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Covid-19 Watch: 2,022 new cases, nationwide ICU bed usage at 67.2%

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia recorded 2,022 new Covid-19 cases on Sunday (Nov 27), bringing the total number of cases in the country to 4,986,294 infections since the pandemic began.

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ABC World News Tonight With David Muir

the capital of kyiv is now blanketed by snow. temperatures are dropping below freezing throughout the country. and many residents are without power, heat, and in some cases water. crews are working tirelessly to restore essential services. marcus moore is in kyiv. >> reporter: linsey, russia launching new strikes across ukraine, punishing the country's badly battered power grid. millions of people in the dark right now as snow falls in major cities. russia's major aerial attack focused on the city of dnipro in the southeastern part of the country over the weekend. video circulating online, showing flames tearing through buildings in that region. more than a dozen people died in the fighting in that region over the past couple of days. here in kyiv, the race to keep people warm is under way. we went to one of the dozens of warming centers that have been set up around kyiv for people to find heat and safety in the event there's another wave of attacks that knocks off the power here. electricity has been restored to

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The Eighties

we were the comic around the news. except we did it as seriously as they did news. >> finally in the driving seat of his own career, he burned rubber in a new direction. david hasselhoff, rock idol. >> it was a time where pushing the limits with wealth and ostentatiousness in a lot of cases was very comfortable. >> one of the earliest stories that we presented to you on "lifestyles" was about the amazing real estate wizard donald trump. if he didn't shock and surprise you back then, he's had plenty of time since. >> with all of this costing billions, not millions, do the figures ever frighten you? >> the answer is no, it's my business, it's my life. it's my lifestyle. i love it. the good, the bad. >> does this bring with it political aspiration? >> no political aspiration. >> your show has gotten a lot of ridicule. there are people who say it's nothing more than trash. >> that doesn't upset me,

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American Voices With Alicia Menendez

your sense of whether that will happen? >> i think he will. i think that he has a track record of handling high-profile cases like this. and i think the most clearest example is the mar-a-lago case. that is where the evidence is very strong that donald trump mishandled classified information. the theory of prosecution is clear. and i think you will see, you know, that smith will make a decision on that fairly soon. i think the january 6th case is much less clear in terms of the evidence, and it does not clear what conclusion he will come to. so i think this was a good move by merrick garland, and i think we will see some results in the months ahead. >> joyce, i want to know if you agree. and i also want your sense of sort of this push and pull between the desire for this to be expedient, and for there to be accountability as soon as possible. and then also the considerations and realities

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American Voices With Alicia Menendez

apples to apples. but there is some similarity there. we are seeing the extremism come out. even after the midterms, after so many voters that, that we do not want to go in that direction. yeah, they are still some belief that the only way to win right now is to go to the extreme. and that is not necessarily being shown. so it begs the question, who are you doing this for? what are you doing this for? especially in the cases of mccarthy. it is just a win? i think right now a lot of what we are seeing out of the republican party is a question of, what will it take to win? is that even donald trump anymore? we saw what happened in 2018. we saw what happened in 2020. we saw what happened just earlier this month. what will it take to say that this is no longer a winning strategy going into this far and, picking and choosing who sits on what committee. picking and choosing which supporters we should be behind, even if they are far-right or white nationalists. those are questions that are gonna keep coming up. and the question is gonna be, what will it take to win. but what are they willing to look at this point? it seems like they are gonna be willing to lose a lot if they don't get it clear on what is the agenda and what is the

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CBS Weekend News

offices across the country. cbs' scott macfarlane has more. >> reporter: near the mountains in rural winchester, virginia, more than 60 miles from the nation's capital, inside a classified federal facility, the fbi has deployed a team of robots. an agency that for more than a century has uncovered crime and secrets has built a home for all the fbi files detailing those crimes and secrets. >> it's just a little bit smaller than two football fields. >> reporter: full of records? >> yes. >> reporter: that's a lot. >> yep. 7.4 million. >> reporter: and to move the unparalleled piles of paper, they built and set in motion a team of more than 100 robotic helpers. that sounds like the world's biggest library. >> in some instances it is. there is a lot of information here. >> reporter: a major investment and upgrade which previously kept its files in storage rooms at locked offices nationwide. they now have one clearinghouse with hardcopies of the files from thousands of cases, from

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CBS Weekend News

probes of al capone to the olympic park bombing, 9/11 to the assassination of jfk. these case files have been collected from every community in america, every fbi field office across the u.s., and there are a lot of them. they fill 360,000 of these gray crates. and as more cases close, the files come here. >> we designed this to work just as simple as self-checkout at the grocery store. >> reporter: for bar coding, scanning and deposit. >> once the organization sees the value of having our records readily accessible, retrievable and digitized, you get them quicker. >> reporter: the agency is hoping this speeds the work of agents investigating new crimes. every old case file can be retrieved and digitized and sent to agents across america in ten minutes if needed. >> we freed up warehouses. we freed up square footage. and we have people doing the most important work in the field that they need to be doing, which is working those cases. >> reporter: a new modern era for an agency still synonymous

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American Voices With Alicia Menendez

investigation. and then the doj releases the search warrant. and it really says an inventory of what was found. and just those facts sort of pushed back on trump's meridith. i think there is a limit to, that i don't think jackson should give up and give regular press conferences. you, know we have had past special councils who have had i think too much too many press conferences. ken starr during the clinton investigations was seen as getting out to often and talking to the press. so there is a middle ground here. there are some prosecutors who never talk. and they will be defined by donald trump. but i think there is a way for jack smith to take legal actions, to use filings to present facts that will push back on the false efforts by donald trump. essentially, to discredit this investigation. >> you know, i want your thoughts on this as well. the sort of push and pull between transparency and confidentiality? >> yeah. that tension is always implicit in these cases. the path forward for the doj is

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Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy

cities, with local police departments, when we had people who were repeat offenders, we worked with them to bring the cases federally, the sentences were stiffer, there was no parole available and sent to a federal prison far from their home in new jersey, i would tell you that would reduce violent criminals in tears, they would turn on other violence criminals and turn there are people in, we turned camden. >> by reducing now 70% murder rate in camden, they could sent worst offenders federally to make sure they get stiff sentences. trey: that is the enforcement side, reality is most women and men incarcerated will be released from custody at some point. >> how we prepare the men and women for reentry also

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Fox Nation Patriot Awards

unforgiven terrain on the southern border. in the swelters texas heat there are places no one should go. >> i'm going to get her. >> that is where you find sergeant morris. >> i can't begin to summarize all of the cases that jimmy made, narcotics seizures and those who entered illegally. >> primary dps trackers over a thousand of apprehensions and seized thousands of pounds of drugs. drugs. >> we got bodies. >> we're going to deploy right here. we can start rounding them

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