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frank, there have been these protests that you've been talking about over the course of the weekend — what was the mood at these organisations, these demonstrations, i should say? and what is the sense of what might happen in the coming days? i what might happen in the coming da s? . , what might happen in the coming da 5? . , . what might happen in the coming da s? ., what might happen in the coming das? ., days? i was an observer at the rotests days? i was an observer at the protests yesterday, _ days? i was an observer at the protests yesterday, saturday l protests yesterday, saturday afternoon in shanghai, i went before it was broken up by the police. i know a number of people were taken away. i also think in shanghai and across the country, there's been police restraint, there hasn't been police brutality, more or less, despite all the videos being sent around. ian observer they are on saturday night —— i was in an observer —— wasn't an observer. that one was much bigger and something truly unprecedented in shanghai. one thing i'll say is

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by two shirtless figures — one native american, one african — and the idea was people objected to it because of the racial hierarchy depicted in that statue. it was removed earlier this year, early 2022, after being there for 80 years. do you think that was the right thing to do? and what would you like to see in its place? i would like to see in its place africa rising, which is a statue... ..which is a commission that i did for general services in 1997, which is, you know, downtown, completely obscured, because it's in the...�*s in the area of 9/11. i think it was absolutely right to remove... remove roosevelt's statue.

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The Eighties

because i think it's the best trash there is on television. i am not in the business of brain surgery. i am in the business of fluff. >> that's the fantasy element. at a time when the access is possible. it's escapism, and it's aspirational. you want to stand in a hot tub with a glass of champagne, rock on. >> we've never seen that kind of wealth ever before. we didn't mock it. we didn't say it was right, and we didn't say it was wrong. we were just through the keyhole. >> sometimes it absolutely amazes me. i walk away from a shoot and i think, well, we did it again. >> there was more of everything in tv by the '80s. your opportunity for watching stuff is increasingly vast. >> nbc presents "real people." >> my name's michael lee wilson. this dawned on me, that the application of a small motor on a pair of roller skates might really be a great thing. >> somebody once said that each one of us will be a star for 15 minutes, and i think that that's probably going to happen.

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Life Liberty Levin

what happened to the individual citizen, that citizen took his strength from god. mark: pretty much when the declaration of independence say you have politicians like obama and others they read it, they leave out the part about the cr creator. at the founding of this nation is the judeo-christian belief system, they talk about it, god given rights, that right and wrong is the s same thing whether you are born in america or china. good and bad is the same thing regardless of who you are. mark: i have a few final words. we'll be right back. nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: just stop. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. instead, start small.

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American Voices With Alicia Menendez

>> here is the thing, as you understand better than anyone. this isn't simply rhetorical. right? you have this happening, yes, on some dark corners of the internet. but you also have it happening mainstreamed and mainlined with people with a lot of access with a lot of -- you have republican elected officials who are taking some of these threats and using it to inform policy. so i am thinking of something, like, don't say gay act out of florida. where you actually have this not just in conversation, but actually shaping policies in shape states. that actually seems like where the attention needs to move. >> i mean, this is a deadly combination. the combination of the extremist rhetoric that we are seeing. the political attacks, and the real people taking violent action in the streets. we can't look away, and we can ignore. i also want to name that there

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Life Liberty Levin

you have to reach down deeply in your faith when you came under attack, they did not treat you like jen psaki. >> oh, i did. you look at things that they would ask, any of the reporters, they were absurd questions, i went back and i was watching a briefing, i am flipping through pages in my binder, i was asked a question by a quote, unquote serious reporter, is the president glad that the south lost the civil war to which you could see me stop flipping the pages and look up, bemused by this question, i said there is no such thing as a dumb question but that was dumb, i was asked a lot of questions, with shouting over mias a spoke, interesting to difference, jen psaki, someone shouted over her and the white house press got program and said,

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American Voices With Alicia Menendez

pinpoint one thing when we are looking at what motivates women to come out and have their voice heard. but the amalgamation. and i think another something i'm socially cited about in the summit is that we are zeroing in on -- what is multigenerational. we saw record registration votes for the youth. and i think this is really important as we look at that arc of women engaging. >> it is so interesting. because there was always sort of this hammering about a generation that had always lived in a time when roe had been legal, and abortion had been legal as a result of roe, and whether or not they would be motivated, whether or not they would understand, it whether or not they would be fired up. i think we got an answer on that question. it strikes me, both in the context of abortion, and in the context of childcare. very often these get framed as women's issues, rather than being framed as economic issues, right? rather than people understanding the ways in which they affect the overall u.s. economy, both as a push and it's a poll factor. i would seem to me that that is

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Life Liberty Levin

we may punish this person, i said where were you during the entire duration of my tenure when people were yelling. it took me digging up on diet with peter 3-5. >> a different question. health never be asked that question. tell us about your faith. how you practice your faith. >> instrumental to my life, i lean it to. before my first briefing, my parents got on the phone and we prayed together, last thing i did was get on my knees, say a prayer and walked to the podium. podium. i had is a serenity as if

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The Eighties

>> yeah. there's nothing you can do about it, jen. my advice to you is that you just enjoy being a child for as long as you can. i know i did. it was the best two weeks of my life. >> alex is a little bill buckley. the "wall street journal" is his bible. he has a tie to go with his pajamas. he's a very conservative and very intense 17-year-old. >> the first thing your teacher is going to ask is what did you do over the summer? a lot of kids will say i went to the zoo or i went to the beach or i went to a baseball game. what are you going to say? >> i watched the iran contra hearings. >> if mom and dad thought this generation was going to the dogs, think again. this is the generation that has discovered hard work and success. >> american culture is changing in the '80s. and in terms of television, there's a whole notion of demographic segmentation. >> networks were beginning to not be afraid to appeal to a very specific demographic.

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The Eighties

>> hey, handsome. look at that shirt. is that a power shirt or what? >> nice suit, alan. good shoulder pads. you looking to get drafted by the eagles? >> 30-somethings said we're not going to have cops, lawyers or doctors. we're just going to be about people. >> what are we doing here, why did we start this business? >> to do our thing. but right now we got two wives, three kids, four cars, two mortgages, a payroll. and that's life, pal. you be the breadwinner now. >> is that what i am? >> "30 something" is a very important show as you are going into this era of television being more introspective and more emotional. and some people weren't buying it. but for other people when they were talking about things like having kids and who is going to go back to work and some of these issues that hadn't been talked about a whole lot, it was important to people. >> i was so looking forward -- i was so looking forward to doing this. to be a grown-up for just an

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