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Decorated matchbox holder: Sergeant James Erskine Hale Robinson, 2 Division Signals Company, AIF

Matchbox holder made from a recovered German mess tin found by the owner in Delville Wood and described by the owner as 'battered'. The folded aluminium has been decorated on three sides in very neat punch engraving. One side displays a central decoration of a Rising Sun badge surrounded by the words: "FRANCE', '1916-17', 'BELGIUM', 'SOMME', YPRES' and 'ANCRE'. The other side displays a pair of crossed signal flags accompanied by the words '2' / 'DIV'/ 'SIG' / 'COY'. The 'spine' of the holder displays the words: 'GERMAN DIXIE / FROM / DELVILLE WOOD / NOV / 1916'
History / Summary
Matchbox holder incised by James Erskine Hale Robinson, of Perth, Western Australia. Robinson, a 31 year old contractor enlisted on 18 February 1915 and was posted to the Australian Army Service Corps. He served in Egypt and the Sinai in 1915-16 where he was attached to 2 Division Artillery. In August 1915 he transferred to newly formed 2 Division Signal Company.

Russia's top EU envoy blasts Brussels for 'politicizing' Covid-19 vaccines: Blames 'Big Pharma' over delay in approving Sputnik V -- Puppet Masters --

© Sputnik; (inset); Getty Images / Cristina Arias
Ampules of the Gam-COVID-VAK (trademark "Sputnik V") coronavirus vaccine. Vladimir Chizhov, Moscow's permanent representative to the EU, has hit out at the bloc for delays to the approval of his country's flagship coronavirus vaccine, arguing the hold-ups are in reality down to politics, not science.
Speaking as part of an interview with Moscow daily
Izvestiya, published on Wednesday, the diplomat said the process of appraising Sputnik V had dragged on for months, despite talks with experts and officials in Brussels. Now, he said, the review had gone on for so long that it was unlikely the vaccine, made by Moscow's Gamaleya Center, would be bought in large volumes for use by member states.

Killer floods, scorching heat waves hit wealthy countries too – NBC10 Philadelphia

For fire season, the U.S. West is the driest it has been since 1580, based on soil moisture readings and tree ring records, setting the stage for worsening fires if something ignites them, said UCLA climate and fire scientist Park Williams.
What happens with U.S. hurricane and fire seasons drives the end-of-year statistics for total damage costs of weather disasters, said Ernst Rauch, chief climate and geo scientist for insurance giant Munich Re. But so far this year, he said, wealthier regions have seen the biggest economic losses.
But when poorer countries are hit, they are less prepared and their people can't use air conditioning or leave so there's more harm, said Hausfather, climate director of the Breakthrough Institute. While hundreds of people died in the Pacific Northwest heat wave, he said the number would have been much higher in poor areas.

People Reveal The Most Embarrassing Behavior Of American Tourists | Hot 101.9

Aug 4, 2021
It isn’t always easy being an American tourist in a foreign country, but most people learn to adapt and adjust to the local way of life. But not everyone handles the experience well, and now some folks are spilling the beans on some pretty embarrassing things folks from the U.S. have done in their country.
It all started when someone on Reddit asked, "Non-Americans of Reddit, what is the weirdest thing you have seen an American tourist do that would be considered very disrespectful/inappropriate in your country?" Needless to say, folks were happy to share.
Embarrassing tourist behavior includes:

EU slaps sanctions on Nicaraguan first lady, 7 others

EU slaps sanctions on Nicaraguan first lady, 7 others
BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union is slapping sanctions on Nicaraguan first lady and Vice-President Rosario Murillo and seven other senior officials accused of serious human rights violations or undermining democracy.  The sanctions include asset freezes and bans on travel in Europe. The EU says the measures target individuals and are not meant to “harm the Nicaraguan population or the Nicaraguan economy.” Nicaragua’s police over the past two months have detained more than 20 opposition figures and several candidates who might have been able to challenge President Daniel Ortega in elections on Nov. 7. The EU says it’s “ready to use all its instruments to support a democratic, peaceful, and negotiated solution to the political crisis.”

Smart Contracts Market Bigger Than Expected | Monetas, Blockstream Corporation, Bitfinex, Coinbase, Inc – Business

The ‘
Smart Contracts market’ research report added by Report Ocean, is an in-depth analysis of the latest developments, market size, status, upcoming technologies, industry drivers, challenges, regulatory policies, with key company profiles and strategies of players. The research study provides market overview, Smart Contracts market definition, regional market opportunity, sales and revenue by region, manufacturing cost analysis, Industrial Chain, market effect factors analysis, Smart Contracts market size forecast, market data & Graphs and Statistics, Tables, Bar & Pie Charts, and many more for business intelligence.
Global Smart Contracts Market valued approximately USD XX million is anticipated to grow with a healthy growth rate of more than XX% over the forecast period 2020-2025. In-depth information by Market Size, competitive landscape is provided i.e. Revenue (Million USD) by Players, Revenue Market Share (%) by Players and further a qualitative analysis is made towards market concentration rate, product/service differences, new entrants, and the technological trends in future.

Storms damage 20,000ha of potatoes in Europe - IFA report

A lot of potatoes have been damaged by recent storms.
Comment: Potato consumption and demand have improved over the past 10 days following the return of cooler weather conditions.
The food service sector and the peeling trade continue to pick up, as more people are eligible to dine indoors.
The price of peeling material is currently in the range of €180/t to €200/t.
The early market is holding quite well and lifting continues along the east coast.
However, there are more reports this week that tuber numbers are down. A blight warning remains in place for southern counties.
In the UK, agronomists are becoming more conservative with their yield predictions for the new crop. Maincrops generally look full of growth, but May plantings still have much to do if they are to realise their potential.

Breeding export weanling's webinar: your questions answered 04 August 2021 Free

Heifers at grass on the Bergin's farm.
Whenever there is top-quality suckler stock on show, there is always great interest from farmers across the country and even further afield.
Last Thursday night’s webinar from the farm of Nicholas Bergin outside Roscrea, Co Tipperary, was no different.
With a huge amount of questions coming in via text and email, the panel was unable to answer everyone on the night.
It is always great to get good interaction from viewers, so this article aims to answer the main questions and queries that were sent in.
The Bergin family runs a 100-cow, autumn-calving herd producing weanlings for the high-end export market and, more recently, heifers are sold as breeders and potential show heifers to farmers.

Тяжело в учении, легко в бою |

Более 2,5 тыс. военнослужащих и 500 единиц военной техники примут участие в крупномасштабных учениях российской, таджикской и узбекской армий «Мирная миссия – 2021». Маневры стали реакцией на ситуацию в соседнем Афганистане, где движение «Талибан» на волне вывода американских войск ведет активные боевые действия по захвату власти.
По мнению российского Минобороны, неразбериха и хаос, творящиеся в настоящее время в соседнем государстве, могут привести к обострению ситуации в Центральной Азии, так как на территорию Афганистана активно перебираются представители террористических ячеек из Сирии, Ливии и Ирака. Глава российского Минобороны
Сергей Шойгу на совещании с министрами
Шанхайской организации сотрудничества (ШОС) в Душанбе на минувшей неделе назвал это одним из серьезнейших вызовов безопасности в регионе.
«Мы не оставляем без внимания все происходящие на границе события и попытки перемещения боевиков на территорию Таджикистана. Именно поэтому могу сказать однозначно, что в случае возникновения угрозы нашему союзнику – члену Договора о коллективной безопасности – Россия будет реагировать в первую очередь при помощи 201-й базы на территории Таджикистана», – подчеркнул Сергей Шойгу.
Российская база в Таджикистане – крупнейший военный объект вне территории России. Службу на ней несут
7 тыс. офицеров и солдат-контрактников. В их арсенале более
100 танков Т-72Б1 и бронетранспортеров БТР-82А, боевые машины пехоты БМП-2М, реактивный дивизион РСЗО «Ураган» калибра 220 мм, вертолетная группа Ми-24П и Ми-8МТВ, беспилотные летательные аппараты и другая техника.
По первоначальному замыслу, к трехсторонним учениям планировалось привлечь с российской стороны
1,5 тыс. человек и
300 единиц военной техники. Однако буквально накануне начала боевой учебы планы были скорректированы в сторону расширения масштаба маневров. По приказу командующего войсками ЦВО генерал-полковника
Александра Лапина, во время маневров на таджикском полигоне будет задействовано
1,8 тысячи российских военнослужащих. Также вдвое — до
420 единиц — возросло количество привлекаемой на совместное учение военной и специальной техники.
В МИДе и Минобороны не скрывают, что это сигнал центральноазиатским партнерам России: на фоне эскалации в Афганистане существуют совместные силы, которые будут решать задачу поддержания безопасности. Фактически Москва, Душанбе и Ташкент отработают алгоритм действий, если со стороны Афганистана будут предприняты попытки перехода границы СНГ бандформированиями. Отрабатывать задачи противодействия внешним угрозам военные трех стран будут непосредственно у границ Афганистана на двух полигонах:
«Харб-Майдон» в Таджикистане и
«Термез» в Узбекистане.
Учеба пройдет в три этапа. На первом будет отработана подготовка к совместной операции объединенной группировки войск по уничтожению террористических бандформирований. На втором – выполнены совместные задачи по уничтожению вторгшихся условных бандгрупп. На заключительном этапе состоится уничтожение радикальных террористических группировок при пересечении государственной границы. Во всех эпизодах учений командирами подразделений и штабом руководства будут отрабатываться тактические действия с применением разведывательно-огневых и разведывательно-ударных комплексов.
В Минобороны отмечают, что основной целью учения станет совершенствование практических навыков в уничтожении террористических бандформирований при попытке пересечь государственную границу. Кроме того, планируется отработать вопросы управления в ходе ведения совместных действий по уничтожению незаконных вооруженных формирований, а также повышения морально-боевых качеств, психологической устойчивости и физической выносливости личного состава в условиях жаркого климата и горно-пустынной местности.
Академии военных наук
Вадим Козюлин отмечает масштабность боевой подготовки: «Помимо военнослужащих 201-й военной базы к учениям привлекли 15-ю отдельную мотострелковую (миротворческую) бригаду и спецназ Центрального военного округа. Для участия в учениях военнослужащие, оружие и другое материально-техническое имущество из Самары были переброшены самолетом военно-транспортной авиации».
По его словам, эти учения укладываются в новую концепцию Минобороны РФ по проведению операций на отдаленных театрах военных действий с формированием мощных группировок разнородных сил.
А тем временем подразделения вооруженных сил России и Узбекистана уже приступили к боевому слаживанию для выполнения учебно-боевых задач на горном полигоне
«Термез» на границе с Афганистаном.
«Подразделения спецназа двух стран совершили 15-километровый марш, преодолев противопехотные заграждение, ров с водой, разрушенную стену и туннель. Затем огневые группы выполнили упражнения армейской тактической стрельбы. Особое внимание в ходе слаживания было уделено горной подготовке с использованием альпинистского снаряжения», — говорится в сообщении пресс-службы Центрального военного округа.
В ЦВО добавили, что военнослужащие из двух стран провели разведывательно-поисковые действия в горной местности, отработали устройство засад на маршрутах движения условного противника, а также выполнили комплекс огневых задач из стрелкового оружия с применением приспособлений для бесшумной стрельбы.
В учении принимают участие около
1,5 тысячи военнослужащих ВС Российской Федерации и Республики Узбекистан.
Дмитрий Литовкин

Jack Grealish al City: el pase más caro de la historia del club

Jack Grealish al City: el pase más caro de la historia del club
Los de Manchester pagarán 117 millones de euros. Ningún inglés costó tanto... La historia del pase y la sugerencia de De Bruyne a Pep.
Grealish será jugador del City.
las más leídas
Actualizado al 04/08/2021 20:57
Es cuestión de días. O quizás, horas... En breve, de no surgir ningún imprevisto de último momento y luego de la revisión médica, el Manchester City anunciará oficialmente el fichaje de
Jack Grealish. Una bomba en la Premier League. El equipo dirigido por

Greystoke - Die Legende von Tarzan - Abenteuerfilm, kabel eins, 05.08.21, 02:45 Uhr - TV Programm

kabel eins |
02:45 - 04:55 | Abenteuerfilm
In Afrika wird ein elternloser Säugling von Menschenaffen aufgezogen. Jahre später rettet er den belgischen Forscher Philippe D'Arnot aus höchster Not. D'Arnot lehrt ihn die menschliche Sprache, und er lässt den Urwaldmann wissen, wer er ist: der Adlige John Clayton, Erbe einer Grafschaft. Die beiden reisen nach Schottland. Doch John mag die Welt der englischen Aristokratie nicht - mit Ausnahme der hübschen Jane.
Christopher Lambert

Mercato no stop - Indiscrezioni, trattative e retroscena del 4 agosto

Mercato no stop - Indiscrezioni, trattative e retroscena del 4 agosto
vedi letture
Il punto su tutte le news di calciomercato della giornata appena andata agli archivi. Tra indiscrezioni, trattative e retroscena ecco le notizie più importanti.
L'epilogo alla trattativa che riporterà
Romelu Lukaku a Londra, a vestire la maglia del Chelsea per la terza volta della sua carriera, dovrebbe avvenire la prossima settimana. È fissato a dopo il weekend l'addio al simbolo dello Scudetto nerazzurro. Le cifre dell'operazione prendono contorni più definiti: l'Inter sarebbe pronta ad accettare 120 milioni più bonus. Sono molti i papabili sostituti: il più avanti è

贝鲁特大爆炸一周年 欧盟向黎巴嫩追加550万欧元援助 _中国经济网——国家经济门户


USA-Australia oggi in tv | orario e diretta streaming basket

(Di giovedì 5 agosto 2021)
Australia scendono sul parquet della Saitama Super Arena in occasione del match valido per la semifinale del torneo di
basket all’Olimpiade di
2020. Gli aussie hanno già affrontato Team USA, vincendo, un mese fa a Las Vegas. Ora il contesto è decisamente diverso: la banda di Popovich, dopo la sconfitta con la Francia nella prima partita, è cresciuta a dismisura, toccando l’apice nello spettacolare secondo tempo contro la Spagna. Attenzione però alla voglia degli oceanici, privi di alcun timore reverenziale e dotati di talento per mettere in difficoltà gli statunitensi. Una voglia volta anche a rompere un tabù: ...

《東京五輪》スケボー女子パーク・四十住と開、10代が金銀 レスリング女子・川井妹がV|社会・話題|上毛新聞ニュース

 東京五輪第13日の4日、新競技スケートボードの女子パークで日本の10代選手が躍動した。四十住(よそずみ)さくら(19)=ベンヌ=が優勝し、夏季五輪で日本選手史上最年少出場の開心那(12)=WHYDAH GROUP=は銀メダルを獲得。岡本碧優(15)=MKグループ=は4位に入った。レスリング女子は62キロ級の川井友香子(23)が金メダルを取った。姉の梨紗子(26)=ともにジャパンビバレッジ=は前回63キロ級女王で、夏季五輪で日本初の姉妹金メダリストが生まれた。梨紗子は57キロ級で5日の決勝に進んだ。

تقارير إخبارية - Welcome to Middle East News Agency

تقارير إخبارية
Date: 2021-08-04 10:08:43 GMT - الولايات المتحدة - تقارير إخبارية - SN:146 - ID:9093949
واشنطن في 4 أغسطس /أ ش أ/ كتبت بسمة علاء
قالت مجلة "ذي ديبلومات" إن الهند ذات النفوذ الاقتصادي والسياسي الهائل في سريلانكا، ظلت عاملا حاسما في علاقات الأخيرة مع إسلام آباد الجار والغريم التقليدي لنيودلهي.
وذكرت المجلة المتخصصة في الشأن ....
Date: 2021-08-01 15:31:28 GMT - كندا - تقارير إخبارية - SN:272 - ID:9089033
أوتاوا في الأول من أغسطس /أ ش أ/ تقرير: شادي صلاح الدين
يستعد رئيس الوزراء الكندي جستن ترودو لإجراء انتخابات مبكرة خلال الخريف المقبل، قبل عامين من الموعد المحدد.. ويراهن على أن معدلات التطعيم المرتفعة والانتعاش الاقتصادي بعد الوباء سيساعده على ....
Date: 2021-07-31 18:28:52 GMT - مصر - تقارير إخبارية - SN:307 - ID:9087728
القاهرة في 31 يوليو /أ ش أ/ تقرير: محيي الكردوسي
تشهد دور العرض السينمائي في شهر أغسطس المقبل طرح فيلمين جديدين لنجوم شباك التذاكر هما أحمد السقا بفيلم (العنكبوت)، حيث ما زال يتربع على إيرادات الشباك منذ سنوات خاصة فى الأكشن، وينافسة صديقة المقربة ....
Date: 2021-07-31 09:43:49 GMT - مصر - تقارير إخبارية - SN:91 - ID:9086766
واشنطن في 31 يوليو /أ ش أ/ كتب: محمد دبور ـ مركز الأبحاث والدراسات
وسط تطلعات صينية نحو إنشاء قواعد عسكرية جديدة في مناطق متفرقة حول العالم، وعما إذا كان بإمكان واشنطن عرقلة خطط بكين من عدمه، أصبح هناك احتمال قوي يلوح في الأفق يتمثل في أن ....
Date: 2021-07-28 18:54:04 GMT - مصر - تقارير إخبارية - SN:413 - ID:9083111
نيروبي في 28 يوليو/ أ ش أ/أعلنت السلطات الصحية في كينيا عن تحصين 2 في المائة من المواطنين ضد فيروس كورونا في جميع أنحاء البلاد.
وذكرت وزارة الصحة في كينيا في بيان لها أن الجهود تتواصل على قدم وساق من أجل الاسراع بوتيرة التحصين لانقاذ الارواح، موضحة ....
Date: 2021-07-28 18:49:21 GMT - مصر - تقارير إخبارية - SN:411 - ID:9083102
أبوجا في 28 يوليو/ أ ش أ/خصصت مجموعة دول مجموعة السبع 382 مليون دولار لمكافحة تفاقم أزمة الغذاء والمجاعة في المناطق المتضررة من تواجد جماعة بوكو حرام الارهابية والتي دمرت شمال شرق نيجيريا.
وقالت المفوض السامي البريطاني لنيجيريا كاتريونا لينج في ....
Date: 2021-07-28 18:21:22 GMT - مصر - تقارير إخبارية - SN:403 - ID:9083069
أديس أبابا في 28 يوليو/ أ ش أ/ أكدت "المراكز الأفريقية لمكافحة الأمراض والوقاية منها" تسجيل حالات كورونا لدى الدول الأعضاء بواقع 6 ملايين و543 ألف إصابة مؤكدة، و166 ألف وفاة بينما تعافى 5 ملايين و761 ألف شخص.
وأوصت "المراكز الإفريقية" – في بيان ....
Date: 2021-07-28 17:26:51 GMT - مصر - تقارير إخبارية - SN:392 - ID:9083007
بروكسل في 28 يوليو /أ ش أ/ أبرم بنك الاستثمار الأوروبي وشركة كوانتوم سيستمز Quantum Systems اليوم اتفاقية قرض بقيمة 10 ملايين يورو لبدء تشغيل الطائرات بدون طيار "درونز" لتطوير القدرات في مجالات الطيران المستقل والذكاء الاصطناعي.
وأوضح بنك ....
Date: 2021-07-28 17:19:59 GMT - مصر - تقارير إخبارية - SN:389 - ID:9082991
بروكسل في 28 يوليو /أ ش أ/ وقع بنك الاستثمار الأوروبي (EIB) اليوم على اتفاقية جديدة مع بانكو سباديل Banco Sabadell، رابع أكبر مجموعة مصرفية خاصة في إسبانيا وواحدة من أفضل المؤسسات المالية هناك، لتخفيف التأثيرات الاقتصادية السلبية لفيروس كورونا على ....
Date: 2021-07-28 16:26:02 GMT - روسيا - تقارير إخبارية - SN:370 - ID:9082927

Ageing societies afford more advantages to men than women – study

Men are afforded more advantages than women in ageing societies, an international study suggests.
The gender differences in societal ageing suggest men have better resources to help them cope with the challenges of ageing, researchers say.
The study is the first of its kind to investigate gender differences in the experience of people growing older across 18 countries in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
Different gender roles in society not only shape women’s and men’s lifetime opportunities, but also their experience of ageing, the research suggests.
According to the data, men are especially advantaged when it comes to income and wealth.

Media war against Iran

Media war against Iran
[ Last Update: Thursday, 05 August 2021 12:35 AM ]
In this edition, Spotlight interviews Elijah Magnier journalist and political analyst from Brussels and George Szamuely senior research fellow at Global Policy Institute from Budapest to discuss the ongoing Media war against Iran after recent drone attack on an Israeli tanker and “potential” hijack of a vessel off UAE coast on Tuesday. Western media claim “Iran-backed forces” are involved in both incidents while Tehran has vehemently denied allegations, urging caution regarding anti-Iran fake news spread by some Western and Israeli media.
Press TV’s website can also be accessed at the following alternate addresses:

Biểu tình phản đối hạn chế xã hội và tiêm vaccine lan khắp châu Âu

Cuối tuần qua, hàng loạt các cuộc biểu tình đã nổ ra tại nhiều nước châu Âu nhằm phản đối các biện pháp hạn chế xã hội và tiêm vaccine phòng chống dịch bệnh Covid-19. Các cuộc biểu tình đang lan rộng và có nguy cơ ảnh hưởng đến nỗ lực đối phó Covid-19 của chính phủ các nước khu vực.
Tại Đức, cảnh sát thủ đô Berlin hôm qua (1/8) đã thực hiện hàng trăm vụ bắt giữ khi hàng nghìn người dân nước này đổ ra đường phản đối các lệnh hạn chế xã hội khi cho rằng đây là các biện pháp hạn chế tự do. Đầu tuần trước, chính phủ Đức đã ban hành các lệnh cấm tụ tập tại một số thành phố lớn với lý do số ca nhiễm Covid-19 đang có xu hướng tăng nhanh trở lại. 

Soir Première : sur Auvio

Soir Première : sur Auvio
Mode de lecture vidéoVidéo
Un an après la terrible explosion qui a ravagé le port de Beyrouth, la capitale, comment la situation évolue-t-elle au Liban ?
18H17 FAIT DU JOUR Barack Obama fête ses 60 ans aujourd'hui. On en parle avec Pauline SIMONET, correspondante de la RTBF à Washington.
18H28 CQFD (Ce Qui Fait Débat) - Un an après la terrible explosion qui a ravagé le port de Beyrouth, la capitale, comment la situation évolue-t-elle au Liban ? On en parle avec Sophie GUIGNON, notre correspondante en direct de Beyrouth et Louma SALAMÉ, directrice générale de la Fondation Boghossian-Villa Empain, fille de Ghassan Salame, ancien ministre libanais de la culture.

Albemarle Reports Second-Quarter Results

Albemarle Reports Second-Quarter Results
ALBemarle Corporation today announced its results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2021 . Second Quarter 2021 Highlights Net income of $424.6 million or $3.62 per diluted share, including a gain on the sale of Fine Chemistry Services business Adjusted diluted EPS of $0.89 an increase of 4% Net sales of $773.9 million an increase of 1%; Net sales increased 5% excluding FCS Adjusted EBITDA of $194.6 million an …
ALBemarle Corporation (NYSE: ALB) today announced its results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2021 .
Second Quarter 2021 Highlights
(Unless otherwise stated, all percent changes are based on year-over-year comparisons)
Net income of $424.6 million , or $3.62 per diluted share, including a gain on the sale of Fine Chemistry Services (FCS) business

Artisan waffle-and-ice cream concept to bring 'Instagram-worthy desserts' to Bethlehem

A sweet destination is set to join Bethlehem’s retail roster early next year.

L'Inter attende di capire il futuro di Eriksen, intanto il Chelsea vuole Lukaku

L'Inter attende di capire il futuro di Eriksen, intanto il Chelsea vuole Lukaku
Inter, Eriksen è arrivato a Milano.
Eriksen è arrivato a Milano per sottoporsi ai vari test clinici, intanto Lukaku è sempre più corteggiato dal Chelsea
4 agosto 2021 02:27
4 agosto 2021 02:27
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Milano il centrocampista danese
Christian Eriksen.
Il giocatore ha avuto un arresto cardiaco il 12 giugno scorso durante il match del primo turno della fase a girone degli Europei tra Danimarca e Finlandia. Dopo essere stato rianimato con successo, il centrocampista danese si è sottoposto a un'operazione per inserire un defibrillatore vicino al cuore per prevenire un nuovo attacco cardiaco.

OLYMPICS/ Hayashi's 3 lifts Japan into basketball semis, ousting Belgium 86-85 | The Asahi Shimbun: Breaking News, Japan News and Analysis

Japan players celebrate their win over Belgium in a women's basketball quarterfinal game at the 2020 Summer Olympics on Aug. 4 in Saitama, Japan. (AP Photo)
SAITAMA--Japan coach Tom Hovasse apologized to Belgium for letting his emotions get the best of him after the exciting end to their quarterfinals matchup in the women's basketball tournament.
It was understandable. After all, making it to the medal round at the Olympics is a big deal.
Saki Hayashi hit a 3-pointer with 15.2 seconds left, and Japan advanced to the semifinals, edging Olympic newcomer Belgium 86-85 Wednesday after the Belgian Cats missed a potential game-winner at the buzzer.

Killer floods, scorching heat waves hit wealthy countries too – NBC Bay Area

What happens with U.S. hurricane and fire seasons drives the end-of-year statistics for total damage costs of weather disasters, said Ernst Rauch, chief climate and geo scientist for insurance giant Munich Re. But so far this year, he said, wealthier regions have seen the biggest economic losses.
But when poorer countries are hit, they are less prepared and their people can't use air conditioning or leave so there's more harm, said Hausfather, climate director of the Breakthrough Institute. While hundreds of people died in the Pacific Northwest heat wave, he said the number would have been much higher in poor areas.

Освајачи олимпијске бронзе у баскету код градоначелника Вучевића

Освајачи олимпијске бронзе у баскету код градоначелника Вучевића
04.08.2021 • 16:01
Градоначелник Новог Сада Милош Вучевић примио је у Градској кући баскет репрезентацију Србије која је освојила бронзану медаљу на Олимпијади у Јапану.
Фото: Град Нови Сад
Тим Србије је у мечу за треће место победио Белгију чиме је постао прва баскет екипа у историји Србије са олимпијским одличјем, након што је кошаркашка дисциплина 3 на 3 од Игара у Токију уврштена у олимпијске спортове. Прву олимпијску медаљу у баскету за Србију освојили су Душан Домовић Булут, Дејан Мајсторовић, Михаило Васић и Александар Ратков.
Фото: Град Нови Сад
- Честитам нашим врсним спортистима, одличним баскеташима, не само на успеху на Олимпијским играма, него и на свему ономе што остварују годинама уназад. Поносни смо на то што је Србија високо позиционирана на мапи баскета, а Нови Сад је најсветлија тачка на читавој планети међу градовима, захваљујући овим момцима. Ово је не само велики лични успех играча и тренера, него и успех за Србију и част за наш град. Позиционирати се међу прве три екипе на свету и то на престижном такмичењу као што је Олимпијада,  јесте нешто о чему многи могу само да маштају, а ова екипа је успела да сан претвори у стварност и попне се на победничко постоље. Очекујемо још много њихових победа на неким новим првенствима и изазовима који их чекају, а ми не можемо довољно да им се одужимо за све оно што су учинили за нас – рекао је градоначелник Вучевић. Истакао је да је Нови Сад поносан и на своју атлетичарку Ивану Шпановић која је заузела четврто место на Олимпијским играма, што је велики успех.
Играч Михајло Васић се обратио у име тима и захвалио Граду Новом Саду и грађанима који су пружали велику подршку целој екипи током Олимпијаде.
- Подршка навијача нам је много значила и била својеврсни „ветар у леђа“. Дали смо све од себе и освојили бронзану медаљу. Уписали смо се у историју овог спорта који је дебитовао на Олимпијским играма, јер смо управо ми били освајачи једне од три сјајна одличја - рекао је Васић.

Le fisc belge réclame jusqu'à 380 millions d'euros à Delhaize

Le fisc belge réclame jusqu'à 380 millions d'euros à Delhaize
L'administration fiscale belge réclame à la maison mère de Delhaize, Albert Heijn et, un montant pouvant grimper jusqu'à 380 millions d'euros, rapportent L'Echo et De Tijd mercredi. Le fisc estime que le groupe néerlandais Ahold Delhaize a absorbé les magasins Delhaize américains sans payer de taxes.
Le montant réclamé correspond à près de quatre fois les bénéfices réalisés par les magasins Delhaize l'an dernier et au chiffre d'affaires total des magasins Albert Heijn belges en 2019. Les ventes du groupe Ahold Delhaize, qui opère en Europe, en Amérique et en Asie, avoisinent les 75 milliards d'euros. 

Brezilya polisi Türk uçağında 1304 kilo kokain yakaladı

Brezilya polisi Türk uçağında 1304 kilo kokain yakaladı
Brezilya Polisi, Sao Paulo kentindeki Leite Lopes Havaalanı’nda bir Türk jetine operasyon yaptı. Operasyonda en az 25 bavul dolusu, 1304 kilo kokain ele geçirildi. Uçaktaki bir ispanyol yolcu ve Türk mürettebat gözaltına alındı. Operasyon yapılan Diyarbakırlı işadamı Şehmuz Özkan’a ait uçak, Özal döneminde satın alınmış ve 2016 yılında satılana kadar devlet büyükleri tarafından kullanılmıştı.
04 Ağustos 2021 Çarşamba 22:49
Brezilya polisi tarafından yapılan operasyonda, Türk tescilli bir özel uçakta en az 25 valiz dolusu kokain olduğu belirtilen uyuşturucu yakalandı. 

Més exigents que Brussel·les

Més exigents que Brussel·les
L’anunci de l’acord a què van arribar el vicepresident del govern, Jordi Puigneró, i la ministra de Transports, Mobilitat i Agenda Urbana, Raquel Sánchez, sobre l’ampliació de l’aeroport del Prat ha eclipsat els resultats de la primera reunió de la comissió bilateral Estat-Generalitat després de tres anys. Les reaccions han estat immediates. La polèmica era viva i ha tornat al primer pla. El món econòmic, que pressionava perquè no es perdin els 1.700 milions d’inversió previstos, saluda l’entesa amb satisfacció, mentre que les entitats ecologistes, una part de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona i el del Prat del Llobregat ja han posat el crit al cel. També ho ha fet la CUP, que ho considera una línia vermella. El debat que es genera no és menor. És una discussió sobre el model econòmic i social que cadascú defensa per al futur. Hi ha en joc qüestions de fons com ara si el progrés ha d’anar lligat sempre al creixement o com s’ha de fer compatible el desenvolupament econòmic i la sostenibilitat. O les dues coses alhora. I el que queda clar és que, a hores d’ara, el consens entre totes les parts que es buscava no existeix.

Flood-prone populations up nearly 25% since 2000: study

Flooding is by far the most common of extreme weather events made more frequent and potent by rainfall patterns supercharged by climate change.
Deadly inundations, such as recently in India, China, Germany and Belgium, inflict billions worth of damage, often disproportionally affecting poorer sectors of society.
Most flood maps rely on modelling based on ground-level observations such as rainfall and elevation, but they can often entirely miss regions that are historically not flood-prone.
To fill in those gaps, a team of US-based researchers examined satellite data from twice-daily imaging of more than 900 individual flood events in 169 countries since 2000.

Inter, Lukaku verso il Chelsea e il tifo nerazzurro si scalda

9:04 pm, 4 Agosto 21
Inter, Lukaku verso il Chelsea e il tifo nerazzurro si scalda
Di: Redazione Metronews
Milano, 4 ago. – (Adnkronos) – Romelu Lukaku ad un passo dall’addio all’Inter e la tifoseria nerazzurra si scalda. Il centravanti belga pare destinato a passare al Chelsea, che offre all’attaccante un ingaggio top. Resta da raggiungere l’intesa tra i club, ma la strada sembra segnata. Dopo l’addio dell’allenatore Antonio Conte e la cessione di Achraf Hakimi, l’Inter si avvia a perdere un altro pilastro dell’annata coronata con la conquista dello scudetto, che sembra già un ricordo lontanissimo.
I problemi di bilancio per il club della famiglia Zhang si fanno sentire, la proprietà cinese non dà segnali e la tensione aumenta: “Società attenzione, le promesse vanno mantenute”, recita lo striscione esposto dalla Curva Nord davanti alla sede della società nerazzurra. “Qualsiasi tipo di operazione di mercato dovrà ora, come pattuito, essere volta al miglioramento della rosa -si legge poi sulla pagina Facebook della parte più calda del tifo nerazzurro-. Fare cassa senza investire adeguatamente non rientra nella casistica dell’accettabile. Questo vale per qualsiasi giocatore”.

This year's summer of climate extremes hits wealthier places

Aug 4, 2021 7:28 PM EDT
As the world staggers through another summer of extreme weather, experts are noticing something different: 2021′s onslaught is hitting harder and in places that have been spared global warming’s wrath in the past.
Wealthy countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany and Belgium are joining poorer and more vulnerable nations on a growing list of extreme weather events that scientists say have some connection to human-caused climate change.
“It is not only a poor country problem, it’s now very obviously a rich country problem,” said Debby Guha-Sapir, founder of the international disaster database at the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters at Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium. “They (the rich) are getting whacked.”

Po več sto letih vrnitev divjih mačk na Nizozemsko
Divje mačke izginile v srednjem veku
K. S.
4. avgust 2021 ob 20:58
Amsterdam - MMC RTV SLO
Divje mačke so na Nizozemskem zaradi lova in krčenja gozdov izginile že v srednjem veku, a so se zdaj vrnile v gozdove na jugu države.
K. S.
Amsterdam - MMC RTV SLO
Evropska divja mačka. Foto: Wikipedia
Vrnitev te živali, ki ima prepoznaven zaokrožen, košat črn rep, daljše noge in bolj sploščeno glavo od njene udomačene sorodnice, je znak tega, da gozdovi v Limburgu postajajo ponovno bolj divji, je za Guardian povedala
Hettie Meertens, biologinja, ki dela za okoljevarstveno skupino ARK.

Woman's claim she killed Nazi as a girl & hid in forest with wolves was turned into movie but it was all a pack of lies

Woman’s claim she killed Nazi as a girl & hid in forest with wolves was turned into movie but it was all a pack of lies
Grant Rollings
Grant Rollings
Invalid Date,
THE story sounded truly incredible – a seven-year-old Jewish girl was taken in by a family of wolves in the 1940s after her ­parents were arrested by Nazis.
Belgian born Misha Defonseca told how she travelled across war-torn Europe in the hope of finding her mother and father.
The story of Misha Defonseca - a Jewish girl taken in by a family of wolves in the 1940s after her ­parents were arrested by the Nazis - was a hoaxCredit: Rex

Sánchez inicia las vacaciones con el diálogo con Cataluña afianzado pero sin Presupuestos

Sánchez inicia las vacaciones con el diálogo con Cataluña afianzado pero sin Presupuestos
El Gobierno se volcará a partir de septiembre en la negociación de las Cuentas en las que los soberanistas tienen de nuevo la llave
Jueves, 5 agosto 2021, 07:45
El presidente del Gobierno, Pedro Sánchez, inició este miércoles sus vacaciones tras cerrar formalmente el curso político con el tradicional despacho con el Rey en el Palacio de Marivent. Lo hizo de forma oficiosa la pasada semana con su comparecencia de balance en la Moncloa, donde rezumó triunfalismo, y con la Conferencia de Presidentes en Salamanca. Una cita, descafeinada para la oposición, en la que el jefe del Ejecutivo anunció la llegada masiva de vacunas adicionales para este mes y ofreció a las autonomías gestionar 10.500 millones de la partida que llegará en 2021 del fondo de recuperación para tratar de aplacar las críticas.

Kolumni: Enää ei jaksa

Kirjaudu sisään ja saat käyttöösi Ilkka-Pohjalaisen koko verkkosisällön
Luo tili

Bruxelas anuncia acordo com Novavax

Bruxelas anunciou, nesta quarta-feira, um acordo de compra antecipada de vacinas com a Novavax.
A Comissão Europeia encomendou 200 milhões de doses da vacina à empresa norte-americana, assim que for aprovada pela Agência Europeia de Medicamentos.
Para a Comissária da Saúde europeia, Stella Kyriakides, este novo acordo com a Novavax expande o portfólio de vacinas, acrescentando outra vacina baseada em proteínas, uma plataforma prometedora nos ensaios clínicos.
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MACRO NEWSLETTER 5 august 2021

MACRO NEWSLETTER 5 august 2021
Preţurile producătorilor industriali din zona euro şi-au accelerat creşterea anuală şi în iunie 2021, până la 10,2%, de la 9,6% în luna precedentă, pe fondul unei creşteri lunare de 1,4%, după un avans de 1,3% în luna anterioară. Preţurile industriale din UE au crescut cu o rată anuală de 10,3%, după o creştere de 9,6% în luna precedentă, în condiţiile unei noi creşteri lunare de 1,4%. Creşteri anuale s-au înregistrat la nivelul tuturor statelor UE, iar cele mai mari au fost în Irlanda (+42,5%), Belgia (+20,7%) şi Danemarca (+19,1%). (Sursa: Eurostat)
Preţurile de consum din Turcia şi-au accelerat creşterea anuală şi în iulie 2021, până la 19%, de la 17,5% în luna precedentă, pe fondul unei creşteri lunare de 1,8%, după un avans de 1,9% în luna anterioară. Preţurile alimentelor şi-au accelerat creşterea anuală până la 24,9%, de la 20% în luna precedentă, în condiţiile unei creşteri lunare de 2,8%, iar preţurile utilităţilor şi-au accelerat creşterea anuală până la 19,3%, de la 14,6% în luna anterioară, pe fondul unei creşteri lunare de 5,1%. (Sursa: TurkStat)

Good food and drink, friendly staff keep Spa City's The Merc in top form

Good food and drink, friendly staff keep Spa City's The Merc in top form
The Merc in Saratoga Springs is the latest incarnation of space that in years past was home to Professor Moriarty’s, Cantina and Lillian’s. (Susie Davidson Powell/for the Times Union)Susie Davidson Powell/For the Times UnionShow MoreShow Less
Starters at The Merc in Saratoga Springs including, clockwise from left, stuffed zucchini, octopus with Asian spices and mussels in a wine-garlic sauce. (Susie Davidson Powell/for the Times Union)Susie Davidson Powell/For the Times UnionShow MoreShow Less
Gin, tonic and tamarind liqueur go into the Thai Twist, left, while Em’s Gem is an egg-frothed, pisco-pomegranate cocktail at The Merc in Saratoga Springs. (Susie Davidson Powell/for the Times Union)Susie Davidson Powell/For the Times UnionShow MoreShow Less

Vaccino in gravidanza senza l'ok delle case farmaceutiche - La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana

La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana
Aifa sta allargando le maglie della vaccinazione anche a categorie alle quali le stesse case farmaceutiche Pfizer e Moderna la sconsigliano del tutto o dicono di attendere. Come le donne incinte. In quasi tutti i paesi europei il vacino è off limits per bambini e adolescenti, in molti è permesso solo ai giovani fragili o malati. Da noi invece si sta facendo di tutto per eliminare le resistenze. A che cos'altro deve portare questa forzatura italiana se non a imporre un obbligo di vaccinazione di massa?
di Andrea Zambrano
La campagna vaccinale sta avendo una impressionante accelerazione. E’ sempre più evidente che il vaccino anti Covid sta diventando un obbligo di fatto. Le pressioni politiche – da Mattarella a Draghi fino a Confindustria e ai partiti dell’arco vaccinale - sono sempre più forti, così come le pressioni psicologiche e ambientali.


4日,许利民赛后离场 供图/新华社

EU sends help to fight fires in Greece, Italy

EU sends help to fight fires in Greece, Italy
By AFP - Aug 04,2021 - Last updated at Aug 04,2021
A man uses a fire extinguisher as local residents try to fight the forest fire in Dekelia, north of Athens, on Tuesday (AFP photo)
BRUSSELS — Fire-fighting resources from EU nations are on their way to Greece, Italy, Albania and Northern Macedonia to help fight forest blazes, the EU crisis management commissioner said on Wednesday.
"We are working around the clock to send help as fires rage across Europe," commissioner Janez Lenarcic said in a statement.
"I thank Cyprus, Czechia, France, Slovenia and The Netherlands for swiftly deploying firefighting airplanes, helicopters and a team of firefighters to support countries heavily affected by forest fires."

TEN 리뷰김정민♥ 루미코 결혼 초 바람필거면 걸리지 말라고 경고 국제부부

MBN ‘한국에 반하다-국제부부’(이하 ‘국제부부’) 출연 중인 루미코가 깜짝 발언으로 남편 김정민을 긴장하게 만들었다.
지난 4일 방송된 ‘국제부부’ 10회에서는 절대 하지 말아야 할 ‘금기’를 주제로 국제부부들의 생활이 펼쳐졌다.
프랑스 출신 메간은 늦게 퇴근한 남편이 갖가지 소음을 유발하자 프랑스에서는 소음이 매우 큰 문제며, 벌금을 내야 하는 법이 있다고 설명했다. 이밖에도 메간은 퇴근 후와 휴일에도 계속되는 한국의 업무 연락에 신기함을 드러냈고, 프랑스에서 ‘퇴근 후 연락 거부권(50인 이상 고용기업에 적용된 법으로 퇴근 후 업무 지시를 내릴 수 없음)’을 언급하며 당시 노동부 장관의 이름을 따서 만든 ‘엘 콤리 법(로그 오프법)’을 소개해 모두의 부러움을 샀다.
일본 출신 루미코는 남편 김정민과 함께 한국과 일본의 법의 차이를 알아봤다. 루미코가 ‘일본의 부부 동성법(부부 중 한쪽의 성씨를 따르도록 정한 법으로 약 96%가 남편 성씨를 따른다)’을 얘기하자 러시아 미호, 벨기에 엘랸은 자신들의 나라도 비슷한 법이 적용됐던 때를 밝혔고, 찬찬은 성씨가 없는 미얀마의 법을 소개했다. 뿐만 아니라 루미코는 비만 방지를 위한 ‘메타보 법(공공기관 및 기업에서 매년 40~74세 성인의 허리둘레를 측정해 직원들의 허리둘레가 기준치를 초과할 경우, 기업에서 벌금을 내야 함)’을 시행한 일본의 이색 법을 소개해 눈길을 끌었다.
터키의 니다는 시아버지와 함께 한국과 터키의 교통법을 탐구했다. 니다는 ‘타코미터 법(상용차 운전자는 4시간 30분 동안 운전하면 의무적으로 45분간 휴식을 해야 함)’과 경적마다 다른 의미가 있는 터키의 경적 활용법을 설명해 출연진들의 놀라움을 유발했다. 여기에 세계의 이색 법을 털어놓는 외국인 아내들로 보는 이들에게 풍성한 볼거리를 안겼다.
글 쓰는 찬찬은 불교 국가 미얀마의 문화 설명과 다른 견해 차이를 보이는 부부의 모습으로 이목을 집중시켰다. 먼저 일어나자마자 단정한 차림으로 초를 켜고 물을 뜬 그는 불단(부처를 모셔 놓는 단) 앞에서 절을 했고, 매일 아침, 저녁으로 예불하는 것이 원칙이라며 미얀마의 불교문화를 알려줬다. 또한 그는 남편과 ‘꿈 이야기’로 서로 다른 문화 차이를 보이기도 했다.
곧이어 외출 후 돌아온 찬찬은 남편이 거실 한복판에서 아들의 기저귀를 갈자 “부처님 앞에서 벌러덩 하고 있잖아”라고 불상(부처님) 앞에서 노출을 하거나 더러운 물건을 보여서는 안 된다며 미얀마에서 하면 혼나는 행동을 알려줬다. 그는 씻고 나온 아들의 얼굴에 타나카(타나카 나무껍질을 둥근 돌판에 갈아 물에 희석해 만든 미얀마 천연 화장품 겸 자외선 차단제)를 발라주며 미얀마의 오랜 전통을 설명했고, 이 모습을 지켜본 남편은 걱정스러운 기색을 드러냈다. 더불어 두 사람은 한국과 미얀마의 ‘이름 관련 속설’로 실랑이를 벌였다.
스튜디오에서는 국제 아내들의 부부간 금기 사항이 밝혀졌다. 루미코는 “결혼 초에 바람피울 거면 절대 걸리지 말라”고 언급해 김정민을 당황하게 했다. 알리오나는 벨라루스에서 연인에게 시계 선물은 금지라고 말하는가 하면, 메간은 프랑스에서 카네이션은 죽은 사람들에게 주는 꽃으로 한국과 다른 의미를 가진 선물의 의미를 밝혀 모두를 깜짝 놀라게 했다. 여기에 출연진들은 무더운 여름밤을 시원하게 날릴 법한 오싹한 미신을 털어놓아 재미를 더했다.
러시아 미호, 터키 니다 부부는 타로를 보러 갔다. 부부 애정도 타로점에서 니다는 남편에게 열정과 사랑을 가지고 있다는 결과가 나왔고, 러시아 미호 남편은 미호보다 훨씬 더 사랑이 깊다는 결과에 얼굴이 붉어졌다. 특히 그는 출산 후 아내를 더 아껴주고 싶은 생각이 든다며 출산 당시를 얘기하기 시작해 모두의 눈물샘을 유발했다. 이어 부부 속궁합까지 낱낱이 공개됐고, 미호 남편이 ‘밤의 마법사’로 등극해 스튜디오의 분위기를 후끈 달아오르게 했다. 이후 철학원으로 발걸음을 옮긴 두 부부는 사주부터 관상학을 통해 점(占)을 보는 시간을 가졌다.
출연진들은 점과 관련된 다양한 이야기를 털어놓았다. 김정민은 딱 들어맞았던 ‘태몽점’ 일화를 공개해 모두의 소름을 유발했다. 급기야 출연진들의 흥미진진한 관상풀이가 그려졌다. ‘우주 최강 허세 관종상’에 오른 김희철은 “약간의 허세와 관종에서 상처받았어요”라며 자신의 넘치는 끼에 비해 부족한 풀이에 속상함을 드러내 폭소를 불러왔고, 정주리는 올해 막내를 볼 수 있는 해라는 풀이에 급격히 어두워진 표정을 보이기도. 그리고 관상가가 뽑은 국제 아내들 중 가장 성공할 사람에 미얀마 찬찬이 뽑히는 등 폭소가 이어졌다.
‘한국에 반하다-국제부부’는 매주 수요일 오후 11시에 방송된다.
정태건 텐아시아 기자 [email protected]
© 텐아시아, 무단전재 및 재배포 금지

EU boosts aid to Ethiopia amid worsening drought

BRUSSELS, Belgium – The European Commission announces €122.5 million to help Ethiopia deal with a deteriorating humanitarian situation caused by the El Niño extreme weather phenomenon.
BRUSSELS, Belgium – The European Commission announces €122.5 million to help Ethiopia deal with a deteriorating humanitarian situation caused by the El Niño extreme weather phenomenon.
Today the European Commission has announced €122.5 million for Ethiopia to address the immediate needs of people affected by the worsening humanitarian situation caused by one of the most severe extreme El Niño weather phenomenon on record. This new support aims to combine a humanitarian response and early recovery assistance with initiatives that address the root causes of fragility and vulnerability.

Multi-event world champions have rough day at Tokyo Olympics

Multi-event world champions have rough day at Tokyo Olympics
01:33 am JST
Today | 07:53 am JST
KJT was desperate to avoid a DNF at the Olympics.
After injuring her lower right leg rounding the bend in the 200-meter event, heptathlon world champion Katarina Johnson-Thompson found herself sitting on the track with medical staff rushing to her assistance, including one pushing a wheelchair.
She waved them off, got up and started jogging gingerly down the home stretch, crossing the finish line with a stride more like a race walk than a sprint. After bravely avoiding a Did Not Finish in the result column, she recorded a DQ instead — disqualified for stepping out of her lane.

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