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Transcripts For CNN Erin Burnett OutFront 20240724

brian todd, thanks very, very much. and thanks for for the vice president, governor jb pritzker, who was on harris, his vp list is my guest tonight. plus new reporting from kfile on exactly what j.d. vance once said about a woman who accused trump of sexual misconduct this is trump faces questions about whether vance was the best choice and our young voters paris s secret weapon, we re going to talk to one tiktok influencer whose videos are getting millions of views to those views mean votes let s go outfront and good evening. i m erin burnett out front tonight. the gloves are off campaign is on kamala harris hitting the campaign trail, wasting no time going after donald trump. in her first rally since securing enough delegates to clinch the nomination in the battleground, state of wisconsin they were reported 3,000 voters waiting to greet the vice president. there was so much interest in fact, in attending this rally that harris, his campaign. so they had to find a l ....

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Transcripts For BBCNEWS Business Today 20240724

probably something that is common to the two companies. now there are plenty of differences as well. as far as airbus is concerned, we re trying to focus on our priorities and our customers. that s about delivering the ramp up in this quite complex environment, finding what i call the sweet spot between a very strong demand and the ability of the supply chain to follow in a safe and manner with quality at the centre. because the truth is, at the moment you ve got more than 8000 planes on your order books. you re making them as fast as you can, but you can t really make them fast enough. indeed, we have more demand than the ability to supply. so it s a demand driven market at the moment, and we re working hard with our partners, supply chain, to try to catch up as much as we can in this environment. so that s indeed the situation. more demand than supply. quite a nice problem to have but one thatis quite a nice problem to have but one that is causing problems for the ind ....

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Transcripts For BBCNEWS Signed 20240724

olympic committee speaks exclusively to the bbc about a plan to make paris 2024 the greenest games in olympic history. good afternoon and welcome to the bbc news at one. in the last few minutes, the bbc s director general has apologised to strictly come dancing contestants who ve had negative experiences on the show. tim davie said the bbc needs to listen and learn and will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour . it comes after a series of complaints by former contestants. today another one the paralympian, will bayley, who was injured in rehearsals has complained about the way he was treated. here s our media correspondent david sillito. paralympian will pa ralympian will bayley paralympian will bayley and dance partnerjanette manrara, in partner janette manrara, in rehearsal for strictly partnerjanette manrara, in rehearsal for strictly in 2019. will had to leave the show after sustaining an injury that he says has permanently affected him. the show he feels shou ....

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Transcripts For BBCNEWS Sportsday 20240724

with increasingly humid conditions. thursday, it certainly isn t a straightforward weather chart, various different frontal systems in the picture but what it means for us really is quite a bit of cloud, areas of showery rain, perhaps the most persistent rain towards the south of the uk. still with a fairly humid feel i suspect, temperatures 19 to 22, maybe 23 degrees. it doesn t look too bad through friday and into the weekend, a few spells of sunshine, a chance of some showers up towards the north and west of the uk. thanks, ben. and that s bbc news at six. you can keep up with all the latest developments on the bbc website. now it s time to join our colleagues for the news where hello and welcome to sportsday i m jane dougall. out of the olympics one of britian s big medal hopes, three time olympic champion, charlotte dujardin withdraws saying she s ashamed over an error ofjudgement andy murray will compete in paris, but confirms the olympics will be his last t ....

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Transcripts For CNN CNN Newsroom Live 20240724

fraudsters who ripped off consumers, cheaters who broke the rules for their own game. so hear me when i say i know donald trump s tight. i take full responsibility for any security lapse. your full of today. you re just being completely dishonest. it is my firm belief it s director cheatle, that you should resign for the very first time at an ceremony is getting happened. noting signed but actually the vein six live from london. this is cnn newsroom with max foster and christina macfarlane hello, a warm welcome to our viewers joining us from the u.s. and all around the world. i m max foster and i m christina macfarlane. it s tuesday, july 23, 9:00 a.m. here in london, 4:00 a.m. in washington where kamala harris has now picked up up enough delicate support to win. the democratic nomination. that s according to a cnn delegate estimate, coming just one day after president joe biden exited the 2024 race and pass the torch to his vice president. biden is vowing to ....

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