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america. cole has a gift and loves to share it. cole is a therapy dog who happens to be deaf. >> a disability is not an inability. >> a pitbull mix cole was born without the ability to hear, but that hasn't stopped him from making an impact with veterans and students. >> and we've been able to go around to dozens and dozens of schools and to prevent cole's life story about discrimination because of his breed, about the fact he was unadoptable because he was born deaf. >> cole's owner chris hanna teaches at one of those schools in new jersey. how do the students react when they meet cole for the first time? >> it's fun to watch barriers just come down. they become themselves, they become who they are, and any inhibition or any kind of emotions that they were feeling instantly changed. >> cole was just named the 2022 american humane hero therapy dog. hanna acknowledges the

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and is the billion dollars ultimately going to yield the best benefit for the market, for the customer, and ultimately for the end user, for the consumer, for the people in need, for the 95% of the world that are desperate to move themselves up the ladder in the world? or will the motivation of the market, the market that says, "if this works, i will get paid for it" — will that source the billion? and by the way, it's not... if i may interrupt, i mean, that sounds like, frankly, a billionaire mounting an extremely, er, persuasive defence of capitalism. but we live on a planet which is dominated by capitalism. and what we see is inequity of every different sort, across this planet. we see billions of people living with virtually nothing. we see a tiny, tiny few in the elite — like you, dave friedberg — living with unimaginable wealth. capitalism doesn't work. capitalism has its downside. have you read any of steven pinker�*s books? yeah, in fact, we've had him on the show.

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state video capturing the high stakes prisoner swap that secured her freedom. griner in a red jacket, her hair noticeably shorter, escorted toward an american aircraft as the man she say exchanged for, russian arms dealer viktor bout was embraced by his russian handlers. president biden this morning moments after speaking to griner by telephone tweeting she is safe, she is on a plane, she is on her way home. a moment of celebration for her family, friends, and fans but shadowed by the fact the administration was not able to negotiate the release of american paul whelan who the white house says has been unjustly imprisoned in russia for four years. in a moment my conversation with mr. whelan's brother. but first andrea mitchell with details on the deal and the moment brittney griner has longed for. >> reporter: tonight after ten months behind bars in russia, wnba star brittney griner is coming home, seen here on russian state video.

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and again, it's just, again, it splits america down the middle. and it gives russia something to distract russians from the fact that russia is losing at home. i will say, by the way, to the earlier point about why putin took brittney griner, we don't know, we still don't know whether brittney griner was targeted specifically or whether she was held up at the airport because what is far more likely is that she was held up, her baggage was scanned and they found the drugs, and once they realized she was a foreigner, that's when they called in the fsb and realized they had a target. exactly, and that's when it all kicked into gear. >> thank you all so much for starting off our show tonight. up next on "the reidout," news breaking late today. the doj is reportedly asking a judge to hold the trump team in contempt over their handling of

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unfortunately, you know, dr. fauci and all these people who just decided that we're going to suppress the truth, they probably cost people's lives. >> tucker: of course they did. of course they did. and it was strategic. they weren't censoring people because they were annoying, they were censoring people because they were providing factual information that might have stopped certain policies or election results from happening. so, you know, this was sophisticated and had an effect on american society. certainly it had an effect on your life and thank you for continuing to report on this for the last two years. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: charlie kirk is someone else who apparently was censored by twitter, founder and president of turning point usa. we just told you that bari weiss just reported that twitter set charlie's account to do not amplify status. he joins us right now. thanks for coming on. you're just hearing this, too. this just happened, this is happening, in fact, as we talk about it.

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replacement theory. but the worst part? "new york times" reporters say the "times" is racially biased. the "new york times" little, you know, 1619 lady, she was on strike today and boy is she angry. >> we're asking that a committee on diversity be established to identify groups under represented at the company. diversity initiative that doesn't touch management is not a diversity initiative. and the fact that our management team at the bargaining table has yet to confirm and work to correct the finding on racial disparity in our employment and performance evaluation system it becomes clear that this is about more than just a contract. >> jesse: let me guess the 1619 lady wants affirmative action, equities at this time and reparations at the "times." what will the wealthy white owner of the "times" do with this racial hand grenade? it's a mess. a lovely messy must admit. i can't say i'm not particularred by it. so we sent a "primetime" producer to the "new york times"

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it. clarence thomas -- hinted at the fact that he will be willing to make gay marriage and interracial marriages illegal. how dangerous is it to think that our supreme court is completely compromised after today's testimony? is even a legitimate branch of the government anymore if even 80% of what we heard today and testimony is the standard operating procedures for many justices? >> what we heard today was really shocking. this was a very sophisticated and well financed campaign to influence the court to become more conservative, to fortify their extreme positions. it was really shocking to hear the testimony. look, it's one of the reasons why we have to pass legislation that will in fact enact a code of ethics and direct a coat to enact a code of ethics. they make sure that there are requirements and disclosure for any gifts or anything that the court justices receive. any other federal judge or

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recognition of same sex marriages and formerly repeals dome of has now passed both the senate and the house. it was the right wing supreme courts threat, particularly clarence thomas threats to overturn the case that legalized same sex marriage that prompted lawmakers in both houses to take action. the bill now goes to president joe biden's desk where he will sign it. well, 39 republicans joined democrats in passing the bill. 169 house republicans, the majority of the caucus, voted no. some members of that caucus took to the floor to literally cry about it. >> traditional biblical marriage is the foundation of a strong society, and a strong culture. i will say it once again. almost everything that plagues our society is a failure to follow god's design for marriage, morality, and the family. >> the democrats want americans to believe that supreme court any moment, in fact, the chairman just referenced this. at any moment could stack in and overturn's opinions and

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desmond, who speak to you when she blew the whistle, on the people on facebook started attacking her faith. what we are seeing is intolerant atheism. they want nothing that speaks any religious tradition. they want everything stricken. i'm sorry. we have to put up with your atheistic displays and utterances all the things you like to do around the edges. we too can express our religious belief. in fact, we all agree it's a good thing to do that at least once a year. >> jesse: so amber maroni, she is the library that caved to one person who said they were offended by a christmas tree. i don't know what is offensive about a christmas tree. do we have a picture of amber? >> oh, let's see. >> jesse: see what amber looks like to see if she a real scrooge. i don't know if we have a picture of amber. we are going to have to maybe, perhaps, pay a visit during this public hearing and ask them specifically what's offensive about a christmas tree. >> jesse, we should go sing

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can happen. you know, nuclear escalation to be avoided. so i think this does show that there are lines of communication, sensitive lines of communication that can be returned to for other purposes if we are absolutely gonna have to be passing messages back and forth through the criminal. and >> remember, when i was covering the release of the american service member who is in taliban custody flu is brought home by the bomb administration. you would expect celebration, there was a huge backlash, right. we have been accused discerning, there was anger, there was outrage on fox news. i would lose a little surprise, or maybe i shouldn't have, been to see that some of that today with britney griner. they don't like her politics. they don't like the fact that paul whelan was left behind. are you surprised that there is backlash on a day when an american who was unjustly imprisoned is back in the arms of her family on safe u.s. soil? >> i mean, i am not surprised, chris.

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