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Israel's potential shift on conscription of ultra-Orthodox Jews threatens to split Netanyahu coalition

Even as ultra-Orthodox Jews protest, signs of a potential compromise that could allow the Prime Minister to satisfy an Israeli public that has demanded change

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Russia-Ukraine war: Massive attack destroys one of Ukraine's largest power plants

A massive missile and drone attack has destroyed one of Ukraine’s largest power plants and damaged others, officials said on Thursday, in part of a renewed...

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Opinion: In Putin's hands, Russian culture has become a tactical weapon

The rich world of Russian literature and music has been deployed as a curtain to mask the Kremlin’s brutality abroad

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Ultra-processed: Five foods you should avoid to protect heart health

Two years ago, the British Heart Foundation declared the country was in “the grip of the worst heart care crisis in living memory” as 39,000 people in...

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As cars become more complicated, are technicians still trained to troubleshoot or just swap parts?

There may no longer be paper flow charts and things may be referred to by a different name, but it can come down to the same old procedure known as, substitute in a known good part and retest

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1911 Gold Welcomes New Vp Exploration

1911 Gold Corp. is pleased to announce the appointment of Michele Della Libera as Vice President Exploration. Mr. Della Libera will be an integral part of updating the current National Instrument 43-101 resource for the True North underground mine as... - Veroeffentlicht am 11.04.2024

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Qatar to take part in inaugural Gulf Youth Games with 145-athlete delegation

DOHA: Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) has announced a 145-athlete delegation to compete in the inaugural Gulf Youth Games, which will be held in the United Arab Emirates between...

Dubai , Dubayy , United-arab-emirates , Sharjah , Ash-shariqah , Doha , Ad-daw-ah , Qatar , Oman , Bahrain , Ajman , Jman

Gulf Harbour body in bag: who was the woman whose remains lie unclaimed in Auckland mortuary and where is she from?

One month after a woman’s body was found floating in a bag by a fisherman in Auckland, her remains still lie unclaimed and unidentified in a mortuary. Now,...

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