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The Recorder - My Turn: Woody Williams — a friend and American hero

Last Wednesday, I was awakened by my youngest daughter who told me that my friend, Hershel “Woody” Williams, had died at 98.When 6,000 other Marines died taking Iwo Jima, Woody lived.  When the first several flamethrower operators died, Woody lived....

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Jeff Bezos calls out Joe Biden's latest inflation claim: 'Straight misdirection or a deep misunderstanding'

After President Joe Biden called on companies running gas stations to lower the price of gas, Jeff Bezos accused the U.S. president of misleading the public or said he lacked a "basic" understanding of the forces that actually drive prices.

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the shopping mall, about 5.30pm, i heard several shots. at the time i didn't think that those shots were actual gunshots because it's not something that you would imagine in a country like denmark. and momentarily after, there were people running out screaming, crying — and that's when it hit me that something serious was actually happening. so, i took and ran, took the first bus that i could find. people were cramming inside there. somewhere along the way, we were driving and the police came and stopped the bus in the middle of the road, and came in with automatic weapons and told everyone to

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The Media Show

public sector, because the serious point is that they increasingly start from the point of view of how do i get the least possible information into the hands of the public, and that is not theirjob. we are in a democracy after all. yourjob is to provide the most possible information, they are paid for the public, by you and me, because journalists are people too, to do exactly that, to foster open and demographic local government and services. i think we need a pretty fundamental reset to get back to that. what sort of techniques do they use to try to close down information? the first thing is, they will not answer the phone or answer an e—mail. because why would they? because they are leveraging their power as a monopoly. they have a monopoly on being your local council. if they don't answer your e—mail or the phone, you often can't run that story because you need a response from them. you can't go to another council to answer that question. so they can kill the storyjust by not picking up the phone or answering an e—mail.

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let's look back at the trend for community infections charted by the weekly office for national statistics survey. this suggests that 2.3 million people in the uk had the virus in the week to 24june, compared with nearly five million at the end of march, when there was a surge driven by a variant of 0micron ba.2. but the level�*s rising fast thanks to new variants — and today, we learned what health officials think might happen in the weeks ahead. it doesn't look as though that wave has finished yet, so we would anticipate that hospital cases will rise. and it's possible, quite likely, that they will actually peak over the previous ba.2 wave. so, here are those covid hospital numbers. the most up—to—date figures are for england. there are now over 9,300 patients in hospitals with covid, though some are there because of another health issue. we're now being warned this could go up above the 16,600

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jim's the father and ron's the son. jim watkins bought this website, 8kun — 8chan, and then became 8kun — and his son was a sort of computer programmer. and we think that, in the latter months and years of qanon, they were the ones who were controlling it. and certainly, in the course of researching my podcast, there was evidence that we uncovered, and other people uncovered, that people in the trump orbit, in the run—up to the 2020 election campaign, had been in touch with the watkinses in order to try and harness the power of this crazy conspiracy theory to help get donald trump elected. irene? yeah, yeah, definitely. i agree, that's the main theory, and all the evidence points towards the watkinses, mostly because, as i mentioned, the short code, there is evidence showing that it was edited manually to match q's original short

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who are promoting the big lie, and those who really don't, but it has become massively mainstream. if you look at the hearings that are currently going on, on capitol hill into what happened around the january 6, 2021 storming of the us capitol, what we see is that the american electorate is completely bifurcated by this conspiracy theory which really has qanon as a huge element. and the question of what happened in the 2020 election has essentially ceased to be one that is empirically answerable in american politics. it has become an entirely political question, and no facts seem capable of dissuading people who believe this conspiracy theory of the falseness of it. irene, this is a vast disinformation campaign, if you like. what is it about it that has meant so many people have taken it up?

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of government in the united states. and 0, this government insider, was posting his secrets on a little—known website called 4chan, then 8chan, then 8kun — these kind of very niche internet message boards. and the last time he posted something was shortly after the 2020 election. he posted a link to a song called we're not going to take it, and that was it. we thought this thing had disappeared. we thought it had kind of merged with the millions of people who believe that the us election had been stolen, and that the kind of satanic cabal element had kind of faded into the background, but now he — we're assuming it's a he — is back posting under the name of q on this same niche website called 8kun. and, irene, why now do you think? what's he posted on that, and why now?

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is a russian spy conspiracy theory, which lots of democrat supporters got hung up on for quite a while. i was speaking to a guy and he was trying to make an equivalent between qanon and this russian narrative, but i said there was a large dollop of truth at the bottom of the russia story, whereas this is just complete fa ntasy. and he said, have you ever heard ofjeffrey epstein? so the thing that i kind of came to believe about qanon was that, yes, if you took it literally to mean that hillary clinton was literally running a cabal of satanic paedophiles out of a pizza restaurant out of washington, dc they didn't have a basement, then of course it is nonsense. but if you took qanon as a kind of parable, which is that people feel that there are unelected people who were kind of controlling their lives in a changing world, and that they don't really understand how

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ABC World News Tonight With David Muir

rock, ice and snow sliding down the mountain. at least eight people injured. two are in grave condition. authorities also searching for hikers who may be missing. back here at home, this year's july 4th cookout will be more expensive. the american farm bureau federation says a barbecue with ten people will cost nearly $70, or roughly $7 per person. that's up 17% from last year. the group says the price for two pounds of ground beef is up 36% from a year ago. when we come back, the world war ii veteran captured on the fourth of july. his story of survival and the military honor he's waited decades to receive. decades to receive. i'm still drawn to what's next. even with higher stroke risk due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin that's a trail i want to take. eliquis. eliquis reduces stroke risk better than warfarin. and has less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis has both. don't stop taking eliquis without talking to your doctor as this may increase your risk of stroke.

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