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that in a place like china, it's very hard for your frustrations to be known because there are these bottom—up democratic institutions for people to vent their frustrations —— there aren't. so when they are very frustrated, it builds up into huge protests, and this is happened repeatedly in chinese history. i like to say it takes 1 million people to make change, it takes 1oo 1 million people to make change, it takes 100 million in china. in a certain sense, it's less stable in china because it requires these huge movements to make change. fix, requires these huge movements to make change.— to make change. a fascinating insiuht, to make change. a fascinating insight. and — to make change. a fascinating insight, and in _ to make change. a fascinating insight, and in terms - to make change. a fascinating insight, and in terms of - to make change. a fascinating insight, and in terms of how. insight, and in terms of how people are organising themselves, how do you think they are doing that? what are you expecting over the course of the next few days in terms of the next few days in terms of further demonstrations, or even a crackdown? i of further demonstrations, or even a crackdown?— of further demonstrations, or even a crackdown? i think the big question _ even a crackdown? i think the big question we _ even a crackdown? i think the big question we are _ even a crackdown? i think the big question we are all- big question we are all wondering is how are they organising this? it's not that coordinated, these are very spontaneous — saturday night in

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by two shirtless figures — one native american, one african — and the idea was people objected to it because of the racial hierarchy depicted in that statue. it was removed earlier this year, early 2022, after being there for 80 years. do you think that was the right thing to do? and what would you like to see in its place? i would like to see in its place africa rising, which is a statue... ..which is a commission that i did for general services in 1997, which is, you know, downtown, completely obscured, because it's in the...�*s in the area of 9/11. i think it was absolutely right to remove... remove roosevelt's statue.

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American Voices With Alicia Menendez

from democrats at this time. we even heard the past week or so from rap warren, davidson of ohio saying that there are a number of people who have said that they will publicly always disavow and be a never kevin. so when we are thinking about what is gonna happen in january, when it comes to folks having to speak out and actually publicly say whether they are gonna vote or support him or not vote to support him, we are not gonna see much of a difference from what we just heard. i think kevin look at the has a long way to go, he is playing a very careful dance here where he knows that there are many people who are supporting trump and who will also not support him and have made a very clear that they will do so, and not stand by him come january. >> right, david, he other winds and because of all of the concessions he has made makes it impossible to govern and to get anything done. or he doesn't win, but even then, i guess my question is, who comes up in his place, david. if he can't get 2 to 18, who

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

so many people. your family, katie, obviously, left texas to find safety in colorado, which is now healing or trying to heal from the tragedy at club q. how are you and know what doing? how are you feeling? >> you know, throughout this process of finally getting to what we thought would be the soft place to land, this safe haven it has been a constant battle of beings feeling so much better and at the same time things are feeling so much worse. with this latest tragedy, it's a reminder that there are no truly safe spaces. we need to work that much harder to take care of each other. >> do you feel safe anywhere? is that something that is possible? >> what a big question. currently, no. we recognize there are pockets of communities that have our best interests at heart and are there to be supportive and inclusive. but there is no full stop safe

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

place right now. we've got to work for it. >> i think that takes a toll on people. and that takes a huge emotional toll. the hateful rhetoric, the violence, in the infighting. can you tell us a little bit about what that emotional pain feels not just for noah but as for yourself, as his mother. >> i am just the loving mom who is a cisgender, heterosexual women. i can barely even understand what that real pain and fear is like. for noah, who is a child, a 16-year-old boy who is goofy, a loving, empathetic, has lots of weird, crazy hobbies, for him to not just to get to live his life, for him to have his body turned into this political battleground, it is daunting to just greet every morning. it's scary to go outside or to

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The Media Show

i think it was an editorial mistake by the bbc, because as soon as you let a presenter or a reporter paid by the bbc wear some sort of campaigning insignia, however well intentioned, in that case, you open a whole set of precedents about people wearing charity logos or campaigning logos for a whole set of other things. so i think the editors and producers should not have allowed that. i suppose the counter is there are some issues on which there are no two sides, that this is something that someone on air should be able to express. yes, but would you have armbands for iran or cancer or a particular charity? her cause is great and i can entirely see why alex wanted to do it and i agree with her on a personal level. ijust think you can't have, i mean, you at the moment, ros, do not have an arm band supporting anything on this programme. and i think that's right. you are impartial and once you start wearing one armband you can wear any number. and it's not a great editorial idea. and finally to you, ayman, do you have a position on simply when you should fit into sport generally? do you think sport is escapism for all of us and regardless of where it's taking place, then you should stick to where the news belongs and leave the action alone

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

that v argument for the latina, latino voter is lost in a place like florida. i'm like, oh no, this is where the fight should be, on the ground. as it should be in texas. you and i haven't had a chance to go nitty-gritty on this. i think that given what we just saw, every single vote can be fought for. to just say, oh, we can't, wow, what a way to not play politics. >> i feel like we could have a whole hour discussion on this. i will just say, i remember the day, fernand, you remember, when barack obama almost won the cuban american vote. i would also like to think that this is an anomaly. that our court, we are -- we will talk about it more in the future. thank you both so much for joining me tonight. i really appreciate it. next, this native american history month, thousands of indigenous families are hanging in the balance. i will explain it in a moment. first, richard louis is here with the headlines. hey, richer.

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Political Thinking with Nick...

they�*re out of the areas they grew up in. they come to london, they do a big job, and then they pop home a couple of times a year to say hi. what drove you to go back to the place you were born? i just felt such a pull to to go back home. it�*s hard to put into words. ijust really wanted to go back to my community, my friends and family. the north east is a really special place. and, you know, people from the north east always often have that really strong sense of identity and wanting to, wanting to give something back. and ifelt i�*d learnt a lot when i was away at university and it had shaped a lot about who i was. but i wanted to go back and, you know, make a contribution in my community. all this must shape your attitude to do this newjob. shadow education secretary. this isn�*t the place for a detailed policy interview. but in terms of your approach, what does it mean you think should be your approach if you get to be the next education secretary? i think we do just need to see a shift in our approach to education overall as a country. so not something that is just one when we�*re at school orjust when we�*re sat in a classroom. something that we have with us right throughout our lives or from the earliest years,

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The Eighties

half hour every night. >> "entertainment tonight" has surveyed tv critics in the united states and canada to find out which television shows had the most impact on viewers over the years. >> now up until this time, nobody had done television like this. nobody. >> burt reynolds, the hottest actor in hollywood. >> i'm surprised to see you here. >> well, i'm glad to see you. >> oh, thank you. >> we can meet here every night if you like. >> thank you. >> a lot of what makes successful television programming is being in the right place at the right time. and it was the right time. >> entertainment journalism evolved as viewers got more curious and had more access. until that point, the entertainment business had been something we didn't know all that much about. >> we could go behind the scenes in our effort to really give an insider's look. >> the crafty old j.r. of "dallas" fame was with his mother actress mary martin as he was presented with a star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> it was very honorific of the industry.

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Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy

learning loss remediation, let's have more institutional time, could we have pull out groups in school, hiring staff to pull out small groups of important that need help in certain areas and work with them. offering summer school and after school programming and high impact tutors after school, they are things that cove funds could be used to support. and these are questions that parents need to ask their teachers and ask their district leaders. like where is this money going? what kind of supports are in place that we can take advantage of? my child next extra support. as a parent you need to be active. and be proactive with your district. there are a lot of measures in place legally for your children should they need extra support for them to receive it you have to be

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