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but we start thursday off on a mild, fairly cloudy note across the south, even into southern scotland, parts of northern ireland as well. a little bit cooler for the northeast of scotland. it's here where we'll start very wet, quite windy for the north and west of scotland. elsewhere, southern scotland, northern ireland, much of england and wales dry, quite a bit of cloud around, but there will be some breaks in the clouds to allow for some sunnier moments. it'll be fairly breezy day come particularly in the north and the west. windy there for the north of scotland. but look at these temperatures, we're up to 12, maybe 13 degrees across the south, up to 11 degrees as far north as the highlands. as we move through thursday night, it stays fairly breezy, dry for most with variable clouds, some clear spells. we lose the rain as well across the north of scotland for a while. so we start the early part of friday, off on a dry note for all areas, pretty mild night to come, lows of 6 to 9 or ten degrees. so we've still got our area of high pressure to the south of the uk, lower pressure towards the north. this new weather front will wriggle in to northern areas through the day on friday. so that will introduce a little

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so much of it into this, what sounds to many people like overt political advocacy, i'm wondering what's left for actually delivering on the ground in countries like haiti? the vast majority of our time, effort and resources are spent in delivering clean water, delivering cash into some of the most vulnerable communities around the world — in south sudan, in yemen, in iraq, in syria. a significant and important part of our attention is also, though, spent on trying to challenge what's happening around us. someone needs to be calling out what's happening. the fact that inequality is being left unchecked, that the funding needed to address climate breakdown in some of the poorest and most marginalised countries in the world, despite promises being made by politicians over decades, hasjust not been delivered. and so our role is, just as it always has been, to take action where there's need, but also to speak truth to power.

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thing, maybe it's a blip. well, i hope it will be a blip, but i don't think so. the signs are rather ominous. as you say, many of us who've worked in the aid system have been part of incredible progress around the world over the last 30 years. but i think we're seeing today a combination of climate breakdown, making countries that are already vulnerable, more vulnerable. rising inequality around the world — basic food, fuel, fertiliser prices rising starkly around the world. and so we're leading to, you know, it's leading to a rise in extreme poverty, but also hunger. one in 23 people on the planet are expected to be in need of humanitarian assistance this year. that's more than at any time since the second world war. where worries you the most right now? it would probably be east africa. i was in somalia a few months ago and saw a heartbreaking situation.

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between the tate modern in london and the owners of four nearby flats really in flavour of the homeowners. they'd complained that visitors to the art gallery could see into their properties from a viewing gallery that opened in 2016. thousands of striking workers have taken part in marches and rallies across the uk —— on what's thought to be the biggest day of coordinated industrial action in a decade. up to half a million employees walked out —— including teachers, train drivers and civil servants. unions argue pay increases offered by the government are inadequate to keep up with annual inflation of more than ten percent. but ministers say they can't afford to pay more — and theirfocus is on bringing down the rate of inflation. further strikes are planned next week by health service workers. many unions feel there's little progress on talks. 0ver over the last 12 years there have really catastrophic

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organisations like 0xfam were part of a relief... ..relief operation that saved lives. this time around, only a fraction of the resource that the un and organisations like ours need are being delivered. take the uk, for example, which has cut its aid budget just at a time of rising humanitarian need — is only delivering a fraction of the aid that it delivered a few years ago. and so there is a chronic underfunding of resources needed in the humanitarian system at the moment. now, you have been running one of the world's best known charitable aid organisations for what, the best part of four years. would you agree with this statement, which was written recently by sanjay reddy, who's an associate professor based at the new school for social research in new york. he said, "the truth is, aid as currently organised,

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we're gonna always make sure that you have all of the financial tools and support to secure your financial future. that means a lot for my community and for every community. okay everyone, our mission is complete balanced nutrition. together we support immune function. supply fuel for immune cells and sustain tissueealth. ensu with twenty-five vitamins and minerals, and ensure complete with thirty grams of protein. ♪ ♪ this... is a glimpse into the no-too-distant future of lincoln. ♪ ♪ it's what sanctuary could look like... feel like... sound like... even smell like. more on that soon. ♪ ♪ the best part? the prequel is pretty sweet too. ♪ ♪ ♪ inner voice (kombucha brewer):

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college. and in college, when they come to college, they're going to read about black feminism. they have to learn about black queer theory. they have to learn about african-american history. they have to learn about history. and this a.p. course isn't truly preparing them for understanding black lives matter, i mean, two years ago, three years ago black lives matter was critical in generating the most -- the largest protest -- series of demonstrations in american history and that shouldn't be part of an a.p. african-american studies course? i mean, don't get me started. >> well, they'll learn about it if they go to college in a blue state. because desantis, et cetera, are not done. they also want to outlaw this teaching in colleges and control those professors and that reading -- those reading lists as well. ibram kendi, thank you for being

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this is marjorie taylor greene posting on her facebook this, right? you also have bobert, who is right now justifying wanting to have loaded weapons on the floor of the house. with those kinds of people who have threatened you, who have threatened your colleagues, threatened other democrats, they want to carry guns on the floor. and yet they're saying you shouldn't be on the foreign affairs committee. what do you make of that? >> yeah. and i think the most absurd part of this whole argument is somehow that you have to be an objective decision maker. that is the most ridiculous test for any member of congress. you know, we famously say vote your district. >> right. >> so your perspective, the perspective of your constituents, their insight, all of that is supposed to be injected into the decision-making process. >> right. >> and so to have that

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and making out and, like it's lover's lane. this is a free fall for all. >> jesse: like it's lovers lane. what is biden's dhs secretary doing about it? nothing. he doesn't even know how many got-aways there are. >> do you know where they are and who they are? >> so, got-aways have been a challenge from year-to-year regardless of the administration. whether it's more than a million in the early part of this department's administration. or it's hundreds of thousands over the ensuing years. >> jesse: that's why house republicans unleashed articles of impeachment against mayorkas today. the house judiciary committee had their first hearing today on biden's border crisis and democrats weren't upset about the border crisis. they were mad about how republicans talked about the border crisis. >> many republicans in congress seem intent on demonizing migrant families and asylum seekers portraying them as fentanyl traffickers and violent criminals. >> they have no affirmative

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daughter took the course but some things she said are best taught at home. >> some things, like the queer studies, that may or may not offend some of the children, make them feel a little bit uncomfortable. >> reporter: professor dunn is now part of a lawsuit against the state stop woke law being uncomfortable, he says, is a part of lerng and understanding the history that is often overlooked. >> a man was massacred at this shot. but listen, every community in this country has spots like this. places where blacks have been abused, killed and forgotten about. this is not unique to miami. >> and layla, you know, this report is so fascinating. this is basically the end of this whole specific battle or could desantis still object to the revisions? >> reporter: absolutely. yeah. the state of florida could still object to that. in fact, this morning within a few hours of this coursework

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