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California church shooter was motivated by hate for Taiwanese people, officials say

A gunman killed a 52-year-old man and wounded five others in an attack at a Southern California church on Sunday, authorities said.

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Why Taiwan Can't Copy Ukraine's Civil Defense Blueprint – The Diplomat

Replicating Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Force is not legally or politically feasible in Taiwan – at least for now.

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Horoscopes for 17 May 2022 - Tuesday

Wondering what the day has in store for your star sign? Here's a quick glance at your daily horoscopes for 17 May 2022 - completely free!

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California Laguna Woods church shooting: Police identify suspect

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department says 68-year-old David Chou of Las Vegas is the suspect in a deadly shooting at a Southern California church.

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Honolulu developer nixes deal with Chinese company on West Oahu land purchase

Alakai Development, a Honolulu-based residential development company, has terminated its $23.3 million deal to purchase nearly 20 acres of land in West Oahu from China Oceanwide Holdings, KITV4 has learned.Alakai

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North Korea COVID: Leader fumes over pandemic response

Kim Jong Un blasted his country's pandemic response team for its slow response to the outbreak that has killed at least 50 people, state media reports.

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Southern Utah man sent to prison for illegally bringing Chinese money into the US

A southern Utah man has been sentenced to federal prison after he was accused of taking kickbacks from a Chinese company and illegally bringing money into the United States.

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FTC Takes Action In Deceptive Made In USA Claims

Federal Trade Commission continues pursuit of deceptive Made in USA claims, this time with allegations that company Lions Not Sheep and its owner, Sean Whalen. Whalen appeared in social media posts claiming he could conceal the fact that his product were of Chinese origin.

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Understanding the unemployment and welfare effects of the China shock

Concerns about international trade have grown, as recent studies document a negative effect of Chinese import competition on US labour markets. This column provides a new framework to explain this observation, which relies on the presence of downward nominal wage rigidity in US labour markets. The increased competition from China improves US terms of trade, but nominal wage

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World News | Companies Relocate Investments as China Reels Under Strict Zero-COVID Lockdowns

Get latest articles and stories on World at LatestLY. China's infamous Zero-COVID policy has gained eyeballs for all the wrong reasons and amid this European and US companies in China have expressed concern about an increasingly unstable investment climate due to seemingly unending lockdowns and severe disease control measures. World News | Companies Relocate Investments as China Reels Under Strict Zero-COVID Lockdowns.

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