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What's SUP? Saskatchewan United Party becomes official

Nadine Wilson, who was formerly with the Saskatchewan Party but later became an independent member, is the SUP’s new leader.

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Britain is sleepwalking into censorship and we're running out of time to stop it

The revised Online Safety Bill still incentivises Big Tech to turn its algorithms against legal speech

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U.K. ambulance service struggles in winter healthcare crisis

Official figures show that thousands of patients each week are languishing in ambulances outside overflowing British hospitals.

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Tory MPs report senior Commons colleague to police for sexual assaults

The unnamed politician is accused of a string of assaults over a period of two years - but has not been suspended from the party. They were reported to the Met Police by fellow MPs.

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Boris Johnson

Conservative British politician Boris Johnson became the second elected mayor of London before overseeing the U.K.'s departure from the European Union as prime minister.

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get in more teachers, give them the facilities they need. i don't think they are going to all get a shooting range like they have at winchester school, but nevertheless, i think that money would be very useful in terms of boosting investment. and this argument about aspiration, i think it is more really about the conservative party standing up for vested interests rather than aspiration. they stand up for the oil and gas companies, they are standing up for the non—doms and they are standing up for the private schools. so i think keir starmer is putting a very clear choice in front of the british people. do you want a party that stands up for working people and aspiration for working people, or do you want a party that stands up for vested interests? victoria, take on the argument as you hear it. just before i deal with - the policy, what is interesting and what is emerging, i think, about labour's strategy- is that they don't seem - terribly comfortable talking about policy unless they couple it with personal attacks - on rishi. so, the attack on private - schools, independent schools and vat policy wasn't done in the round, it was done .

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Rishi Sunak Backs Down on Calling China a 'Systemic Threat'

The "Golden Era" of Sino-British relations has come to an end but the UK should not label China a threat, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said.

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