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Fatal Shooting In Dubuque

Police are investigating a fatal shooting early today in Dubuque. According to reports, officers responded at about 12:45 a.m. to a residence in the 7...

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Kalle Larson Gets Contract Extension With Dubuque Fighting Saints

The Dubuque Fighting Saints have announced they have reached a contract extension with their President of Hockey Operations and General Manager, Kalle...

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Another Threat To Hempstead High School Received

At around 6:45am this morning, the Dubuque 911 Center received another call reporting threats of violence today at Dubuque Hempstead High School. Poli...

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Did You Know Chris Stapleton Used To Be In A Rock Band?

Fans of Chris Stapleton may have heard his early work with The SteelDrivers, but have you heard his rock n' roll sounds?

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were born in somalia, but as we've discussed, you've lived your adult life in the western world and you've been in a pretty rarefied world of modelling and catwalks, and movie—making, and then, writing books and making documentaries — you know, you've moved a long way, literally and metaphorically, from the nomadic existence in somalia. and some people say, and i'm not going to quote westerners at you, but i'll quote one african woman at you. she's a doctor in kenya, dr tatu kamau — and she actually protested about kenya criminalising fgm on the basis, to quote her, "that criminalisation infringes on a woman's right to "participate in the traditional cultural life of "their choice in their country." in other words, she was saying banning fgm is an example of cultural imperialism. what's your response to that? she needs to dig a hole and disappear. i don't know.

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the earthquake, that's devastated turkey and syria. meanwhile, rescue workers continue the search for survivors — as the number killed soars to more than 7,000. presidentjoe biden will face republicans who question his legitimacy and a public concerned about the country's direction in today's state of the union speech. in his first address to a joint session of congress since republicans took control of the house of representatives, mr biden�*s speech is likely to dwell on accomplishments in the first two years of his presidency — when his party controlled both chambers. a short while ago our north america correspondent nada tawfik told me more about the likely focus of the address. i think for him the focus is going to be to really tout his accomplishments to the american people while striking a tone that says that the job is not done.

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for petrol of the president biden has to be careful about trying to paint too rosy a picture. because the numbers right now show that two thirds of americans don't think he has accomplished and off during his presidency. in four—10 don't like the way the country is headed. democrats were in control haven't really translated to high approval numbers. that's the challenge president biden is going to face tonight. for more on this i am joined now by ravi agrawal, editor in chief of foreign policy magazine. thank you forjoining us on newsday. a lot of domestic issues for him to be talking about. what grade would you give to president biden for his foreign policy achievements? i think it's a mixed picture. i think it's a mixed picture. i think on some issues such as america's robust support of ukraine, the fact that biden has rejuvenated alliances, especially in comparison with his predecessor, donald trump. the fact he has provided such a

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from the town of antakya. with pickaxe and hammer, determination and hope, they dig for lost relatives in antakya. this backbreaking work falls to these men. their city and country are overwhelmed, and the lives of those trapped in here depend on them. this was a sixth floor apartment block. families on every floor. ten minutes ago, theyjust heard a voice, so they're digging to try and get to whoever it is buried deep inside all of this. they can see a man and a child trapped inside. again, they hear something, so they call for silence. and they wait. they dig more carefully now, but they're too late.

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and i'm determined to do whatever i wanted to do without a man in my life. that speaks to your determination, but i also want to dig away at something you said in an interview once, which seemed to me very candid and troubling. you said, "actually, somewhere deep within me, "i felt half—empty, even during these years of great success". yes, because... well, a few things. one, i'm not at home. i—i wished to be home, i longed for home. and i couldn't get to my home. i didn't have my family. the day i walked away from my family's the last time i saw my mother or my family. and that does something to you as a child, and you ended up in a foreign country where you have no idea what is what. and there's really not many people, or anyone is guiding you to teach you, or to show you, to explain or... so, everything i have

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