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citizenship in a ceremony hosted by the albanian president in tirana. the singer was born in london, but her roots go back to kosovo. wendy urquhart reports. # i #igot # i got you, moonlight # i got you, moonlight # your my starlight... dua lipa is famous all over the world, and her disco pop songs have won her a clutch of awards, including three grammies, two mtv europe awards, and six brit awards. herfamily are mtv europe awards, and six brit awards. her family are coast albanians who fled team? in albanians who fled to london in the 19905 and returned briefly in 2008 - the 19905 and returned briefly in 2008 — but dua lipa has never forgotten her root5. in 2008 — but dua lipa has neverforgotten her root5. on sunday 5he neverforgotten her root5. on sunday she was welcome to tirana by the president, who presented her with albanian citizenship and said she had made her country proud. translation: it made her country proud. translation:— made her country proud. translation: it is a special leasure translation: it is a special pleasure today _ translation: it is a special pleasure today in _ translation: it is a special pleasure today in the - pleasure today in the presidency to welcome the greatest arti5t, dua lipa, and herfamily. i say a great artist, a simple girl whose

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fame is known all over the world. she has given us the greatest pride.— world. she has given us the greatest pride. dua lipa grew u . greatest pride. dua lipa grew up listening _ greatest pride. dua lipa grew up listening to _ greatest pride. dua lipa grew up listening to david - greatest pride. dua lipa grew up listening to david bowie, i up listening to david bowie, bob dylan, radiohead and the police — mainly thanks to her dad, who's also a singer—songwriter. and she was inspired by madonna, gwen stephani, and blondie. but getting her albanian citizenship clearly a precious moment for the singer. translation: it moment for the singer. tuna/mom- moment for the singer. translation: it is a great honour for— translation: it is a great honour for me _ translation: it is a great honour for me and - translation: it is a great honour for me and my - translation: it is a great | honour for me and my family translation: it is a great - honour for me and my family to have an opportunity to represent my country and people. represent my country and --eole. , , ., people. this girl is no wallflower _ people. this girl is no wallflower - - people. this girl is no wallflower - she - people. this girl is no wallflower - she has. people. this girl is no - wallflower - she has frequently wallflower — she has frequently spoken out against 5exi5m and the music industry and i5 spoken out against 5exi5m and the music industry and is an avid 5upporter the music industry and is an avid supporter of the lgbtq community. dua lipa has clearly found her potion for success — she's top of the charts all over the world, modelled for several top fashion countries, featured on the cover of numerous magazines, and even

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the youngest person to ever have a work acquired by moma, the museum of modern art in new york. it was reba, which was a woodcut print of a young girl with a plant next to her. and you have said that "success as a child came easily to me," and that "i grew up as a confident, curious child, "not willing to settle for anything but the best." were you always very ambitious from an early age? i wouldn't call it ambition. i didn't know what it was. i knew that i wanted to do something, you know, significant, but i had no idea what and i had no idea how. and i had no concept of the world except my little family, which is very small. you know, it was very intimate. and it seemed to me that the world was intimate too.

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

so many people. your family, katie, obviously, left texas to find safety in colorado, which is now healing or trying to heal from the tragedy at club q. how are you and know what doing? how are you feeling? >> you know, throughout this process of finally getting to what we thought would be the soft place to land, this safe haven it has been a constant battle of beings feeling so much better and at the same time things are feeling so much worse. with this latest tragedy, it's a reminder that there are no truly safe spaces. we need to work that much harder to take care of each other. >> do you feel safe anywhere? is that something that is possible? >> what a big question. currently, no. we recognize there are pockets of communities that have our best interests at heart and are there to be supportive and inclusive. but there is no full stop safe

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

putting border security and immigration at the center of their agenda. it seems during the midterms, this was an area where they were making inroads with voters, they seemed to have an edge. what do you make of this strategy? >> as you said, i think there is concern about border security in the country. what's interesting more than anything, paulo, is that in the states where you have this concern be at the highest, i'm talking about states like arizona and new mexico at the border they are doing very well in these midterms. it wasn't the kind of issue that was going to lead to any problems electorally. when i can't begin to understand is when it comes to immigration, it's a bad faith issue for the republican party because many republicans, in fact many republicans in congress, paola, marco rubio, your family, my family, they came into this country as immigrants through the legal asylum seeking process that many are trying to seek at the

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to, to ensure a safe environment for our family. so that is definitely put a pause on our ability to return to texas. an indefinite pause. but i will say that even though we have left, we have not left of the fight. this is our home, this is all we've ever known, this is where our community and family and our heart is. so we cannot go back immediately. but we will fight until we can. >> i definitely do want to highlight that, right? just because, at the federal level and in state level, it doesn't seem like progress has been made, on the ground, people like you and know are making a difference. i do want to underscore that. you are protecting your family, you are protecting noah at a time where just the media environment is incredibly hostile. you have people like tucker carlsen, people on tiktok, a bunch of social media accounts doubling down. what words of advice would you

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

>> hey pamela, good evening to you. some of the stories we are watching, the death toll has risen to at least seven including a newborn and two children following an enormous landslide on an italian island. search teams pulled the body of a young girl from her family home sunday. five people remain missing their. protests against china's stringent covid policies have spread to shanghai and other cities. president xi jinping is facing mounting anger at its zero covid policy and has shut down access to areas throughout china in an attempt to isolate every case. and more than 2500 flights into or out of the united states airports were delayed sunday during the post thanksgiving travel rush. this comes as severe weather, including rain, heavy winds, and snow swept through major cities in the south and then the northeast. more with paola ramos after this break. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big.

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Political Thinking with Nick...

there were fewer single parent families then than there are now and this was also the time, of course, when there was big tory rhetoric around single—parent families. around the idea of being on benefits, wasn�*t it? yeah. and the suggestion somehow that maybe you�*d got pregnant in order to get benefits. yeah. that peter lilley speech — you know, i remember all of that and it made me so angry that that kind ofjudgement was being made about our family when i knew how hard my mam was working. remind us of the speech, because there�*ll be plenty of people who forget. peter lilley was secretary of state for social security back then — a job title doesn�*t exist now. yeah. he talked in the conference speech about single parents on benefits and talked in very disparaging terms, about — as if somehow that people did this to get, you know, a council house. i mean, it was really offensive. he mimicked a song, didn�*t he? "i�*ve got a little list", he said, "of benefit offenders "who i�*ll soon be rooting out, who never would be missed. "never would be missed". "there�*s young ladies

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70s, there had been a big national survey that found that 25 to 35%, about a third of all native children, had been removed from their family and tribes. this was not the first time that federal policy had systematically separated native children from their family. and so, it was kind of like a set of guardrails. when a native child enters foster care or is up for adoption, the law works to keep that child connected to their family and connected to their tribe. >> recently, obviously, it has become a major target for republicans. it has been challenged almost as many times as the affordable care act. and now it has made its way all the way to the supreme court. you have been inside the court during those oral arguments. from what you heard, from what you saw, from what you feel, and do you believe that this is a case that, at its core, is

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