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— buildings and homes have been swept away. well, a crane and a whole team are needed to lift just one vehicle — the mudslide hurled so many of them with its force. when the torrent of debris and earth came hurtling down here, little could withstand it. is this the goal that keeps germany in the world cup? we have the latest on the action in qatar. and the british singer dua lipa says she's honoured to receive albanian citizenship in a ceremony hosted by the albanian president, in tirana. live from our studio in singapore. this is bbc news. it's newsday. hello, and welcome to the programme. protests in china against the government's strict covid measures have intensified,

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citizenship in a ceremony hosted by the albanian president in tirana. the singer was born in london, but her roots go back to kosovo. wendy urquhart reports. # i #igot # i got you, moonlight # i got you, moonlight # your my starlight... dua lipa is famous all over the world, and her disco pop songs have won her a clutch of awards, including three grammies, two mtv europe awards, and six brit awards. herfamily are mtv europe awards, and six brit awards. her family are coast albanians who fled team? in albanians who fled to london in the 19905 and returned briefly in 2008 - the 19905 and returned briefly in 2008 — but dua lipa has never forgotten her root5. in 2008 — but dua lipa has neverforgotten her root5. on sunday 5he neverforgotten her root5. on sunday she was welcome to tirana by the president, who presented her with albanian citizenship and said she had made her country proud. translation: it made her country proud. translation:— made her country proud. translation: it is a special leasure translation: it is a special pleasure today _ translation: it is a special pleasure today in _ translation: it is a special pleasure today in the - pleasure today in the presidency to welcome the greatest arti5t, dua lipa, and herfamily. i say a great artist, a simple girl whose

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and many others. seven, to be exact. you mentioned sarah baartman, and of course she was the southern african woman who was known in a derogatory way as the hottentot venus and was put on display and travelled around the west in the 19th century. and of course, sarah baartman is the subject of africa rising. it's sarah baartman that is the winged victory, that is the nike on top of the statue. with naomi campbell's profile. they chuckle. just going back to statues, though, because there's also a statue of theodore roosevelt who was us president in the early 20th century, and there's an equestrian statue of him outside the natural history museum in new york, flanked

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the hullabaloo and all, you know, the controversy, which lasted for 38 years. mm. 38 years. and it was finally solved by dna. some people didn't actually want to accept that the story was true, that thomas jefferson had this relationship with a black woman. the jeffersonians didn't. thejeffersonians didn't want to accept it. yeah. the public did. the public realised that this was a possibility. because you did a follow—up book as well and, indeed, you... idid. you received awards for that work. not only did i do a follow—up, the president's daughter, but this book began a whole series of other historical novels about invisible women or invisible historical personages, which went on to valide, sarah baartman,

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Biden, family hit Nantucket stores for some holiday shopping

President Joe Biden went holiday shopping on the Massachusetts resort island where he spends Thanksgiving.

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litigation and my being asked by lawyers in pennsylvania case. i walk you in the book through president trump asking me when the texas case of the supreme court if the supreme court took the texas case if i would argue that, i told president trump i would be happy to, i walked them through that day on january 6. where in the days beforehand i worked to assemble a coalition of 11 senators to stand up and object and demand an election commission to examine the es evidence of voter fraud, and trying to keep that coalition together, standing up and objecting and walk through the riot that happened, work to keep senators together, some were getting wobbly, and i walked them through the narrative to understand what happened, if you are at home talking to people about january 6, lleft used wildly politicize term like insurrection, that is political garbage.

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you have to reach down deeply in your faith when you came under attack, they did not treat you like jen psaki. >> oh, i did. you look at things that they would ask, any of the reporters, they were absurd questions, i went back and i was watching a briefing, i am flipping through pages in my binder, i was asked a question by a quote, unquote serious reporter, is the president glad that the south lost the civil war to which you could see me stop flipping the pages and look up, bemused by this question, i said there is no such thing as a dumb question but that was dumb, i was asked a lot of questions, with shouting over mias a spoke, interesting to difference, jen psaki, someone shouted over her and the white house press got program and said,

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amendment put in the constitution that, you know, this simple idea. you can't actually run for and hold federal office if you try to undermine or overthrow the government you are trying to be a part of. it makes good sense, i will introduce that resolution in the coming weeks with lots of support from my colleagues. >> some democrats hosting the 14th amendment keep track of the white house. as for the justice department's plan to hold the former president accountable, well, time will tell. the new yorkers david roe -- special counsel to pick up the pace, writing, quote, the task for merrick garland and now jack smith is to ignore political considerations and resolve the investigations especially inequity as possible. david is back, with us and -- she is now a professor at the university of alabama law school and co-hosts the hashtag sisters in law podcast. both are msnbc contributors. all right, david, the title of your op-ed is a question, will the new special counsel bring donald trump to justice?

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came hurtling down here, little could withstand it. the niece of iran's supreme leader calls on all foreign governments to cut ties with tehran as human rights groups say at least a50 people have been killed by security forces. and the british singer dua lipa says she's honoured to receive albanian citizenship in a ceremony hosted by the president in tirana. protests in china against the government's strict covid measures have intensified with some of those taking part openly calling for the country's leader xi jinping to stand down. these recent demonstrations have been prompted by a deadly fire in the western region of xinjiang last week. it's thought rescue efforts were hindered by coronavirus restrictions — a claim the authorities have rejected.

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the biden administration, very important book. only the strong. reversing the left's plot to sabotage american power. >> here we go. mark: i look at china, i think to myself, why isn't there more of an urgency in this kaj administration and congress to build up our military, our military is flat. china is on the move with bases all over the world with w weapon systems they did not have 5 years ago. xi is now dec a dictator for life. is this a time where president should give a speech and rally the nation for preparation. >> joe biden cannot bring him self to mention the name china. he talked about how we don't

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