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Pope to relocate two asylum seekers trapped in Cyprus buffer zone

NICOSIA, Cyprus -- Two Cameroonian asylum seekers who had been stuck for months in divided Cyprus's buffer zone are among 50 people who will be relocated to Italy thanks to Pope Francis, authorities said Friday.
"Today is my happiest day," said Daniel Ejube, 20, as he left Nicosia's Church of the H

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Nearing 100, Betty White's life is a page-turner in new book

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A photo of Betty White, with dimpled smile and guileless gaze, fills the cover of a coffee table book arriving the month before her 100th birthday.

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Artillery's venerated gentleman

Left, Lieutenant Shirley Goodwin’s enlistment portrait for World War I; and right, Brigadier Shirley Goodwin while deployed in New Guinea during World

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Discover 17 Obscure Colors That Are Actually Beautiful

We rounded up the most obscure colors and even though we've never heard of their names, they're actually really pretty. See them ahead.

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Soviet plan to beat back Nazis declassified

A trove of newly declassified documents has revealed how the Red Army war machine turned the tide on Adolf Hitler?s fascist forces in a counteroffensive, e

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Regional stability makes Japan review self-defence

At his first troop review on November 28, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said the security situation around Japan had rapidly changed with North Korea test-firing missiles with advanced capabil

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Betty White book looks at extraordinary and versatile career

Betty White's body of work carried her from a cameo on television in its 1930s infancy to the darling of “Saturday Night Live” in the 21st century.

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Take a Look at Western Colorado's Most Amazing Christmas Trees

Would you like to take a gander at some of the best Christmas trees in Western Colorado? Would you prefer not to get busted for breaking and entering while you do it? Here's a place where you can see several Grand Junction area trees all decked out for the holiday.

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ChargePoint Appoints Elaine L. Chao to its Board of Directors

today announced the appointment of Elaine L. Chao to its board of directors. Secretary Chao has had a career as a national and global leader in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

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WWII veterans head to Pearl Harbor for the 80th anniversary

The weeklong trip is put on by American Airlines and the Best Defense Foundation to give thanks to the veterans.

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