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stan culture, even the internet itself, there was elizabeth taylor. the actress who redefined 20th century fame and who remains eve fr after death one of the most iconic women in the world. her 56 films made her a star as did eight marriages to seven different men. it was on the set of cleopatra where the legendary story of elizabeth taylor and richard burton began. let's just say the world, but especially celebrity gossip were never the same again. a new book delves into this phenomenal life, going far beyond the movies and those magnificent jewels. noting how elizabeth devoted decades of her life to fighting hiv and aids, and that it was she who pressured president ronald reagan into making his first speech devoted exclusively to the aids pandemic in 1987, six years after the first cases were reported in the united states. hollywood took note.

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Transcript of Pelosi Floor Speech on the National Defense Authorization Act

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered remarks on the Floor of the House of Representatives in support of H.R. 7776, the National Defense

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The Last Word With Lawrence ODonnell

the hoping of his speech, it makes senator warnock a georgian. he is from georgia, a part of georgia, aside of georgia, and at the end of the day georgian voters saw that and elected him to represent their families for the full term. >> the first time that i saw a warnock campaign ad, which was during his first senate campaign, it was one of those key tv ads were i said wait, let's rewind that. it was really compelling and really grabbed you. it was creative, innovative. i want to go to one that you closed the campaign with, let's take a look at this one. >> the other night i was watching this movie, i was watching this movie it, was some kind of night, but it is about vampires. >> what the heck is he talking about? >> is he serious? is he for real? >> i won't tell you something that i found out. a werewolf cannon kilo vampire, did you know that? i don't want to be a vampire anymore, i want to be a wearable. >> he's talking about vampires and werewolves right now.

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The Ingraham Angle

dealings. i think the silicon valley twitter crowd, i think they have behaved very badly, but i wonder, laura, if this is actually at the direction of the american government, then we have an even broader discussion to talk about than just silicon. >> laura: i think we're just scratching the surface and i think these tactics that twitter employed pre-musk, they are being used on a whole series of medical issues. we've talked about them on "the angle," whether it's sex change operations. there is an entire effort to suppression speech or an honest discourse, and doctors are afraid to speak out. dr. bhattacharya, you gave an enormous amount of information to us over the last 2 1/2 years. wee eternally grateful to you. i know you didn't plan to do tv tonight so we really appreciate it. thank you. joining me now is newt gingrich, former house speaker and fox news contributor. my question to you is, why can't

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trump the every day americans and they were doing everything they could to only put out ther what they wanted out there for that is suppression of free speech with will have to applau elon musk's pursuit of truth an the defensive free speech perio is a principled man and he's going to fight for what he believes and bring the left cares about free speech win it benefits them period the leftis free speech is all they care about think about this, president ida declared war on elon musk from the podium have you ever seen that before? my money is on elon musk versus united states government any da of the week thank you for exposing this. >> look at what they are trying to do and is office building he built a room for a bed so employees could take nap if the are not feeling well and we hav

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The Ingraham Angle

shortly after covid vaccination were likely killed by the vaccine. joining me now is dr. peter mccullough, epidemiologist, cardiologist and author of requested courage to face covid-19." dr. peter mccullough, your response to the twitter shadowbanning news, i know it doesn't come as a shock to you given what they have done to you. >> medical censorship has to be stopped. this is a disturbing trend. you reviewed it well with dr. bhattacharya. he, i, and others have been trying to bring the truth on the analysis and you do have a right to free speech. >> laura: you're one of the most published cardiologists in the united states and the world and a world renowned expert on cardiac conditions and cardiac arrests and causes and so forth. and, i keep saying this. if they can do it to you, i mean, they can do it to anybody.

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Fox News at Night

who had seen this. it's so gratifying to see that the various categories that twitter is using to freeze and limit the influence of conservative speech, i think it's going to be fixed now. >> trace: it's amazing care miranda devine, on the hunter biden laptop had this to say about it tonight. >> it's really gratifying to see it laid out in policies and to catch out the top people in their lives because they did live. they said there was no shadow banned and going on we knew by our own experience, since elon musk bought in, have increased my follower account by 40%. >> they knew they were being censored because all of a sudden their accounts blew up again. >> this is where i have the problem. even though i don't like censorship, twitter is a private company pair they have every right and continue to have every

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The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle

play that sound lightly. but i play because it's important to understand the counter force here. you have to stand there and listen to those arguments. what is your response? >> well as i was presiding, i had to remind my republican colleagues that their time had aspired, which to me has a deeper meaning. >> double entendre, for sure. >> i said during my speech, we're not gonna leave it to the force of hate and the relics of the past to be the final word on the fate of love the future of our democracy does not belong to bigotry. it belongs to lgbtq inclusive democracy. and the respect for marriage act is living proof. the fact that it did pass on a bipartisan basis in both the senate and the house is a sign of how far we have come as a society. and the republicans on the house floor and opposition are relics of the past. >> how far we have come, and of course, i don't need to tell you how much more work there is still to be done.

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The Last Word With Lawrence ODonnell

represent the people if you do not know the people and that was clear from the work that we put in. you guys hear me say that one of our strategic goals was to keep warnock, senator warnock, remain in the reverend. part of that is making georgia feel like they are a piece of this congregation. this is someone who's been doing the work for years, in the baptist church, has been arrested fighting for civil rights, has been an activist in the community standing alongside them. in fact, if you look at when the senator voted in the runoff, he is standing in line with people. he was not skipping to the front of the line. it is that experience that ties senator warnock, and you heard the hoping of his speech, it makes senator warnock a georgian. he is from georgia, a part of georgia, a son of georgia, and at the end of the day georgian voters saw that and elected him to represent their families for the full term. >> the first time that i saw a warnock campaign ad, which was during his first senate campaign, it was one of those

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beds at twitter's headquarters in castwittee employees were tih work, working a lot of overtimev so they'd have a place to getsl. a few hours sleep. san francisco, what'ssco, their reaction to being nicet'sp to your employees? oh, let's open up an investigation on elon musk. now, that prompted this respo response from elon musnsk. of so the city of san francisco attacks companies providingemply beds for retired employeeseed of instead of making sure kids are safe from fentanyl. where are your priorities, mayor? london breed. but the madness doesn't stop there. now, the compromise, congenital liar adam schiff, he's so deeply troubled by elon musko d and his push for free speech that he's now just flat out hat lying about hate speech on the platform, citing zeroe at evidence at all whatsoever. shift tweeted earlier today, twd quote, against slurs against black people, tripled on elon musk's twitter and claim that slurs against women are

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