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doesn't it make more sense to hear our story from us? ..look at the challenges which forced them to step back as senior royals. sarah campbell, bbc news. let�*s take a look at some other stories in the headlines.... north korea�*s leader kim jong—un has sent condolences to china over the death of former presidentjiang zemin. according to local media there, kim said the late former head of state had supported north korea�*s socialist cause and helped develop relations between the two countries. the comments were reportedly sent in a letterfrom kim to current chinese president xi jinping. spain�*s defence minister says no letter bomb or other violent action will deter her country from helping ukraine. margarita robles was speaking as a sixth letter bomb was discovered in spain — intercepted at the us embassy in madrid. on wednesday, a letter addressed to ukraine�*s ambassador to spain combusted, injuring an embassy employee. 0ther suspect letters include one intercepted at a factory

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in an environment that i should have felt safe in. and some major world cities are now 8% more expensive than a year ago as living costs rise — with new york and singapore topping the ranking. it's eight am in singapore, and three in the morning in qatar — where the world cup has seen more shocks — with two favourites eliminated — and japan secures another famous victor — this time over spain — along with their earlier defeat of germany — means japan are through to the knock out round at the expense of the four—times champions. here's how that happened.

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in the second 45- minutes, unbelievable. it was a miracle. before the match i cannot even imagine it so it is really amazing. japan's win meant that germany were eliminated on goal difference — it's the second world cup in succession where they've gone out at the group stage. here's how group e finished — not as many experts might have predicted — withjapan on top, and spain going through in second place. there was also an unexpected winner in group f. morocco beat already eliminated canada — giving them top spot — because belgium could only manage a draw against croatia. that means the belgians, who went into the tournament ranked second in the fifa standings, are out. that means we have two more round—of—i6 games confirmed: on monday, japan's reward for topping their group is a match against croatia — and on tuesday, morocco take on their neighbours spain. that all meant quite a lot to these moroccan fans —

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0ur sydney correspondent, phil mercer, has been following this story and joins me now. hejoins me now. great to get you on the show to talk us through the background of this case and remind us how we got here? it case and remind us how we got here? . , . case and remind us how we got here? ., , ., ., case and remind us how we got here? .,, ., ., . ~ here? it was a night out back in march _ here? it was a night out back in march 2019, _ here? it was a night out back in march 2019, of— here? it was a night out back in march 2019, of the - here? it was a night out back in march 2019, of the very i in march 2019, of the very political staffers two of them bruce lehrmann and britanny higgins ended up back at parliament house in the australian capital and there, we have to conflicting in very different accounts of what happened. britanny higgins alleged that she was raped by her former colleague on the sofa in the office of a former defence minister, bruce lehrmann. denied the allegation saying that no sexual activity took place. bruce lehrmann was charged with sexual assault and went on trial in october. but that trial collapsed because of

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because the prices are measured in dollars, and the pound has lost a lot of value in the last 12 months. ana nicholls is managing editor at the economist intelligence unit. here she is on why new york and singapore are right up there. it's partly because of strong currencies. to distinguish two things, one is a local currency inflation rate which as you say was the fastest we've had in the survey for at least the last 20 years. and then also we have on top of that the strong dollar and because we actually compare all of the cities in dollar terms, we have to use an international currency, the dollar is the most obvious one to use. that means that a strong dollar pushes some of those cities up towards the top and new york, as you say, has come top for the very first time. ., ., , come top for the very first time. ., .,, ., , come top for the very first time. ., ,,, time. that was only because, managing _ time. that was only because, managing editor _ time. that was only because, managing editor at _ time. that was only because, managing editor at the - managing editor at the economist intelligence unit talking about cost of living pressures across the world and particularly in places like new york and right here in

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with president biden hosting france's president macron at the white house. here they are, about to head into the state dinner. asi as i understand it, they may be tucking into their food as i understand it, they may be tucking into theirfood right now. the two leaders won'tjust be swapping speeches and enjoying some fine dining. they'll also be talking about some international issues. laura trevelyan has been looking into just what be on the agenda. speaks french. it's lovely to have you here on the occasion of the first state dinner of president biden's administration and once again president macron of france is the person who gets the invite. for our first course, we

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background gives him credibility on the issue, as opposed to the other issues he has zero credibility to discuss, like abortion, which he opposes, except when it comes apparently to his former partners since two allege he paid for their abortions. >> now, another former partner of walker's has come forward to the daily beast with claims about domestic violence. the woman who dated walker for five years in the urbly 2000s is the first woman to go on the record publicly with accusations. she provided the daily beast with photo evidence of her with walker. according to her account, in 2005, after she caught walker with another woman, he grew enraged, put his hands on her chest and neck, and swung his fist at her. she said, i thought he was going to beat me. and she fled. she's one of five former walker partners to come forward to tell horror stories about him to the daily beast about what they call a habit of lying and infidelity. nbc news has not independently

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do we have robin roberts coming in to this continue everywhere? i mean, there is -- look at her sneaking in. look at her. there she is. robin roberts in a golden acceptable. and we have tim cook. >> very pretty. >> ted cook the head of apple. that's an interesting choice. is he right now colluding with the chinese president to suppress protests for freedom and tim cook gets an invite kellyanne. what that about. >> some of the other major celebrities will are there jesse. i have to talk about emmanuel macron for a moment. he is a frenemy of sorts. our countries are great allies need the strength of france on our side in europe as you pointed out. but not only did he pull back the french ambassador being upset with the biden administration other the australia nuclear submarine stuff, but just recently, what two months ago, six weeks ago, he scolded joe biden for predicting armageddon if vladimir putin used his nuclear capability and you have got this

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sometimes the two things come together and there is the case in february 2021 of dustin walker, an addict in san francisco who died on the street outside a house that later sold roughly $5 million and his body had lain untouched on that smart street unreported for 11 hours. and again, you tell me that san francisco is not dysfunctional.— not dysfunctional. san francisco _ not dysfunctional. san francisco is _ not dysfunctional. san francisco is a - not dysfunctional. san francisco is a major i not dysfunctional. san l francisco is a major city not dysfunctional. san - francisco is a major city and we have challenges. we have people who struggle with not just drug addiction but alcoholism and other things and what we have always tried to do is meet those challenges with opportunities to support people and as someone who grew up with and as someone who grew up with a family who struggled with addiction, you're not going to be able to force someone who struggles with drugs into

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we tackle the cause of weight gain, not just the symptom. when you have good metabolic health, weight loss is easy. i always thought it would be so difficult to lose weight, but with golo, it wasn't. the weight just fell off. i have people come up to me all the time and ask me, "does it really work?" and all i have to say is, "here i am. it works." my advice for everyone is to go with golo. it will release your fat and it will release you. we have breaking news tonight in the investigation into donald trump's mishandling of classified documents. a panel of three 11th circuit court of appeals judges two of whom are trump appointees have ruled in favor of the justice department, overturning judge aileen cannon's order appointing a special master to vet those documents in august. the opinion from the court says in part, the law is clear.

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