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Saudi Space Commission chief meets with deputy CEO of UK Space Agency

Saudi Space Commission chief meets with deputy CEO of UK Space Agency
July 31, 2021
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Space Commission Eng. Abdullah Amer Al-Sawaha, cetner, met here on Friday with the Deputy Chief Executive for Program Delivery at UK Space Agency, Ian Annett, left.
Saudi Gazette report
RIYADH — Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Space Commission Eng. Abdullah Amer Al-Sawaha met here on Friday with the Deputy Chief Executive for Program Delivery at UK Space Agency, Ian Annett, the Saudi Press Agency reported.
The meeting, which was attended by the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Saudi Space Commission Dr. Mohammed Bin Saud Al-Tamimi, as part of efforts to consolidate and build strategic partnerships between the two countries and develop human capabilities in the space sector.

Frankenthaler Foundation commits $10M to promote climate change action in visual arts

Frankenthaler Foundation commits $10M to promote climate change action in visual arts
Helen Frankenthaler, Cool Summer, 1962, oil on canvas, 69 3/4 x 120 inches (177.2 x 304.8 cm). Collection: Helen Frankenthaler Foundation, New York. © 2021 Helen Frankenthaler Foundation, Inc. / Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY. Photo credit: Rob McKeever, courtesy Gagosian.
.- The Helen Frankenthaler Foundation announced today that it has increased the Frankenthaler Climate Initiative to a total commitment of $10 million and conferred $5.1 million to nearly 80 visual art institutions across the United States. The first program of its kind supporting energy efficiency and clean energy projects for the visual arts in the U.S., the Frankenthaler Climate Initiative was developed in partnership with RMI, a leading global expert and advocate for clean energy, and Environment & Culture Partners consultancy, and was launched this past February as a $5-million, multi-year program. In response to the range, depth, and need of applications from the first call for proposals, the Foundation is conferring the full initial commitment in its inaugural cycle and dedicating an additional $5 million to be awarded over the next two years.

Quantum: Flagship UK telecommunications satellite launches

BBC News
image captionQuantum shared the ride to orbit with a Brazilian satellite
A telecommunications satellite has gone into orbit that UK industry hopes will help maintain its global leadership in the sector.
A quarter of the world's big telecoms spacecraft are manufactured in Britain, and the new Quantum platform is billed as a next-generation product.
It's fully software-defined, meaning it can be reconfigured in space to meet changing market conditions.
Quantum was launched on an Ariane-5 rocket from French Guiana.
It will be manoeuvred to a position 36,000km above the equator, just east of Somalia, from where it will serve principally North African and Middle Eastern customers.

Something Good: Man Developing Plans For Sculpture Garden In Edmond

By: Karl Torp
EDMOND, Oklahoma -
The phones at Edmond's City Hall have been ringing from inquiring residents as dirt is now being moved on what appears to be a major development at Coltrane and 2nd.
Retired Edmond attorney Randel Shadid used to represent developers.
His latest project includes clearing underbrush on 62 acres. It had his neighbors fearing apartments or a shopping center would be coming soon.
“I always thought that would be a tragedy,” Shadid said.
Instead, Shadid is helping his friend, Edmond resident Hal French, with a passion project.
French is an art lover and is turning this property into a massive sculpture garden.

'Lavish Lifestyle' Lands Equatorial Guinea Leader's Son on U.K. Sanctions List

He has been associated with corruption on a grand scale for decades
Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, the Equatorial Guinean vice president and son of the country’s leader, addresses the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. (Source: U.N.)
By Samuel Rubenfeld and Audrey Everist
Friday, July 30, 2021
The son of Equatorial Guinea’s president was sanctioned by the U.K. government and lost an appeal against a conviction in France for embezzlement, recent setbacks for a man who has stood for decades as a poster child for grand corruption.
Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, who is also known as “Teodorin” and serves as the central African country’s vice president, was sanctioned for misappropriation of state assets into his own bank account, as well as solicitation of bribes and corrupt government contracting, to “fund a lavish lifestyle” inconsistent with his official salary, the U.K. said. Obiang spent more than USD 500 million since his appointment to a government ministry in 1998 even as one third of Equatorial Guinea’s population doesn’t have access to basic sanitation, according to the U.K. 

Why Black women are saying no

Jul 30, 2021 7:18 PM EDT
Even with the swell of support surrounding gymnast Simone Biles’ decision to step back from the Olympics to protect her mental health, there was a nagging narrative that the star athlete — who won nationals with broken toes, won world competitions with a kidney stone and endured years of sexual abuse while representing an organization that protected her abuser — wasn’t strong enough. It echoed a longstanding and problematic stereotype: Black women must be strong. Black women must be resilient. Black women must prioritize others over themselves.
The stereotype of the “strong Black woman” creates an unrealistic idea that Black women need less support than others, said Dr. Riana Elyse Anderson, an assistant professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan. And this stereotype has harsh consequences.

1963 Novel 'The Stone Face' Has New Edition — And It Couldn't Be More Timely


This is FRESH AIR. I'm David Bianculli, in for Terry Gross. "The Stone Face" is a 1963 novel by the Black reporter and fiction writer William Gardner Smith. It's just been released in a new edition by New York Review Books. And it tells the story of a writer who, like Smith himself, moves to Paris in hopes of finding a freedom he couldn't find in America. Our critic-at-large John Powers says that this book addresses issues that could hardly feel more timely today.

Kalenderblatt 2021: 31. Juli – was ist heute passiert?

Kalenderblatt 2021: 31. Juli – was ist heute passiert?
Samstag, 31.7.2021. Welche wichtigen Ereignisse fanden am 31. Juli statt, welche Berühmtheit wurde heute geboren, wer ist gestorben? Den Überblick gibt es im täglichen Kalenderblatt.
Blick in den Kalender: Was ist heute passiert?
Quelle: imago images/Shotshop
Das aktuelle Kalenderblatt für Samstag, 31. Juli 2021: Was geschah heute, wer wurde geboren, wer ist gestorben? Die Ereignisse in der Übersicht.
Kalenderblatt: Samstag, 31. Juli 2021
30. Kalenderwoche, noch 153 Tage bis zum Jahresende
Sternzeichen: Löwe
Historie: Was ist am 31. Juli passiert?
Ein Blick in die Geschichte kann den Blick auf die Gegenwart schärfen. Welche Ereignisse fanden am 31. Juli statt?

Timothy Rub, the George D. Widener Director and CEO of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, to retire

Timothy Rub, the George D. Widener Director and CEO of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, to retire
Before coming to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Rub served as the Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Cleveland Museum of Art from 2006 to 2009. Photo: Elizabeth Leitzell.
.- Timothy Rub, the George D. Widener Director and Chief Executive Officer, announced today that he plans to retire in early 2022 after thirteen years of service at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Rub, who will turn 70 in early March, has led the museum since September 2009.
During his tenure, the museum has undergone a significant transformation. A major phase of the Facilities Master Plan designed by Frank Gehry, the “Core Project,” was completed in late spring 2021 after a decade of planning and four years of construction. Hailed as a thoughtful and nuanced response to the architectural character of the museum’s landmark main building, the Core Project represents the largest increase in public and gallery space to this facility since it was opened to the public in 1928. Rub also initiated several other capital improvements (listed below), among them the renovation of the Rodin Museum and its gardens, that have significantly improved the presentation of the museum’s permanent collections and enhanced the experience of its visitors.

¿Qué esperamos de un domingo? - XL Semanal

Viernes, 30 julio 2021, 1:00
Tiempo de lectura:2 min.
Las aspiraciones y las expectativas nos empujan a vivir y nos arruinan la vida. No hay dicotomía mayor que ésta. Si se es perfeccionista, hay un látigo de siete colas esperándonos en cada acto cotidiano, desde pergeñar un
whatsapp hasta preparar una vinagreta o llenar el lavavajillas. Nada estará lo suficientemente bien para nuestro gusto, nada será suficiente. Y, sin embargo, nos levantaremos cada mañana con esa difusa ansiedad, ese mudo deseo de que hoy sí, hoy por fin la vinagreta saldrá perfecta, no sobrará un rincón en el lavavajillas, nuestros

Как собрать ребенка в школу в 2021 году: что нужно и сколько это стоит — Независимый Регион

Марина Гаврильченко
Совсем скоро начнется новый учебный год и уже сейчас пора задуматься о том, что нужно купить ребенку к 1 сентября. К слову, с большой ответственностью к этому вопросу следует подойти родителям первоклассников. "Подробности" расскажут, что нужно приобрести вашему чаду в 1 класс и во сколько в целом обойдутся покупки в школу в 2021 году.
Сразу отметим, что по сравнению с предыдущими годами, в 2021 стоимость многих товаров существенно выросла, а в последний месяц лета наверняка увеличится еще.
Одежда для первоклассника
нужно позаботиться об одежде для посещения школы. 
В зависимости от качества и материала, цена на костюмы для мальчиков украинского производителя (брюки, пиджак, жилет) варьируется от 800 до 2000 гривен, комплекты для девочек (юбка, пиджак, жилетка) несколько дороже — от 1000 до 2300 гривен.
Более дешевым вариантом для девочек может стать сарафан, если политика школы позволяет именно такую форму. Блузки и рубашки на рынке и в магазинах города стоят от 300 грн. 
Но учтите, что кроме основного комплекта, необходимо запастись и дополнительной парой брюк, рубашкой для мальчишек и запасной блузкой, юбочкой или сарафаном для девочек. К этому же пункту расходов следует добавить обувь.
Также, вашему ребенку будет нужна форма для занятий физкультурой. Спортивный костюм обойдется вам от 500 гривен, кроссовки — от 400.
В целом,
Что нужно купить в канцелярском магазине
Учитывая стоимость всего необходимого, откладывать деньги на школу часто приходится заблаговременно. Предлагаем вам подробно ознакомиться с тем, что нужно купить ребенку в школу со средними ценами на товары.
Это только основные канцелярские принадлежности, которые вам необходимо будет купить к 1 сентября. В зависимости от школы, возможно вам нужно будет также приобрести:
набор фломастеров — от 100 гривен
краски для рисования — от 80 гривен
кисточка для рисования — 20 гривен
альбом для рисования — от 20 гривен
набор цветной бумаги — 15 гривен
набор цветного картона — 20 гривен
набор пластилина для лепки — от 50 гривен
доска для лепки из пластилина — от 15 гривен
папка для хранения тетрадок — около 50 гривен
набор обложек для учебников — от 25 гривен
В среднем,
Полезные советы
Прежде, чем приступать к покупкам, советуем обратить внимание на несколько наших советов, которые помогут вам сэкономить. 
В последние несколько лет родители уверяют, что наиболее оптимальным и выгодным местом для приобретения канцелярских товаров для первоклассников стали интернет-магазины. Во-первых, это удобно. Вы можете посмотреть весь ассортимент на сайте, сравнить товары и выбрать подходящие без очередей и прочих неудобств. Во-вторых, цены, как правило, отличаются от офлайн-магазинов. На сайтах часто действуют акции к 1 сентября.
Для того чтобы сэкономить на покупке одежду к школе, можно поискать все необходимое на рынке. Цены будут намного ниже, чем в именных, брендовых магазинах и бутиках.
Не стоит покупать слишком дорогую школьную одежду — первоклассники очень быстро растут, и к следующему году наряд может быть уже мал по размеру. 
Мы надеемся, что наши советы все же помогут вам успешно подготовиться к вашему первому учебному году.
Ранее сообщалось, что Кабмин изменил условие работы школ на карантине.
Подписывайтесь на наш Telegram-канал  и узнавайте первыми о главных событиях в Украине и мире.
По материалам:

Mid-day market update: Atlassian surges following strong Q4 results, Pinterest shares slide

7/30/2021 4:48:17 PM GMT
Midway through trading Friday, the Dow traded down 0.25% to 34,996.01 while the NASDAQ fell 0.62% to 14,686.02. The S&P also fell, dropping 0.45% to 4,399.32.
The U.S. has the highest number of coronavirus cases and deaths in the world, reporting a total of 34,751,040 cases with around 612,120 deaths. India confirmed a total of at least 31,572,340 cases and 423,210 deaths, while Brazil reported over 19,839,360 COVID-19 cases with 554,490 deaths. In total, there were at least 196,684,500 cases of COVID-19 worldwide with more than 4,199,940 deaths, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.
Leading and Lagging Sectors
Real estate shares climbed 1.1% on Friday. Meanwhile, top gainers in the sector included Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. ALEX 5.01%, up 5% and American Realty Investors, Inc. ARL 5.26% up 5%.

Kalenderblatt 2021: 31. Juli

Kalenderblatt 2021: 31. Juli
30. Kalenderwoche, 212. Tag des Jahres
Noch 153 Tage bis zum Jahresende
2020 - Das oberste Parteischiedsgericht der SPD bestätigt den Parteiausschluss des Bestseller-Autors und Ex-Politikers Thilo Sarrazin. Er habe gegen SPD-Werte verstoßen. Auslöser des langen Streits war sein islamkritisches Buch «Deutschland schafft sich ab» von 2010.
2016 - Die in Brasilien entführte Schwiegermutter des britischen Formel-1-Chefs Bernie Ecclestone wird nach neun Tagen von der Polizei befreit.
2001 - Der Bau des Transrapid für Shanghai beginnt in Kassel. Die Magnetschwebebahn soll von Januar 2003 an auf ihrer ersten kommerziellen Strecke Flughafen und Zentrum der chinesischen Stadt verbinden.
1993 - Als Top-Spion «Topas» wird Rainer Rupp während eines Besuches im Saarland festgenommen. Der hochrangige Nato-Mitarbeiter verriet jahrelang wichtige Dokumente an die DDR und den den sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB. 1994 wird er wegen schweren Landesverrats verurteilt.

Tom Hanks Joins the Cast of the Next Wes Anderson Film

He will appear alongside Bill Murray and Tilda Swinton
Published Jul 30, 2021
If you've found yourself wondering what Tom Hanks has been up to lately — aside from helping the Cleveland MLB team reveal their new name — it's something pretty major: the beloved actor has officially joined the Wes Anderson cinematic universe.
According to 
The Hollywood Reporter, Hanks has signed on to Anderson's next project. Few details have been revealed about the project, except a few key players from the surely star-studded cast: Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton and Adrien Brody. Hanks is rumoured to have a small, cameo-like role in the film. Production is already underway in Spain.

San Lorenzo è con te

(spray rosso su un muro a san Lorenzo, Roma)
31 luglio 2004
Mi faccio avanti, dal più buio dei sonni, e mi trovo circondato da medici: sento il loro vigore, tenuto a stento sotto controllo, come la sovrabbondanza dei loro peli corporei; e il tocco ostile delle loro mani ostili: mani di medico, così forti, così pulite, così aromatiche.
Quando mi hanno messo sulla barella ho dato un calcio a un carabiniere. Pensava fossi svenuto, mi stava vicino, era troppo invitante, ho caricato la gamba come una molla, tutti stavano attorno alla mia testa, al busto, le dita sul collo per sentire le pulsazioni, una garza srotolata attorno alla fronte, le voci, il blu dei lampeggianti sui visi, l’ho preso in pieno petto con la suola dello scarponcino, la pelle bianca della bandoliera s’è macchiata di terreno e polvere, il carabiniere ha emesso come uno sbuffo ma non è caduto.

México NO "perdió" vacunas, NO hallaron dólares a Córdova, NO fue tuit de EPN… – SinEmbargo MX

Entre los protagonistas del análisis de noticias falsas que realiza
The Associated Press, esta semana podemos encontrar a Lorenzo Córdova, Consejero presidente del Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE), y al expresidente Enrique Peña Nieto.
Por Abril Mulato, Marcos Martínez Chacón y Rafael Cabrera
CIUDAD DE MÉXICO (AP).— Un resumen de las
historias e
imágenes más populares, pero completamente
falsas de la semana. Ninguna de éstas es legítima, a pesar de que se compartieron ampliamente en las
redes sociales.
LA AFIRMACIÓN: El expresidente mexicano,
Enrique Peña Nieto,
tuiteó que durante su administración fueron encarcelados cinco exgobernadores, sin necesidad de hacer una consulta popular para ello.

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