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in the investigation into those classified documents found at mara lago. a source says that he will also have to turn over his handwritten notes. meanwhile the investigation into those hush money payments just stormy. daniels continues. that grand jury will meet again tomorrow. the d a may call another witness . we have a lot more on all of this. plus a republican lawmaker in montana wants to ban diversity, equity and inclusion training that might make state employees feel quote guilt. anguish or other forms of psychological distress. how do you legislate against distress? and what were they thinking? well you know how sometimes you get a really bad craving for something? even if you're in jail. we'll tell you how a daring escape from jail ended because of a craving for delicious pancakes. we have a lot to talk about tonight. let's bring in our panel. we have the bob seger loving s e cupp. the prince loving van jones, former congressman and fellow parent of

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of things that we do on our platform on news is engaged with a lot of people out there, and i actually pose this question. two republicans, independents, democrats alike and one of the frustrations that comes out of this is like there is a feeling that the left is pushing this to a certain extent, the right is making this political that's not there's not a productive conversation happening. that's what you see coming out of montana is like we're gonna just kill it altogether as opposed to maybe they're both sides are right. that forbid there's a gray area. i think the reason that it's kind of sits poorly in the mouth for progressives is distress. in the workplace. ah trauma. feeling bad is something that people who are not in the majority of it to deal with all the time. the idea that this legislation legislation to step in and say this 45 minute training, which may suck and may not be that great is so bad for 45 minutes. somebody might feel bad we're going to outlaw and you don't see the same passion, the outlaw other things that might make other people

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>> well, down to you two. good luck! [laughter] >> your first time doing local news. >> yeah, i was the local news. >> oh, wow. i walked across the freeway in montana yesterday and i thought i saw bigfoot. i rolled the video. no, i was speaking in high school, i was at mountain hill middle school and two other schools, i was talking about bullying and i met with parents and kids, so it is pretty cool. i made the actual local news. >> that's cool, man. [applause] >> did the kids and parents know who you were while you were there? >> no, it is a big black guy with a shiny belt and they wanted to touch me. yes, they knew who i was. what the hell? ladies and gentlemen -- >> oh, i am curious how they would like - >> they reached out through a

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States cranking out even more tax cuts amid cash surpluses

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Just six months after passing what was billed as the largest tax cut in Missouri history, the Republican-led state House voted

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Lawsuit seeks to block abortion pill ban in Wyoming

Abortion-rights supporters filed an amended lawsuit Tuesday seeking to block Wyoming’s new ban on abortion pills from taking effect. A group hoping to open what would be the state’s second

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Legislative digest for Day 56

Supporters of the bill said it would protect children from life-altering medications and surgeries before they reach adulthood.

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How a 19th century porn, book-burning law fits into 21st century fights over abortion

America’s contentious and continuous political and social fights over abortion could be coming to more city halls and county supervisors meetings as more new battles arise after Supreme Court’s overturning

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Southern Storm Track

The next storm system moving through the West will say farther south of Montana because of a strong high pressure moving in.

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Housing, development bills progressing through Montana Legislature

Montana lawmakers have taken up a wide range of bills this session that are aimed at tackling the ongoing need for housing in the state.

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