birth control. by the way except when it comes to the military. not so interested in helping them out. we ll explain. ( ) i don t care if we ever come back that i always remember the fun we had i love fishing with dad now through june 14th save 10% on dad s favorite gift, special father s day gift cards, bass pro shops and cabela s. when did i call leaffilter? when i saw my gutters overflowing onto my porch. leaffilter is a permanent gutter solution, so, you never have to worry about costly damage from clogged gutters again. it s the easiest call you can make. call 833.leaf.filter today, or visit sean: thanks to joe biden s inflation if you have not gotten a 20% or greater raised since he took office well you ve lost money. twelve has not in our nation s military. now congress is trying to fix that by raising the pay for junior enlisted troops by about 20%. just one problem with that, joe biden says no way. the white house statement says, the administration strongly opposes making a significant permanent change to the basic pay schedule. is it any wonder that than that biden is doing so poorly poorly with young people or african-americans or hispanic americans or so many other people? you ve got two thirds of the country and are struggling financially. you ve got 25% of americans giving up meals because they can t afford them. and democrats, members of the media are starting to notice? take a look. number, have a problem. if not their policy is not their fundraising, it s not that joe biden suffered buffering of the juneteenth party. [laughter] no. the problem they have is there messaging. or just to it planar, it s how they talk. folks appreciate when someone sounds authentic even if their idea is terrible. but when democrats even when they talk about the good things they ve done, it sounds fake. some of it is is this cosmopolitan condensation, if you will. like, you need to at business people are that s across-the-board. that s black, white, and its hispanic. were going to lose hispanic males. going to completely lose th them. sean: here with a reaction, with more, chairman of project 21 florida congressman michael waltz. let me start with you congressman. our military under biden has gone well, equipment is way way down. militarily, there s a lot of saver rattling going on by china and russia and iran. we ve got a little miner cuban missile crisis going on off the coast of our state of florida will apparently the russians have a sub with nuclear and hypersonic missiles on it. my last understanding is the united states does not have hypersonic technology like china and russia does. he is giving free beer and birth control to young people to try and bribe them into voting for him. but you can t take care of our military? that is barely making ends meet? military that we ve covered in passed years have had to be on food stamps? right. yeah. sean, according to the defense department s own survey, over 250,000 troops experience what they call low food security, 120,000 troops very low. meaning a politically mist meals. and are losing weight. that s not even counting the family members and that s not even counting bidenomics and inflation. and yet house republicans are trying to fix that. it s bad enough that it s happening, it s bad enough we have a recruiting crisis, it s bad enough that they have banks that are literally falling apart with the black mold and pcs in them according to one recent inspection. but trenin is opposing it. so he s going to spend billions on a climate core, is going to spend a half billion inning the palestinians. but when it comes to paying them marine corps, when it comes to the soldiers with their butts on the line for the red white and blue, he s opposed. we re not talking the general started talking about the kernels, we are talking privates, sergeants, corporals. i m it sounded that there opposed to this given all of the other nonsense that this administration is spending money on. but yet were in the worst recruiting crisis since vietnam. [ engine roars ] it s very real. were losing whole divisions. we can t man and equip ships right now. were trying to fix it. an hour fighting the bite in administration too. sean: i couldn t in good conscious advice somebody to get in to the military with this guy as commander-in-chief because he doesn t know idea of the week it is. morris cooper let s look at the demographic problems for the democrats. the core base, they re eroding parts of their base. african-americans, hispanic americans, young people. what are the reason for this? first let me say this about this military probably proposition. this president has identified every problem that he could, when he was running in 2020, and his solution, spend more money. now that it comes time for us to share with those young men and women are willing to put their lives on the line, this president suddenly just doesn t want to spend. you can t be this wrong by accident. know with regard to these other concerns, many black americans are complaining that this president s paredes have everything to do with the cocktail hour in the professor s lounge and absolutely nothing to do with their real lives. it is amazing how many hispanics are saying they are no longer willing to support this president and his party. we are looking at an election where it is possible that a republican me win the hispanic vote for the first time. you are seeing the young votes you are seeing the women s vote, you are seeing so many areas where this president for stewardship of the economy, parade rising all of the progressive agendas over the needs of mainstream america. and it s no surprise that you are seeing americans complain across the board. sean: why is it okay for china to have us by balloon or balloon or china distant, you know, be saver rattling, you know, hostile movers against our fighter jets in international airspace, hostile movers against our neighbor in international waterways. now we got russia with a sub, nuclear arm we believe with hypersonic missiles, what is not that not a bigger deal, congressman? well because at the end of the day, you have an administration that has a concessions base approach. and you ve got you have john carry leading their doctoral allegation over to china the last three years begging them to do more on climate which they know they can take advantage of and then continue their nuclear buildup, their space buildup calendar military buildup. i, this crew is asleep on the switch, sean, and it s going to take an entire content term to dig out of this hole but he talked about it this morning. republican s are regard to hit the ground running in january of 2025. sean: it s not iran that s an existential threat, it s russia, it s not china, it s climate change. that s how out of touch there are. insane times. thank you both. when we come back, legendary fitness and health group jillian michaels, wow, leaving the woke state of florida woke state of california, story, receipt of florida, she said the woke victim allergy poker just became too much for her. powerful take straight ahead. weathertech products are designed and manufactured in america using only american raw materials. most competitors make things seven thousand miles away. and then wonder why they don t fit. with weathertech in your vehicle you may hear angels singing as you marvel, how do they do it? simple. american technology and american workers deliver quality. not imported junk for a few bucks less. get the world s best floorliners and support america. find your fit at ( ) so the fallout from california has failed woke continues. fitness group jillian michaels sounding off on her decision to leave the feeling state of california for the free state of florida on stage steals podcasts. listen to this really powerful. you re from california. i moved out. out. are you in for the? where are you? miami. california got too crazy for me. why? okay. this is my parting line. at work here. i m a woman. i m a gay woman. my mom is a jew. my dad s an arab. i have a black kid. and believe it or not, mismanaged, latin even though he doesn t look like it. i hold a million cards in your game of woke victim allergy poker and when i leave california, maybe you ve lost your [bleep] mind map just maybe! some of these laws that are passing here are absolutely bleakly mind-boggling in relation to crime, protecting our kids back on the fact that a 12-year-old child can be put on off label cancer drugs to irreparably change their body. again, if my son came to me and said mom, i think i m trans i d say okay, you know, he want to address this way, you want me to call you whatever the heck you what fine. explore it. i love you. i m cool do you as long as we are safe. but were not changing your body until it s fully developed. i m sorry. conversation is over. can t get a belief, to. its madness. its madness to me. i can go on and on and on, and it s madness. i don t know what s going on here. sean: madness. your with ration the host of time you learn is fearless, time you learn. you know, i ve always thought she was one of the most inspirational when it comes to health, wellness, fitness, nutrition. and listen to that speech and it blew me away. it really did. i thought it was extraordinarily powerful. your thoughts? she s not the only person that feels that way and, in fact, i would argue that a lot of even california liberals feel very much the same she doesn t adjust to afraid to speak out. sean, you know that i lived in la for over three years and i got the heck out of the start of covid because i could see the riding on the wall. things were already ten woke after taxes and relations were already off the charts weatherman covid started and the only thing they wanted to lock people up for an arrest people for was playing in parts without a mask? i got the heck out of california and came to a great free red states like tennessee and i haven t looked back since and there are so many people, they re doing the same thing. the democrats which inclusively almost exclusively round that state have run in to the ground. only redeeming quality left is the rather. i don t know, sean, you re in florida, i tennessee. i think the weather is pretty weak here in the even better. sean: yeah. i, i can t add to what she say. it s not, it s insane and she talked about all the people even having sex with, you know, 14-year-old kids and that s okay? know it s not. and she really touched on every topic. obviously it doesn t sound politically conservative but she s just against crazy. and that s what the left has become insane. right and i thought it was interesting that she pointed out on paper, i m one of them. i m everything they want to. i should be the person they re courting. however, they ve gone too far beyond back that and i think what we heard was a mom and that s what fascinated me. a mom because she constantly was talking about my cane or if a child wants to do this, i m concerned about safety and i think as someone who as a child suffered from childhood obesity, came out of that, she is a fitness group, she had she was like goes for me. when i look at her i think that s what i want to be. and yet she has watched society say you know what? the swimsuit model can be obese now, the boy can run against the girl and take all her records, and everything that she has achieved in life with health and fitness can be taken away by the society that says we should look at these people and say this is what we want. this is beautiful. were so happy and she said you know what? i m just done with it. i want my kids to be safe. i want my kids bodies to be safe filmmaker of. i don t want them to be influenced by this. and she left because of it and i think it s kind of beautiful to have someone leave enough to speak out about it especially as a mom and especially as someone who has bought for so far hard for health for not only herself but for other people for decades. she s an amazing woman and it s wonderful to hear her say this. sean: yeah. i don t know. i just hope she doesn t, you know, vote democratic in florida win she gets here. otherwise, welcome to florida ground julian michaels, i ll say that. a little sound like in going to vote for those policies in the future. all right. thank you, both. when we come back, straight ahead more hannity. this is the easiest, non-toxic swap you ll ever make. lumineux toothpaste was made by dentists designed to break up plaque and remove any toxins in the mouth, so it ll deep clean your teeth and whiten your teeth without any sensitivity. find lumineux toothpaste at a walmart and target. my back got injured very bad. i was off work for about a year. i heard about relief factor from my wife. i took it every day, three times a day, for three weeks. .look at her and i said, the pain is gone. it s ninety-five days early voting starts in pennsylvania this election matters. et al. the time we have left this evening thank you for being with us, making the show possible up your excite your dvr so you never miss an episode of hannity. let not your hearts be troubled. greg gutfeld standing by to put a smile on your face. have a great night

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plants and meatpacking plants. these aren t the most powerful people and where do they turn? you have a right-wing house of representatives and a very right-wing supreme court. exactly and i think this is why so many people feel powerless and ironically some are feeling so powerless that they turn to somebody who looks like a strong man. wright, with a golden toilet. who was actually at this moment giving big tax breaks and promising more tax breaks to the biggest corporations. people need to know that the most important thing to remember is the massive trump tax cut will expire next year. he is not for the regular person. robert reich, thank you so much. that is tonight s reidout . all in with chris hayes starts now. tonight on all in a hero s welcome on capitol hill for the architect of the insurrection. we are 100% unified behind his candidacy. a lot of support. the best speech i ve ever heard. we are incredibly unified in working with president trump to get him elected. tonight, how congressional republicans became accomplices to the criminal ex-president. this is an outstanding group of people. i m with them 1000%. they are with me 1000%. as trump pressures the speaker of the house to overturn his felony conviction. then, new reporting on undisclosed luxury gifts to clarence thomas. and why today s supreme court ruling on abortion pills is just the beginning of the battle, when all in starts right now. good evening from new york, i am chris hayes. a lot has happened on capitol hill since the last time donald trump was there. there was the deadly insurrection he incited. there was the biden inauguration he skipped. there was the record-setting second impeachment he faced and there was a time in the immediate aftermath of all of that, late january, february, march, it seemed he may never be welcome back. but we know how that turned out. today the former president and his 34 felony convictions tracked to capitol hill at the invitation of house and senate republicans where he was received like a different dawn. a crime don. seeking not supporters but accomplices and co-conspirators. they are using us as a bad example of democracy and they are getting away with murder and we are not going to let it happen. you are all elected or you are going to be elected again and reelected. i m with everyone of you and i will be with you always. this is an outstanding group of people. i m with them 1000%. we agree just about everything and if there isn t we work it out. the term kiss the ring has been used so often with trumpet has virtually lost all meaning, but it really was on display in washington today. everything about this appearance was meant to convey the idea of republican party unity and they all performed it strenuously. that unity essentially remaking the party of lincoln into a mafia type operation with him at the top. a man convicted in a conspiracy to pay off former paramore is because he feared their stories would complicate his campaign. a man found liable for sexual assault of exactly the kind he brags about. a man who surrounds himself with lackeys who have been convicted or charged of serious crimes. steve bannon, michael flynn. trump has pardoned or commuted the sentences of many of those men. of course they never snitched. because trump envisions interactions with people in these sort of organized crime transaction terms. you do for me and if i am in a good mood and i am happy with your performance, you will get a cut. the republican party signed up to be part of this. that was on display today with discussions behind closed doors. as sources told reporter jake sherman, trump singled out house republicans who voted to impeach him saying that out of the 10 that impeached only one is left. sherman pointed out that was wrong, there are actually two left, but this was trump basically doing his impression of al capone in the untouchables, pointing out all the people in his gang that flipped on him. a sort of snitches get stitches, stay on my good side message to the foot soldiers. if you think that pressure does not work, look at the outgoing majority leader mitch mcconnell. remember what he said about trump in the aftermath of the insurrection? there is no question, none, the president trump is practically and morally responsible for promoting the events of the day. no question about it. this was an intensifying crescendo of conspiracy theories orchestrated by an outgoing president who seemed determined to either overturn the voters decision or else torch our institutions on the way out. and yet here was mcconnell today. the old man, supplicant, submissive, bending over to kiss the ring. getting a breezy endorsement of trump s capitol hill pilgrimage. reporter: senator how was it seeing the former president? we had a good meeting. we shook hands a few times. he took questions from the audience and it was an entirely positive session. great work, mitch. despite all that plenty of those lawmakers were feckless enough to drip out details of trump s backroom talk to sherman and other reporters because you can never underestimate just how cowardly they are. for instance when trump told republicans today that milwaukee, where we are having our convention, is a horrible city. another source told reporters trump was rambling to the crowd. said it was like, and i quote, talking to her drunk uncle at the family reunion. of course in public those sources will get in line and kiss the ring and give the don whatever he wants. maybe you think this is all being too literal. hyperbolic with the metaphors. crime bosses. surely he does not embrace actual criminal gangs and racketeering and violence as a campaign feature. but this is now part of his campaign. listen closely to this because i still can t get over this. it flew almost completely beneath the radar on the mainstream media. i will include us with this, with the exception of the associated press and a few others. but it was on display at his campaign rally last month in the bronx when he shared the stage with a few supportive guests. where is where is he? come on up, fellas. always going to whisper your accomplishments and shout your failures. trump will shout to the winds for all of us. make america great again. okay so trump is doing a rally in the bronx. to trump those rappers are powerful allies. they are also criminal defendants in a sweeping gang case where prosecutors say they gave material support to a gang during a violent street war with another gang. brooklyn district attorney gonzalez says gang members used more than 30 guns to threaten or eliminate their rivals. in total gonzalez says there was one murder, for attempted murders and 12 nonfatal shootings. what we allege and learned during the course of this investigation was that he used a lot of the money that he earned to help facilitate further gang activity. he encouraged gang members to participate in violent crimes. sheff g, who is the rapper on stage with donald trump that he invited up there. prosecutors allege that he threw a party to celebrate a drive-by shooting in october, 2020, in which one alleged gang member was killed and five others were injured. murder. again, alleged. innocent until proven guilty in our system, but did you hear all of that? imagine what the new york post would have done with this headline if those gentlemen had shown up at a rally for aoc or if president joe biden introduced to them introduced them on stage. but the fact of the matter is that conservatives have a criminal as their preferred nominee and he is embracing a criminal model for the enterprise that is now the republican party. michelle goldberg is an opinion columnist for the new york times. tara, let me start with that. those two individuals on that stage. again, i can t believe it happened and these are not, you know, there are all kinds of ways people have been accused of crime. the system can be unfair, but they are accused of being part of a gang that has killed and shocked and maimed people and they are on stage with donald trump and i don t think it is an accident because i think this is kind of the vibe of the campaign. yeah, i talked about this right after the rally, i think on this network, as a matter of fact. pointing out how despicable this was and how this is seemingly okay now in the law and order republican party. it is such an affront to so many things and it is an insult to the american people that we are supposed to sit here and think this is normal. donald trump is a convicted felon. republicans are welcoming him to capitol hill with a hero s welcome. back to the scene of the crime where mitch mcconnell calls him practically responsible for an insurrection. pal around with accused murderers. this is all normal. it s just fine. it s not. it s not. he gets very frustrating sometimes when there seems to be a moral equivalence made between trump and biden and the way the campaigns are covered. like donald trump did what he did today. he is having these rallies where he is going on random rants about sharks and boats and electrocution. he is palling around on stage with guys who are also alleged criminals. meanwhile president biden is overseas representing the united states with honor and dignity of the g-7 and just entered a security deal with ukraine trying to maintain democracy in europe. there is no moral equivalence. your point about how this slipped under the radar and seems par for the course for donald trump, unfortunately this is who he is. he thinks this is okay and by the way for any black folks who think donald trump is on your side, this is what he thinks of you. black people will like me because i hang around with criminals and they were flashy chains and gold sneakers. it is such an affront, honestly, but this is who donald trump is. michelle, one of the thing that happens and again i use the mafia metaphor, because the unity is so intense. of course behind-the-scenes you have like talking to your drunk uncle. he was rambling. everyone goes and tells reporters and there is this distance. the unbelievable applause and then everyone going to tell the reporter that he was really nuts behind closed doors. right, it kind of brings back memories of 2016 to 2020, where you constantly had republicans in these really degrading displays of fealty and then they would go and try to distance themselves from it when no one was looking. maybe because they think it is all a game and we see how far it goes over and over again. i think after the mafia element, it is not just these two rappers. the trim campaign is leaning hard into mafia metaphors. you have seen the godfather t- shirts and merchandise with godfather iconography. donald trump has compared himself favorably to al capone. recently breitbart ran an interview with peter navarro, former trump official and probably future trump official if trump is reelected. currently in prison in miami. he gave this jailhouse interview boasting about how he gets treated really well because the guards and the inmates love donald trump. sort of how a made demand would be treated if he goes to prison and is still able to slice the garlic really thin. i think what is important is it is not just hypocrisy. not just a defiance of law and order. it is a different model of governance that a lot of republicans have embraced. a hierarchy based on personal relationships that they see as an alternative to technocratic liberalism. yes, mafia state as an aspirational model. and then i never know what s worse, like the people who are pretending or the people who are true believers. i think i know which category marjorie taylor greene is, but let me just play her reaction to seeing donald trump today. i really found his speech to be one of my favorite speeches. he came in, talked to the conference. he was very honest. he was funny. he was joking around constantly with everyone. he was really sweet to me. he said to speaker johnson, okay, you ve got one more seat. you need to be tougher. i was sitting back a little ways. he saw me and he was like hello. he is always so sweet and recognizes me and said are you being nice? he was joking and said are you being nice to speaker johnson? he said okay, be nice to him and i nodded my head. the thing about this is, yes, there is always a duality here. he knows what he is doing and the transactional politics are real and they have all sort of bought into it. it is successful because they are willing to get on board for what it will mean for them. yes of course and to answer your question who is worse, the true believers or the enablers, it is the enablers 100%. the true believers, you can excuse it away that they are so far into it that it is not rational for them. the enablers are the ones who know better and are in a position to say no or to say stop, when no one else will. which is what conservatives were supposed to be doing according to bill buckley, the godfather of modern conservative history. they did not do that. they made a decision that this would be a transactional, politically expedient decision to suck up to donald trump who is a direct and immediate existential threat to our democracy. he wants a club talker see and they are okay with that as long as they get their piece of the pie, but no one is safe under donald trump. he will come for them, too. then we as a country and a democracy have to pay the price. that is why he has to be stopped. go ask mike pence who narrowly avoided correct. getting grabbed by a mob calling for him to be hanged. this is j.d. vance, speaking of people auditioning, to be the next person who may be facing that situation. no real republican with any credibility in the party is still blaming trump for january 6. i think it is a good thing. the republican party is in a good place. i think today was kind of like the button on the january 6 was bad era of the republican party. to whatever extent it was there, today was the definitive marking of the end. right and it has been coming for a while. this is obviously a candidate running extensively on january 6 rioters were heroes and warriors and i m going to pardon the mall. the party has embraced him and embraced that message. j.d. vance is right. there are not very many republicans, if any, who have credibility in their party who will say what mitch mcconnell said after january 6 and what i think most of them know in their hearts to be true. michelle goldberg, tara setmayer, thank you both. when you are the republican pic for president and you want to overturn your conviction for multiple felonies, who do you call? the plea he made to the speaker of the house, next. se, next. clean white socks? it can with tide. do i need to pretreat guacamole? not with tide. this is chocolate, right? just use. tide. yeah. no matter who s doing it, on what cycle, or in what temperature, tide works. so i can focus on all the 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the congress, nor should it be. also donald trump was convicted in the state of new york, not the federal system, but that s not stopping them. the morning after the verdict johnson was on trump news making an appeal to the conservatives on the supreme court. i do feel the supreme court should step in. this is unprecedented and dangerous to our system. i think the justices on the court, i know many of them personally. i think they are deeply concerned about that as we are, so i think they will set this straight. yesterday house republican leaders spent the day whipping a bill that would allow presidents charged at the state level to move cases to the federal court. she is a contributing writer at the atlantic where she wrote about trump s absolute disdain for democracy and joins me now. when i saw this i thought that is nutty and not the way any of this works, but that has not stopped things before. i thought that about the mifepristone suit and look how far that god. so it does seem like they are on board, the house republican caucus, on trying to come up with some way of bailing him out. the house republican caucus may be on board, but i don t think that means whatever they are planning will work. if this bill went through i think there would be serious challenges probably made on realism. congress can t just miss around with state courts however it likes and of course he has already been convicted. his options at this point are really appealing through the new york state court system and then the supreme court. there are a handful of legal arguments that he could make on the grounds of federal law, but that will take a very long time and it certainly won t be done before the election. the reporting around the sort of scotus hail mary and this is the daily beast saying that most request for emergency action go to the justice assigned to a particular circuit. in this case it is sotomayor, who has ruled against trump in a most every case before her. the rulebook says the petitioner may renew the application to any other justice of his or her choice and theoretically continue until the majority has denied the application, which means he could keep on the slot machine until the right justice pops up. i m with you again that that seems implausible even by the degree of standards of this supreme court, but that might be true now. all that stands between us and the unthinkable are are those people in power at the high levels going to do the right thing or do something transparently crazy? i do think this is a case for the courts. institutional equities are important to understand. it is also worth noting, the idea that he could ping-pong from justice to justice, that is not how the court tends to do things now. what they usually do is yes the emergency application will go to justice sotomayor and then instead of going to another justice it would go to the full court as a matter of practice and i think it is safe to say they would almost certainly turn it down. this is an extremely conservative court. it is a hard right court, but it is not really a maga court. there have been issues where trump s issues align with those of the conservative justices and uc benefits for him there, but it is really hard for me to see how he could even get to for justices who would be interested in taking on this case right off the bat. he really would be stretching. i totally agree and i think one of the things you see is mitch mcconnell had this sort of speech after january 6 that was basically like this is not the way you do this. basically he was saying you ve got to do the bush league or thing if you want to take an election away, not this january 6 nonsense. do it the bush versus gore way. that is a ludicrous argument and it has done what it needed to do almost certainly in terms of delaying. to call up mike johnson and yell at him to make a magical bill that i am no longer a convicted felon is not going to do the job. right and i think this is what things look like in a federal system. the congress, the president of trump is elected again, they do not have power over what the new york state courts do. alvin bragg, whose office prosecuted this case as district attorney, he was directly elected by the people of manhattan. to some extent i think what trump is really raging against is just the idea that there might be jurisdictions simply out of his control. that is exactly what has him so worked up. quinta jurecic, thank you. coming up, in case $4 million in gifts weren t enough, what s the, it looks like terrence kalama s forgot looks like clarence thomas forgot to disclose another set of gifts. that is ahead. ahead. clean enough for you? yeah! scrape. load. done. cascade platinum plus. i have moderate to severe crohn s disease. now, there s skyrizi. things are looking up, i ve got symptom relief. control of my crohn s means everything to me. control is everything to me. feel significant symptom relief at 4 weeks with 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tiredness. with cabenuva, you re good to go. ask your doctor about switching. president joe biden is in italy today meeting with the world leaders for the 50th g7 summit. this morning the group posed for the classic family photo. this version of that picture, edited by political scientist ian brehmer, reveals something important about the leaders of the world s biggest economies. they are all unpopular. those numbers are net disapproval ratings with joe biden coming in second, underwater by only 18.5 points. there is one reason why these leaders are also unpopular. all g7 nations and most of the world have faced levels of inflation not seen for decades. none of the leaders are directly responsible for that. as you can see job creation coincided with the end of the pandemic. it was the result of a surge of pent-up demand amidst a constrained supply. but voters totally understandably hate inflation. it has been three or four years of prices going up and they blame the incumbent party. in the u.s. the consumer price index hit a whopping 9% in 2022 and we have actually recovered since then, better than our g7 counterparts. the index dropped to 3.3% as of yesterday. that is the rate of increase. prices are going up at a slower rate. cumulatively prices are still way up here and everywhere, but the truth is that joe biden didn t have a lot to do with the fact this line went up or that it went down. that is mostly circumstances outside his control. the bed. i will say this. joe biden s administration has tried very hard to cut costs for americans wherever they can, taking steps to lower prescription drug costs. canceling student debt. getting rid of junk fees for airlines and banks, for example. but for the most part being real, the rise and fall in inflation was the result of external factors like the pandemic and decisions by the federal reserve outside president biden s control. voters might look and say well then, why does it matter who the next president is? it is calming down on its own. it matters because donald trump is running on the most explicit inflationary platform in modern history. i think we should have a ring around the collar, as they say. i think when companies come in and dump products in the united states they should pay automatically, let s say a 10% tax. i do like 10% for everybody. trump s proposal, a 10% tariff on all foreign goods would basically be a sales tax. it would raise prices for american consumers 10% on everything from avocados to iphones. if you think that is bad, today, behind closed doors outside of the view of cameras, donald trump proposed one of the most arranged policies i have ever heard. he told republican lawmakers behind closed doors that he wants to eliminate the income tax and replace it entirely with tariffs, effectively taking us back to the 19th century. this idea makes as much sense as ripping up the interstate highway system and replacing it with canals. economist paul krugman did some math and estimates the policy would require an average tariff of 133%. not 10%. that is a 133% tax psych on all imported goods that would be passed on to consumers. it would cost americans hundreds of millions of dollars. a policy advisor explained further. another way to put trump s latest incredibly unworkable idea, get this, it would raise taxes by $5000 for a typical family if you are a working person who buys stuff. it would cut taxes for the average family in the top 0.1% by $1.5 million. this proposal would jack up everything everywhere for normal people, crushing the average american s wallet, while giving the wealthiest folks who no longer have to pay income tax and don t buy that much relative to their income, and enormous windfall of millions of dollars. this is the man who has a 50-50 shot of taking the white house, in large part because of the conditions that produced high inflation and he is seriously and earnestly currently running on the most inflationary platform i ve ever 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more undisclosed private jet trips. tonight we are learning supreme court justice clarence thomas took at least three private jet trips paid for by his benefactor billionaire republican harlan crow, according to an ongoing investigation by democrats on the senate judiciary committee. propublica is reporting the newly revealed flights add to the picture of using the jets for personal travel. he owns a high-end jet that can cost over $10,000 per flight hour to charter according to charter company estimates and thomas has repeatedly flown to a destination and back again on the same day. in a statement thomas s lawyer said the trips fell under the personal hospitality exemption and was not required to be asked closed to be disclosed. the reporter who broke the story about many of the undisclosed gifts, he and his rest of his team won a pulitzer for the reporting last year and joins me now. congratulations, by the way. three more trips. what have we learned? the thing that is so striking is the scale of it. we are looking at a picture where harlan crow s private jet, a particularly nice private jet was at the disposal of justice thomas and there are multiple incidents where, for example, flying from washington, d.c. to san jose, california, staying for a few hours and turning around and going back on the same day. that s happened repeatedly. and going from where the jet is based in dallas to d.c. to pick up the justice. it adds to a long list and the picture is a billionaire political donor in a real way subsidizing the life of a justice. they don t make clear the purpose of the trips that included trip from st. louis to montana. location of glacier park international airport. he was scheduled to be in st. louis for a speech. in one instance he flew from the east coast to san jose and returned home later that day. another he took a round-trip flight from washington, d.c. to savannah, georgia. this is how taylor swift or elon musk, that is how they get around. right, the round-trip alone, seemingly for some kind of lunch, we don t know what it was for, still, that could easily cost $100,000 for the flight. probably double the median income that an american makes in a year. it is an extraordinary amount of money. a $100,000 flight. yeah and last week justin thomas amended some prior years disclosure forms to disclose other things harlan crow has paid for. hotels and lodging and vacations. a trip to california. that is the third time he s done that. to be clear, these three no one knew about and no one reported. these were totally new to us. you had no idea? i had no idea. this is it, right? this has to be it. i think we have an absolute, definitive account. look, some of the reporting we did took myself and coworkers months of reporting to piece together these trips that justice thomas and justice alito also got. we don t have subpoena power. the senate judiciary committee does. they said today there would be a full report coming out this summer, so i would not be surprised if there are more revelations. they subpoenaed leonard leo as well, who basically told them to go pound sand. pound sand, thank you for stopping me from saying what i was going to say. harlan crow, he is cooperating. they are getting this from harlan crow. right. they authorized a subpoena. didn t actually issue attended became leverage in negotiations with lawyers and they came up with this deal where he is giving information about the past seven years. potentially not just travel. we will find out when the full investigation comes out this summer. we have to update our bar chart. it is a tough one to read. let s see, which one is thomas? right, there he is on the left. we might need to raise up that bar after we price these ones in. maybe this summer we will get more. can i get your response since i have you here about something justice alito said about your reporting. this is something that he said recently. surreptitiously recorded. take a listen. there are groups that are very well-funded by ideological groups that have spearheaded these attacks. that s what it is, you know. like who? propublica. propublica gets a lot of money and they have spent a fortune investigating clarence thomas for example. have you spent a fortune or are these ideological attacks? it was frankly disturbing to hear this because it was speculation based on no evidence. as one of the two or three reporters who did this work i tell you how it started, which was not a report on justice thomas and alito. we will report on how supreme court justices are spending their time when they are not at the court. it started with a stack of documents of travel records with no names and we pieced together that it is justice thomas taking private jets. we took a hard look at democratic appointed justices and simply found nothing equivalent. if we could put up that bar chart for a second, it is hard to find the signal for the noise in that chart. it takes a lot of energy to uncover that one on the left. right, if somebody out there knows about george soros funding trips, i would love to report it. you can find my contact information on all of our stories. thank you. coming up, as the supreme court rejects the attempt to ban the abortion pill, why the right wing is just getting started on reproductive rights. next. nuggets. impossible. we re solving the meat problem with more meat. when we say it ll be on time they expect it to be on time. turn shipping to your advantage. keep those expectations with reliable ground shipping. thanks brandon. with usps ground advantage®. my name is marie. i m 49 years old and i m a business owner. i own a lemonade and ice cream shop in florida, so i can feel and see that my lines have gotten deeper just from a year out in the sun. i m still marie and i got botox® cosmetic. i did not want a dramatic change. i wanted something subtle. and i m really, really happy with the results. it s still me, but with fewer lines. botox® cosmetic 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plants. because we aren t quitters. impossible. we re solving the meat problem with more meat. today the supreme court unanimously rejected an attempt to limit access to the abortion pill mifepristone and that, i should say, is definitely good. mifepristone is used in more than 60% of all abortions in this country, as well as the treatment of miscarriages. it should remain easily accessible, but this case should not have made its way to the supreme court in the first place. it is shocking that it did. the case is based on faulty legal logic and was first introduced by a conservative group in amarillo, texas. incorporated there so they could file the case and ensure it would land before a hard right activist appointed to the bench by donald trump. predictably the pan plan worked. issued a nationwide injunction. the decision was mostly upheld by the court of appeals. that court of appeals is arguably the most radically right wing pro trump court in the land. the supreme court threw it out today because plaintiffs lacked standing and the entire ruse was too ridiculous even for this court. make no mistake, republicans may have lost this battle, but they are still fighting the war. it is all but certain that they will bring a similar suit again and will absolutely do so given the opportunity. they don t want to stop there. today senate republicans blocked a bill enshrining protections for ivf only a day after the southern baptist convention, the largest protestant this domination days protestant denomination in the country voted to condemn the procedure. the republican party and grassroots of the party truly believe in this. they are not going to stop there crow seed against stop there crusade against reproductive rights. joining me now is nbc legal correspondent lisa rubin. i guess let s start with the decision today which was not surprising. they kicked it on what are called standing grounds. what does that mean? standing is the notion that you have to be a person who has been injured to maintain a lawsuit. it goes back to the concept that the courts can only hear cases or controversies, not imagined grievances. what the court is saying is that the alliance for defending freedom did not have standing to bring their suit and there are a couple of lines. in one place justice kavanaugh says an organization that has not suffered a concrete injury caused by a defendant s action cannot spend its way into s standing by spending money together information and advocate against the defendant, meaning the food and drug administration s action. that is the good part of this. but as you noted, there are little easter eggs sprinkled throughout this decision that are sort of gifts to the antiabortion right. in large part because of one side can t have standing, the other can t either. one of the things this says is that doctors should not presume that they will have standing to advocate for their patients. that usually means something very different for pro-abortion doctors than it does on the anti-choice side. that s a great point. i want to read the standing argument the plaintiffs presented, because it is one of my favorites. this is from the initial, i don t think of this is the scotus brief or district court. doctors lose the opportunity to provide professional services and care for the women and child through pregnancy which causes harms to providers who can no longer care for their patients and bring about the successful delivery of a new life. you deprive me of the joy of delivering your baby, which is a tangible harm to me, ergo i have standing. the standing analysis survived the district court and survived the fifth circuit court of appeals. it is kind of galling and there is a twist on that argument, too. you deprive me of the ability to care for more deserving patients, the women who want to deliver their children as opposed to women who present in the emergency room having had a complication. hypothetically, to be clear. that hypothetically might do so. when i am forced to divert my attention from deserving woman a, to take care of you, morally bankrupt woman b. you can do this through the courts or through the department of justice if you have the teeth to do it. here is justice samuel alito talking about, he does not say the name, interestingly. he just reads the u.s. section and the solicitor general of the united states does say the name. listen. shouldn t the fda at least have considered the application i think the comstock provisions don t fall within fda s lane. the comstock laws, those are passed in the victorian era to outlaw basically all tools for abortion and birth control. and really sending them between states. if you want to talk about zombie laws and we have talked about them a lot on your show and others. these are statutes prohibiting abortion or things that allow people to achieve abortion. it was a zombie law and it was understood for many decades that the comstock law had no effect. why? because row was in existence. the biden administration has made clear they don t believe the comstock act needs to be enforced unless the intent is to help somebody accomplish something that would be unlawful and given the mail order prescription of mifepristone is lawful, then the interpretation is there is nothing to be done. a different administration however, you can count on the same sorts of folks to press that heavily with the department of justice. and i want to be clear. there are criminal penalties attached to the comstock laws. the department of justice could conceivably on day one start having the fbi arrest people and prosecute people for mailing abortion drugs. they may not even have to go that far. i think the lesson is that you can terrorize people into not doing anything just by having a law and having the threat out there that somebody could be criminally prosecuted for doing something. the comstock act, this is not a hypothetical. there are lots of folks in right-wing circles writing about and talking about this. lisa rubin, thank you. thank you. that is all in on this thursday night. alex wagner starts now. good evening. there are women already terrified making choices about bodily economy. certainly. fear at all levels of american society. thank you, my friend. today donald trump made his first visit to capitol hill. the first time since his followers ransacked the capital on january 6. to unde

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and ultimately humans and what s really best for society. you headed isabel. it s a threat to their power structure. family faith first. the government is not so important suddenly and neither is politics. as a you getting married it? you are about to get married yourself? i am on june 29th, right around the corner. i think there s a revival toward the things that matter most the things that have enduring importance in our lives. congratulations on that, best wishes. we are going to do a lot longer segment later on. that s it for us tonight. make sure to follow me on social media, thank you for watching. remember it s america now and forever. jesse watters is going to take it from here. jesse: welcome to jesse watters primetime p. are tonight. we have great unity, we have great common sense, we have one thing in mind that s making our country great. reporter: trump back in washington. biden in italy getting lost. i think she should step down. it should the democratic party remove her if she doesn t? i think so. jesse: wearing thin. the first runner-up is. jesse: a man wins ms. miss maryland. plus. are you a manly man? no. jesse: a swing and amaze pure goes of the words about her never wants to hear but at last night s congressional baseball game it s all democrats heard. and a swing and a miss. and a swing and a miss. and a swing and a miss that will end the inning. jesse: republicans roughed up democrats 31-11 the. at the baseball score. maybe a little preview of what s coming in november. if you think about it, baseball is kind of like politics. if you keep striking out you put the other team back at bad. all season democrats have been striking out with hoax after hoax, the dictator on day one, bloodbath and revenge. strike three. jesse: democrats just put the other team back at bat in their own home stadium, washington dc. donald trump back on capitol hill for the first time in almost four years. the former president spent the day meeting with house republicans, senators and businessmen. this was a great meeting. there is tremendous unity in the republican party. we want to see borders, we want to see strong military. we want to see money not wasted all over the world. we have great commonsense, a lot of very smart people in this room. a lot of people that love our country. they love it just beyond all else and the only thing that ab supersedes it is their family and maybe their faith in certain instances and that s very nice but they want this country to be great again and we are going to make a great again. jesse: donald trump is running around dc trying to unite the party in the country because teamwork makes the dream work. and we d never seen the republican party disunited under trump. even gave them a birthday cake. [ inaudible ] [ applause ] jesse: there was so much love and unity in the room it broke adam shifts brain. guilty, guilty, guilty,. jesse: has battle cry was heard by the media and they went to work doing what they do best. apparently the former president made for made reference to hannibal lecter saying he even had a friend over for dinner. we ve seen him praising hannibal lecter. apparently did it again this morning, not sure we fully understand the context of that. jesse: we weren t inside the room but neither was cnn and that s the point. we did what journalists do, we went towards sources who were actually there. did trump really call a flesh eating serial killer a nice guy? no. trump was joking that if he said something about hannibal lecter, the fake news media would say he was praising him. cnn took the bait. and that wasn t the only hoax. i m getting word from my producers we have a new hoax alert. he said as it s gotten a lot of publicity and we broke this that he doesn t like the walkie, it s a horrible city he says. the campaign is pushed back on that. everybody comes out and didn t say it. of course he said it. that is according to almost everybody in the room. jesse: everybody in the room says he didn t say it. as soon as the news broke people inside the room debunked it. a congressman says i was in the meeting, president trump never disparaged milwaukee. another one, i was in the room appear president trump did not say this. another, trump was specifically referring to the crime rate in milwaukee. here s what trump had to say. democrats are also hating you on this comment that you made about milwaukee, the host city for the rnc for the convention and they seem to believe that you said that it was a horrible city. can you nip this in the bud and clarify what you meant. i think it was very clear what i meant. i said we are very concerned with crime. i love milwaukee, i have great friends in milwaukee. the crime numbers are terrible and we have to be very careful. jesse: how is the media directly quoting him if they are not in the room with him. and then telling the people inside of the room that they are wrong. it s what nancy pelosi calls the wrapup smear. you smear your opponent with lies, the press writes about it, that validates it and then the politicians run with it. as soon as the media reported the hoax, the mayor of milwaukee rushed to the camera. donald trump wants to talk about things that he thing so horrible, all of us lived through his presidency so right back at you buddy. joe biden saying i happen to love milwaukee. he didn t write that himself. kamala harris saying milwaukee is a beautiful city and for the record, milwaukee was the third most violent city in the nation, third most. so when primetime goes to the convention, johnny is going to have two bodyguards. democrats are down late in the game, you can t yank them because you have no bullpen. so you just have to keep throwing trash. here s more. the media wants to to thank trump spent every waking second plotting revenge. i m told there s a similar dynamic behind closed doors with advisors or other republicans where he will talk about revenge , sometimes get a look of d. really mean that and he makes it clear he does. this is his retribution, that s the word that s been at the centre of this campaign for a year now. they re not going to be. it s going to be true believers and loyalists. if trump says he wants revenge or i want to target a particular person or institution they are going to do that. jesse: who are these advisors that are leaking this to msnbc? they don t exist. it s made up. trump s people don t talk to this guy. look at him. he s on morning joe. they say trump went to washington to harness the power of congress to go to war against the democrats. really? people inside of the room told us revenge never came up. it was the economy, foreign policy and election strategy. it was forward-looking. a feeling that washington hasn t felt in four years. that s not revenge, that s success and like trump says, success is his revenge. she was in the room with trump today she joins me now. so he did not praise hannibal lecter? much to cnn s despair he did not. he joked about the fact that they were going to report fake news and many of us were there. they don t want to talk about the fact that he has a plan in dealing with our foreign policy debacles that this diminished ration has caused. we are excited about the numbers we are hearing. jesse: what were the policies that he was discussing today behind closed doors with you guys? the number 1 issue that he has is concern for what s happening with russia. there s the media really silencing what s happening with russia. warships off the coast of cuba and also florida. i think more importantly he made sure that the american people would know that what is currently happening in ukraine and israel would ve never happened under him and he does have a plan and solution moving forward and i also want to point out that he understands that world leaders respect him and right now what s coming out of the white house, a lot of people realize that joe biden is likely not going to be the nominee which is from what we are hearing on capitol hill, representative kylie had reported that kamala harris eyeing a run for california governor because of it. jesse: so you are hearing also in dc that joe biden isn t going to be the democrat nominee? correct. it appears that our colleagues are trying to put guardrails on a 2024 presidential election with president trump and also what you are seeing is according to our pulling, you know as well as i do that they have been trying to paint republicans as anti- woman and trying to push an abortion crisis right now with the election and i don t think that s a case. a lot of the american people know that this is a state rights decision so i think that they know that they are losing. jesse: the straight truth from inside the room, didn t need any spin from cnn. thank you so much. we always appreciate you coming on the show. north dakota governor and potential vp candidate joins me now. so you are going to be in milwaukee, it has a crime problem. third worst violent crime last year of any city in the united states. are you used to this so far, they just make things up and then merchandise it? i wish that every american could see what i ve seen the last six months because the opportunity to be with president trump, be in the room, see what s reported whether it s at the trial or at a rally, whether it s at a fundraiser, the thing that i see reported versus. are two different planets just like you described tonight. jesse: when you guys are behind-the-scenes talking policy , personnel, what you mostly focused on? i want to say when president trump. guided over a dozen events between roundtables, rallies and fundraiser things, sometimes 500 people, sometimes a thousand. whether he s in the line getting the photo or at a roundtable with the owners that are job creators, the number 1 thing people don t report is he s curious. he s asking them how are biden s regulations hurting you. what d the things you need to help moving forward. are they being affected affected by inflation? he understands. he was in the hospitality business. he cares about what people are experiencing and then that feeds into his thinking. i looked at that schedule that he had, and joe biden couldn t have done one of those events and he did 14 nonstop 12 hours a day moving between locations. incredible the energy and the stamina. he s got real interest in people. jesse: how unified is the republican party right now? never been more unified. jesse: is out of feeling or can you see numbers to that? everybody is coming together. you are seeing it in the primaries that are happening around the nation right now. everybody is unified and they are unified for two reasons. one is because they know that president trump represents strength whether that s on the world stage or on the economy or the border or it s fighting inflation, he represents that strength. they are also unified because what s the alternative? the alternative is joe biden s weakness which has started wars, it s inviting wars. it s inviting russia to come to cuba. president trump is actually a deterrent. we talked about our defence budget. but that kind the white house and we don t have to raise our defence budget a dime and also we ve got a better deterrent because they know that we ve got strength that we would be willing to use. al raed our economy, diplomacy. jesse: i was looking at the new york times over the weekend, big hit piece. your name keeps coming up as vp. big hit piece, how are you feeling about all of this? a lot of that is a distraction. of the key is the ability to focus on. the key is making sure that we elect president trump because there s never been a politician, a leader like him in history. no one has raised the kind of money that he s been able to raise. no one generates the crowds he s been able to generate and no one has the enthusiasm. you go to a fundraiser and they say there s going to be san francisco or all of these rides riots and protesters and nobody shows up to protest against them but i thousand people are waving their flags and cheering for him. you get down to newport and it s people lined up with boats on the water. i take it back to one thing, the people that show up and are waving the flags along the sidewalks. they are all working, they all have jobs and they all know they were better off under president trump and they are under joe biden and that s where it is. it s working class people that care about america. that s his voting block. jesse: basic economics. thank you very much. johnny hit the streets. it s a tough one right? that s a tough one. s s i was only 23 when i was first diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer. 40 years later, i ve had almost 20 mohs surgeries. i had just accepted that the pain and the scars were going to be part of my life. but when i was diagnosed with two basal cells on my face, i became determined to find an alternative to surgery. if you, like millions of others, are affected by skin cancer. it s important to know that surgery isn t the only option. there s another choice. gentlecure. it sounded like everything i had been looking for. gentlecure uses low energy x-rays to kill skin cancer cells with a 99% cure rate. plus, there s no cutting, no surgical scarring and no downtime. i m so glad i did it. it was successful in every way. to learn more, call today or go to jesse: last night we told you biden can t run on his record so they are going to drag him across the finish line and replace him with come all after inauguration. they have to distract you from how old and incompetent he has. the way they do that is to slap those labels on trump. you will hear trump say the most common sense things biden s failed policies. the shower presser regulations making you have a bad hair day. this weak trump said democrats are going to start putting electric batteries not just in cars but in boats. and if you know anything about how heavy these batteries are, that boat is going down. there s a shark 10 yards away from the boat. do i get electrocuted if the boat is sinking and water goes over the battery, the boat is sinking, do i stay on top of the bow and get electrocuted or do i jump over by the shark and not get electrocuted. jesse: you hear that and you laugh but it makes sense. the media here is it and calls him senile. he s out there talking about wind turbines and sharks in boats and sinking, not talking about issues voters care about. if this was your father you would take him in for a neurological exam. fox news didn t carry them or broadcast them. didn t air them after the fact either. in the words of stephen king, that speech was like listening to your senile uncle at the dinner table after he has that third drink. jesse: except fox did our that and we aired it monday. biden says cannibals snacked on his uncle and that he started the civil rights movement, that a lightning strike burned his house down and almost killed dr jill and whiskers the cat. and he s a puerto rican truck driving jewish professor who went to a historically black college and captain their undefeated football team and won a lawsuit for a guy who lost a testicle in a construction accident. trump stories relate to real concerns people have about public policy. biden stories, the fantastical lies of an insecure old man desperately trying to relate to people. biden was in europe today at the g7 and wandered alone into an italian field. jesse: people are falling out of the skies and he can t even focus. wise he always going in the wrong direction? and why he is the always moving in such slow-motion. world leaders have to hurt him like a stray sheep. reportedly the main focus in italy has been making sure biden gets his sleep. president biden got a much earlier start than he usually does today. aids typically keep him as close to an east coast schedule even on a trip like this as they possibly can one it s possible but today when you look at the tape he was rolling out of the hotel about 5:11 am eastern. jesse: you can see the cpap creases on his face when he leaves the white house at noon. now joe is trying to turn sleepy joe into an asset. what he s doing at three in the morning i don t know. jesse: today biden signed a ten-year defence agreement with ukraine and confirmed that we expect to see ukraine joined nato in the future. what? do we get a say in that? oh and we ve loosened the rules of engagement allowing american weapons to be fired from ukraine into russia proper. ukraine will be getting f-16s this summer. and those of you in miami may have noticed but the russian navy just held a poor call in cuba 90 miles up the american coast. china s building deep water ports in south america, hello munro doctor npr china selling dual use tech to russia s war machine. china just landed on the moon and saudi arabia just ended its 80 year deal with the united states to sell oil solely in dollars. i think that s enough to worry about. does the man wandering alone into an italian field look like he has everything under control? it s not a shark but it s pretty scary. former sec reof state secretary of state mike pompeo joins me know. you are seeing the president wander around alone away from everybody as people are falling out of the sky. does not give you confidence that he has this world under control? it s good to be with you and thank goodness for prime minister who grabbed him and kept him from walking off completely. it certainly doesn t give any american confidence and the contrast between seeing president biden unable to perform basic functions to keep america safe and we know the policies have failed. i think the american people, it was a bad day for america and one sense. we saw our president failed to be able to lead on the world stage but it was a good day and we got to say there s a sharp contrast as we all consider what s going to happen in november. jesse: we want to win proxy wars. we also want to make peace everywhere donald trump s big message today on foreign policy behind the scenes at sec. was we of these messes in europe, in asia, in the middle east if he were president. it s remarkable to watch the biden administration say we ve done such a good job, everybody s working hand-in-hand. you ve gotten tens of thousands of ukrainians killed. you failed to deter. 1200 israelis dead on your watch. still a war going on in gaza. the failure of the policy isn t that you react after the crisis is taking place it s that you are strong enough and then america s leading sufficiently so you can deter the bad guys. the other folks that watch this today were chairman kim in north korea,. they all watched what happened today in italy and said we think we are right, this may well be the time that we continue to probe and test america because when president biden said he doesn t know what donald trump is doing at three m, i hope we never get that three m call with president biden as commander-in-chief. jesse: he wants to pat himself on the back for reacting but we shouldn t have been in this position in the first place. today fanny willis took us to church. i m so tired of hearing these idiots call my name as fanny in a way to attempt to humiliate me because like silly schoolboys, the name reminds them of a woman s rear. they get mad when i call out their lunacy. you can t pistol on me and tell me it s raining. jesse: we are not trying to humiliate her, we thought her name was. and i we don t feel like going back. nathan wade went on cnn and was asked when did you start sleeping with her. these exact dates are at issue and these dates are i m getting signalled here. jesse: they apparently hadn t prepared him to answer the one question at the centre of the entire case. sohi exit out mid-interview to prep him? it s not like she asked him did you guys ever go to the cabin. did you go to a cabin with ms. miss willis ever? ever? ever. no. jesse: happy dei thursday. why did you stop the ballots? there is video viewed stopping the ballots. do you have anything to say? wanda? what do you want to say to the people of bridgeport? jesse: that was johnny confronting wander the stuff her after she was shoving a legal ballots in a dropbox peer she was arrested along with three other democrats. she was charged with ballot fraud and witness intimidation tied to the 2019 election. tonight we got our hands on the arrest warrant. we learned investigators examined absentee ballots, surveillance video from bridgeport senior housing and use witnessed interviews as evidenced to make the arrest. a voter who did not request an absentee ballot told investigators wanda came to my house and told me only to sign the bottom of the blank application. she went on to say i have done with the done this with wanda over the past ten years. wanda said no. jesse: it was a got punched a democrats peer she s been there ballot wizard for over a decade. wanda has a government job, runs the city s democratic party and is the gatekeeper at the mayor s office. now she s busted and democrats need to answer some questions. reporters have been chasing down connecticut s democratic governor since the arrest. he endorsed the men wanda allegedly stopped for. the governor thinks the mayor had nothing to do with it of course but says wanda should take the fall. i think she should step down. if she won t step down, should the democratic report democratic party remove her? i should thank so. are you going to ask them to do that. i hope they do the right thing. jesse: hours after wanda was arrested, he signed a bill that puts a camera on every dropbox in the state. primetime called for this months ago. it took four arrests to make it happen. it s not enough to end corruption and secure elections but it s a step in the right direction. next let s get rid of the drop boxes altogether. they are ripe for fraud. will have more on wanda soon. we have new details on biden s bad dog. the president watched as commander attacked secret service agents. kevin corke is in dc with the story. an exclusive window into the harrowing circumstances surrounding commander, the president s dog and his numerous attacks on secret service agents which could top three dozen such attacks according to new really newly released records. apparently the president himself was present for at least three of those attacks. now everybody knows commander has been known to bite but there are a lot of examples you may not know about including this one. as i started to walk toward him, him being the president, to see if you needed help, commander ran through his legs and bit my left arm through the front of my jacket. i pulled my arm away and yelled no, potus yelled and then blank. the story went on to say that the dog later jumped up and bit him in the left arm again for a second time. his suit coat had not one, not to but three holes. and that s not it, there are other conversations between secret service officials including this one from september 2023. tmz just reported a dog bite at the white house dog bite at the white house. can we find a way to get this dog muzzled. you will recall former first dog major was also rehoused back in 2021 after apparently attacking a lot of people. secret service members wish each other safe shift as the attacks mounted. that s really damning right there. that tells you plenty. i ve been written by a vicious democrat dog and it hurts. still have a mark on my upper thigh. thank you so much. jesse: so what is a man? why does society want men to act like women. now they are djs and promoters . jesse: happy dei thursday. we re bringing you the best stories about diversity, equity and inclusion. first stop the beauty pageant crowned their winter over the weekend. sorry ladies, the crown went to an asian man. the first runner-up is. trace: jesse: they were born cambodian baby boy before getting a sex change. they say we see bailey s win as a win for everyone who dreamed the impossible dream. impossible. we told you about how biden spent nearly a billion dollars and only built seven ev charging stations. now we are finding out why. white house insiders are blaming dei. the regulations for government contractors are huge roadblocks. construction can t start until the builders prove they are inclusive. they have to host block parties and minority communities with interpreters in case nobody speaks english. and they have to hire minority subcontractors to do all the work. good luck finding a black electrician in maine. mountain view high school was pumped to hear their gay senior gift will be a massive mural of thor representing their thunder mascot. the school s equity office cancelled it because thor is racist. according to one student, the equity office said thor was. and is a white supremacist and the image should be more inclusive. no dei thursday is complete without a primetime victory. transits will merit leah thomas will not be participating in the summer olympics. thomas lost a legal battle that he hoped would overturn a policy that bans athletes who have been through male puberty from competing in the female category. you can try again in four years. let s bring an author of the sad truth about happiness. when you hear how preposterous some of these dei items are, what goes through your mind? of course i live within the ecosystem of academia so none of this surprises me up and warn against this for two decades picked just make you feel better down there in the united states we are even crazier in canada. let me give you a few examples to add to your d. dei thursday lineup. at my university, or five-year strategic plan posits that we must now all indigenous eyes and decolonize our curriculum. it doesn t matter what you are teaching, you to be teaching pure mathematics or neuroscience or shakespeare, you need to decolonize and indigent eyes that. second example, on may 17th you ll be happy to hear that we held a symposium on menstrual equity because it turns out that menstruation is a human rights. i didn t know that women were forbidden to men straight in canada but apparently we need to have a symposium. third quick example, university of waterloo is searching for a professor in artificial intelligence, they have to be either gender fluidity, nonbinary or whatever or to spirit. you haven t reached the level of lunacy that we have in canada. i m enjoying the canadian dei edition on dei thursday very much. menstruation is a human right that i don t need because i can be a little bit of a complainer. when you process some of these things, what do you think the end goal is besides screwing around with everybody else. what you think is really motivating it? postmodernism, i call it the granddaddy of all parasitic ideas because it purports that there are no objective truths. it s a form of intellectual terrorism. operas down, slavery as freedom, men or women. it s a way to liberate ourselves from the pesky shackles of reality. it s grotesque, it needs to end and we need to return to a commitment to reason, logic and science. jesse: it s like modern arts. i don t understand it, it changes all the roles, makes no sense but people thank it s amazing. happy dei thursday to our canadian friends. a new study says men won t call out sick from work because it s not manly. so what does it mean to be a man? johnny went out and found out. define a man. that s not simple. it s a tough one right? it s a tough one. this is hard to. someone who is strong. if that demand, what the manly man? someone who looks good doing it. the firefighter who is at the door in the middle of the night. he drives a harley for no reason. a manly man takes orders from his wife? are you a manly man? no. what is a man have to do to be considered a real man? have a job at. love a man that works out. he s not sitting out here. not giving up [ bleep ] what other people think. why does today s society want men to act like women. they used to go to war now they are djs. masculine characteristics have been demonized. he was complaining to some woman about something that women do. every time i think about trump i get allergic. and want to put men and women sports and the women lose. that s not funny. should men cry? i don t want to see men crying. i cry a lot. i love crying, i think it s so fun. he came to my office, tears in his eyes. mentor saying they are afraid to take a sick day because they don t want to appear weak. they should suck it up at. what if you did have covid and you got the whole office sick. so you are a big believer in . should men be drinking out of straws? yes. do you think that s very manly? yes. father s day is coming up, what is more one important lesson about manhood that your father is taught you. to be financially responsible. they all want one thing and it s inevitable. is joe biden a manly president? he is not as sure of himself. he s doing better than trump i know that. how s the crime? worse every day. how s the border? it s messed up now man. tell me again why biden is better than trump. you have a good point. can men get pregnant? i don t know because i have i m not sure if. i will tell you at the time, i ll keep you in suspense. jesse watters, manly man what you think? he s going to see it. he s a man but he does wear makeup because he s on tv. i think he has cojones man. jesse: the spartan race part two next. sues keep piling up? it may be due to a buildup of amyloid plaques in the brain. visit home inspectors, general contractors, roofers; all kinds of pros recommend leaffilter. why? it s engineered for performance. because with leaffilter s patented filter technology, there s no gaps, no openings, no place for debris to get in at all. leaffilter is a permanent solution we install on your existing gutters. you ll never have to climb a ladder to clean out your gutters again. our installation process is simple and easy. just give us a call and set up an appointment today. we ll come out and give you a free gutter inspection. if your gutters are sagging, we ll repair them. if they re broken, we ll replace them. if they re in good shape, our local trusted pros will install leaffilter in as little as a few hours. and the best part? leaffilter comes with a lifetime transferable no-clogs guarantee! you ll never have to worry about costly damage from clogged gutters again! it s peace of mind, and then some. call us today to get started. join millions of satisfied homeowners, schedule your free inspection today! call 833 leaffilter, or visit my back got injured very bad. i was off work for about a year. i heard about relief factor from my wife. i took it every day, three times a day, for three weeks. .look at her and i said, the pain is gone. and she said, i m glad it helped. i said, no, you don t understand. it s gone. you, too, can feel better every day with relief factor, a daily supplement that fights pain naturally. call or go online now and get 35% off your first order. jesse: the spartan race part geomagnetic time with video. weedeater you up yesterday. this is achille climbing through the mud to make what is this a 5 k? a 5 k got stuck in the mud, had to be rescued, pulled out by gerrit but i can t let them go. now this is a ropes course. this is what they due for f fun. i don t understand these people. these people are crazy! but this is what they due in their free time. look at this. this is just vicious currents, water streaming through their nostrils. other even swimming? what is this? this is going on their barbed wire. running. fire is involved. they want to torture themselves. working for presage jesse watters prime time, they have to do in their free time. we are very proud of a keylock on everyone else on the fox group. talking about tony s. koneh s. will not aquila, obviously. [laughter] let s do some stacks. mark from whitefield, kansas, there s only one thing worse then a broken record, a shifty broken record. i just want to apologize to the audience, that was a terrible shifty soundbite. tyler from kentucky, watch out for that doug burgum fellow, he has great hair. they re here alone will get you on the ticket. greg know we ve got janine from milwaukee, and wisconsin, come to milwaukee, exhibit a city with beautiful people. state downtown, and obraro recap take a picture with the bronze funds. we ll be there in milwaukee the whole week, johnny will be there cutting trouble. johnny from brooklyn, what about men blowing up candles? is that manly? . only on a birthday cake. if you re doing it in a dining room, use the software. always remember, i am watters, this is my world. sean:

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Transcripts For MSNBC Alex Wagner Tonight 20240613

hamas in gaza. i can t thank you enough for making time for us. we re all thinking about you and your family. thank you very much. and we pray for the safe return of all of the hostages as soon as possible. this is a humanitarian issue. this is not some political issue, and people trying to make this a political issue, especially, the government trying to make this political. no, this is a humanitarian crisis. and everything should be done to get them back as soon as possible. thank you very much. that is all in on this wednesday night. alex wagner tonight starts right now. good evening, alex. 250 days, just unbelievable this is where we are. thank you, my friend, as always. so i want to start with a story that in any other universe would have absolutely nothing to do with politics or anything even approximating controversy. the kind of news we all used to read or hear and accept. but in the post-trump era, this kind of news has become a sort of conservative litmus test with potentially disastrous consequences for the health and the well being of thousands and thousands of americans. i am talking about bird flu. i know. stay with me here. if you have been following the news recently, you may have seen that the u.s. is currently dealing with an outbreak of bird flu. bird flu has spread to at least 80 cattle herds across over five states. and because of that outbreak, the fda, the food and drug administration, has issued guidance for how to stay safe and avoid exposure, including warning americans against drinking raw milk. that s because raw milk has the potential to spread animal borne diseases from one species to another. this is pretty straight forward, noncontroversial scientific advice, don t drink raw milk. it s noncontroversial except if you are a conservative who follows the influential, pro-trump youth organization turning points usa. milk is good for you, but here s what the american dairy farmers association or whatever isn t going to tell you is that that pasture rised milk crap, you might as well be drinking water. it does nothing. it s not healthy. ideally, you need to be drinking raw milk. that was alex clark a turning point usa host, and one of the chief proponents of drinking raw milk. miss clark is such a raw milk enthusiast she tells her followers to drink raw milk while pregnant, something that you absolutely not do under any circumstances. and in response to the fda s warning about drinking raw milk during a bird flu outbreak, alex clark told her nearly 200,000 followers on social media, f the fda, legalize raw milk. this issue so animates conservatives that turning point usa is currently selling $35 t-shirts on their website promoting raw milk. now, if this seems like an echo of the anti-vax, anti-fauci, anti-science movement embraced by a ton of conservatives and therefore put a lot of that put a lot of this country at risk, well that is because it is. it is precisely the kind of extreme, own the libs, reality be position that is a hall mark of turning point usa under charlie kirk. charlie kirk and turning point usa have been an influential part of maga land since donald trump was elected in 2016. in recent year, kirk and his organization have become more outspoken about their beliefs, including kirk s embrace of christian nationalism. in addition to running what appears to be a raw milk propaganda outfit, charlie kirk is also a supporter of something known as the seven mountains mandate a philosophy that calls for conservative christians to take over the government. and kirk has started speaking openly about how he wants donald trump to be the champion of that cause. finally, we have a president that understands the seven mountains of cultural influence. finally we have a president that understands the significance of standing, yes, i m going to use a term, in solidarity with the grassroots activists of our country. across the republican party, christian conservatives are becoming more and more emboldened about making america a christian nation under trump, even as trump himself continues to exhibit some very unchristian behavior on a near daily basis. this was donald trump a week ago at a campaign event inside a phoenix mega church. so they come up with this order i won t say it because i don t like using the word [ bleep ] in front of these beautiful children, so i won t say it. i will not say it. but this thing allows millions of people bleep [ bleep ] donald trump swearing in a house of god and then getting the crowd to swear with him in front of children. we ve seen the same thing from trump s allies. here was rudy giuliani speaking at the pro-trump christian reawaken tour just last week. i ve got two prosecutors, fani the i m sorry. fani willis. fani. it s not fanny, and i m not calling her fani. i could drop the part if she d quit and go away. classy. all of this is part of trump s unspoken agreement with the christian far right. they let trump and his allies break the rules and be vulgar and be blasphemous with the expectation that they will refashion american life according to their christian values. may not be a bad bet either. here was trump just this week speaking to a conservative christian organization that believes all abortion is, quote, child sacrifice. you re going to make a comeback like just about no other group. i know what s happening. i know where you re coming from and where you re going. and i ll be with you side by side. you re going to make a comeback and i ll be with you side by side. even as donald trump refuses to give straight answers about where he stands on things like a national abortion ban or contraception, conservative christian groups understand what trump will do for them. it s not that much of a mystery. and part of their confidence here that an extreme christian nationalist agenda is within their grasp, part of their confidence is because these groups don t have to rely on just trump alone. they can count on trump s most powerful ally in the fight for christian dominion, the conservative majority of on the united states supreme court. just this week we heard supreme court justice samuel alito tell a progressive activist that he believes we need to return america to a place of godliness. as elizabeth and lisa write in a new analysis for the new york time, while justice alito is hardly openly championing these views, he is embracing language and symbolism that line up with a much broader movement pushing back against the declining power of christianity as a majority religion in america. the movement s rise has been evident across the country since mr. trump lost re-election in 2020. justice alito and his fellow conservative justices have already delivered for christian right with their dobbs decision, striking down roe v. wade, and soon they will have a chance to do so again. the supreme court is about to rule on two major cases of considerable significance to the christian right. one will determine whether access to the most common form of abortion in this country is significantly restricted or not and another will determine whether doctors in emergency rooms can deny pregnant women medically necessary abortions. how the court rules on these issues could tell us just how much power the christian nationalist movement has gained in this country and how close they are to victory. joining me now are lisa, the national political correspondent for the new york times , she is also the author of the fall of roe: the rise of new america, and with me is mark joseph stern, senior writer who covers the courts and law at slater mag sooeven. thank you both for joining me. lisa, let me start with the piece you have out today in the times. an array of conservative, including anti-abortion activists, church leader, and conservative state legislators has openly embraced the idea that american democracy needs to be grounded in christian values and guarded against the rise of secular culture. i don t think it s an exaggeration to suggest that strain of conservatism now seems to dominate the supreme court as well. do you think that s far off? look, part of what we document in our book, the fall of roe and the rise of a new america, is that latter part of the title, the rise of a new america. what that is about is the radicalization of conservative christians. and we ve seen some of that cooling out of these tapes from the court, but you know, i wanted to draw your viewers attention to another story today, which was that the southern baptist convention, which represents the largest protestant denomination in the country, 13 million church goer, came out and said they oppose ivf. this is a fairly radical statement for that group, and we re seeing this return to these christian conservative cultural values from the churches all the way up to alito s statements at the court. so i do think what we re watching is this shift in american power. we don t know where it s going to go, but we have a template for success for this movement, and that, of course, is the fall of roe. and how that network of conservative christian activists and lawyers were able to take down that legal precedent may be a way that they can then move on to tackle these other things they are opposed to like, as we learned today, ivf. yeah, i mean, i do when we talk about shifting the window, moving the goal post on the field, it feels like the activists on the far right are signalling to the alitos of the world, this is where we re at, see if you get here. mark, i want to talk about alito s evolution here, because he wasn t always either this explicit or radicalized when he joined the court. can you talk about his progression to where he is now? yeah, i think a crude but accurate term to describe alito is maga pilled. during donald trump s rise and presidency, alito really let his christian nationalist flag fly and xan to embrace not only the rhetoric but also the substance of this far right christian supremacy and this idea that christianity is rooted in the constitution, that we are a christian nation, and that courts have some kind of obligation to protect and, indeed, elevate christianity above not just other religions but above secular society. and he went on a little bit of a talking tour earlier this decade where he decried the new moral code of secularism that promoted reproductive freedom and lgbtq equality and said that it was an existential threat to christianity. and all of this is reflected very much in his decisions, decisions like one a few years ago where he tried to let pharmacists deny plan b to patients to whom it was prescribed. not, you know, any kind of actual abortion drug but just plan b. and decisions like hobby lobby where he s allowed corporations to restrict employee s access to birth control. and these abortion cases, most notably dobbs as lisa documented, sam alito was always going to be the man to write that opinion overruling roe v. wade. in the coming days and weeks, we re going to get these decisions on abortion, especially involving the abortion pill. and i think alito is quite likely to stick his neck out in that decision and write about how he believes medication abortion is unlawful under existing federal law, under the comstock act of 1873. this is a radicalized justice, very much maximizing his impact by staking out the positions that activists in the grassroots want him to take, legitimizing them and shifting the window and eventually, he hope, transforming them into the law of the land. yeah, i mean, it s quite obvious that the dna of the christian conservative warrior class has imprinted itself upon the supreme court, but lisa, when we talk about the relationship in politics between, for example, donald trump and his pro-maga coalition and the conservative christian warrior class, i wond every if trumpism hasn t imprinted on them. i m thinking about those two pieces of sound where donald trump is in a church, a big church, and the call and response is the word bs. it s a family program, so i m not going to say the actual word. and rudy giuliani is calling taney willis, the d.a. the fulton county, one of the most vulgar things you can call a woman, with distinct racist undertones. this seems to be a new brand of, i guess, christianity, if you want to call it that, in the age of trump. yeah, look, the church has changed politics. but politics has changed the church too. and church, especially conservative evangelical and catholic church, have grown so much more political. as we show in our book the fall of roe, they made this deal with president trump. he promised them in 2016 in iowa christianity will have power, and conservative christians jumped on the trump train, and it ended up being a bullet train for them. they got three justices on the supreme court, and the deal was set. and now they ve been with him for eight years, and it doesn t for conservative christians, they re with him. he can moderate his tone on abortion, say he wouldn t sign a 15-week federal ban, and they re still probably going to stick with him. they are fully bought in and part of this maga movement, and the two are operating together. now, you know, donald trump is in a different position, because the politics of abortion have changed so radically. he senses the toxicity there, which is why you ve seen him come out and say it should be returned to the state, that he supports exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother, so that dance has gotten more complicated for him politically, but there s not a sense that he s worried about losing this group that s really become a central core of his movement and his base of support. well, yeah, and i i mean, one wonder where is the guardrails are in any of it. i mean, the republican party has effectively pledged fealty to everything trump represents, christian warrior class and all, and then on the supreme court, mark, how much of a counterweight is someone like john roberts of brett kavanaugh, does the attempt at counterweighing happen on the supreme court? they are a very feeble counterweight when they choose to be one at all. all three of trump s appointees generally vote in lock step with what the republican party wants. trump has, of course, taken over the party, so it is very much his court. and i think it s really disturbing, especially, to look at some of these decisions that do involve extreme circumstances of tragic medical mishaps where wrim in dire of need of abortion, right, this is one of the big cases this term. states are saying these women cannot get abortions that they have to get sepsis, they have to begin hemorrhaging, they have to be dying before they can get abortions. well, republican politicians lined up to agree with those laws and to support those laws of the supreme court you had a ton of republican state attorneys general and republican governors lining up to say we do think woman should be forced to the brink of death before they can get emergency abortions. i think the supreme court will likely agree with them and continue to force these women into these horrible circumstances. and trump is savvy enough not to say anything at it, because he knows he s got his foot soldiers in the judiciary doing the work for him. he s got his guys on the bench who are ready to uphold the most draconian abortion bans imaginable, and he doesn t have to say anything. and just by remaining silent and not speaking out and condemning these ban, he knows he can keep the christian right very much on his side. and that is the whole genius of the strategy behind capturing the courts. you get these justices and judges on the bench for decades, they will do your bidding, they will uphold your extreme law, they will uphold your draconian policies, and most voter, unfortunately, don t draw those lines between the judges and the presidents that appointed them and the parties those presidents belong to, so they get away with this stuff. that s the story of trumpism in the judiciary. a story where there s no accountability. lisa and mark joseph stern, thank you for your time tonight. coming up, the gaslighting continues as republicans vote to hold attorney general merrick garland in contempt of congress. but first, new secret recordings have given us insight into the real thoughts of samuel alito and his wife ma that are ann. i m going to speak to the neighbor at the center of a verbal altercations with the alitos outside her home and made the story about her flags a national scandal. that s next. t her flags national scandal that s next. children are the greatest joy and our best hope for a better future. friends, they are the future. but did you know that millions of kids right here in our own backyard are facing hunger every day without healthy food? it s harder to grow, to thrive, to feel their best. the impact when children don t have enough to eat is tremendous because 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helping kids build a brighter future for themselves. thank you. families are struggling to make ends meet. these are hard times, but together we can help connect america s kids with meals. so please call now or go online to give. thank you. her uncle s unhappy. i m sensing an underlying issue. it s t-mobile. it started when we tried to get him under a new plan. but they they unexpectedly unraveled their “price lock” guarantee. which has made him, a bit. unruly. you called yourself the “un-carrier”. you sing about “price lock” on those commercials. “the price lock, the price lock.” so, if you could change the price, change the name! it s not a lock, i know a lock. so how can we undo the damage? we could all unsubscribe and switch to xfinity. their connection is unreal. and we could all un-experience this whole session. okay, that s uncalled for. after the new york times reported that two flags associated with the january 6th insurrection had flown at the homes of supreme court justice samuel alito, the justice defended himself in a letter by putting the blame squarely on his wife, martha-ann alito. i was not familiar with the appeal to heaven flag when my wife flew it. i was not aware of any connection between the historic flag and the stop the steal movement and neither was my wife. she did not fly it to associate herself with that or any other group. but audio of martha-ann alito released this week by undercover progressive activist lauren windsor paints a decidedly different picture of mrs. alito s flag collection and why she flew them. you know what i want. i want a sacred heart of jesus flag, because i have to look across the lagoon at the pride flag for the next month. exactly. and he s like, oh, please don t put up flag. i said, i won t do it, because i m deferring to you. but when you are free of this nonsense, i m putting it up, and i m going to send them a message every day. maybe every week i ll be changing the flags. they ll be all kinds. i made a flag in my head. this is how i satisfy myself. i made a flag. it s white and has yellow and orange flames around it. and in the mid sl the word vergagna. in italian it means shame. joining me now is emily, the former neighbor of supreme court justice samuel alito. emily, thank you for joining us tonight. i m eager to hear your reaction to this audio that was released. and we played that specific clip there because it really sounds like mrs. alito is intentional when she flies these flags and that there is absolutely a political point of view she is trying to communicate. what did you make of that audio? absolutely. well, fist of all, thank you so much for having me tonight. it s a pleasure to be here. and to hear her talk about the flags in that way just solidifies what we all know is that they re meant to display a particular message. she mentions the being upset by the pride flag and wanting to fly a sacred heart of jesus flag. well, that flag specifically means anti-lgbtq, anti-pride, so it s very clear what she s doing with the flag. and that just proves us all right that in his statement he s lying where he says we didn t have any reasoning behind it. we don t know what it mean, et cetera. yeah, well, she wasn t trying to be part of a movement or group. i think that that s definitely questionable given fact that she s absolutely flying these flags in response to certain groups. yes, yes. emily, i got to ask you, because she s so animated when she talks about this flag she d like to make that says vergogna, which means shame in italian, it brought back to mind your account of the alitos, according to the new york times , when mrs. alito confronted you, you said something like how dare you behave this way. you ve been harassing us over signs. you represent the highest court in the land. shame on you. the concept of shame really seems to animate her, and i wonder if you could talk more about your interaction with her when the word shame and the concept of shame was discussed. yes. well, that so that interaction, the one that happened on february 15th, the one that they re using as an excuse for why they flew the upside down american flag, which we know doesn t make sense because the flag was up weeks before that. what do i make of it? it s just it was such an intense interaction, and it was about the third time that this has happened, each time escalating more and more. and yeah, i meant it, shame on you for behaving this way. because you do represent the highest court in the land. and that was more intended towards him who was there as well and did not step in. can you talk a little bit about the relationship between the alitos, as you saw it. i mean, he was present for some of these interactions, if you want to call that, and i was there s part of the undercover interview or the undercover audio that we heard where martha-ann alito talks about her plan for gaining seeking justice for all that has befallen her and her husband. let s take a listen to that sound. it s okay because if they come back to me, i ll get them. i m going to be liberated, and i m going to get them. what do you mean by get them? there s a five-year defamation statute of limitations. i don t know who you mean. the media. so martha-ann alito has a plan here. she s mapped it out, five-year statute of limitations for defamation. the question is, is that justice alito s plan? and that begs the question, what is the relationship between these two people, to you think what she says is tacitly endorsed by him, or is that overestimating, you know, her import in terms of a family strategy? yes. you know, i don t think it s for me or anybody else to say that or to pass any judgement on their relationship. all i witnessed was her, you know, behaving in that way and him not stepping in. and what i really just want to point out is that there s no way that he didn t know those flags were flying at his house. and in those same recordings, in his own words he is unable to be impartial. he says that there are two sides and one side must win and he s basically saying that he sits on one side and he says that he can t negotiate with the other side. he can t split the difference, as he put it. and that is a giant red flag. and at this point, we ve moved past the idea of him just recusing and we ve reached the point in the general consensus that it must be removal at this point. i think we re a ways from that, but i do, i mean, i have to ask you, because this is a woman who verbally there were verbal confrontations, i believe she spat at your car at one point. yeah. there s a point in this audio where she says i m german from germany, my heritage is german, you come after me, i m going to give it back to you. in the context of these interactions with her, how did you hear that part of the audio? i think as most people who heard it it was absolutely chilling. and terrifying that people in such a high position of power are saying such threatening and scary things. now, i can t presume to know what she meant by that, but i think a lot of people are assuming kind of the same things. and none of it is good. and we really need to do something to hold this court accountable. this is mostly about his inability to be impartial, and that is his bare minimum job description, and he has said on tape that he can t do that. emily baden, at the center of a national controversy, really appreciate you taking the time to join us tonight. thank you. thank you so much. thank you. still to come this evening, a response to the story we did last night about an apparently coordinated effort to spin a negative story about president biden across a vast network of local tv stations. stick around to hear what the network has to say for itself on that. plus, former obama advisor dan pfeiffer has thoughts on how to take on republicans like house speak mike johnson when they try to rewrite reality. that s next. they try to rewrite reality. that s next. you 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charges brought by the federal government in a case that was heard by a trump-appointed judge and decided upon by a jury of biden s peers, but that didn t stop them. this afternoon house republicans fanned the flame of a weaponized government conspiracy by voting to hold attorney general merrick garland in contempt of congress. the alleged reason for the contempt vote was the justice department s refusal to comply with a congressional subpoena to hand over audio tapes of an interview president biden did with special counsel robert hur. now, to be clear, the justice department has already released a full transcript of that interview, and officials argue that releasing the audio could endanger future investigations. but refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena, hmm, republicans managed to be outraged about that despite the fact that multiple republicans, including congressman jim jordan, who is leading the fight here against merrick garland, multiple republicans have literally defied congressional subpoenas themselves. when speaker of the house mike johnson was asked about that hypocrisy today, this was his response. you talk about apples to oranges, there couldn t be a more clear contrast between that and what we re talking about here. hmm, joining me now is dan pfeiffer, former senior advisor to president obama and cohost of pod save america. thank you for being here. i don t know, is it an apples to oranges comparison or an apples to apples comparison. it seems pretty apples to apples to me. you have members of congress, someone refusing to comply with a subpoena from congress, so yeah, it s apples to apples. the reality is that the headline merrick garland held in contempt of congress is a big, juicy headline for republicans to make hay over. and i wonder how you think democrats and people interested in preserving, i don t know, some shred of democracy, can answer that with a fairly nuanced discussion about subpoenas and why the hur audio would not make sense for future prosecutions. i don t think we have to get into the details of that. that s the conversation they want us to have. the conversation they don t want to have is why republican plans would do nothing to lower prices or higher wages. what they are planning on doing is how they can pass a tax cut for corporations and the wealthy. it will add $3 trillion to the deficit. they re trying to distract from the things that matter to people and their own popular agenda. we sdroebt to play that game as democrats. let me follow up on that, that gets to the central question of this entire campaign as it concerns joe biden, which is how much should he be talking about the sort of institutional threats posed by donald trump, institutional threats to our system of justice, to our democracy, to the voting system, and how much should he talk about, what you say, the bread and butter issue, the economy, inflation, et cetera, you seem to be landing quite clearly in camp b, don t focus on the institutional threats, is that fair? there s no such thing as a single-issue campaign for president. right. it s about a lot. now, it is very clear that most voters by pretty large margins say the economy and inflation are the single most important issue that s going to decide their vote. it s also true that three quarters of voters say that the they are unhappy with the economy and that donald trump has a big advantage on the economy. we have to narrow that gap. that doesn t mean we shouldn t talk about abortion and freedom and the threats that donald trump has. because what ties together donald trump s positions where he wants to cut social security, medicare, cut taxes for the wealthy, repeal the affordable care act, repeal abortion, is maga extremism. that s how i think we should frame it. i do wonder where you think the most movable voters are, right? because the economic stuff is plain to see. it s not a mystery, right? inflation is coming down. the joblessness rate, all of it, and it hasn t sunk in. whereas, i m not necessarily arguing for this, but the polling that we got, i think it was this week, an ap/norc poll, approval of donald trump s conviction nationwide, 15% of republicans approve of his conviction. those seem like the ghost of nikki haley s supporters. and i wonder if you think, you know, given freshness of this story and the fact that people are responding to it, whether there s to blunt about it, gold in them there hills for the democrats and the biden campaign. oh, sure. this is the anti-donald trump coalition is the biggest political coalition in america. but it s very diverse, right? you have voters who are biden voters who are upset about the economy. you have people who are biden voters who are upset about what s happening in gaza. you have trump voter who is may be upset former trump voters. so you have a lot of messages to a lot of people. what we know is there is a sufficient group of people who are deeply concerned about the idea i know this sounds crazy but deeply concerned idea that we should not have a convicted felon as president of the united states. i hope the president takes advantage of this during the debate in two weeks and brings it up. we have to make a full throated, proud, unafraid case against donald trump. that s going to talk about raising prices and cutting taxes for rich people, the threat he poses to freedoms like abortion, contraception, and the threat he poses to all of our freedoms because of the way he wants to govern what he did to try to pull the wool over voter s eyes in 2016 whshgs he got caught for and convicted for, tells a story about the kind of president donald trump would be and we shouldn t shy away from that. given the things we talk about, you know donald trump s going to bring up, well, we think he would bring up hunter biden. there s another trial in california, i believe, in september. should biden be talking about that? playbook suggests this is an opportunity to show empathy and connect with people who have faced hardship that in their own lives and families. what do you think about that? well, this is obviously deeply personal and deeply painful situation for the president, right? he had this is it s obvious every time he s ever been forced to talk about it. in all of the reporting you read, this is something that s very hard for him, of course it is. all this tragedy in his family, dealing with addiction, having to witness that. there s no question donald trump s going to bring it up in the debate. he did it in 2020 to try to rattle biden s case. i think if he can talk about this from the perspective of a father who loves his son, much like the statement that he and the first lady put out after the conviction, that hug he gave his son afterwards that he returned home to give, to show that side of joe biden, i think that is powerful. because the essential truth of joe biden is that he is a deeply empathetic person who is running for president because he cares about everyone else. and he can show that in that moment if that comes. and i think that s the way to do it and the way i think he would do it. i mean, his empathy, i think, does distinguish him from the other person who s going to be across the stage from him. dan pfeiffer, my friend, thank you for making the time tonight, buddy. thank you. coming up, some really good news this week. violent crime is way, way down across the country, but you couldn t be faulted for believing the very opposite, especially if you like watching certain local news stations. we re going to have more on that right after the break. on that right after the break. whoa! how d you get your teeth so white? you gotta use the right toothpaste! dr. c?! not all toothpastes whiten the same. crest 3d white removes 100% more stains for a noticeably whiter smile. new personal best. crest. if you have chronic kidney disease you can reduce the risk of kidney failure with farxiga. because there are places 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and conservative media like fox news, you probably think we are in the middle of a massive crime wave. we are not. this week we got new fbi crime statistics showing that in the fist quarter of this year, crime is yet again down across the board. overall violent crime down 15% from last year. murders down 26%. by every national metric, crime is down. regardless of the facts here, fox is still going big on crime. the organization media matters counted 304 reports about crime on fox in just the first two months of this year alone. the last time the fbi released crime data, back in march, crime data that again showed another drop in crime across the board, fox gave that data approximately two minutes of air time in the first two weeks after the data came out. fox only mentioned the declining crime rate seven times in those two week, and one of those mentions was this one. new data from the fbi claims that the u.s. crime rate is dropping. let s look at this graph while i stab you. given how much elected republicans and national conservative media are pushing the narrative of a staggering crime wave despite the facts, it sort of makes sense that republicans believe there is a rise in crime when really there isn t. but the thing is, it s not just republicans who believe that. recent polling from gallup shows that 77% of all americans believe there is more crime in the u.s. today than there was a year ago. despite, again, the opposite being true. crime went down this year and crime went down the year before. we are in the opposite of a crime wave. so what gives? why do so many americans think that crime is up? well, there are probably a lot of reasons, but there is one reason that does not get enough attention, local news. in 2019, one of seattle s local tv news stations, komo news, put out this documentary entitled seattle is dying. it depicts seattle as a city in decline because of rampant crime and homelessness. the seattle times newspaper was quick to refute the documentary s assertion that seattle was dying, pointing out that both property crime and violent crime have been dropping in seattle for decades, and komo news isn t some independent, whacky outlet, it is part of the sinclair broadcast network, a network of nearly 200 local tv stations. as the washington post put it, sinclair s recipe for tv news is crime, homelessness, and illegal drugs. journalist anne nelson told the washington post , sinclair plays up crime stories in a way that is disproportionate to their statistical presence. or as david told the post, it s a fox news wannabe. that s their model a political tool rather than a journalistic platform. but unlike what people hear from fox news or donald trump, viewers may not necessarily have their radars up when it comes to information they are getting from the local news stations that give them the weather. s stations that give them the weather sinclair broadcast group. a story about how dozens of their anchors from across the country all read the exact same script and this one was pt questioning president biden s mental fitness. sinclair has since given us their response. we are going to get to that, coming up next. . millions of children are fighting to survive due to inequality, conflict, poverty and the climate crisis. save the children® is working alongside communities to provide a better life for children. and there s a way you can help. please call or go online to give just $10 a month. only $0.33 a day. we urgently need 1000 new monthly donors in the next 30 days to help the children we support around the world. you can help provide food, medicine, care and protection, plus so much more that a child needs by calling right now and giving just $10 a month. all we need are 1000 monthly donors in the next 30 days. please call or go online now with your monthly gift of just $10. thanks to generous government grants, every dollar you give can have up to ten times the impact. and when you call with your credit card, we will send you this save the children® tote bag as a thank you for your support. your small monthly donation of just $10 could be the reason a child in crisis survives. please call or go online to to help save lives today. we have some new developments in a story we covered last night. the newsletters public notice and popular information first brought to attention anchors at dozens of local tv news stations who have been reading the same controversial script about president joe biden based on a widely criticized wall street journal article. have a listen. the wall street journal calling into question the mental fitness of president joe biden. as national correspondent matt galka tells us, the issue could be an election decider. the issue could be an election decider. the stations have one thing in common. they are owned by the conservative leading sinclair broadcast group and tonight we have a statement from sinclair denying wrongdoing or bias. here is a quote. the allegation sinclair is deceiving its audience are spreading misinformation is outrageous. our goal is to buy the accurate and timely coverage. any insinuation otherwise is unfounded and undermines the integrity and hard work of our teams. joining me now is the founder and author of the popular information newsletter. he is one of two reporters who broke the story. thank you for joining me. let me first get your response to sinclair s response. well, i think it was interesting that they ignored really the key issue, which is that they are amplifying and requiring dozens of local, trusted local news broadcasts, to amplify this very shoddy story by the wall street journal questioning biden s mental fitness based on really kevin mccarthy, the only on the record source. so they did not really address that. i think they are unhappy with the fact their tactics are being exposed. this is a problem they have had in the past of sending these very biased scripts to all of their affiliates and having them read them verbatim. can you talk about when you say they were forced to read these. sinclair as part of its defense says giving out scripts is common practice to affiliates and basically there is nothing to see here. from your reporting, what you understand about the pressure, if any, these local anchors are given to read this stuff verbatim? this is been well-established that sinclair, which has 186 affiliates it owns or controls, sends must runs segments that are produced out of their national office. actually after trump was elected in 2016 they hired one of his spokespeople, boris epshteyn as their national correspondent and then would have him do commentary which they required all of these stations to run. so it is true, there are affiliates that have relationships with different services. cnn operates one. there are a bunch of different ones. they will send along scripts, but that is something optional for them to do. this is the corporate parent requiring these affiliates which have all sorts of branding, abc, nbc, everybody, locks, and really pushing very hard right content in a way that is not transparent. the owner of sinclair broadcasting is a gentleman named david smith. he also purchased the baltimore sun not that long ago and i want to read for viewers who are unfamiliar with what has happened. the union representing the newspaper sternal essay monday that the articles do not meet standards. including a one-sided story about immigration policies and an op-ed by the co-owner likening the transgender movement to a cancer. in addition journalists say stories under their names have been changed without their permission and they have been reusing reporting from one of the 185 local tv stations owned by the sinclair broadcast group. this is a feedback loop, it sounds like. what do you know if the editorial practices under david smith? i think he has established himself as a right-wing operative. he has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to right- wing groups and famously he met with donald trump in 2016. jared kushner helped cut a deal where they would get access in exchange for not fact checking. david smith himself said we are here to deliver your message, so it is a very partisan operator, but he is really pulling the strings behind local affiliate neck works affiliate networks that unfortunately viewers may not know what is going on. over 185 tv stations, plus the baltimore sun. judd legum, thanks for your time. that is our show for tonight. now it is time for the last word with lawrence o donnell. . good evening, alex. sheldon whitehouse is joining us to talk about the supreme court. alex, i was fascinated to hear your interview with the alito neighbor

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Transcripts For FOXNEWS Jesse Watters Primetime 20240613

maybe they could do an exhibition where he does some backflip that the open. maybe nancy pelosi will do that tonight of the congressional baseball game. no that s when trump visits tomorrow. is there a lightning bolt that s going to hit the capital? trump is coming. they said populism was over, that it was over in europe. trump was over. how many times can they declare trump politically over or populism is over? they ve been wrong and wrong again. the tide is rising internationally and i think trump s return to washington, this will be quite a day. you all stay tuned for that tomorrow. speaker-01: raymond arroyo, great to have you. that s it for us tonight, follow me on social media, thank you for watching, jesse is next. welcome to jesse watters primetime . tonight,. jesse: [ inaudible ] jesse: we finally figured out what they are going to do with joe. four more years, pause. [ chanting ] jesse: arab spring break, not over yet. [ crowd noise ] shot fired. jesse: crime is down. [ laughter ] jesse: new hoax alert. plus. jake paul. [ ] jesse: politics is like a game of cards, you don t pick the cards, you play the hand you are dealt. after using up their dictator on day one card in the lock him up card, democrats are down with only two cards left to play. joe biden and come in layers. around the democrat poker table, the question is, what s the next play. the obvious answer was joe biden he won them the first poker game, why not go for a repeat? the question is, everybody sees the play coming and the biden card, no guarantee. he s lagging with debate prep, skipping out on g-7 dinners and now his conviction is hanging over his head. sources inside the white house tell the new york times biden has grown more resigned and worried than ever about what the future might hold for his son. the media is starting to question the play. the people close to him say that this is the thing that more than anything else he wakes up, you know, if he s briefed by aids on gaza, the next immediate thing, constantly in contact with his son, they speak at least once a day. so this is something that is going to add more weight to the presidents mindset. i think it s a very heavy burden and by staying in politics, by being as exposed as they are in some ways, it has put pressures on hunter biden and i think that weighs on the president. jesse: like any poker game it s all about the odds. a prediction model gives biden a one in three chance of winning and after biden s approval rating just hit an all-time low, even the democrat numbers guru nate silver is a joe needs to drop out. or else it s a longshot. most americans they get biden is reelected, he will die in office. now the question is, do you take the risk or do you make a swap? i think a lot of voters have trepidation about whether or not joe biden will make it through a second term and so they tune out these other things. is this because they have issues about his vice president? also issues about kamala harris coming into the office, absolutely. whether that s racism, whether it s because of her track record at not being great at public policy. at someone new in? a convention would require do you think you should? we should watch for the first debate. jesse: what good does a harris candidacy do? she s less popular than biden and no one thinks she can beat trump. but she s still here because no one has told her no or maybe she just won t listen to it. i eat no for breakfast. i don t hear no. and many times in your life, you are going to here no. someone is going to many even many people will say to you, it s not your time, nobody like you has done that before, they are not ready for you. and then i love this next one, that s going to be hard work. really? jesse: democrats have a better shot of winning the white house with the guy that s about to die than with kamala harris. as machiavelli says in the prince, to maintain power you have to be prepared to act immorally when it comes necessary. that s what the democrats are preparing to do. charles cook in the national review says biden s candidacy is nothing more than a decoy biden is operating as a stand-in, a widget or a macguffin whose primary purpose is to make it to november 5th of this year without expiring. the most powerful man in the world has been transmuted into little more than a game token in a game that narrows down to this , biden must win because donald trump must not. the only way biden wins is if he s not seen as too old are too incompetent or too misguided. that means he cannot be seen as who he is. the media has to lie to you about him. the job is simple, boomerang every trump attack on biden to better the odds. for all his calls for president biden to undergo some kind of cognitive test, it s clear to say mr trump s remarks are not at all coherent and these rallies. mr trump s remarks have never been super coherent in his rallies. this split screen has always been there, will always be there. they are different people. jesse: it s risky when your candidate looks like this. i need to see some black folk on the grass! [ ] come on! i need to see some black folk on the grass! [ ] [ ] banning books about black experiences. [ inaudible ] jesse: so plan b, change the subject. i think you have to stop making it about gold versus not old versus bit versus unfit and it s very simple, you keep putting on the graphic fit and you show biden at the state of the union. unfit, you show trump. fit, unfit, and each one of trump s is very funny and then you go it s all fun and games until it comes to nuclear weapons. we can t have unfit. jesse: this guy might be a little old but his hand on the button is okay. this guy s hand is not on the button and i would bring it back to end of world stuff. jesse: notice how the democrats don t have a winning message. it changes every day and that tells you they are in trouble. as soon as biden is reelected, cook says that is when you will see a shift. 23 seconds after he has won, this will change and when it does the reversal will be astonishing in both speed and scope. instantly all of biden s senile ticks will be visible to all. within seconds of his inauguration got the scene will begin to cast doubts on the ability of any octogenarian to do such a demanding job and when the last weight falls, it will become clear as day that joe biden wasn t a presidential candidate, but a lumbering decoy . the media will turn in the kingmakers will go to work. hunter gets pardoned, biden gets pushed out and the torch gets past took kamala harris in the first year. whose presidency will look like this. to aspire to create wealth is a good thing as far as i m concerned. if that is what one chooses. i on the other hand have chosen to live a life of public service. but i am all for you getting yours if that s what you want. we dry in. that s what those tours about jesse: every day for four years it will be a dei victory. the media will celebrate the first black the mill president and the deep state will run a lock because kamala harris is easier to control that joe, just like joe she will be a macguffin to washington s poker game and when 2028 rolls around, they can say thanks for playing, kamala. would like to introduce you to someone, maybe you ve heard of him, gavin newsom. former house speaker kevin mccarthy joins me now. do you see this? i see it. year one, joe is gone, kamala is in, that s the play, that s the decoy. you know why it s so true? they ve already played it once. it was a hunter biden laptop. the first thing they did, they had it since 2019, they go out and tell people it s not real and then they told immediate you can t print this or talk about it and then once the election is over, it s real. the wall street journal did a story recently, and i told them, i watched this behind the scenes working with this president, is all the moments he s not there. i never hid from the fact and they are acting like this is a big shock. but if you follow the democrats, remember axelrod who ran obama s campaign? he started a year and a half ago trying to get him not to run. then clinton s tried to get him not to run. now they finally decided we can t get him off the ticket. kamala can win. jesse: so they have to lie to all of us about how great he is, how sharp he is, how he can outhustled the whole country just to get him over the finish line and then the switcheroo. ogc, they literally have the top people in hollywood working on it. those sunglasses. the problem is, he has to walk to the podium. he walks to the podium and everyone walks around like what are you talking about? when he starts to talk, then you are in trouble. they tried to hide him the last time and this is the play they want to do. they have to get through this last bit. jesse: when we see him swallow words or say things completely incomprehensible at these public events, or not clap to the beat, when you were behind the scenes negotiating, what did you see? he would always go with the cards. what i learned early on, he has to read from them. once he starts reading, i was would interject and he would not know what to do. then he would close it and just stop. kamala would have to start talking. so it was a player used every time. there was one time we were sitting there and he s taking us on a tour and all of a sudden he goes, you want to go out to the pool? and then jill is on the other side of the table and she goes know, they don t want to go out. he goes you don t want to go out? then he opens the door, it s wintertime, and he walks is down to the swimming pool into the changing room. and then we walked back up and he s created this little room outside the oval office to be a little office for him. president trump had it as a gift shop but clinton used for something else. [ laughter ] but he s made it an office for himself like 10 feet away from the oval office. why? jesse: like a mini office. not the grand oval office, a little cubbyhole. between you and i. all it does is have a desk in their and then it has one of those ballets when i walked in. a blue dress shirt all wrinkled. why does the president take his shirt off and there? then we come walking back and i m thinking oh my gosh, please don t show this to any other world leader. i will tell you, democrats. jesse: kevin, i can t believe you showed you the pool in the middle of winter, but not just the pool, the dressing room when he got to the dressing room, what did he say? first he got to the door and it was locked. [ laughter ] secret service comes and opens it up. i m like what are we doing? jesse: do some laps. all right. you are doing laps around him. we just mentioned hunter. and someone just floated the idea of a pardon but not who you think it would be coming from. watch this. i d like to see president trump coming out with a statement saying if hunter biden commits to a program of sobriety and inpatient or maybe outpatient, shows up got keeps his sobriety, i will partner him. i love to see president trump say that. mack not on his part, it shows humanity and flip the tables on the democrats magna minutes. i like it for this, it means trump is president. it also shows the democrats are fearful of trump to become president because they are fearful he will do what they are doing to him. and you know it s interesting, they run on bidenomics which fails because inflation, because than they run a democracy. npr did a pool of independence and by a vote of 53-42, they think the biggest threat to democracy is him having another four years. so what i think from this is it s not bad. trump shows that the greatest retribution you can do to anybody is be successful. jesse: i think that s the move. revenge is success. you want to go see the pool? [ laughter ] jesse: kevin mccarthy, thank you so much. more primetime ahead. [ ] if you might pray with me real quick. lord, you know what s on our hearts. you know where we struggle. you know where we need to be pushed. help us give it all to you. the good, the bad. help us turn to you in everything we do. amen. i invite you to join me in more prayer on hallow, stay prayed up your best defense against erosion and cavities is strong enamel. nothing beats it. i recommend pronamel active shield because it actively shields the enamel to defend against erosion and cavities. i think that this product is a game changer for my patients. it really works. scout is protected by simparica trio and he s in it to win it! simparica trio is the first chew with triple protection. whoa fleas! and ticks! 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[ ] [ ] jesse: biden said his executive order which i don t the border but it s been a week and thousands of illegals are still pouring through. bill melugin has more. reporter: jesse, president biden s executive order is pretty much having zero impact whatsoever in the busy san diego sector where adult men from really all around the planet continue crossing illegally nonstop with most of them released into the u.s. fox news cameras have witnessed mass illegal crossings in california several days in a row with every day in the last week averaging over 1000 illegal immigrant apprehensions down in that sector. one border patrol agent is now voicing his frustration. doesn t frustrate you when you hear the narrative like why aren t border patrol doing anything? if i don t allow them to cross, they call and complain and i m in trouble and i lose my job. reporter: meanwhile at boston international airport, the baggage claim has been turned into a shelter for a legal immigrants with hundreds camping inside the sanctuary city s airport. at san antonio airport, a reporter posted this video showing americans having to wait in a long line at tsa while illegal aliens released from dhs custody with their notice to appear paperwork had their own much faster line. we reached out to tsa for comment and they said they are preparing a statement but as of this newscast, we have not heard back from them yet. meanwhile today fox news questions democrats about eight to g augusta national s with ices ties being arrested by ice and the fbi after they were caught and released at the southern border. to me, it s just a reminder that republicans need to stop opposing additional resources for more border patrol agents and other dhs personnel to help continue to enforce the law. they have the personnel and let them go. they need more. republicans need to stop getting in the way. reporter: and just a little reminder for your viewers, democrats held the white house, the senate for the first two years did not the about the border. jesse: thank you bill. trump has been clear when he gets into office he s going to get revenge but what does that look like? my revenge will be success. and i mean that. but it s awfully hard when you see what they ve done, these people are so evil and at the same time the country can t come together. can come together. jesse: revenge through success. everybody wins, even trump s enemies. jesus told his disciples that i say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you and prey for them which despitefully use you and persecute you. what would jesus do? revenge through success. some people heard the word revenge and thought trump is going to put me in gitmo. maddow, wallace, will be goldberg and aoc worried about been thrown in solitary. stelter says that s just the beginning. jail of course is an extreme part of the spectrum. imprisonment is a sub extreme part but think about irs audits, government pressure, other forms of government interference. there are a lot of pressure points and rachel maddow is not the only one thinking about this. i ve talked to the heads of news organizations, they are thinking through not in dramatic fashion, because they are afraid of going to jail but because they want to know what could trump do to use his power in a second term to punish the media. jesse: trump doesn t want to put the press in prison, he loves them. he loves them so much that he talks to them even when he should not. and the press should love him back. he made them rich and famous. during his presidency, cnn and msnbc ratings were double what they are now. deep stators got huge tv contracts. million-dollar book deals being handed out like halloween candy. today biden runs away from the press. there s mass layoffs, no book deals and cnn is losing to reruns of martin. he s coming, he s coming! [ laughter ] jesse: the media is catching a case of arrest and be. they saw what happened to trump when he got arrested, legendary mug shot, 24/7 coverage, millions of dollars in donations and they want a taste of martyrdom. they are baking trump to arrest them for attention. it s the only way anybody will know they are still famous. they want their own trials like trump. gag orders, de niro showing up. but none of that is going to happen. of trunk trump locks up all the reporters, will he joust with? but there s a different revenge path trump could take. legal scholar says there s only one way to stop the political prosecutions, prosecute democrats. only retaliation in kind can produce the deterrence necessary to enforce a political version of mutual assured destruction. without the threat of prosecution of their own leaders, democrats will continue to charge future republican presidents without restraint. john is a former deputy assistant attorney general. john, what would that look like, prosecuting democrats, be specific. thank you for having me on. i have to say, that was a great article you were just reading from. jesse: thank you. what a wonderful scholar. [ laughter ] this is what it would look like. you would have to have republican das indict hunter biden or indict joe biden just in the way that blue state das have been indicting president trump. and would it be for it would be for things like corruption, fraud, bribery, because that s the only way i think you can get democrats to stop abusing the legal system, to stop breaking the norms that they have. i was listening to your introduction to the segment and look, the democrats are so scared because they have broken all of these rules. they have crossed the rubicon and now they are worried because once they ve destroyed these norms in the way they ve gone after trump, they realize republicans can turn around and do the exact same thing to them. jesse: we heard a guy at the top, a consultant to trump in 2020, say that trump should promise to pardon hunter back preemptively back as a kind of way to rise above things and flip the script on democrats. you are saying trump wins, local das go after joe and hunter and go further than that. what other avenues or areas do you think republican das or prosecutors could legitimately do in order to get accountability? well one thing they can look at his influence peddling beyond just the biden family. are there other democratic politicians who engage in the same kind of conduct? they get their brothers hired, their sisters hired, their kids hired by foreign governments, foreign corporations or even u.s. corporations. and then try to help those companies out. look, the justice department actually goes after a lot of american companies when they due exactly the same thing abroad. if you were in exon and you hired say the sun of the head of saudi arabia, he would be prosecuted like that. so why can t republican das do the same here in the united states? and look, i don t want this norm to have been broken. i wish we were not using the criminal justice system to interfere in politics, but how else could you deter democratic das from doing the same thing? if you don t, they will just keep doing it and doing it worse and worse. jesse: insider-trading could probably be an area where prosecutors would have a field day. just look at nancy pelosi, look at some of these members of congress. could the sec get involved there? it could be the sec but it could just be, and this is the thing that the democrats really started, it wasn t just the justice department, it was leading any sitting county da go after trump. there are 2500 elected das in the country and so to really establish, and this is all to rebuild the norm, to get people to stop doing this, then you would allow republican das and in say texas or florida to ask why does a democratic senator or democratic congressman go into office and then 20 years later they seem to have millions of dollars and multiple mentions like bernie sanders? jesse: so don t do what jesus would do. don t love my enemy. [ laughter ] play the long game. jesus wasn t running for president. [ laughter ] jesse: john yoo, thank you so much. new hoax alert, right back. 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[ ] arab spring break might be over by the occupiers are still at it. over 100 hamas lovers marched into ucla holding fake dead bodies in looking to set up a new campus caliphate. but this time the cops weren t having it and started arresting the ecology hotties before they could pitch their tents. watch. [ crowd noise ] [ bleep ] [ chanting ] no racist police! [ bleep ] jesse: if they can occupy campus, they occupy a subway. a horde went underground, they love tunnels, fighting with cops, vandalized trains and demanding any jews identify themselves. [ bleep ] [ crowd noise ] [ chanting ] shut it down! raise your hand if you are a zionist. this is your chance to get out. jesse: a mostly peaceful commute, unless you happen to be jewish. crime so out of control looters are back and there s not even a reason to riot. [ crowd noise ] jesse: the whole mop recorded the rampage. one arrest. in seattle where they told johnny there s no crime, there s gang shootouts in residential neighborhoods. [ gunshots ] jesse: in new york, maniacs with knives are lunging at cops. let go of the knife! give me another taser. all right, all right. jesse: and in san francisco it was just another day that ended in the letter y. [ engine roars ] jesse: a sideshow with fires, burnouts and roman candles, those are fun. blatant and outrageous crimes occurring on a daily basis coast-to-coast but biden is running for reelection so the fbi is telling you crime is down. attorney and retired nypd inspector paul moreau. the fbi comes out and says crime is way down. is that true? no. let s just break it out in a simple way from the get-go. forty% of the nations police departments don t report to the fbi with their crime numbers. what a coincidence. let s do the roll call. new york, la, chicago, baltimore, washington, dc which is federal themselves. consequently, what do they have in common? big blue cities with high crime rates and those numbers are not going into the crime reports. furthermore, the fbi has a habit of trying to extrapolate those numbers. nothing is more dull than statistics but it s interesting what they do. for instance, this quarter when joe biden is claiming violent crime is down, he s focusing on murders, murders are down the nypd and the fbi murder number for this year are different by 44%. jesse: wait a second. and it looks like the new york city number is a little higher than the fbi is telling. and by the way, they use the same definition so it s not like the devil is in the details, the same order definition, they are off by 44%. you can t trust these numbers and just consider this, the videos you just showed, most of what you just showed would not be captured in any crime numbers. jesse: why not? that was a knife attack on a police officer, we saw i believe a shoot out in a residential neighborhood. that is legitimately classified as a shooting. they probably got that for in new york for instance you have to hit someone for that to be a shooting incident. jesse: i can empty my clip but if i miss, they don t count that? that s right. [ laughter ] and look, the bottom line is, quality of life is not captured in any of the fbi numbers and if you live in the blue city, walk outside and use your eyes. and by the way, what with the arrests be for those people who were yelling about jews on the train? where the hate crimes? where are the fbi hate crimes task force and all these other none of that gets captured. jesse: zero he crimes on that subway. just a handful of arrests. it looked like a music video in san francisco with the fires and the skits. and joe biden is talking about how he s supporting law enforcement, all-pro law enforcement. the day he came to town, he went to radio city, he had five hours before that event, he did not pick up the phone and call the family. donald trump went to that wake. if you don t think america s law enforcement sees that and will vote commensurately, you are not paying attention. jesse: thank you paul. jake ball joints primetime , next. 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[ ] jesse: young voters used to be la up for democrats on election day but now they are heckling joe biden, voting trump or straight up disappeared. why is that? war, high prices, biden is 140. so the democrats came up with a new plan to win back young voters, free beer and birth control. the washington post writes, a group of democratic donors think they may have found a cure for what ails you. they want to make politics looked different, like a dance party or comedy show or just a place to chill out. sometimes there will be free beer, manicures, boot shines, rent check sweepstakes, a handout of contraceptive pills or cooling towels, whatever those are. and if the booze, birth-control and boot shines don t work, maybe hollywood marketing well. won t pack down, get it? hired millenial and gen z directors back writers and producers to help craft pro biden content that is specifically engineered does sell an octogenarian candidate to typically disillusioned and hard-to-reach voters under 30. biden paid off their school loans and they still hate him? what a waste of money. professional boxer jake paul joins me now. so jake if the democrats gave you free beer, would you vote biden? man, it will take more than that, but it does not have to do to me it does not have to do with democrat or republican, it s about which president is going to fight for us and who is going to represent us the best way possible. and that s really what the young people in america want. we won t solutions, we don t want all of this marketing, we don t want all of the the yes. this is the smartest generation. we ve had the most access to information and knowledge out of any other generation, so you can t fool us. we just want the truth and we want authenticity. jesse: what are the solutions you want for, what s the problem? man, there s a lot to name. jesse: we only have a couple minutes. that s not necessarily my area of expertise, but i know people are struggling with jobs, mortgages, too much for people to afford. inflation, prices are going up and is minimum wage rising? people are having trouble paying off and going to school, and then they are feeling like i have this college degree but what has this gotten me? i believe there s a massive problem with our food. the stuff they are putting into our bodies and allowing a grocery stores is causing massive health problems. i think there needs to be a massive conversation with a national institution of health. that s why i created it gotta try this stuff, it smells delicious, but i wanted to make it, a product that took out all the weird stuff for young men and boys across the world because it matters what we are putting in an on our bodies and so definitely there s a lot of things. jesse: wait, jake, was that just body spray? yes. this is w body spray deodorant and body wash. i ve been working on this for two years and it s available in walmart nationwide right now. jesse: you gotta send over the skincare line to primetime . we will sample it and give it a review. your brother was just with trump let s watch the clip. explain what was going on here. jesse: what was that? yeah, no, i thick my brother is having trump on his podcast and i think that s what s important to young voters, is the president showing up, speaking their mind, saying how they are going to help. my brother has invited biden onto his podcast, the last i ve heard, and let s see what happens. i ve invited biden to my fight. i want both donald trump junior and biden to come to my fight but who knows which president is actually going to show up, talk to the people, it into the weeds and meet the young voters where they are at, give them that representation and give them that voice and somebody who will fight for us. jesse: so what s the deal with the fight? i heard mike had heart problems and it was postponed. what s next? he had stomach issues. but the fight is rescheduled to november 15th. same everything, dallas, texas, at&t stadium, still historic night live on netflix. mike says he will still knock me out and i just bought a little bit of extra time. jesse: well send that body spray this way. i have to sit next to dana perino and i have to be smelling good, if you know what i mean. jake paul, everybody check him out, and the skincare line w. no relation. [ ] jesse: time for waters mack cooler. let s bring in cat and friends watters cooler legendary hot dog eating champ was banned from this year s nathan sauder david and contest after he signed a deal with a vegan wiener brand. is that fare? you sign a deal was someone, we have that here at fox. we can t just go on cnn. coral, he s freelance so he did not sign anything, he s just a guest. jesse: so carl can go on cnn. if he wanted to. but if i were joey chestnut, i would be petty. i would compete along anyway. i bring my own hotdogs and i would sit there at coney island and fill myself film myself doing it and beat everyone anyway. jesse: ute the impossible dogs. that might give them a tactical advantage. go in the crowd into it anyway. win from afar. don t get mad, get petty. jesse: wise words. next up, a mom says she charges other parents who bring their kids over for a play date. are you ready? this mom charges three dollars for a bag of goldfish, two dollars for yogurt, one dollar for three squirts of soap. one dollar. four dollars for two juice boxes, four dollars for markers, five dollars for electricity, four dollars for meat sticks, three dollars for an ice cream bar and a ten-dollar cleaning fee. she s billing the other parents for the play date at her house. i don t think this is real but for the sake of television i will pretend that i do. jesse: i ve never done that before. not without the disclaimer. i think she s a troll and it s a good thing. that makes me want to have kids so that i can have my kids friends over and then send the bill. send it over and see how they handle it. i think it would be a really good test. if somebody said what is this, what are you doing? that s how you know you have a real friend. if someone says no problem, you know that person is talking about you behind your back. jesse: you have strong moral character. i do they when a lot of people don t realize but you do. next up, kit cats with catch up is all everybody is talking about. sounds disgusting. probably is but we have to try it. you squirt yourself. are you going to eat it? your not any need it. he just put a little squirt on their. right on there it. i never have agreed to do this. jesse: i m gonna go. let s go. cheers. it s not good. jesse: not good. that s so bad. i don t like this at all. so bad. jesse: do something with it. throw it at johnny. i don t like it. jesse: well, tell me about your dog. my dog is named karl. he has and instagram and he s greg s dogs uncle. i got the stock first. jesse: so greg stole your idea? they are biologically related got is the nephew of my dog carl jesse: a family tree. of dogs. jesse: a beautiful dog. i kind of like yours better than cost. shots fired. thank you for entering the ketchup and kit kat. the spartan race, that s next. [ ] when you re in the military you re really close with your brothers and your sisters that are in the military with you. and when you get out of the military, you kind of lose that until you find a new family. we can talk about our struggles and the things that we did overseas and not everybody can do that. adam! how s it going, brother? we live pretty close to each other. so he s always coming over. when i go to jack s house, we watch a lot of football, hang out. we go outside the friendship has kind of grown into a family i was overseas on a deployment. i got separated from my marines and i got hit in the neck, and it broke my neck and paralyzed me. 14 years ago, i was on a training mission. going, 30 to 40 knots and was instantly paralyzed. i met jack fanning and ski with my fa when he invited us to park city, utah, through his foundation. mily, i can t put into words what that meant. i got paid in the military to do crazy fun stuff. and after my accident, i m still that same guy. and when i was able to jump out of a perfectly good, helicopter, at 10,000 feet, i did it. i was talking to some vets last week amazing how we have these houses where they can come over because they■re in chairs too. carpet and wheelchairs don t mix very well. tunnel to towers, they got rid of all that. they redid my whole bathroom. that s probably the favorite part of my house. i thought they were just going to do the upgrades. but the surprise to me was they paid off the entire mortgage. when they told me they re going to pay off my mortgage, i cried. please contribute $11 a month by visiting now choose advil liqui-gels and longer-lasting relief than tylenol rapid release gels because advil targets pain at the source of inflammation. so for faster pain relief, advil the pain away. jesse: the spartan race you have to see this you know what it is 5 k through mud that s a killer. under barbed wire you have to crawl. monkey bars you have to swing. rope climb there s gerrit a 75-pound barrel there. wall climb it s like an hour or 2 hours and all day event. we ll let part 2 tomorrow with video a bunch of fox people involved with the primetime tear crew was there they wanted me to do it i pretended like i didn t hear them lets do some text messages. how we from new jersey says give biden a break maybe he watches waters window and uses his will for daily ice plunges. gary from tallahassee the last time biden brought someone to a pool he wrapped a chain over there and neck mccarthy is lucky he s breathing. alan from grove city pennsylvania trump pardoning hunter blessing those who kirsten a start of healing and uniting that america needs. is that possible? donnie from eugene, oregon. it you think they would pardon eric or donald trump junior? that s a no. stewart from colorado, jesse please don t laugh at jesus he s the only 1 new has it together. i didn t laugh at jesus i laughed with jesus. and andy from albuquerque new mexico. waters what s with you read hoping for a sob gate there soft daisies sound like opera man up. jesse: it s for sporting claves get it. sean: kamal khera seats know for breakfast. what you eat for breakfast? sean is next remember that i am waters and this is my world. sean: welcome to hannity. tonight and biden s attorney general merrick garland has rightfully been held in contempt of congress will you be held accountabl

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Transcripts For CNN Anderson Cooper 360 20240613

the survivors of the sandy hook elementary school shooting, graduating from high school. they were just first-graders when they tragically lost 20 of their classmates in that massacre 12 years ago tonight they still feel the weight of that loss this is such a monumental guy and we all can feel what we ve lost should been all royal classmates 391. one last time. and i just can t i gave you that. i can never be that. i think we all are carrying your memory through us and making sure that they re walking stage right there with us. the school s principal reading the names of all 20 students who were murdered in that attack, also leading a moment of silence and honoring, of course, the six teachers and administrators were also killed wearing white and green ribbons on their gowns, each inscribed with forever in our hearts to remember the victims it is a tragedy that has understandably shape the course of their lives. many of the survivors now activists, some of them meeting recently with vice president kamala harris to push for gun control thanks so much for joining us tonight. america hill, ac30 60 starts now tonight, not 360 breaking news, a gun, eight clips two axis, one, weighted whip, knives handcuffs, a stun gun one suspect. all we are learning about the man arrested in new york with all this in his suv. and what authorities think he had planned for it. also tonight, what happens when the attorney general of the united states is held in contempt of congress and the effort is led by a congressman famous for defying how subpoena and later this will both fill your heart and break it. randy k. with surviving first-graders of the sandy hook massacre. now, high school graduates john berman here, infer anderson and we do begin with the breaking news and i just want to show you again what new york police officers found in the back of a ford explorer, they pulled over early this morning in the city s queens borough. it is frankly terrifying seen as john miller himself, a veteran of the nypd and fbi, joins us now, along with former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe and john just just tell us what more authorities are learning about this man and what they found in his car? while they re doing the deep die, if you ve got the nypd detective bureau, but also the nypd s intelligence bureau, which specializes in counterterrorism matters and the joint terrorism i m taskforce with the fbi all peeling back as life on one hand, what you re not finding yet and may never find is that he was radicalized, that he was in contact with an overseas terrorist group or that he had a plan to commit an act of terrorism. the concerning fees, as you have very well-framed with pictures is that he was driving around in a car equipped to do so. not only the weapons, but a collapsible button with the words carved into it in arabic god forgive me. a social media page that displays, and this isn t secret information. i went to his social media page and looked it has a flag that has been used before by al-qaeda in one of the images. so they have to figure out what s going on with him from family members, what their hearing is troubled, having problems with drugs hugs perhaps meth paranoid, and somebody who who may just be going through some mental health issues. but the danger is clear. do they just pull this guy over randomly they saw that his license plate were covered by one of those plastic things you can buy them at auto stories, it s basically meant to thwart the red light cameras in the speed cameras on the traffic violation. they looked in the car and they said they saw a knife on the seat, asked him to step out of the car so a taser and then a gun also between the front seats. and that led to the arrest for weapons charges in the search of the car. so not complete luck that they found it, but it s certainly something that could have slipped through heading on the license great example, an andy mccabe will tell you this. i m how routine police works sometimes better than the best intelligence is. what can keep your head of one of these incidents, andy, that arsenal, that this man had in the suv can bind with the qualities that john just described there, how much damage couldn t have done oh, i mean, john, there s a there s really no no limit to what this guy could have done with that sort of arsenal. and the thing that really jumps out to me is the nine magazines, nine loaded magazines to go along with the glock semi-automatic pistol. i mean, that is someone who is ready to shoot oh lot. so even if there is no connection to terrorism here, even this is, if this is a lone actor, these very heads up on the ball, police officers may have stopped a mass shooting, may have stopped some sort of a stabbing spree in a large group of people which you can find anywhere on the streets of manhattan, pretty much anytime you want. so what they may have stopped here, well, we ll maybe never know. but no question. john s absolutely right. this is the result of really solid police work. taking a look at something that s clearly illegal, doing this sort of reasonable investigation that follows from that picking up on all the signs and taking a step to really make sure that new yorkers are safe. i can tell you that my former colleagues, john s former colleagues at the joint terrorism task force. i m sure all over this right now, they re john said peeling this guy s life back. but what they re most concerned about right now, john is who this guy may have been talking to. they want to fully frame out his network of associates, people, he s corresponding with on social media. what were those conversations in those communications like to the extent that they can be recreated, they want to know if this guy has anyone else in his orbit who is similarly armed or similarly inclined andy said the clips or what, what s most concerning, what about the mta vested in the police bulletproof vest? what does that indicate? that s interesting. the two least two deadly items on the table could be the ones that tell us the most an mta vest that will get you into restricted areas in the subway believing that you re a subway worker the police bulletproof vest is not the standard best it s the heavy, vest, it s the plate carrier that is meant to stop heavier weapons and he has put an nypd patch on it so we re talking about someone who is driving in a black suv that kind of looks like an unmarked police car with this other indicia you wonder what it was for nand just finally either is a day after that sources tell cnn at eight tajik nationals with potential ties to terrorism and possible links to isis members over see is were arrested in the us. again, the ipd stress is way too early to determine if this arrested eight has any connection to terror groups but you do get the sense that authorities right now are on alert for a potential attacks john this is a beacon. it should, it should really get people s attention to the fact that even though we re not talking about stuff like this, every day, our intelligence folks are law enforcement folks, people who are focusing on the counterterrorism targets and threats they are at a very high state of alert. we know this because what the leaders have told us recently fbi director christopher wray testified recently about the increased threat awareness from the community in this country that may be inspired by or connected to hamas actor. so there is a whole broad range you very concerning threats and we re fortunate to have those folks watching those things closely and became great to see a john miller will get you back to digging, find out what you can. thanks very much. more breaking news on capitol hill late today, the republican controlled house made attorney general merrick garland, the third attorney general to be held in contempt of congress. garlin now joins obama attorney general, eric holder, and trump attorney general william barr in the history books. in this case is for refusing to turn over audio recordings of interviews that president biden did with a special counsel, who later declined to prosecute him. but vote was both politically driven and somewhat rich in that one of those pushing hardest for this house judiciary chair, jim jordan fight a subpoena to appear before the house january 6 committee with us now, from capitol hill, seen as meloni s the nose. so how did the vote breakdown today, melanie, will john this vote fell almost entirely along party lines, just one republican that s dave joyce of ohio, voted against this contempt the dilution, while all republicans voted for it. and of course, all democrats voted against it. so now it s really up to the doj to determine whether they re or actually going to prosecute attorney general merrick garland, which of course is very unlikely to happen, especially since price on and biden did assert executive privilege over those audio recordings which were of his interview with the special counsel in relation to the classified documents case. but speaker mike johnson said, regardless of what ends up happening or not happening, this was an important step for the house to take. just listen. we did our job on the contempt i think it sends an important message. we re defending article one and ariff, the wording for oversight, and we have to do that we ll see what happens next. but i the house has to do its work and i m pleased with the outcome. so again, this is a largely symbolic vote. it s much more likely to end up in federal court than it is in a prosecution, but it is a dramatic escalation in the feud between congress in the doj with merrick garland now become just the latest attorney general to be held in contempt. the congress john. so we did mention that the congressman jim jordan, defied a subpoena to a b appear before the house january 6 committee. did he ever face any consequences for that? yes. so he never complied with that subpoena to appear before the committee to talk about his role in trying to overturn the 2020 election in the house, which was run by democrats at the time, opted not to hold him in contempt of commerce. so no, jordan did not face any repercussions for his decision to defy that congressional subpoena. but speaker mike johnson was asked at a press conference earlier this morning, how can republicans hold merrick garland in contempt for oh, congress for defining a congressional subpoena when several of their own republican members have done exactly that. but johnson just responded by attacking the january 6, but committee and falsely calling it an illegitimate panel. john, we ll get to that milliner zone with thanks for being with us. appreciate it with us. now, maryland democratic congressman jamie raskin, congressman. thanks so much for being with us what s your reaction to the house vote to hold the attorney general in contempt in your mind? what helped could the audio recordings provide that the transcripts cannot well, it s a ridiculous motion in a ridiculous decision it s really the first time in american history that someone has been held in contempt by the us congress for complying with a subpoena from congress there s been overwhelming compliance in this case. what they were interested in was president biden s testimony before the special counsel the attorney general, the department justice, turned over the entire testimony verbatim, the entire transcript. they turned over all of the correspondence related did to it, and they even produce the special counsel himself, robert hur, who came over and spent several hours testifying and answering all questions about it. so they were saying they wanted to audio tape like they wanted the e-book. it wasn t enough to have the book itself. they wanted the audio book to go with it and everybody on capitol understands that they are looking for in president biden s more than five hours of testimony, which he gave during the time right after the terrorists to try cities on october 7 some verbal lapses, some mispronounced words or some ohms, or some us or something like that. and that s all for the purposes of creating a political tv attack ad. and everybody knows that that s what it s about. about and it s a ridiculous waste and abusive congressional resources and it was particularly rich as i think you said, and as i said on the house floor today, that this is coming from people who did not support contempt citations against people who really completely blew off congress and produced no documents and no testimony. people like steve bannon and some of those members who spoke on the floor on behalf of holding the attorney general united states in contempt themselves had never responded in any substantive way. to the subpoenas that were sent to them by the bipartisan january 6 select committee, which by the way, was found to be perfectly legitimate by multiple courts when our jurisdiction or authority was challenged in any way, let me play let me play what house speaker mike johnson had to say about that, specifically the idea of jim jordan who did not come comply with your subpoenas, you were on that committee. listen oh, i m so glad you brought up the january 6 committee. we ll be talking a lot more about that in the coming weeks. there s been a lot of investigation about that committee. i don t think it was properly constituted. i don t think it was it was properly administered. and now we know that apparently some of the evidence was hidden and some maybe even destroyed so you ll see, you ll hear much more about that in the days ahead. you talk about apples to oranges. there couldn t be a more clear contrast between that and what we re talking about here. do you see this is apples and oranges and respond if you d like to his charge that your committee was on lawfully constituted yeah, it s of course the exact opposite of what speaker johnson just said every federal court to look at this said that the january 6 select committee, which was a bipartisan committee with the democratic chair in a republican vice chair was completely lawfully constituted and lawfully operated and none of the people who tried to litigate against us, one in any way, they re just repeating a bunch of stale obsolete charges that have already been repudiated by federal courts and jamie are asking, we do appreciate your time and i thank so much for being with us you ve got my pleasure and then looking ahead to the former president s meeting with republican lawmakers on capitol hill tomorrow with a party. now, almost totally remade in his own image. and the latest don john on kings all over the map series tonight, he talks with deeply divided auto workers in the swing state of michigan about their presidential choices in november you give, and you give, now you get with straight talk wireless, you get unlimited data and you get to choose who gets on your family plans starting at just $25 a line, doesn t have to 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breastfeeding, or if you have kidney or liver problems, including hepatitis, if you have hepatitis b and that stuff, taking victory without talking to your health care provider common side effects with diarrhea, nausea, and headache, no matter where life takes you, big tar we can go with you, talk to your healthcare provider today i m pete mundane at reagan national airport. this is cnn but only a few exceptions. the former president will meet with republican senators tomorrow in washington, mitt romney and lisa murkowski, both of them critics of his say they will not be there several others have either not committed or would not say, but by enlarge, most senate republicans are now trump republicans, even if it means rewriting history or at least tweaking it as minority leader mcconnell seem to today said three years ago, right after the capital was attacked i would support our nominee regardless of the laws included obsessed with earlier this year, i support him wasn t exactly right after when he said that it was almost two months later, february 25th, but just 12 days after the attack, he said this there s no question nod. their president trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day lindsey graham will also meet with the former president, now, a convicted felon here is what he said the evening of january 6, trump and i we ve had a hell of a journey. i hate it then this way. oh my god, i hate it. from my point of view, it s been a consequential president. but today first thing you ll see all i can say is count me out enough is enough actually for him. it wasn t. he later claimed that what he said there did not really mean what plainly does. then he endorsed the man almost unconditionally and just to underscore something you said earlier if he is convicted, you will still support him in both for him absolutely the former president is also expected to meet with house republicans tomorrow and separately, members of a business roundtable. well, this down new york times senior political correspondent, maggie haberman, also former colorado republican congressman ken buck. maggie, first you what would is on the agenda for this meeting, particularly the senate meeting? what does donald trump and the trump campaign hope to gain from it? they ve been pretty vague about the specifics of what they re hoping to talk about. it s been left sort of in broad strokes about policy the border medicare, social security. and i expect we will hear a lot about that. but i think this is mostly as one lawmaker put it to me about trump trying to garner enthusiasm the senators in particular, as you know, this is the first time he s going to be in a room with mitch mcconnell s since 2020 and the senate republicans, unlike house republicans, have been a group that have been not more resistant to him, but certainly less pliant in turn because of his demands. however, we have seen in the days since his conviction in manhattan is a pretty broad array of republicans, including senators, rallying around him and saying that this conviction tonight s improper or that democrats should be investigated or prosecutors should be prosecuted and i think this might be a different tone of meeting than we ve seen him have with senators for you know, congressman in 2017 when trump took office, the first time, there were some republican members of congress who went their own way are pushed back on some controversial statements or some policies that he had at the time are there any of them really left doo doo non trump republicans have any power and congress anymore well, one, i think this is going to be a great opportunity for president trump to be surrounded by republicans after felony convictions and show that he is still the leader of the party and is still generates a doozy asm. i think that there are some republicans who are running in biden districts, districts of president biden won in 2020, that will be concerned about being too close to president trump. and i think president trump understands that they have to win their races so while they won t push back verbally, they won t push back publicly they will certainly have some distance before they re election in november. so omega, as we said, mitt romney, lisa murkowski won t be there, i guess not for them specifically, but maybe others who haven t been fully in the trump camp. what outreach has there been from trump or the trump campaign? do they do the outreach thing they do actually do the outreach thing. they have people who worked in trump s world or close to trump s world, who do a lot of congressional relations. brian jack before he ran for congress himself, did a lot of that work. there are others who have taken over the political work there are people who work for trump directly, who have their own relationships. they do do outreach. but again, it s not always the kind of traditional political outreach we have experienced before. in the past are seen in the past. in some cases it is. i mean, one thing i will say about trump is he has been working the phones a lot himself. i mean, there are republicans who to have been shown over and over as these primaries took place, that trump is dominating and he s not going away and he is the presumptive nominee now and yes, there are some people who have races that it is more sensitive to be close to trump and they need some distance from him, but they recognize that he is potentially going to win the polling at the moment is showing him slightly ahead in a number of polls, not all of them, but in a number of them. and so there are cognizant of the fact that he is faring well and the message is clear to them that they may not want to be so at odds with the leader of their party. congressmen, as we mentioned, in addition to the congressional meetings, he s going to speak with ceos and business roundtable. i want to play you a portion of a speech he gave in new jersey and get your reaction i ll give you a trump middle-class, upper class, lower lower-class business-class, big tax cut you re going to have the biggest tax cut so big tax cuts across the board, including new business tax cuts, i guess on top of the 2017, 2018 tax cuts, is that even possible well, anything s possible it depends on who has majority of the house and who has a majority in the senate. if the republicans are in the majority of both and president trump wins reelection, then certainly something s possible. you only need a majority vote in the senate to pass a tax cut as we did the last tax cut, i m not sure what the appetite is going to be for a big tax cut. i think that he may want to play around the margins, but it ll be interesting to see if he can get a majority of republicans if there s especially if it s a small majority in either the senate or the house to go for a big tax. good. so in the senate, maggie, tomorrow you ve got jd vance tim, scott, marco rubio, and the house side, byron donalds. these are all people on the vp list, at least the ones that we know about how much auditioning do you think might be going on in public? but behind closed doors for everyone to see i don t think it s going to be that different than what we ve seen in public. john, i mean, what we ve seen in public is a number of these folks, not all of them, but a number of them show up at the manhattan courthouse where trump was on trial. we have seen them hold press conferences and denounce the charges against him. we have seen them defend him. i mean, i think there were few defenders that donald trump has on television anyway, who are as vocal as jd vance and i expect you will continue to see that. but the jockeying has been gone going on in private in public. i don t think it will be a massive change in private tomorrow. i do think you will see trump do what he often does, which is work the room talking, taking informal polls praising this one, praising that one, it will very much be a topic life is an audition. maggie haberman, former congressman chem luck, right to see you both. and i thank so much. thank you quit programming. okay. don t miss the source with kaitlan collins. her guest is former fulton county special prosecutor, nathan wade, who resigned from the former president s georgia election subversion case. and that s right here at the top of the hour coming yep. can t president biden rely on union rank and file members to help him squeak out another when in michigan, john king has the reporting for his all over the map series that s next this. is carbonic and this is how you can sell us your car. visit carbonic. answer a few questions, will give you a real offer. then sat a time for us to pick it up and hey, you on the sayyed your car the easy way with carmona you can expect to find crystal clear audio expensive display space and more comfort for everyone but we still left room for all the unexpected things. you ll find handout here. the new 2024 grand 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it for you. the most anticipated moment of this election and the stakes couldn t be higher. the president and the former president one state to two very different visions for america s future. the cnn presidential debates thursday, june 27th, nine live on cnn and streaming on max part of her all over the map series with john king, which seeks out crucial voting blocs and battleground states. we have reported on president biden s struggles in mush, when michigan, last month, john spoke with younger voters, upset with the president s role in the israel-hamas war. john has returned in michigan this time with a focus on what had once been a reliably solid democratic voting block. union workers. the united auto workers, for instance, has endorsed president biden, but donald trump has made clear in inroads into that. once unquestioned support and john king is with this now, so john, you spoke to auto workers. what are they had to say about the election? number one, they re very happy with the new contract they got last year after a strike. most of the auto workers told us they got more than they expected. most of them very happy, very proud. the president not states joe biden came out to walk the picket line. that was a little bit history. no president had done that, but inside the factory, the president showing up to help in the contract fight does not translate into universal support. donald trump still has a lot of blue collar appeal 30 years at the same job means you develop a routine. so when the united auto workers called the strike last fall tone, urine, khan was a little lost we were scared it was weird because none of us ever thought we d actually be out on strike and we didn t know what to expect and i mean, in living memory for it hadn t been on strike. i think it was the early 70s shoulders, knees, hips, right yeah. hard work for six weeks. the local 900 union hall was to place to get a meal. now, you can grab a biden harris yard sign. the president s pro-union record included joining the picket line. it showed solidarity with everyday men and women that are putting their lives on the line and putting their paychecks on the line for a better living it mattered. did it change the conversation about him at all inside the plants? no, i don t think it did if you had a secret ballot in there, how would it come up in the rankin file? it goes about 50, 50. maybe it ll move a small percentage in michigan is a state where small percentage is matter. so maybe it ll be 51, 49, but no doubt for you. no doubt for me now i m supporting president biden in this election. it s way down from detroit s heyday, but 134,000 members still makes the uaw a force in battleground, michigan crus via tally works in engine development at chrysler and believes president biden s push for more electric vehicles hurts business. the government seems to be appeasing the coasts everyone who lives in manhattan thinks everyone should drive an electric car vitale, he says he will again ignore union leadership and vote trump a third time hoping to end the ev mandates and to get better trade rules. i ve watched this region go from the arsenal of democracy loom. now, we re happy if we can get a sports stadium or we re going to sell wheat or fireworks or whatever it s absolutely pathetic. what we have sunk two now, our politicians just, they re, they re good with it he isn t. so that s the difference. build ova voted trump in 2016 and 2020, likely trump this time first though, he wants to study robert f. kennedy jr. and the michigan election math. if i would really rather have kennedy, but by voting for kennedy it means i think biden would win. i might have to vote for trump. go va is a 25-year ford worker and uaw member. this is a side business using dry ice to clean car under bodies and engine parts. he pours his savings into the business and is about breaking even right now. we re going to use dry ice to remove all that stuff, go va calls himself a middle of the road conservative, doesn t like what some people call him for trump. the powers that be labeled me as some far right white supremacy maga, republican. and you re still entitled to your opinion. but i just don t see him as the anti-christ or hitler at this ridiculous, bob king worked at ford for more than 40 years and served a term as uaw president when the industry was trying to recover from the 2008 financial crisis he ties trump s support among union auto workers two years of lost jobs, and lower wages. people feel like the government and the establishment hasn t been delivered for them is there like better now than it was ten years ago or worse? and for many, many working people, it s worse. their standard of living has deteriorated in some cases, their communities deteriorated. walter robinson, junior bets about 40% of his ford coworkers are for trump. he s never done a hard day s work, not physical work. like you re doing a plant. he has a solid gold toilet at home so how can he really empathize with your life and when you say wait, joe biden walked a picket line with us. joe biden spin a pro-union precedent they say that you know, guns gays, the bortion sleepy joe hunter biden, robinson says the new contract wins were impressive, but didn t fix everything. gas prices are still pretty high. food when you go to the grocery store, every time this is just me and my wife and his $200 every time i go to the grocery store inside job meet dj furious, helps pay the bills but robinson says he does it mostly for font and to make people happy no matter their politics what great discussions they re john looking back at the past two electrons, how did union members in michigan vote? well, let s take a look. john will move this over first big picture. this is 2020 look, michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, the blue wall, right? joe biden, flip them back from 2016, michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, donald trump won them and the rest of course, was history. so let s come back to 2020 with that map up there and take a look. the union vote was a big part of it. let me stretch this out for you. forgive me for turning my back, but just to stretch it out so you can see a little bit bigger. hillary clinton won, but with just 53% to 40% for trump in 20169 points better joe biden gets 62% in 2020, part of his coalition that helped him win in michigan. now, look, trump only went down to 37 percent, so it s not just a groundswell of union votes for biden, hillary clinton lost a bunch of those blue color votes to third party candidates. that s one of the big questions a can president biden keep that number, keep a close to 60% in 2020? or remember, third-party candidates didn t matter much of 2020, they might this time, so not watched, not only trump john, why? watch to see if the blue-collar voters trickle over to the third-party candidates were talking about or i m john can great to see you. thank you very much. david axelrod, former senior adviser to president obama, joins us now, david, let s talk about john behind his back and his report that we just saw there what do you make of that that you have these union leaders, the uaw leadership, very pro biden, but rank and file with a mixed response. first of all, i love what? i love what john s doing out there, so we can talk behind his back. its were spent so much time sitting behind desks, blow violating about what people are thinking out there. and he s going on i m talking to him and i think it s really, really valuable. this this trend is not new. i mean, the fact is that this has been going on for some time for deterioration of the democratic support among union workers even though democrats have advocated for the interests of union workers, more readily than donald trump or other republicans. but this has been going on and it s cultural, as john mentioned in many ways listen, there are 44 new factories in construction. i was just up in michigan, 44 new factories and construction under construction in michigan. asked anyone up there if they re ours have improved it s from 2019 to 2000 2024. and the answer is yes because there s more going on, there s a manufacturing renaissance, so biden has a good case to make what he can t be doing is trying to job own people into thinking that this is the greatest economy we ve ever had. and he tends to do that. he and this country is doing better than others in terms of recovering from the pandemic. but that s cold comfort to people who as that one gentleman said, go to the store and find the groceries are 20% more than they were a few years ago. and biden needs to recognize that make common cause with that target the things he s fighting for to reduce costs, many of which donald trump opposes and set up a contrast by the way, the support of shawn fain, there is not inconsequential. he is a very, very popular figure among his members, and i think his advocacy in this fight down the stretch could be meaningful for biden, talk more, delve into this a little bit more a day because you ve been talking about this for some time about how you think that there are things president biden needs to claim credit for without spiking the football as yeah, this is not a time for spiking the football people. the data is very impressive, but data doesn t buy groceries. data doesn t buy pay for the rent and there is a sense that the economy isn t as strong as the data was suggested is in terms of people s experience. joe biden s great superpower as a candidate and a politician has been as empathy joe from scranton who understands how everyday people live. we need to see more of that from him he needs to show more of that in order to win some of these voters he doesn t, he doesn t, he shouldn t be president biden from washington trying to jawbone people into feeling better. he ought to be joe from scranton advocating for people in a challenging economy when it comes to cost of living. david rohde, who never blow v8 i thank you so much for being let s say, i wouldn t agree creator that, but okay. thanks. raise yet it just ahead. a cold war flashback and a real-time thread. these russian warships, including nuclear-powered submarine and warship, entered havana harbor today, putting the button 90 miles from florida, we have images and interviews from inside cuba plus the story from inside russia. next looking to find your perfect somewhere. you have chronic kidney disease. you can reduce the risk of kidney failure with parse sega because they re places like to be for segal can cause serious side effects, including ketoacidosis that may be fatal, dehydration, urinary tract, or genital yeast infections and low blood sugar a rare life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin perineum could occur, stopped taking four sika and call your doctor right away at the symptoms of this disinfection and allergic reaction or ketoacidosis whether you re moving across town or across the country, you can 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juneteenth, which special performances by john luck i did hadi lewbel, smokey robinson. we still have a lot of work to do. juneteenth celebrating freedom and legacy next wednesday at 100 and cnn it is likely no coincidence that just as president biden is touched down in italy for a g7 meeting this evening with new sanctions against russia. plus according to sources, they knew long-term purity packed with ukraine, which recently got the okay from the president to return fire inside parts of russia. that for russian navy ships arrived in havana, cuba, about 90 miles from us shores. they include in nuclear-powered submarine as well of one is as well as one of russia s most modern warships it s a live picture looking at right now. it is a not so subtle reminder of cold war era geopolitics and russia s continue nuclear threats matthew chance reporting from moscow has more onlookers line to seafront in havana to welcome these powerful russian vessels, including the flagship of the kremlin s northern fleet, the admiral gorshkov the nuclear powered submarine, the qizan. the message for many cubans that moscow, it s cold war ally, is back from last week. we have historical ties with the former soviet union and now with the russian federation it says this havana residents, something that in my opinion is very important for the country. may never seen something like this so close says another. such a large ship of that magnitude. i m very impressed. she adds but the real message is aimed at washington russian defense officials say the strike group. now just 90 miles of the us coast has been practicing the use of high precision missiles against the mock enemy. us officials have downplaying any threat, saying they don t believe the russian vessels or armed with nuclear weapons. but us officials tell cnn that ships and planes have been deployed to monitor the russian exercises and the naval deployment comes at a time of worsening us-russian relations. just weeks after president biden greenlighted, ukrainian attacks on russian territory with us supplied-weapons with vladimir putin warning russia could arm us enemies in response. the easily i knew postalveolar if the west supplies weapons to the combat zone and calls for their use against our territory. then why shouldn t we mirror these actions? i am not ready to say that we will do and morrow, but we of course, should think about it there s no plan to supply cuba with the kind of weapons these modern russian warships usually carry but the kremlin could still make trouble. in america s backyard and matthew chance joins us now from moscow. matthew, what are you hearing from russians they re about these naval ships in cuba will john, i think russians are following this quite closely. certainly russian state television, which is controlled by the kremlin, has been giving this considerable coverage at one point, the state news anchors were saying the pentagon doesn t even know where are submarine is located as it was, as it was going across the atlantic. that doesn t track of course, with what us officials are saying, which is that they d been following this detachments of russian ships from the outset. in its whole journey, but it does point to the idea that this for russia is very much the country flexing its muscles on the international stage. matthew chance so great to have you inside moscow reporting. thank you so much for being with us next day. bittersweet milestone, the sandy hook school shooting survivors who lost 20 first-grade classmates and six staff or isn t the 2020 massacre? they graduate from high school and remember number those, they will always miss with two survivors told are randy k, that s coming up we talking about cash back, kevin hart, not again i m talking about cash greg, we talking about cash balance not talking about bragg. know. we talked about cash back and we talk about cash. we talking about cash we ve been talking about practice, but too long word all practice. 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is. xfinity mobile just got even better! now, you can automatically connect to wifi speeds up to a gig on the go. plus, buy one unlimited line and get one free for a year. i gotta get this deal. i know. faster wifi and savings? .i don t want to miss that. that s amazing doc. mobile savings are calling. visit to learn more. doc? free. go to deal right now and see how much you can save. this election season. stay with cnn with more reporters on the ground. and the best political team in the business follow though voters follow the results, follow the facts follow. cnn tonight in connecticut, a graduation ceremony for the 2024 class of new newtown high school. two major milestone in any student s life. but this comes with mixed emotions. 20 of their classmates never got to leave the first grade, let alone may college plans. they along with six staff members were killed at the sandy hook elementary school massacre almost 12 years ago. tonight, each of their names was called out in remembrance, and two of the graduate spoke with our randy k on the eve of their graduation super excited about heading to college. it s definitely a very bittersweet kind of emotion bittersweet because grace fischer is graduating newtown high school without 20 of her classmates, they were killed in the massacre at sandy hook elementary, nearly 12 years ago emma ehrens was there that horrible day two and lost her best friend thinking about all the what-ifs of what if they were sitting next to me at graduation, what if we were still friends? where would we be? both emma and grace, we re just 6-years-old in 2012 and seated in there first grade classrooms when the gunmen stormed into their school, we thought it was construction because it s been going on for the past couple of days on the roof and then a guy armed came into my classroom and started shooting all of my friends and my teachers and my classmates, his gun and had been jammed and of friend of mine, jesse lewis had yelled at us to run and that s what we did. we sectioned ourselves into the cubby area, which is kind of like an indent. so from the door were absolutely hidden. i remember feeling like i was endangered emma remembers bumping into the gunman in her rush to get out. the boy who yelled to her and others to run jesse lewis was fatally shot on the spot. when you believe he saved your life? i do. i really in the hallway right by the main entrance, there was chairs in front of the office and under the chairs were people because because of the force of impact of the bullets, they were blown under the chairs when we got to the firehouse, we had to line up by grade. and that s when my teacher was really like, this is really not ok. because when we lined up by grade, half, our grade was missing and everyone else was there in the year since both girls have struggled to cope with the memories from that day, i ve gone to therapy for like six or seven years i have survivor s guilt, ptsd. it definitely still like a lot of fear in me. and even now, i don t think i ve been to a single column concert and my entire life just because i m really worried about that big crowd of people and not knowing where to go in case of an emergency. they ve turned some of that anxiety into action. i want to live in a nation that values children more than guns both are members of the junior newtown action alliance, which promotes gun safety. i do not want future kids of america to have to be spared in the classroom. we really are pushing obviously for a federal assault weapons ban ball. so we do shift our focus to safe storage laws and also mental health resources. they ve met with members of congress about gun laws. and just last week, vice president kamala harris. and yet school shootings continue. it s definitely like a knife to the heart when you see it happen again and again after fighting so hard on graduation de the names of those lost were red and ribbons marking the day of the massacre worn in there, honor, because their lives were lost so early and i went through that such an early age. i feel like it s my purpose to continue my life in honor of them i know whatever i do, they will be proud of me. i like to believe that on the most recent anniversary of the shooting, emma posted this photo on her instagram writing in part. i just want to live in a safe world. i miss you guys every day. i hope you are happy in heaven. the picture shows emma with her best friend avl richmond, who died in the shooting i hope you are happy and evan and ready. k is with us now. what strength they all showed there. what are the plans for after graduation? they have plans for college. this fall i m is going to go to roger williams university and she plans to study legal studies and grow race is going to hamilton college and she plans to focus on law and justice. they both really wanted to help people, but my guess is john, that even though they re going away to college, that new town isn t going to be very far from their thoughts. even emma told me during our interview that she still runs this five key and honor of her teacher who was killed every year. and they still visit the memorial on a regular basis. they re in so i think even though they have big plans, there ll be a way new town will be in their hearts. i have to believe that i hope they have a wonderful future. thanks so much, randy k well, you right back sharp. that s the until june 16 and get up to 30% off father s day gifts to go beyond the classic go-to c1 personalized year. and other things. dads do when you want a one-of-a-kind gift has shown, he s number one. etsy has accusing a treatment for your chronic migraine 15 or more headache days a month each lasting four hours or more can be overwhelming. so ask your doctor about botox dots prevents headaches and adults with chronic migraine before they even start. it s the number one prescribed branded chronic migraine treatment so far more than 5 million botox treatments 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and hitting cars, then barreling on investigators said today it all started with an argument between two passengers, one of them was killed killed when according to police, the other grabbed his gun and shot him investigators say the suspect then threatened others in order to driver to get on the road. this as passengers frantically texted loved ones and call 911 for help. thankfully, police finally stop the bus and arrested the suspect. but that s not all police now say the main and a convicted felon was at the scene of a shooting earlier in the de he spoke with our local

Attorney-general , Merrick-garland , Thanks , Breaking-news , Republican , House , Trump , Contempt-of-congress , Capitol-hill , President-obama , Digging , Garlin

Transcripts For MSNBC All In With Chris Hayes 20240613

the oklahoma justices ruling said the lingering impact of the massacre does not fall within the scope of our state public nuisance statute and they rule the state can continue to profit from tulsa massacre related tourism without compensating survivors. today s dismissal marks an end to the quest to see justice in their life time, something i got to speak to ms. fletcher about last year. what does justice look like to you? well, everything is beautiful and rebuilt and restored. you know, we think it is just time now that we have justice on all of that to where we can live all our life. and that is the reidout . all in with chris hayes starts now. tonight on all in day people are saying to themselves, where we better off four years ago or are we better off now and it wasn t even close. the greatest confidence game ever played. voters believe they were better off during trump s term than biden s. we are not better off today than we were four years ago. tonight, from crime to the economy and beyond how a political party led by a criminal is conning america. then you, you are working for a felon. a felon. the maga scandal machine and today s contempt about for the attorney general. and the senate push to do something about the ethics crisis in the supreme court. the highest court in the land should not and could not have the lowest ethical standards. when all in starts right now. good evening from new york, i am chris hayes. as we approach the first debate of a presidential election season, earlier than normal between joe biden and donald trump, it is clear that trump and the republican pitch to voters is fundamentally a con job. i mean that in the most literal sense. the term comes from so-called confidence man, fixtures in the late 18th and 19th century who swindled the victims with their confidence. right now that all s bravado is the defining feature of donald trump s attempt to win back the oval office. remember, this is the man who tried to destroy our constitutional republic live on national television and who utterly failed in overseeing the one national crisis he had to guide the nation through the pandemic. and yet trump and his surrogates are constantly telling voters to ask themselves a question, are you better off than you were four years ago? are you better off than you were four years ago? i don t think joe biden can run on the question of are you better off than you were four years ago. that is one question he is praying that he never hears. are you better under four years of joe biden were four years of donald trump. you know, people are saying to themselves are we better off four years ago or are we better off now and it wasn t even close. that, by the way, was all from the past week. we have been running a series on all in responding to that question because the events of four years ago were so shocking, unprecedented, and traumatic. i think a lot of people, i would say most people including myself, have blocked it out. again, i get it. i don t want to think about sitting inside trying to homeschool my kids or attending zuma for my dearly departed uncle or the images of packed hospitals and dying saying goodbye to their loved ones on ipads. of course the fact that most people don t want to think too much about 2020 is an enormous advantage for republicans and the trump campaign who are attempting to pull off this con job. their aim is to kind of magically replace her memory. to distract you from the fact that four years ago we were all living in the midst of disaster. tonight the country has reached another sobering milestone in the coronavirus pandemic, surpassing 2 million cases and this warning sign. hospitalizations are surging in many states. we will start our rallies back up now. we had a tremendous run at rallies. i don t think there has been an empty seat. i think one in texas. we are going to arizona. texas and arizona among nine states reporting a jump in hospitalizations, the best indicator of the viruses toll. we are really doing a financial comeback. the jobs numbers are fantastic. 1.5 million people filed front employment last week, almost 43 million since the pandemic began. i think the economy next year will be maybe the best it has ever been. we are already seeing the stock market going up, because you have a lot of smart people betting on exactly what i m saying. a selloff from wall street amid new concerns about the continuing spread of covid-19. the dow plunging more than 1800 points, its biggest drop in three months. a very important time in our country. a lot of things are happening and i think when it all ends up it is going to end up very good for everybody. there is growing concern tonight that restricting restrictions is causing an increase in covid-19 cases. all lives are precious, not just the people infected by covid, but also the people who are being driven to this because of the lockdown. what is happening in some of those places. that shut down. the poverty rate is going up. what are people going to do if they don t have jobs to go to to earn a living in order to take care of their families? that is the main reason. all of these scare tactics, they don t work this time around. they will not work. i should note one week after herman cain made that appearance on fox news, he attended donald trump s indoor rally. a big, indoor rally in the midst of covid in tulsa, oklahoma and by the end of june he was hospitalized with covid and died on july 30 at the age of 74. naturally every time we do one of these segments i find that looking back at four years ago brings a lot of emotion. most people divide recent history into the before times and the after times, myself included. a lot of us feel nostalgia for the before times and that is exactly what donald trump and his allies are using to build their lie about what really happened. to erase our real memories and implant false ones. that is their project and it has been unnervingly effective so far. four years ago in june, 2020 while we were living through the pandemic donald trump s approval rating was 42%. and when a new poll, 47% of americans say they approve of the job that trump did as president. it is not much, but those five points are basically the margin of the entire election and they are accomplishing that through flat out lies about what is actually happening. take a listen to missouri senator josh hawley doing this today. he s going to run on his record from four years ago versus biden right now. gas under president biden, up 55%. groceries, up 40%. wages down 3%. that is the campaign. that is before we get to crime, before we get to the border. sorry, josh hawley. wages are up. average hourly earnings are actually up 17% from may, 2020 two 2024 in nominal terms, like groceries and stuff. wages have also outpaced inflation for the past 13 months as the washington post pointed out today. crime is way down. look at what has happened with the homicide rate. in 2020 when donald trump was president, he ushered in under his presidency the largest ever one year jump, spiking 30%. by 2023 the homicide rate had tumbled 19% to 5.3 per 100,000 people. new data shows the rate continues to drop dramatically, down another 20 another 26% in the first quarter from the same time period last year. gas prices, are, i will admit, overall higher than they were in the summer of 2020. why were they low then? no one was traveling anywhere. okay? that is why there were cheap gas prices. refrigerator trucks full of cadavers, yeah, the gas prices were low. and they spiked up in the early part of the biden administration with the war in ukraine, but they have been trending in the right direction and continue to fall even as the summer travel season heats up. grocery prices are coming down. not just with inflation which cooled to 3.3% today, but retailers are actually slashing prices on thousands of islands. of items. again, they spiked during the pandemic like they did everywhere in the world, but they are on the right trajectory now and all of this is happening under the incumbent, joe biden. and we are not losing thousands of americans per day to a deadly pandemic. we do not live in a nation in the throes of constant disorder. this time four years ago we were living through the televised murder of george lloyd and the protestant police response that followed while then president trump called for sending in troops. across the country was started as peaceful gatherings protesting the death of george floyd evolved into destruction. from new york, where police and protesters squared off in the streets, to portland where the mayor issued a state of emergency and a city curfew. the nation erupted into scenes of chaos. violence. and widespread destruction into the early morning hours. in some of the nation s biggest cities, the night spiraled out of control early. we had to run rubber bullets. my cameraman has been hit. we have also seen tear gas being used. here we go again. this is exactly what it looks like. oh. whoa. can you hear us? are you okay? reporter: we are surrounded by the police and you saw the way that they dealt with my cameraman. we don t know who they are targeting at the moment. i said you have to dominate the streets. you can t let that happen and we are doing it with compassion, if you think about it. we are dominating the street with compassion. all that happens under the watch of president donald trump. we cannot say or hear that and if he returns to power i am telling you it is a safe bet that we will return to trauma and chaos. she is a democratic strategist who served as an advisor for the 2020 campaign. they both join me now. doug, i wanted to talk to you because in some ways history and recent history is part of what is being contested in this campaign. the legacy of the first trump year, trump term, and particularly 2020, the four years ago in the famous formulation, as a historian and historian and presidential elections, how do you see it? i think january 6 is such a seminal event and for the days after it seemed like trump was toast. everybody was furious that insurrectionists, but lo and behold suddenly mitch mcconnell came back to trump and lindsey graham and they sort of built this coalition and what is it? it is really anti-federal government. that is what trump represents now. that is why we are seeing the american flag hung upside down by conservative justices. and biden is trying to be part of a tradition, presidents club, of all of the other presidents. you saw on june 6, where ronald reagan is. by then saying i represent all of this and trump is sort of the anti-federal government, anger over covid. and that people still feel that their lives became topsy-turvy and they are going to punish whoever the incumbent is. so it is hard for biden to get traction even though as you said, numbers on the economy are good. we are much better off. he has shown great leadership, but communicating that to the people when there is this much frenzy on social media and hatred toward the federal government, it is an uphill battle for biden to get reelected. i was thinking about 2010, the elections in which of course democrats lost. the tea party uprising. a lot of that was something similar was happening. which is people were frustrated with the aftermath of the financial crisis ushered in by the republican party. democrats were the incumbent party and they took it out against the democrats and it was sort of classic like we don t like the status quo because things are bad and they were bad, but the reason they were bad is because what had been passed on. there is something similar here where the things people don t like him a totally understandably, the shocks that came out of covid were not the doing of joe biden. subsequent administrations had to fix that and people still feel frustrated with the pace that is happening. it s interesting that you bring up what happened in 2010 because i think of the history of the democratic party. to clean up the miss of the republican party and as democrats clean up the miss they have to message against republicans who are acting as if they want the party that let estate into it. four years ago donald trump was telling people to drink leach to cure covid while he was having superspreader events. four years ago people were in their homes watching what you just did in a montage, but we were watching that every day for 24 hours, not knowing when we would see our loved ones and then trying to figure out who we were going to vote for when it comes to the president to get us out of this. you know, policy for people to feel it in their pocket books takes a very long time and while you mentioned some great reports for the biden administration, even the global economic report this week that said the global economy is strong because the u.s. economy is getting strong, but people are not feeling that yet. that is not the fault of president biden. that is the unregulated corporations that republicans are blocking anything democrats want to do around this. this debate coming up, president biden will have to figure out how to message that as well as the surrogates and people talking about this between now and election day so people understand how they are not feeling this, even though these historic numbers are bringing us back to a place that the american people really want to be. you know, doug, i think that before times nostalgia is powerful and i think there is another thing in play here and i would like to get your thoughts on it. my view of trump was always that this is a person who is so unsuited to the job above all else that if and when a crisis comes it will be the worst possible response and then covid happened and it was borne out. i think a lot of people think 2020 is a mulligan. it was a meteor that hit earth and they sort of blocked out the degree of insanity in the crisis management that happened that year and i wonder if you think it is possible to remind them or people are so resistant to thinking about it. i think you can and it is going to be imperative that joe biden reminds people, particularly during the upcoming debate with trump. trump has gone through so many legal jeopardy moments and years have gone by and we are running it on television all the time and you have the 34 felony conventions convictions. even when that happens some democrats were saying don t rub it in trump s base. of course you have to rub it in his face. you have to call him a felon. biden has struggled i think with messaging in the sense of this economy that has been building. he called it a transitory pain we were having at one point and then it was bidenomics. instead they have to lay out that our economy is doing well. yes, i feel your pain at milk, groceries, gas, but he has to be the happy warrior like fdr. at times he does that. i felt that when he was in france, talking about freedom and democracy, but other times he gets in a bit of a defensive crouch. you can t be gerald ford with whip inflation now buttons. you can t be jimmy carter, the malaise or crisis of confidence. presidents get reelected with a sense of victory and optimism and better times are yet to come and obama when he ran, he had the killing of osama bin laden which gave him the foreign policy credential that people clearly understood. the revenge of the 9/11 disaster. the sort of past versus future obviously you have two individuals, one is who is 78 and the other is 81. in some ways donald trump is the recent past and i do wonder if because the past four years have been so dramatic and disruptive, people want to go back in time and that is part of the allure. i think people want to go back in time when there was what they felt was more certainty. with covid there was such uncertainty. the racial unrest and then we saw january 6. hindsight is 2020 and for some reason some people as though they people feel as though they were better under donald trump. that wasn t the case. i think we have to make sure that president biden, and i hope his campaign is listening, that he simplifies his message. he has always been the comforter right next to president obama. be that president and then talk about the ways not only has it gotten folks out of this, but he will continue to do so if they give him four more years. along with a congress and senate to keep doing this work. alencia johnson and doug brinkley, thank you both. coming up, the hunter biden narrative backfires on republicans and now they are going after the attorney general instead. that is next. next. impossible. we re solving the meat problem with more meat. for moderate to severe crohn s disease skyrizi is the first il-23 inhibitor that can deliver remission and visibly improve damage of the intestinal lining. serious allergic reactions and an increased risk of infections or a lower ability to fight them may occur. 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have the transcript. today they voted to hold the attorney general in contempt. congressman joe neguse of colorado is assistant democratic leader and member of the judiciary committee and joins me now. congressman, what was this all about? good evening and good to be with you, chris. unfortunately it is a sad state of affairs in washington, d.c. as extreme house republicans have once again found a way to weaponize what are very constitutional and serious tools that the congress has at its disposal. in this case, as you articulated, they pursued a baseless contempt resolution against the attorney general. by way of background as many of your viewers already know, the attorney general fully complied with the requests made by the congress. the department of justice produced over 90,000 pages of documents with respect to this inquiry. more by the way, chris, then the entire department of justice provided during the course of the trump administration and also produced the transcript itself of the president s conversation with the special counsel. the contextual reasons house republicans offered for purposes of the audio were clearly a smokescreen for what was a political exercise. they wanted audiotapes to use them for a campaign commercial and the attorney general cited a number of reasons why ultimately that tape could not be provided. the president invoked executive privilege and republicans in the house of course know that to be the case, but they proceeded anyway. unfortunately i think it is shameful and disgraceful and we will have to see what comes next in the clown show that they have perpetrated on the american people right now. you know, two things i want to note. the republican who voted against it said as a former prosecutor i cannot in good conscience support a position to score political points. the american people expect congress to work for them and solve policy problems. enough is enough. second of all i want to make sure that i have the events right. merrick garland appoints a special counsel to investigate the president. the man that he appoints is a republican who is a donald trump appointee in the justice department. this individual asks for an interview which the president voluntarily complies with i think for nine hours despite the fact that donald trump never gave an interview to robert mueller. he then uses parts of that interview to take political shots at him in the opening introduction. they release the transcript and all of this is deemed, what? partisan by the republicans? how far can you possibly go? the answer is nowhere. there is nothing you can do. that is the question and it is an open question. you articulated the timeline well. i would offer two amendments. one, this attorney general produced as you know the special counsel report in full, unredacted. very different compared to attorney general bill burr. i remember as we dealt with subterfuge with respect to the special counsel investigation and in this case the special counsel testified in front of my committee, as did the attorney general as recently as last week. this is a farce. house republicans know that. it is a way for them to up skate their lack of days for them to obfuscate their lack of an agenda. they prefer to spend time on these political games, which is unfortunate. it is not a coincidence the timing between hunter biden s conviction yesterday and this. this is the new york times reporting. mister trump who aggressively attacked hunter biden in the 2020 election has changed his mind about doing so now. trump said republicans needed to be careful not to go overboard because it could elicit sympathy and make people view the president as a caring father. so they spend years chasing this guy to the ends of the earth. they successfully, let s be clear, they basically successfully control this investigation. the prosecution happens and now it is like we ve got to light a new fire because that one has burned out. look, in their view the circus must continue. their message is not resonating with the american people, so as a result they will continue pursuing political retribution at every turn and of course this is not the first time. they pursued seven or eight different impeachment resolutions at various points in the last 18 months against a variety of cabinet officials. they impeached secretary mayorkas. that was dispensed in the senate without a trial. the attempted impeachment of president biden failed. so i have no doubt that unfortunately these games are going to continue for some time. hope springs eternal that perhaps some in the republican caucus will do what representative joyce did today and ultimately speak truth to power and do the right thing and join us in getting back to the business of the house. congressman joe neguse, thank you for your time. up next, what happened in the senate when the democrats tried to introduce ethics to the supreme court. next. . my mental health was better. but 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same rules that guide members of congress and federal employees. in the senate today democrats ask for unanimous consent to pass a binding ethics package for the court. it was blocked by the top republican on the senate judiciary committee, senator lindsey graham. joining me now is senator jeff merkley, one of several democrats who took to the senate floor arguing why the ethics package should pass. senator, it is good to have you on. first, tell me what the act fix what the ethics package, what would it do? it is so straightforward, chris. it says they would have to have a binding code of ethics at least as strong as the house or senate has. what applies to the executive branch, what applies to other judges, what applies to members of the house and senate applies to the supremes as well. that is like what congressman raskin and ocasio- cortez were talking about. you could not do it as a senator. you could not do it as a mid- level engineer at the department of the interior and you could not do it as any other federal judge. chris, it is just phenomenal. think about what this looks like. it is mega yacht trips. indonesia. tuition for family members. luxury rvs. helicopter flights. you name it. $6 million of gifts over the last 20 years. here is the scenario. for an average person hauled into court and somebody sues you and you find out the person suing you has been going on fishing trips to alaska with the judge. would you think you are getting a fair shake? that there is any possibility of justice in that situation? the answer is absolutely not. that is a profoundly corrupt court and that is what we have today. i think, well, i don t know what the logic is but i think republicans say this is all partisan. the reason you are doing this is because you don t like the rulings in the court, you don t like the ideology, so you are trying to attack legitimacy to a road power for purely ideological and partisan reasons. certainly if republicans want this court to have the force that comes with integrity and respect of the american people, then they should be the first to step forward to clean up this miss. it is in fact a miss and certainly i believe that these justices on the right who were trained and selected by the federalist society to deliver power on a plate to corporations in america, are deeply, profoundly warping the constitution. in favor of corporations and against consumers and environmental laws and many other things. this issue of accepting massive gifts from people who have issues before the court, that stands on its own. separate from any dispute one might have. i want to redo something that sam alito said last summer in an interview with the wall street journal to a lawyer and a writer there. he said i know this is a controversial view, but i m willing to say it, he says. no provision in the constitution gives congress the authority to regulate the supreme court, period. what do you think of that? it is called legislation and the constitution does give legislation power to the congress. it gives the ability to put a code of ethics on the executive branch. yes a president can veto it, but we can override that veto. certainly there was a sense of while the constitution said little about what the court system would look like, there were massive decisions made by congress to decide how the judiciary would be structured and run. so absolutely that does not pass any sort of common sense or legal examination. final question and quickly. on the question of having the chief justice come before the senate. he has basically blown off an inquiry from the chair of the judiciary committee who reached out to him. samuel alito has written to say i am not recusing myself. basically they are like, you are not the boss of us and we don t have to listen to anything you say. is that a tolerable equilibrium? it is not, because they are basically saying we have the right to be corrupt and you can t do anything about it and that deeply undermines a key institution in our country in which we need to have a sense of respect. a sense that it delivers the balls and strikes, as justice roberts once said in his confirmation hearings. right now we are getting profound conflict of interest and that is really sad to hear. chris, here is the thing. justice roberts, in running this court, he has to recognize that he is failing in his responsibility to run this court in a fashion which delivers fairness and a sense of integrity to the american people. one jeff merkley, inc. s very much. we will be right back. if advanced lung cancer has you searching for possibilities, discover a different first treatment. immunotherapies work with your immune system to attack cancer. but opdivo plus yervoy is the first combination of 2 immunotherapies for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1, and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. opdivo plus yervoy is not chemotherapy, 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against pharmaceutical companies and the like and bernie sanders message from the beginning. it has been almost a decade since my brief flirtation with internet immortality. there was even a videogame created out of that. in my defense it had been a very long day covering the new hampshire primary and we were doing my show where we did so many msnbc shows that you re at jds tavern. in that very moment as i was speaking, in my line of sight, howard feynman sitting in a booth about to take a bite from a huge pastrami sandwich. the legendary political journalist was with us at all of those political moments on every primary, convention, everything in between going back more than 20 years. he was a near constant presence on msnbc, sharing reporting and insight from his career spanning four decades and seven presidents. you confess your weak spot up front, but then you turn it into a virtue and make what you hope is a dramatic and winning contest with your opponent. in this case as you say you cannot out flamboyant donald trump. you cannot be more, in many ways, irresponsible than donald trump. howard fineman was more connected in politics than just about any journalist has been. it was a force of nature who knew everybody in washington. i was so saddened to learn that howard died today at the age of 75 after a long battle with cancer. i knew him well. i knew him to be exceedingly clever and exceedingly kind. and howard had this bravado that they don t make anymore. our thoughts are with the family tonight including his son nick, who is a senior producer here at msnbc. we are all really going to miss him. i saw how easily it picked up my hair every time i dried it. it only takes a minute. look at that! the heavy duty cloths are extra thick for amazing trap and lock. even for his hair. wow! and for dust i love my heavy duty duster. the fluffy fibers trap dust on contact up high and all around without having to lift a thing. i m so hooked! you ll love swiffer or your money 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first and foremost, a ceasefire. first and foremost, a ceasefire. this is elementary. this is like when there was a ceasefire, hostages came back. now, they happen here and there, they are not a strategic solution to the problem of 120 people still kept in captivity. you know, during seven months of military operation israel succeeded in releasing seven hostages alive. this is, you know, a pace of one hostage a month. eight months, even. so 120 hostages would take ten years time. the hostages have no time. the sanitary conditions are nonexistent. the health is deteriorating by the day. physical and mental. and we must find a way to bring them back home as soon as possible. these are not, you know, these are not only young people, these are elderly people, grandfathers and parents and uncles and people that were taken from their beds at 7:00 a.m. on a saturday, you know, in their pajamas and barefoot sometimes, yeah. in the u.s., one of the things that people there has been kind of a joining of the notion of the war and the justness of it and doing it on behalf of the hostages. many people feel that the war is on behalf of the hostages, and people think that those, you know, who are calling for ceasefire are betraying them or forgetting about them. and you wrote this open letter that basically argued the opposite. and so for people that are people of good faith across the spectrum on this very contested issue, i want to hear your argument to them as a family member. sure, sure. first, again, a ceasefire. why? the thing that endangers the hostages the most right now, idf bombing. this has been from october 8th ongoing where my 9-year-old cousin s son was asked during an interview after he has spent 49 days in gaza captivity, he was asked what do you feel most about your grandfather still being there? without hesitation he answered the idf bombing. the idf bombing endangers the hostages, and the idf bombing, actually, we know about 14 hostages that were killed either by direct hit by the idf or, you know, as after an idf attack, the attackers needed to evacuate the space. they killed them, so you know, the military operation endangers the hostages. it got seven hostages out, 14, at least, dead, and this the whole military maneuver is not getting it s not for the hostages at all. it s not helping them. on the contrary, it gets them further and further away from the hostage deal, further and further away from getting united with their loved ones. because we know that the conditions for the hostage exchange or the prisoners exchange or whatever you want to call this, getting them back home is first, ceasefire. and by waging this war from day one, the israel government initiatives of this military operation is only keeping us apart, keeping us further and further apart. at the beginning it was only northern gaza, then it was rafah, and before that it was elsewhere, and we re just getting further and further apart from a solution to this problem, because the solution should start with a ceasefire. this is, you know, logical and basic. a spokesperson for the group of hostage, his uncle held by hamas in gaza. i can t thank you enough for making time for us. we re all thinking about you and your family. thank you very much. and we pray for the safe return of all of the hostages as soon as possible. this is a humanitarian issue. this is not some political issue, and people trying to make this a political issue, especially, the government trying to make this political. no, this is a humanitarian crisis. and everything should be done to get them back as soon as possible. thank you very much. that is all in on this wednesday night. alex wagner tonight starts right now. good evening, alex. 250 days, just unbelievable this is where we are. thank you, my friend, as always. so i want to start with a story that in any other universe would have absolutely nothing to do with politics or anything even approximating controversy. the kind of news we all used to read or hear and accept. but in the post-trump era, this

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on russian territory with us supplied-weapons speaking ahead of the cuban naval visit vladimir putin warned of a possible russian response the easley and you put enough today in the worst supply weapons to the zone of combat operations and call for the use of these weapons against our territory. then why do we not have the right to do the same? to mirror these actions? i m not ready to say that we ll do it tomorrow, but we of course, should think about it elsewhere. moscow has been stepping up tactical nuclear drills to staging exercises with neighboring belarus near the ukrainian border. russian tactical nukes delivered from either ground or air can level entire cities for their the kremlin insists it has no plans at this stage to use the matthew chance cnn moscow thanks to matthew tonight. and thanks to you, of course, as always, for being with us ac30 60 with anderson begins right now tonight on 360. what happens now that the president s son is a convicted felon and why supporters of the convicted felon who is running for president are still complaining about the criminal justice system keeping them honest. also, a cnn exclusive course award goes inside a searing detention camp. were families, vices, fighters are being held and some fear the next generation may be being born. plus we have breaking news tonight. a bus hijacking, a chase and the deadly discovery at the end of it. good evening. thanks for joining us. we begin tonight. keep them honest with three facts about hunter biden s conviction today and wilmington, delaware on federal gun charges. the first is the human impact. it must have on a family that has certainly known tragedy, including a car crash that killed hunter biden s mom and baby sister, the death to brain cancer of his brother beau, and his own descendance itself, destruction by crack cocaine in a moment, ronald reagan s daughter, patty davis joins us to talk about her own struggles with addiction. the second fact is that despite efforts to paint his trial as a counterpart to or even the equivalent of of donald trump s new york trial. unlike the former president a hunter biden is not running for anything. the third fact is the one thing they actually do have in common in each the guilty verdict was rendered by 12 men and women who heard the evidence and seem to have set aside any preconceptions they might have had going in as one biden juror told cnn today, politics played no part in their deliberations, nor did testimony about the degree of biden s addiction, which he described as heart-wrenching. the verdict was unanimous. and just like in new york, there s every indication the criminal justice system worked and continues to beyond that, nearly everything surrounding the two trials and their aftermath is a study in contrast, starting with how egypt defendant reacted to the verdict. quoting now from hunter biden statement, thanking his wife and others. i m more grateful today for the love and support i experiences last week from melissa, my family, my friends, and my community, than i am desert appointed by the outcome. he goes on to say recovery is possible by the grace of god and i am blessed to experience that give one de at a time by contrast, here are some where the former president has said after his conviction this was done by the biden administration in order to wound or hurt an opponent, a political opponent and i think it s just disgrace. but this was a rig decision right from day one, with a conflicted judge should have never been allowed to try this case, never well, he said as much over and over and so have republican lawmakers before, during and after the trial with a special focus on attacking the justice department and the criminal justice system every single person involved in this prosecution is practically a democratic political operative. this was not criminal justice. this was politics. the entire thing is political. it s political warfare, scam trial. this is a scam. it is a sham, sham of a trial sham convictions joe biden s two tier in injustice system while. keeping them on as they re talking about the justice department at which had nothing to do with the trump trial, which is currently prosecuting a democratic senator and congressmen and just oversaw the conviction of the president s only surviving son. and the president s reaction quoting him now, i will accept the outcome of this case and will continue to respect the judicial process. as hunter considers an appeal, jilin, i will always be there for hunter and the rest of our family with our love and support. nothing will ever change that he also told abc news he d ruled out a pardon for his son let me ask you, will you accept the jury s outcome, their verdict, no matter what it is? yes. and have you ruled out a pardon for your son? yes. by contrast, the former president is now talking repeatedly about using the justice department if he s reelected as a tool of vengeance i would have every right to go after them. and it s easy because it s joe biden and you see all the criminality, all of the money that s going into the family and in him, all of this money from china from russia, from ukraine as for republican lawmakers who decried trump s trial and conviction, consider house oversight chair james comer, who has been holding hearings and investigating the bidens for months, always claiming to have the goods, but always coming up empty he is sticking to his story, tweeting today until the department of justice investigates everyone involved in the bidens corrupt influence peddling schemes. it will be clear department officials continued to cover for the big guy, joe biden more now, on the actual verdict and the actual trial and what comes next from cnn s paula reid just 90 minutes after hunter biden s guilty verdict, cnn got incredible insight into the case from juror number ten, won big mistake from the defense, calling hunters daughter naomi, to testify. i felt i felt bad that they put naomi witness i i think that was probably a strategy that should not have been done no daughter should ever have to testify or again, sir, dad despite feeling badly for hunter and his battles with addiction, the 12 jurors agreed that they had no choice but to convict all 12 jurors did agree that yes, he know on laying bought a gun when he was an attic or he was addicted to drugs although they all voted guilty, another juror, cnn spoke to off-camera question whether the case should have been brought in the first place, saying, quote it seemed like a waste of taxpayer dollars and the jurors interviewed by cnn said politics played no role in their decision. pressure, inviting never really even came in to play for me, his name was only brought up one store in the trial and that s when i that s when it kind of sunk and a little bit, but you kind of put that out of your mind. president biden released a statement after his son s verdict saying, in part i am the president, but i am also a dad jill, and i love our son and we are so proud of the man he is today and i will accept the outcome of this case and will continue to respect the judicial process as hunter considers an appeal, hunter also issued a statement after court thanking his wife and supporters saying i am more grateful today for the love and support i experienced this last week from melissa, my family, my friends, my community, than i am disappointed by the outcome. in special counsel, david weiss made aware statement defending the case ultimately, this case was not just about addiction a disease that haunts families across the united states, including hunter biden s family this case was about the illegal choices defendant made while in the throes of addiction. his choice to lie on a government form when he bought a gun and the choice to then possess that gun while it what else did did you hear from jurors understand? i was really interested to hear what they had to say about a possible sentencing for hunter biden then because the upper range for conviction on these offenses is potentially decades in prison, hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. so it s widely expected hunter biden wouldn t get anything anywhere near that. this is of course, a first-time offender, but juror number ten told us he doesn t think that hunter biden should get any prison time. another juror said that hunter needs rehab more than he needs imprisonment or a fine. and while the jury is weighing in on sentencing, it is ultimately actually for the judge should determine the sentence and we expect, while there is no sentencing date, now we expect it will be roughly 120 days after this verdict, which would fall in late. okay? tibur. so that s before election day, but likely after his next federal criminal trial, which is scheduled for early september out in los angeles i ll read thanks so much, paula, let s go next to the white house from cnn s kayla tausche with more and how the president and the first family are dealing with this moment. what s the reaction been from the white house for president biden? anderson president biden is approaching the situation first and foremost as a father in the statement released today, president biden saying, i am the president, but i m also a dad, jill and i love our son and we are so proud of the man he is today. so many families who have had loved ones battle addiction, understand the feeling of pride seeing someone you love come out the other side and be so strong and resilient in recovery, the family greeted each other on the tarmac in delaware. this evening, hunter biden bracing members of white house staff and members of the security detail before the family then retreated to a nearby family home or they re going to be processing together what happens in the next chapter president biden has said that he will accept the judicial process as hunter considers an appeal and the biden reelection can and pain is telling allies that for them, it s going to be business as usual, the president gave a speech at a previously scheduled gun safety event after the verdict, which obviously is somewhat ironic, what did what did he say there? well, it was a fairly awkward confluence of events today. president biden finding out about that verdict just before this pre-planned event, where he was in this situation of a heralding a crackdown in gun violence and expected to tout a, drop in gun crime all while of these verdict had just come in, we knew that president biden was expected to announce more than 500 new charges brought by the department of justice on gun crimes in wake of his new bipartisan gun law that was passed and signed into law in 2022 instead, the president took a broader approach. instead praising the new tools prosecutors were given by that law. anderson kayla tausche, thanks, joining us now to people who ve worked with and no prison biden welsh and political commentators david axelrod and keep betting field also with retard federal judge johnny jones, the third and former federal prosecutor jessica raw, third, judge. let me start with you. does the verdict surprise util know the verdict didn t surprise me at all. anderson, i think the evidence was overwhelming and, what i thought was notable and picking up one, your lead, which i thought was spot on in both of these cases, you had judges want to state judge and the other a federal judge saying, among other things, you must follow the law 224 americans in these two cases, you must follow the law, whether you agree with it or not, and you re not to be concerned about the sentence that i may give if the defendant is convicted, clearly, it validates our system of justice because they did exactly that. jessica, how about you? i mean, any surprise and what kind of grounds? for appeal may there be? yeah. so i was not surprised by the verdict as the judge said, that the evidence really did seem to be overwhelming and the charges were pretty straightforward in terms of what the jury was being asked to find. i think the k is also highlights the limited role that we give to juries in our system. now, they re asked to apply the laws are instructed about the law to the facts and not to render an opinion in the courtroom about whether they think this was a wise prosecution or what they think is an appropriate punishment. i mean, they re really quite limited. it s not clear to me that there are strong grounds for appeal. i mean, there is a second amendment issue on whether or not the law that makes it a crime to possess a gun. if you are addicted to drugs drugs, whether that survives the second amendment challenge under the supreme court s current jurisprudence on that. but that would really only go to one of the three charges. and so it could be that there are some issues with respect to the evidence that was admitted, but that would be subject to harmless error review maybe there s an appellate issue about whether or not he was entitled to essentially the benefit of the plea agreement that he had reached with the special counsel that previously fell apart, but i don t see those as being particularly strong in david. i mean, you re since the verdict the impact it would have on the biden family and the white house. and i obviously on the campaign trail in the days ahead of any well, yeah. look, i think that s the important question anderson a couple of weeks ago and trump was convicted i said that i thought that really important question was not how it would affect voters directly, but how it would affect him in his behavior. and we ve seen his behavior become even more point until an angry since that conviction here this is such a devastating experience for the biden family to have gone through this week to have their families go through this people get into trouble. they go, but not under the glare of the spotlight. this and to have your dearest relatives on the stand and have to go through this has to be devastating to the present. kate would know this even more intimately than me, but i know how much this must hurt him and there must be some feeling of guilt because he is the reason there s a spotlight on the family and why they re travails are so much in the news. so the question is, how does it affect him? he s got a debate in two weeks he s dealing with multiple world issues right now and all the rigors of a campaign and how will he deal with it? i think is a big question. yeah. kate, we mentioned that the president promptly went to delaware to be with his son and again, the contrast between how the trump family approached the manhattan trial and how the biden family approach this trial has start how do you think this is going to impact the president? well, look, it is absolutely hard on him. he is a family man that you really cannot underestimate are under appreciate how close the biden family is, how much they lean on each other. i think it would be hard for any father to go through, not only the experience of this trial, of course, but obviously all that hunter is dealt with and dealing with addiction and things have happened when he was in the grip of addiction. so yes, of course it is personally hard for the president, but i would also note he s somebody who has shouldered a lot of personal tragedy and difficulty while also juggling being in public office, he lost his son, beau to brain cancer when he was vice president. obviously his as you mentioned at the top has his first wife and baby daughter were killed in a car crash just weeks after he was elected to the senate. so he has spent his entire life in public service shouldering challenges, difficulty holding his family close, but simultaneously executing the duties of the office isn t being able to put to put his work first two. so i think his resilience, i think will really be on display for people over the next few months. i think you saw a little bit today, frankly, when he was speaking at the gun safety event, he was lively. he was engaged. he was clearly talking with a lot of passion about the work he s done on gun safety and talking to them the crowd. so i think i think the american people are going to see a lot of resilience for him, but of course this is hard for him. it s hard for him and higher biden family, judge jones, what would you consider for a sentence on these convictions? and also with the idea in mind that he is facing a tax charge as well that s it potentially more worrisome for well, of course, the judge has to follow what are called the sentencing guidelines, which has my colleague knows are numbingly complicated, but the sentence needs to be sufficient, but not greater than necessary to fulfill the purposes of sentencing i think in this case, because he didn t brandished the gun, he didn t commit a crime of violence is on another crime associated with the purchase of very frankly, anderson over almost 20 years in the federal bench. i never had a stand alone case like this. this is really this actual charges or not something that s been tapped on. this is the pen a zebra case, if you will but i think in this case, there s a good argument for probation or with some kind of help remedial help counseling addiction treatment, and so forth. the real real peril comes with the tax charges because this counts as a conviction which has the it will in fact enhance any sentence that he gets if he s convicted at the tax charges. so there s that that s mandatory. that whatever the charges and this it impacts next, the get certain points for prior convictions. and then of course that case is driven in part by the amount of the tax fraud as well, which escalates the sentencing exposure. that s where he really is in jeopardy of going to prison. i don t think this case so much. david, what do you sitting republicans who were insisting tonight, the justice system is being weaponized again the foreign president, even though president biden s own son was just convicted in federal court and you ve got to menendez case and another congressman yeah, that s really complicated for them for that reason. and remember, yeah, you ve got senator menendez on trial right now. congressman cuellar awaiting trial right now. it just puts the light of the the idea that there s this weaponized justice department of justice department has nothing to do with the manhattan da s office, but it s also complicated for them because they have become so zealot zealous about the second amendment that they don t quite know how to talk about. this. so they re all shifting. and the thing that they re doing, anderson is this whole, the mantra and they all move as one. is this biden crime family thing because really what s at play here is they re strategy is to try and say everybody is corrupt, that everybody is swimming in the same murky waters that donald trump is no different than joe biden. and that voters should discount the fact that donald trump is a convicted felon and has some other major cases pending against him. so i think you re gonna see a lot of that. what congressman comer said today, chairman comer was really disgraceful as you pointed out he has been rolling out this cannon periodically. he lights the fuse and every time a flag comes out that says pop. and there s nothing there. and so if they ve got evidence of a crime maybe they should share it with people instead of just talking about it. and i think they don t because they don t in cape person biden and the foreign president obviously have their first debate on cnn june 27th. are you concerned about trump getting under the president skin by invoking hunter biden. he obviously tried it when they debated in 2020 yeah, he tried in 2020 and it really backfired on him. i mean, i can tell you that the data that we saw on the biden campaign after that first debate, where no trump really wound up and tried to come at hunter. was that what people remembered from that debate was joe biden defending his son, talking about his love for his son relating to when people all across the country who ve had dealt with family members and friends who ve suffered from addiction. so it was actually a very relatable moment that really connected joe biden to people across the country. so i think 44 joe biden, he should certainly expect that donald trump is going to come at him with this on the stage. we know that trump s going to try and throw everything he can it biden to get under his skin. but we ve also seen that this is a failing political argument. trump has tried to make it stick for five years. it hasn t, and it ultimately winds up being an opportunity for people to see joe biden s humanity. and that s very moving and power. david axelrod. thank you, judge jones. jessica roth, as well, coming up next, former first daughter, patty day hey, miss her own struggle with addiction and her thoughts about the verdict and later cnn s clarissa ward is exclusive look inside a syrian detention camp are women and children 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inflicts on families being in the public eye are being the child of public figures to add still more complications. my next guest, patty davis knows this well. she is, of course the daughter, of former president reagan and nancy reagan and a new york times op-ed, she writes this about the biden case. it might sound naive and the escaping le, partisan times, but it would be nice if the rest of us or even most of bus could look at how sad this story is. how a man with a loving, supportive family and every advantage and opportunity still fell into the roiling abyss of drug addiction and couldn t stop swimming around in this dark waters. petty davis writes about her own experiences in dear mom and dad, a letter about family memory and the america we once knew thank you so much for being with us. your essay. it was so lovely and to your point in the op-ed, i mean, do you think basic humanity and empathy are? possible in this hyper-partisan moment, the country is in well, i mean, on some days i think it s not possible some days i think it s extinct but i think we have to keep looking for that and we have to keep reaching for it. and i think even some of the comments from the jurors expressed sympathy and compassion for hunter because this is at its root. this is not this story about a hunter biden is not a political story. i don t even think really at its right. it s a crime story, even though he was convicted of some crimes but i think at its root, it is a very sad story about addiction and a disastrous choices that attics make the ripple effects of those choices in families lives and over over time, i mean, obviously this is yes, it doesn t here s the thing about about an you know, when you when you re addicted, your world is very insular. everything is about you and the substance that you re addicted that s that s kind of it, right and once you if you are fortunate enough to let go of that addiction and to stop using whatever substance it is, whether it s drugs or alcohol, you don t immediately change your mode of thinking. you don t immediately like break get out of that. it takes a lot of work and a lot of time and i am assuming that hunter biden is going through that. now. he s starting to realize the extent that his addiction had on everybody else. i think it was very poignant for him. i m probably seeing his daughter testify in court, which has a really difficult thing to do. you were candid about your own struggles with addiction in your teens early 20s in the piece you wrote for the time, as you said, as the daughter of first a governor and then a president? do you know what it s like to live under a glaring, unforgiving spotlight than never dims the choices you make in your life. the mistakes, the stumbles are preserved forever and sometimes tossed out in front of you like a minefield, you have to keep crossing it s i mean, first of all, you re really a lovely writer what kind of scrutiny to you in terms of what did that scrutiny due to you in terms of drug use, what was it like living under that kind of scrutiny? well my drug use wasn t made public. i mean, i have made it public because i ve talked about it since, but i basically i didn t get caught you know, i mean, i wrote about in this book how in my father was governor, i used to, i used to drive. are those so boarded in sacramento on this summer s? i used to drive up to folsom prison because they had a gift shop. how i found out that it keeps other calls from prison. i have no idea. it s not like a 70 is not like i go to google them, but i did and i used to like smoke a joint on the way for some prison, completely stone probably with other joints in my purse fortunately, they didn t search my purse, but a friend of mine when she read this story in my book said, well, were you worried that they would smell it on, you know, i never thought about that. so i never got caught. but the thing that follows me around, what is my activism? in the 80s when my father was president in my sort of stridency and the anti-nuclear movement. and whenever i not whenever i read something about myself, but a lot of times, if i read something about myself, it s patty davis, the rebel daughter president reagan, who protests, protested his policies and everything. it was 40 years ago that is the reality of that political spotlight, which is the harshest spotlight imaginable and unfortunately, hunter biden is going to be followed by yes for the rest of his days, it s just the way that s spotlight has a shelf life of forever. yeah especially now with camera phones and laptops and social media and all of it, which obviously was involved in this trial, that was not around when you were right, you were doing that? yeah yeah. you referenced in your president biden ruling out a pardon for his son, you wrote i m quite sure it wasn t the answer. they re grieving. father wanted to give, but his sons actions and his sons illness forced him into a choice between the primal urge to protect the child and the public responsibility to uphold law that is a terrible place to be. did you ever think when your dad was present that did you ever worry about about it becoming known? or as my drink? yeah. well, i owe well, as governor, i didn t think about it because i was you know, just to strung out on drugs, i didn t think about it, frankly and by the time he was president i had stopped doing drugs but i think like i was saying that that sort of self consumed mode of thinking, i think that was still very much my mode of thinking in the 80s when my father was elected president. and because if i d been thinking more expansively, i think i would have expressed myself differently and not as stridently. i think i probably still would have spoken out about the anti-nuclear in the anti-nuclear movement because i believed in it very strongly but i would have done it differently but i didn t i you know what i mean? it was still that well, i m going to do what i want to do. yeah mentality, patty davis. thank you so much for your time. thank you let me out. by cnn exclusive are rare inside look at detention facilities and syria housing not only captured isis fighters wear their wives and children, one of whom tells her clarissa ward, we don t even know what we ve done more this is country is corrupt. we got to save it do some terrible things for the greater good we need you built it for the soup, start rounding this up and dumping us off in cans show me that doesn t sound good. ashley? ashley. ashley shop etsy until june 16 and get up to 30% off father s day gifts to go beyond the classic go-to segall and personalized gear and other things. dads do when you want a one of a kind gift to shone he s number one, etsy has it. but bike riders again, those colors on in here, you d have to kill me to get this jacket on scan and rice. white writers were your daughter only beaters june 21st, how could anyone possibly know that every single one of these pistachios is 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the speed numbers special edition smart plus 0% interest for 24 months shop now at sleep priceline helps families, they 60% on family-friendly hotels. so many great trips we might just leave here with another vacation baby take it easy cust started today the the most anticipated moment of dyslexia and the stakes couldn t be higher. the president and the former president, one stage two, very different visions for america s future. the cnn presidential debate thursday, june 27th, nine life i d cnn and streaming on max arrested eight nationals from tajikistan inside the united states over there, suspected ties to isis. they ve been surveilled for more than a month officials decided to finally arrest them before possible plot could develop the arrest comes the us also tries to figure out what to do with the tens of thousands of children of suspected isis fighters coming of age in detention facilities, controlled by allies in syria, or teenage boys are separated from their mothers it s produced fears that these facilities could be raising the next generation of isis fighters. cnn s first award was granted extraordinary access aside, those camps. here s her in-depth report. cell phone videos of isis is brutal justice that the world hoped it would never see again. she, my mom amash shared for the first time with cnn these images weren t captured in rocco or mosley and 26 steam they were taken in 2022 in the al-hol camp in northern syria the sprawling dumping ground for the women and children captured after isis was defeated five years after the fall of the caliphate isis is ideology lives on here security officials warn it is a ticking time bomb ungovernable and hostile to the outside world you can see just how fast this places more than 40,000 people are living here. and the most dangerous part of the camp is called the annex. that s where some 6,000 foreign nationals are currently within we were granted exceptionally rare access to the annex by the us back syrian democratic forces will sdf, who control the camp? the women here hail from more than 60 different countries several raise their right index fingers for the cameras, sign of solidarity with the islamic state do you regret your decision to join isis or wash she complains that the conditions in the camp are awful. there are people in the world who will say, you went to join isis. you deserve it. you deserve it. what do you say to that normally if enemy yeah. women and children need the majority of alcohols residents are kids who have ended up here through no fault of their own un has called it a blight on the conscience of humanity. it is effectively a prison camp for women and children are arbitrarily and indefinitely detained should to a group stops us with a frantic plea. one of their sons has been arrested trying to escape the camp. she s asking if she can get her son back, who s in a prison he s got me for monday need that youth march. we want to just send them out so the sdf wouldn t take him. she tells us, once boys turn 12 year, they take them it is a troubling story we hear over and over again the sdf says, it is their policy to separate adolescent boys because they are being radicalized by their mothers an sdf raid earlier here this year netted this video of a training session for children inside the camp. the sdf claims young teenage boys are married off to repopulate the next generation of isis fighters they say may explain the roughly 60 births recorded here every mother this is where some of those boys end up after they are taken. the or cash rehabilitation center conditions here are much better than the camps, but there are only one 150 beds and they are all full shamil. chicago grew up in cologne, germany until his parents took the family to the isis capital rocha. a shrapnel injury to his head has left shamil confused. how old are you come home? my bot without if you don t know shamil was living in our whole camp with his mother and siblings until a few years ago when security forces came into their tent in the middle of the night in colombia enough for a man came and pulled me up and tied my hands behind my back. my mom was screaming. she said leave him alone. he tells us i didn t want to go with them. he pushed me saying, put on your shoes, but i didn t hit me islam is from dagestan, russia, and is one of the youngest boys here three to it s via mama so he s saying that he is just 12-years-old. he has been here about three or for months. he was taken from his mother he doesn t even know what his last name is human rights organizations have said the separations are on a pauling violation of international law but the sds top general must loom abdi defends the policy. no duck admin instead of these organizations condemning what we re doing and calling it a human rights violation. these organizations should give us help when it comes to our program that we have in place for years now to rehabilitate these children the part of the problem seems to be that once these young boys turn 18, there s not anywhere for them to go, particularly if they can t return to their home countries. and so some of them i believe are ending up in prison necessity taken when he says this is not a policy that we are following to put them in prison at 18. the reality is, the goal is to reintegrate them with society but cnn has found that boys as young as 14 had been held here at the notorious panorama prison with an estimated 4,000 inmates. it is the largest concentration of isis fighters in the world. no journalist has been allowed inside panoramas since 2021 until now so the head of the prison has asked me to put on a head scarf what we walked through here because these are some of the most radicalized prisoners they have a senior us official told us the number one concern panorama is a prison break. of fear that was realized in 2022 when hundreds of inmates managed to escape and i look inside 25 men sit cross-legged in silence cell is spotless. the men we see appear to be indecent physical condition but tuberculosis is rampant in the prison. and we are only allowed to look inside two cells you versus your where he found a british man approaches the great, but does not want to show his face i know advocacy groups called the us that s funded panorama illegal black hole, worse than guantanamo bay in an interrogation room we meet 19-year-old stephane ucc or lou from suriname. he tells us he was brought to the prison when he was 14 along with more than 100 other miners have you had a lawyer ever you talk to a lawyer? well, i don t know about the big guys if you speak about the kids assume well, if you know the truth, we don t know even why we re always like punning just like five years in prison, i were punished we don t even know what he s done. like we ve been in prison because of our clients at the sdf intelligence headquarters, we need british pakistani dr. mohammed socket, accused of joining isis. he claims he was the victim of an elaborate kidnapping plot. it says panoramas, inmates are abused. so we live in torture i live in fear we you say you live in torture, do you mean that you are actually physically? ugly being tortured this happens on an off. what kind of torture like beating by the stick, by the gods to be on the side. i m just waiting for my death there s no getting out of this prison. probably never the warden at panorama called psaki pbs claim of abuse it was false saying, quote, all parts of the prison are monitored by cameras and no prison guard can act in this way the sdf and the us are pushing countries just to repatriate their citizens from syria, saying it is the only solution to this complex and dangerous situation. but the process has been slow and many including western allies are dragging their feet in the owl rose can we meet brits, canadians belgians australians, and a couple of americans survive basically 30-year-old hoda methanol has been stuck here with her seven-year-old son for more than five years i have to ask you, i m seeing all of the women here are fully covered. a lot of them covering their faces. you re not covered, you re wearing a t-shirt is that hard it was hard when i first took it. i would say for the first 23 years people were not accepting of it and they harassed us but they stole our stuff and i had to stay strong and show example for my son born and raised in the us, hoda became radicalized online at the age of 20 left her family and alabama to live under you re isis, a decision she quickly regretted if you were to be able to go back to the us and you had to go on trial, potentially serve time in prison. have you reconciled yourself without possibility? i always tell myself that i m going to prison would be a step forward in my life if i had any time to serve, i d server and come out and begin my life with my son for now. that is not an option. while the us advocates repatriation, it ruled holders us citizenship invalid on attacking my palette, i didn t write now, she lives in fear for her son s future what do you miss most about america i just want to breathe at moroccan era and be around people. i loved the people of america. they re very open and they re very forgiving and they re very, they re people who give second chances and i think if they were to sit down with me and listen to my story from the beginning, they would give me a second chance but second chances are hard to come by here. for most repentance is demanded and forgiveness rarely given. as the cost of ignoring this ugly crisis continues to mount first award joins us now, i mean, it s extraordinary to think of all these people in this limbo. you said the us government and rule the citizenship of the american woman you spoke with invalid on a technicality. what else what else do you know better situation node and what viewers authorities commented at all? yes. so we ve reached out anderson to the state department about who does case and they said to us the department has not changed its position with regards to ms madonna s citizenship status as the state department determined in the courts agreed she is not an never was a us citizen. we also heard anderson from her lawyer who responded, if hold them, athena is not a us citizen than she is stateless. and that is a violation of international law. all the directly contradicts what the us government has stated. other countries cannot and should not do. and i should add anderson that a senior us official told us there are about a dozen americans who are still in these camps in northeastern syria. the repatriation process is not straightforward though, because many of them, unlike the coda, don t actually want to go back. we spoke to one woman who asked not to be identified. she said that she has not put her hand up yet. she is a dual national and that she doesn t feel comfortable returning to the us because she s too afraid that she might have to face time in prison. anderson, clarissa ward. thank you. incredible report. thank you. more. breaking news tonight. a bus hijacking in lambda and the deadly discovery after the police chase through city streets in the interests during tonight s rush hour, that in a first in nevada politics, voting isn t just being done behind curtains today now it s from behind bars will explain ahead when i was diagnosed with aids with hiv, i didn t know who i would be, but here i am being me keep being you and ask your health care provider about the number one prescribed five days chevy treatment, big turvy bits rv is a complete one pill once a day treatment used for hiv in many people, whether you re 18 or any with one small pill, pick derby fights hiv to help you get to undetectable and stay there. whether you re just starting or replacing your current treatment. research shows that taking hiv treatment as prescribed and getting two and staying undetectable prevents transmitting hiv through sex. serious side effects 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transit bus, just a few miles away and into a bus hijacking than a police chase onto the interstate finally, when that ended, police made a grim discovery. more now in all, from cnn s ryan young begin around 430 after a call about gunfire and a hostage situation on a bus when officers arrived to investigate, the bus takes off and the chase begins from above, you can see the county bus swerving uncontrollably through rush hour traffic and atlanta dangerously moving in and out of traffic through city streets and onto the highway where elana police officers desperately tried to get the bus pulled over. our initial call was of a gunman on on the bus that was holding hostages and possibly there had been a discharge of a weapon that was the initial nine will warn call that call disconnected, and then a short time later we received another 911 call also from the bus, and that line remained open for the entire time. officers tried blocking the bus in the attempt to use stop sticks, but the bus avoids early attempts to stop it. all of it through atlanta s rush hour traffic at one point, the bus almost hits this truck. it s worth around the car and then veers into traffic as drivers scrambled to get out of the way, a gunman with a gun to the head of a bus driver saying, don t stop this bus or else worst will happen. this is the type of thing that obviously no one is. i mean, it seems like the movies later the bus narrowly misses another group of cars as it drives on the left side of the road before coming to a stop on this tree-lined road, there were 17 individuals on the bus and putting the bus driver unfortunately, as the mayor has stated, one individual has died of injuries which we believe to be a gunshot wound. this is going to be a joint investigation by the atlanta police department as well. was from the georgia bureau of investigation. we currently do have in custody a 39-year-old joseph career officers from several police departments surround the bus. you can see someone coming out with their hands up before he gets on the ground. police at the ready, guns drawn with a tactical armored vehicle on the sea police find one person shot and killed anderson. we re also finding out the man who was arrested as a convicted felon, but i want to tell you something we were doing a news conference about that earlier shooting. and this start happening. i got a phone call from a source that was saying they could see several police cars chasing this car through the streets of atlanta. it was very harrowing. in fact, they saw officers trying to use their car to block that bus, but such a large vehicle moving through the city, it s amazing that no one else got seriously injured, even though sadly, one person did lose their life on that bus today? yes, i m just terrifying ryan young. thank you. now, to exclusive new reporting voting from behind bars, a unique development in the narrowly divided state and nevada, which could determine who wins the white house in which party controls the senate or murray has more inside the largest jail in sin city. it s my first time voting. for the first time that you ve ever vote in any election is when is here in the detention center? yeah. natalie inmates escorted to this holding and then a voting booth. the first one ever set up in the clark county detention center in las vegas. nor are you surprised that there was going to be a voting booth here today? yeah, i was surprised. yeah, it was i didn t expect to its debut just in time for primary de the result of a new law requiring improved valid access for thousands of non felons detained in nevada s jails soon after the booth opened the first voter cast her ballot. how did it feel to be able to cast your vote? it felt nice actually felt good for activists. shigella chambers. you can put that on my epa ten it s a hard-fought victory. there is a pressure for us to shine brightly on this first run. a felony conviction after a violent altercation during college costs, chambers his freedom and his voting rights for more than five years. and i feel that someone who is doing this work needs to be formerly incarcerated to engage their population now we worked for the non-profit silver state poises, running outreach to thousands of potential voters behind bars. one of the first bullet points on here it says why you cannot vote, okay, that s the key. you i cannot vote if you are serving a sentence on a felony conviction in a city or county jail, then it makes clear if you re pretrial or serving on a misdemeanor you re eligible jackpot. one of the biggest hurdles, convincing eligible incarcerated voters to cast a ballot amid polarization and misinformation, more than 2,500 ballots were cast by individuals whose names and dates of birth match incarcerated felons. do you think that has an impact on even people who are eligible to vote without question, without question it took months and the threat of lawsuits for jails to get up just be we had an election happened, but no jail fully. what s compliant with the law facilities across the state worked with voting rights groups like the aclu and election workers to finally ensure ballot access ahead of tuesday s primary, their vote should not be any less important than the individuals that are out here. and unfortunately, they face those barriers that we were here on outside, don t even really think about those barriers. the basics for those who are behind bars postage for change of address forums. blue and black pens to fill in balance and at least in this jail a polling booth something that goes beyond what the law while requires. this is something that is the first for us and i think we re going to probably do it better than anybody else. we ve tried to pride ourselves on that there really was no model for us to follow. we ve had a couple of opportunities to make sure we get it right for the general election in november chambers hopes this is one step toward politicians actively campaigning for voters behind bars in clark county. you have potential victory is lying in those sales at least for now. i want to i guess is it makes a huge difference night, i step toward voters like elliot carver hall having their voices heard, it felt a little bit of empowerment, a little slow, a little tiny bit sara marie joins us now from las vegas. so this is the first time he s running boost had been used. how did the process go? it went pretty smoothly, although there were voters who showed up to vote and found out they were actually registered in a different county or in some cases, in a different state, which is negating the education gap that still exist for those who are behind bars. there were dozens of folks who wanted to vote from the jail today and we expect that that s going to number is going to be even longer when we get to the general election in november. this was sort of a dry run for the big event coming up, anderson be interesting to do polling and see if they re running for it? sir, maria, thanks so much in news continues. the src

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