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right? and gosh, knows one of the most polarizing times in our history is political journey is unparalleled you re absolutely right. erin trump s speech later tonight may give us a sense of how he plans to move forward in that journey. sources now, telling cnn, the former president has been personally and very intensely involved in crafting what he ll say tonight, energizing, un, emphasizing unity after the attempt on his life, instead of the more familiar and divisive rhetoric he has offered used in the past. we ll be listening, of course to every word that s coming up later tonight than when trump accepts his third presidential nomination and delivers his remarks in primetime, we ll get a better sense of what s, what s, what s, what s about to happen this son, eric trump, also is speaking tonight and will help tie up his father s speech. we expect former first lady melania trump to be in the hall making her first appearance at this convention. erin. all right. and c ....

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in a statement, white house press secretary karine jean pierre said: the white house will provide regular updates on his status as he continues to carry out the full duties of the office while in isolation. in the hours before testing positive, mr biden was on the campaign trail inside a restaurant, shaking hands and speaking with voters. following his diagnosis, the president was seen without a mask as he exited his motorcade and climbed the steps of air force one to return to delaware. this all comes at a perilous time for the president, with his re election bid continuing to lose support from allies. on wednesday, one of the most influential democrats in congress, adam schiff, called on biden to end his re election bid. congressman schiff said that while he believes president biden has been one of the most consequential presidents in us history, he said it was time for the president to pass the torch . mr schiffjoins 17 other house democrats who have directly call ....

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rioters and looters go free while joe rioters and looters go free whilejoe biden and the democrats persecute american heroes like donald trump. tens of millions of americans are made to feel like enemies in our own country. an enemy for wanting to defend our border, for not wanting our children indoctrinated in a school, but not wanting to raise our history, for praying to our god, seeing what we think, and fighting for what we believe. it is no wonder that the heroes who stormed the beaches of normandy and facedown communism sadly say they do not recognise our country anymore. this is not an accident. the powerful elites will see anything to crush and destroy the america first movement but we will never give up and neither will donald] trump! i know i speak the patriots everywhere when i say we are fed up. we are outraged about sex trafficking and drug trafficking across our southern border. we are fed up with the forever wars, we are done being told by the radical lef ....

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hello. i m vishala sri pathma. jd vance, the republican candidate for vice president, has delivered his acceptance address to the party convention. he began by paying tribute to donald trump and urged delegates to follow his lead and fight for america. mr vance said republicans were united to try to win back the white house, but not afraid to debate. jd vance has aligned himself closely with the policies of mr trump and if the pair win in november, he s seen as the potential future of the republican party. never in my wildest imagination could i have believed i would be standing here tonight. i grew up in middletown ohio. a small town where people spoke their minds, build with their hands and loved their god, theirfamily, community and their family, community and country theirfamily, community and country with their whole heart. it was also a place they had been cast aside and forgotten by america s ruling class in washington. when i was in the fourth grade, career poli ....

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are right and i am so grateful for it, but the american dream that always counted most was not starting a business or becoming a senator or even being here with you find people though it is pretty awesome. my most apparent important american dream was becoming a good husband and a good dad. being able to give. cheering and applause. being able to give. cheering and applause. | being able to give. cheering and applause. | wanted - being able to give. cheering and applause. | wanted to - being able to give. cheering. and applause. i wanted to give m kids and applause. i wanted to give my kids the and applause. i wanted to give my kids the things and applause. i wanted to give my kids the things i and applause. i wanted to give my kids the things i did - and applause. i wanted to give my kids the things i did not - my kids the things i did not have when i was growing up and thatis have when i was growing up and that is the accomplishment i am proudest of. tonig ....

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