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Article: FBI: Another Fraud on the Court?

Article: FBI: Another Fraud on the Court? - Establishment media are ignoring the latest FBI flip-flop (surprise, surprise); they are reporting instead that incoming president Joe Biden wants Christopher Wray to stay on as FBI director? What's that all about?

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Oakland Author's Book Inspired by Black Community's Quest for Love

A new book, “The Black Love Revolutionary’s Handbook: Radical Acts of Healing, Resistance and Celebration” takes a unique look at relationships through the lens of historical trauma and healing. The author, Aswad Aarif, is an Oakland native who has worked to address social justice and community wellness issues for over 25 years. In 2012, Aswad

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As latest GOP debate hits, Haley has momentum, but Trump still tough to topple

As the Republican presidential primary's fourth debate approaches, Nikki Haley looks like she's winning the battle to become the main challenger to...

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News organisations must work together with regulators to fight scammers

GUANGZHOU: Prominent media figure Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai has called on established news organisations to work together with regulators to fight scammers who committed fraudulent schemes.

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First woman to swim the length of Lake Tahoe recalls 1962 adventure

Some people, when they first see Lake Tahoe, think how it'd be nice to boat on top of the glass like water. Others imagine fishing on the lake stocked with big fish, while yet others think about how nice it would be to sit at the quiet and scenic shore and enjoy the sun and the view.

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Sky News Australia to launch new online section to subscribe to stream four channels and shows in full on leading mobile app

Sky News Australia will launch a brand new way for Australians to stream its shows in early 2024, unlocking 24/7 access to the unrivalled live news and opinion content that the network produces for a new $5 per month subscription offering.

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