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By protecting private schools, Rishi Sunak is chasing voters who don't exist

As an Old Wykehamist, the prime minister may think he knows the sorts of parents whose children go to private schools – but things have changed since his day.

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TOM UTLEY: Our family lived in a pokey flat with no carpets so I could go to school

TOM UTLEY: A private education remains a considerable advantage in life - and although it's not nearly such a sure path as once it was to a place at a top university or a plum job, it's still a great help.

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Letters: Sadiq Khan's war on emissions penalises those who can least afford it

SIR – Ben Marlow (“Sadiq Khan is waging war on London’s motorists”, Business, November 29) highlights the financial burden to be placed on public service workers living in the capital by the Mayor’s plan to extend the Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez) to the outer boroughs.

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Workers in three UK national strikes speak to the WSWS

Reporters spoke to striking postal, university and sixth form workers involved in national walkouts Wednesday and Thursday.

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as an attack on rishi - for the choice that his parents made about his schooling — - when, by the way, he will have been 11 years- old so i don't know how many children have a choice at that age — l but they attack him on his schooling. . they also then veer into - attacks on the achievements and the success he has had in his career — - and again, in this country, we, i hope, to celebrate people - working hard, making i a success of their lives, and the many, many different. ways that that can be achieved. and then, they move on toi an attack about who he fell in love with, and the fact that he married her. - you must be really upset when rishi sunak accuses keir starmer of being a north london lawyer then, because that's that. as a lawyer myself, a barrister, there'sl a difference between... yes. ..i am always very proud - when people refer to my legal career. on the private schools thing, i will push back to stephen in a second about the merits or otherwise of personalising an argument, rather than setting it in the broader

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that perhaps has taken you by surprise? when they looked at it, it's probablyjust because there's not that many working class voices. right. to be honest. if you weren't to have me sat here talking to you about this issue he would you have? you were a big supporter ofjeremy corbyn? maybe big is not the right word, but you supported, you were enthused byjeremy corbyn? i was, yeah and it helped meeting him. he came across as a very kind person and an empathetic person, someone who actually had feelings and understood the plight of people, of the working class especially. i mean, ifelt, yeah, it was hard for him, wasn't it? really difficult. some people would argue he made it even harder for himself. potentially, yeah. but again, humans, we don't always get everything right, do we, and sometimes you lose self—awareness when you are in such a position, ithink. could you find yourself getting enthused about keir starmer? do you know what, i will be honest, as much as i disagree with apathy, and i think it's

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which is why, in the autumn statement, we were able i to commit £4 billion more funding for our schools, . precisely because we want. to help children in the future. and stephen, on that personalisation thing, are you comfortable with that as an approach? when making a political argument, for keir starmer to go for the personal stuff, the school the prime minister was at, is that reasonable? is that the way political discourse should rightly be conducted? i think that it can help to throw into sharp relief the choices that people make as political leaders, and that it reflects a political ideology, because actions speak louder than words. so if you have taken certain choices, and those choices have clear political implications, then i think it is absolutely fair to point out, "look, you say this but you did this, that's hypocritical," or "you say this, you did this,

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get in more teachers, give them the facilities they need. i don't think they are going to all get a shooting range like they have at winchester school, but nevertheless, i think that money would be very useful in terms of boosting investment. and this argument about aspiration, i think it is more really about the conservative party standing up for vested interests rather than aspiration. they stand up for the oil and gas companies, they are standing up for the non—doms and they are standing up for the private schools. so i think keir starmer is putting a very clear choice in front of the british people. do you want a party that stands up for working people and aspiration for working people, or do you want a party that stands up for vested interests? victoria, take on the argument as you hear it. just before i deal with - the policy, what is interesting and what is emerging, i think, about labour's strategy- is that they don't seem - terribly comfortable talking about policy unless they couple it with personal attacks - on rishi. so, the attack on private - schools, independent schools and vat policy wasn't done in the round, it was done .

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