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Changing Faces of Immigrants Crossing through Ciudad Juárez and into the United States: Reflections on Migrants, Culture, and Crime

In recent years, unauthorized US border crossings by non-Mexican Latin American nationals have
increased significantly. This article examines the impact that these new migrants have had on Ciudad
Juárez, Mexico. It focuses especially on the period immediately preceding the COVID-19 pandemic to the
present. Since 2018, Central Americans, Cubans, Haitians and Venezuelans have passed through Juárez
in record numbers, and many have settled at least temporarily there. Through ethnographic
observations and interviews the author analyzes the impact the new migrants have had on border society and how
Juarenses have responded to each of the immigrant groups. Acts of charity and generosity toward the
migrants are common, but so too are xenophobia and hostility, especially from local politicians, tabloid
journalists, local law enforcement, and members of organized crime. As large numbers of migrants,
especially Venezuelans at present, have flooded into downtown Juárez, the impact has been
transformative to local business and street culture and led to brewing social tensions on the border that
may worsen in the future.

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A Week in Croatian Politics - EU Funds, Earthquake Woes and Mythical Bridges

This week in Croatian politics, we've had ongoing issues with post-earthquake reconstruction, more arguing between Plenkovic and Milanovic, and fo...

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Why More Cruises Are Staying in Ports Overnight | Condé Nast Traveler

A growing number of cruise passengers want to experience destinations at all hours, and they're seeking out cruises that stay in port overnight.

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Beyoncé & Balmain Unveil Renaissance Couture Collection

Beyoncé and Balmain have unveiled their new joint Renaissance Couture Collection, announcing the venture via a new cover story for Vogue.

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This week in news: 20-24 March

Here are some of the key developments from the past week in Australian automotive news – in case...

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Famed for Its Diving, Bonaire Is a Paradise for Birders, Too

Birds of Bonaire, from yellow-shouldered parrots to orange-faced falcons, circle the skies above the Dutch Caribbean island.

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Athens assures Belgrade it will not recognize Kosovo

Greece wants to be ‘honest mediator’ between Serbia, Kosovo, says media reports - Anadolu Agency

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