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Euro 2020: UEFA prohibits Munich arena rainbow lighting | Sports | German football and major international sports news | DW

UEFA has rejected a request by Munich city council to light up the city's arena in rainbow colors for Germany's Euro 2020 game against Hungary. The city had wanted to send a message in support of LGBT+ people in Hungary.

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Man Utd fan watches draw against Chelsea from Stamford Bridge ROOF after scaling stadium in huge security breach

ONE Manchester United fan took supporting their team to a whole new level - by watching the clash against Chelsea from the Stamford Bridge ROOF.They p

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ALEX BRUMMER: Fed does a reverse ferret on money printing

In his first evidence to Congress since being re-nominated, Fed chief Jay Powell acknowledged that it was time to 'retire' the word 'transitory'

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Jaziri fuels Tunisia's Arab Cup ambitions

We hear from Tunisia star Seifeddine Jaziri after his back-heeled goal highlighted an impressive 5-1 opening win for the Eagles of Carthage at the FIFA Arab Cup.

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Claudio Ranieri has told Thomas Tuchel the one vital absentee ahead of Watford vs Chelsea

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Real Madrid interested in move for Antonio Rüdiger next summer—report

The Chelsea defender is a free agent after the 2021-22 season

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Neymar ruled out for up to two months with ankle ligament damage

The Brazilian star will likely make his return in time for PSG’s Champions League last 16 tie.

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Messi wins 7th Ballon d'Or - La Prensa Latina Media

Paris, Nov 29 (EFE).- Argentine superstar Lionel Messi has added to his record haul of Ballon d’Or trophies, winning that award for the seventh time here Monday night thanks in large part to the Albiceleste’s victory in the Copa America. The former FC Barcelona great and member of Paris Saint-Germain since August beat out Poland’s …

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Club World Cup set for early February in United Arab Emirates

ZURICH (AP) — FIFA confirmed dates for the delayed 2021 Club World Cup on Monday, with the Feb. 3-12 tournament in the United Arab Emirates requiring Chelsea to postpone two Premier League games.The schedule was announced hours before the tournament draw was being made in Zurich.The seven-team lineup was completed Saturday when Palmeiras won the Copa Libertadores.Chelsea, the Champions League winner, and Palmeiras enter at the semifinals stage and then go on to play the final or a third-place game.Premier League leader Chelsea had been due to play Feb. 8 at Brighton and host Arsenal on Feb. 12. Those games should now be rescheduled.The tournament also includes African champion Al Ahly, Asian champion Al Hilal, CONCACAF Champions League winner Monterrey, Oceania champion Auckland City plus the host nation’s domestic title winner, Al Jazira.The COVID-19 pandemic has twice altered plans for the 2021 Club World Cup.It was originally to be the inaugural expanded edition in China in June and July. That launch was shelved by FIFA when the 2020 editions of the European Championship and Copa America were put back one year.A traditional seven-team Club World Cup was to be hosted in December by Japan, which withdrew three months ago citing likely travel restrictions in the pandemic.___More AP soccer: and

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Ballon d'Or sees Barca childhood fan Putellas go down in folklore

Alexia Putellas grew up dreaming of playing for Barcelona and after clinching the treble of league, cup and Champions League last season, her status as a women's footballing icon was underlined as sh…

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Police raids and Serie A slide leave Juventus in turmoil

As if having the club's offices raided by police investigating financial crimes wasn't serious enough for Juventus, Italy's most successful soccer team is enduring damaging turmoil on the pitch too.

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Ballon d'Or sees childhood Barca fan Putellas go down in folklore

The 27-year-old is just the second ever Spaniard, female or male, to win a Ballon d’Or.

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