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allegedly dropped off in 2019 at this repair shop in delaware. what he's saying, though, erin, is that his data has been weaponized by this computer repair shop owner, and rudy giuliani who he was working with, as well as a number of other right-wing figures to essentially use this information to try to damage his father, joe biden, president, ahead of the 2020 election, and that continues to this day. obviously republicans have spent a lot of time focusing on hunter biden, promising to do investigations, congressional investigations of him and his business dealings and trying to tie that back to president biden. that's the reason why you see this change in strategy essentially that has now occurred. what he's asking for is for investigations to be done by the delaware state attorney general as well as the justice department for what he says were violations of computer laws and other laws because of the use of

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Erin Burnett OutFront

estimates, it is much more. we think that they have already mobilized 500,000. >> 500,000. it sounds huge on an absolute basis, and if it pans out, it is huge. just to give you the context, 500,000 is nearly 2 1/2 times more than the number of russian fighters used to invade ukraine nearly one year ago. and the predicted new offensive could be just weeks away. >> translator: we think that, given that they love symbolism, they will try something around february 24th. >> february 24th, of course, marks one year since the beginning of putin's invasion of ukraine. and as ukraine braces for what could be this massive onslaught, the nuclear drum beat again growing louder in russia. just listen to what's being said tonight on russian tv. >> translator: this ends with our victory or this ends in a nuclear world war three.

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no matter how many tanks we give, no matter how much artillery they have. but i wouldn't put too much stock in what the defense minister said. there's an old saying in the military that the first report is usually wrong. that seems like an awful large number to anybody that's been following us for some time. >> you heard it today. it wasn't the math that we'd heard in the mobilization or anything. but it is a stunning number. you have extensively covered putin opposition leader alexei navalny. he is being transferred to even harsher solitary confinement. he of course is the opposition leader in russia and was poisoned by putin's men and put into a penal colony. he was able to post a message today. quote, when something like this happens to you, you realize how important it is to fight this unscrupulous regime, how important it is to do just about anything to dispel the illusion

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Erin Burnett OutFront

you might think that i'd say my hero is my doctor or nurse, or even my physical therapist. and they are. but there's someone else who's a hero to me. and 1.5 million other kids and counting. it's someone who gives up themselves so that others will get the help they need. who is it? well, you may be surprised, but my hero is you. you, you, you. you. you. you. is people just like you, who give every month to shriners hospitals for children that make this specialized care so many kids need possible. when you call this special number with your monthly gift, you're making a difference in the lives of thousands of kids every day. that sounds like a hero to me. and because of heroes like you, i can do things now that were impossible before. i can ride my bike. i can play basketball. yeah!

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Erin Burnett OutFront

generations as we can? absolutely. but it is nuts to try to blame social security and blame working americans who pay for the program and suggest that social security is in any way responsible for the national debt. it simply is not. >> i'm glad you brought your trademark white board. and luckily you didn't need to write the whole national debt number on it. you just needed to write zero. but, to this point, the overall debt number is immense, right? the debt since the last time we were on a brink of a default, 2011 when we lost that first credit rating. as you know, the debt has more than doubled. and today our debt dwarves our economy. so you've got debt 134% of what our economy produces in a year. when you've looked at that in other countries, it has gone before destroying a standard of living for generations. does america need to cut something big time? >> i do think we always want to

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that a number of them were not contacted and the man she accused of saying he wanted to rape her in his hotel room wasn't interviewed as part of the grievance inquiry. he still works for the welsh rugby union. the manager who charlotte said witnessed the incident told the inquiry though he remembered the man accused saying that she could visit him in his hotel room, he couldn't recall the word "rape" being used. disbelief. because it's such a strong word, you know? evokes such a strong reaction, doesn't it, to most people? so, i think — i think i'm surprised if he can't recall that word being used. we've been told that a witness, identified by charlotte to the wru, was willing to make a statement, confirming that they'd seen and heard the man make the rape comments, but they were

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when a truck hit my car, ♪the insurance companyed, wasn't fair. eight million ♪ i didid't t kn whahatmy c caswa, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to k how much their accident case is worth.h barnes. t ouour juryry aorneneys hehelpou >> tucker: so if they take away cash and make everything digital and digital currency and bank digital currency no power whatsoever and don't like what you're doing and shut you down and you're impoverished and last canada and know the consequences and they want it. that couldn't happen. we may live to see the day that it does have and here's the latest sign tafanely it may be happening. the number of banks and atm machines in the country are in steep decline. far fewer than there were just a few years ago and some countries are like australia and they're

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that's so tasty. i can actually taste the haggis. hi, and welcome to the great court here in the british museum in london. now, this apparently is the biggest covered public square in the whole of europe. and what a greeting for the six million visitors who come here every year to see collections gathered from all around the globe. well, a bit later, i'll be finding out why a growing number of museums are now rethinking their relationships with egyptian mummies. indeed, some are removing them from public display forever.

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became determined to get back in the air. she's a licensed pilot that learned to fly helicopters before starting black ops aviation, an aerial film production company. tucker, in the last few years, we have seen many historic firsts, the first black lesbian white house spokesperson, the first gay transportation secretary, the first nonbinary kleptonuclear waste official and the first billionaire girlfriend to fly into space with an all female crew. this is going to be a rocket trip to remember. >> tucker: jason, that sound you hear in the distance is a million glass ceilings shattering all at once. i personally feel a little empowered by it. i appreciate you coming on. jason rantz. thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: we feature a number of employees that some will admit it happens more than once. this is when we especially love. our next nominee is not a person

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BBC Wales Investigates

marc says he warned bosses about what he'd seen and heard from a number of women in the organisation. i'm aware of several instances where females have left the business or mental health have been affected and, certainly, it's part of my decision to leave welsh rugby union. were they able to complain about it? there's been a lack of support to some females who have had complaints, and when one person relays that story to another, there's a reluctance then to go forward and voice opinions. are you pretty satisfied that this happened because they were women? yes, 100% it was because they were women. charlotte's role was to change the game and attitudes, but says she found some too entrenched. 0vert references. "they're all gay, they're all. you know, it's that kind of culture. you know, or god forbid, we, you know,

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