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Nunes sues MSNBC alleging Rachel Maddow defamed him -- Society's Child --

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Rep. Devin Nunes • MSNBC host Rachael Maddow Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is suing NBCUniversal for defamation, citing comments made by MSNBC host Rachel Maddow in March regarding his dealings with an individual sanctioned by the U.S. government.
The lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Texas alleges that Maddow and the network "harbor an institutional hostility, hatred, extreme bias, spite and ill-will" toward Nunes.
The congressman's lawyers argue that Maddow's criticisms of Nunes are based on his
"emergence as the most prominent skeptic in Congress of Maddow's marquee news narrative from 2017 to 2019: that the Trump campaign colluded with Russians to hack the 2016 presidential elections."

Coverage Of The Claims Against Gov. Cuomo Is Everywhere — Except His Brother's Show

CNN has aggressively covered findings of sexual harassment against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The role of Cuomo's brother, CNN star anchor Chris Cuomo, is also being scrutinized. NPR's David Folkenflik has this story.
DAVID FOLKENFLIK, BYLINE: On CNN's 8 p.m. hour, host John Berman didn't pull any punches about the trouble New York's Governor Cuomo was in.
FOLKENFLIK: And here was CNN's Don Lemon at 10 p.m.
DON LEMON: Question - should Governor Andrew Cuomo resign?
FOLKENFLIK: In between the two shows, the governor's younger brother - and here's how he kicked off his program.

Russia to US: Don't lecture us on Crimea while you wholeheartedly back Israel's illegal occupation of Syrian territory -- Puppet Masters --

© Reuters / Baz Ratner
An Israeli soldier stands guard in the Occupied Golan Heights. If all are equal before international law, it's clear some are more equal than others. That much is plain from the fact Washington is driving condemnation of Russia's reabsorption of Crimea, while defending Israel's occupations.
The US and its allies have led the charge in the UN to condemn Moscow for the 2014 move that saw it reassert its historic control over the disputed peninsula. A measure that
clearly had the support of an overwhelming majority of locals, which has been proven by subsequent American and German polling.

CNN execs reportedly suggested Chris Cuomo take 'temporary leave' to advise brother amid scandals

In media news today, Chris Cuomo stays silent on CNN about the bombshell report on his brother's sexual harassment charges, and more revelations come to light about the extent of Cuomo's advising of his brother on the scandal.
CNN executives reportedly suggested to its star primetime anchor Chris Cuomo that he step back from his show to advise his brother, Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, amid growing scandals. 
The New York Times reported on Wednesday that executives "floated the idea" earlier this year that Cuomo take a "temporary leave" as his brother faced multiple controversies, including accusations of sexual misconduct. 

As Infrastructure Bill Inches Forth, a Rocky, Slow Path Awaits in the House

As Infrastructure Bill Inches Forth, a Rocky, Slow Path Awaits in the House
Progressives have not ruled out reopening the deal that senators are painstakingly putting together, and they do not intend to take it up for months, until after their other priorities are addressed.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said the House will not take up the infrastructure bill until the Senate passes a separate package that addresses more liberal priorities.Credit...Stefani Reynolds for The New York Times
Aug. 4, 2021
WASHINGTON — As senators grind through votes this week on a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, discontent about the legislation is building among progressive Democrats, signaling a potentially bitter and prolonged intraparty fight to come over the package in the House.

Delta Variant Now Accounts For More Than 93% Of U.S. COVID Cases

By Jason Hall
Photo: Getty Images
The Delta variant is now accounting for an estimated 93.4% of coronavirus in the United States, according to new data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
CNN reports the totals include several sub-lineages of the Delta variant, all of which are considered variants of concern, making up about 93.4% of cases reported during the last two weeks of July.
The number is reported to be even higher in certain parts of the U.S., including the region that includes Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska, where the Delta variant has accounted for more than 98% of coronavirus cases.

Devin Nunes files suit alleging MSNBC host Rachel Maddow defamed him

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Rep. Devin Nunes sued NBCUniversal Media on Tuesday, claiming MSNBC host Rachel Maddow defamed him in a series of statements suggesting the California Republican was in cahoots with a Russian agent implicated in that nation's interference in the 2016 election.
The congressman is seeking monetary damages from the company, alleging Maddow falsely accused him of criminality and exposed him to "public ridicule, scorn, contempt, censure, and prejudice," according to a complaint filed in federal court in Texas.
The lawsuit stems from a March 18 broadcast of
The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC when Maddow said Nunes, top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, accepted a package from Andrii Derkach, a member of Ukraine’s legislature who is deemed a Russian agent by the United States, and withheld its contents from intelligence authorities.

U.S. military plans to require Covid-19 shots for active duty troops

U.S. military plans to require Covid-19 shots for active duty troops
Active duty military receive Covid-19 vaccinations in this photo illustration.
WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is expected to seek authorization to make Covid-19 vaccines mandatory for all active duty troops as soon as this week, following President Joe Biden’s directive that the military examine how and when it could make that happen.
Austin’s “inclination is towards making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory” for active duty troops, a defense official told CNN.
If the secretary makes that final recommendation, he could seek a presidential waiver to allow the vaccine to be administered to troops before full approval by the Food and Drug Administration. A Pentagon decision and recommendation on how to proceed could come this week, several officials say.

Biden administration developing plan to require almost all foreign visitors to be vaccinated

Biden administration developing plan to require almost all foreign visitors to be vaccinated
By Kaitlan Collins and Maegan Vazquez, CNN
The Biden administration is developing a plan to mandate vaccinations for almost all foreign visitors to the US, a White House official confirmed to CNN on Wednesday, though some exceptions are expected.
Officials are still in the early phases of developing the plan and an announcement is not imminent. There is no imminent change to the current travel restrictions in place because of the highly contagious Delta variant currently circulating around the world, an official cautioned.
But officials from multiple agencies across the federal government have been constantly evaluating the current travel restrictions and are developing a plan for lifting them when the time eventually comes. According to the White House official, this includes requiring all foreign nationals traveling to the US from all countries to be fully vaccinated, with limited exceptions, though a final plan has not been determined.

UK to add Germany, Austria, several other European countries to 'green' travel list

By Sarah Dean and Lauren Kent, CNN
The UK government will update its “green” travel list on Thursday to add Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania, and Norway to the list.
Travelers returning from green-listed countries do not need to quarantine unless their required PCR test result is positive. The travel list changes announced will come into effect on Sunday, August 8, in England.
Arrivals to England from France will also no longer need to quarantine from August 8 if they are fully vaccinated, according to a Department for Transport statement released Wednesday.
The British government will also move India, Bahrain, Qatar, and the UAE from the “red” list to the “amber” list, meaning that travellers arriving from those countries will no longer need to quarantine if they test negative for Covid-19 and are fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the UK.

Helmand: Taliban offensives enter eighth consecutive day, killing plenty of civilians

Helmand: Taliban offensives enter eighth consecutive day, killing plenty of civilians
Updated: Aug 05, 2021 04:31 IST
Kabul [Afghanistan] August 5 (ANI): The Taliban's heavy offensives have entered its eighth consecutive day on Thursday in Afghanistan's Helmand while so many civilians have also been killed in the provincial capital.
The clashes that begin over a week ago, between the Taliban and government forces in Afghanistan's Lashkargah are still underway, Attaullah Afghan, head of the provincial council informed Tolo News.
The brawl is going on near the police Headquarter, governor's office, prison, and other government buildings in PD1 of the city.
"Both the Afghan forces and the Taliban have suffered casualties while civilians many civilians have also been killed in the week-long fight but exact numbers are not available," security sources informed.

Freshman Rep. Cori Bush in national spotlight for her activism to fight eviction

Bloomberg via Getty Images
Rep. Cori Bush
By Sunlen Serfaty and Clare Foran, CNN
Freshman Democratic Rep. Cori Bush has captured national attention for her high-profile activism after she slept on the steps of the US Capitol for several days to protest a lapse in the federal eviction moratorium amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The Missouri lawmaker’s actions culminated in a major victory for progressives on Tuesday when the Biden administration announced a 60-day eviction ban in areas of the country with high or substantial transmission of Covid-19.
“I’m elated and I’m overwhelmed because just the thought that so many people right now, millions of people, will not be forced out on the streets,” Bush told CNN’s Erin Burnett on Tuesday.

CNN's Cuomo Conundrum: A Star Anchor Chris With Andrew in Trouble

Earlier this year, CNN executives floated an idea to their star anchor Chris Cuomo. If he wanted to formally advise his brother, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York, on responding to the sexual harassment accusations that had engulfed his administration, he could take a temporary leave from CNN and return to the network later.
The idea was informal and strictly optional — not a request — and intended as an acknowledgment of Mr. Cuomo’s unique position as both a prime-time network anchor and the brother of a prominent politician facing a scandal, according to two people who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe internal conversations.

Activision may have fired a few employees, but with people like Fran Townsend still in charge, some don't expect real change

‘Yikes’ doesn’t begin to cover it
Activision Blizzard has offered forth its initial salvo of sacrificial lambs. Blizzard President J. Allen “I despise frat boy culture/
Heroes of the Storm killer/half-hearted
Hearthstone debacle apologizer” (what a mark in just a few years!) Brack and the head of Blizzard HR are out. But CEO Bobby Kotick and several other Activision actors are still very much in, controlling the Blizzard strings from above. That lineup includes Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs Frances “Fran” Townsend, who has been on an anti-apology tour for about a straight week now (nice work, Fran).

Milas Yangınında Son Durum Tüm Gelişmeler!

Milas Yangınında Son Durum Tüm Gelişmeler!
Milas Yangınında Son Durum Tüm Gelişmeler!
Milas'ta çıkan yangın termik santrallere kadar ulaştı çok büyük tehlike oluşturmaya başladı. Detaylar
Milas Yangınında Son Durum Tüm Gelişmeler!
Milas'ta çıkan yangın termik santrallere kadar ulaştı çok büyük tehlike oluşturmaya başladı. Detaylar
05 Ağustos 2021 Perşembe 01:07
Ülkemizde çıkan
yangınlarla ilgili tüm gelişmeleri sizlere en güncel şekilde aktarıyoruz... Yangınların devam ettiği 7 kentin 14 ilçesindeki yangın söndürme çalışmaları hem havadan hem karadan devam ediyor.


05/08/2021 00:30
Sveti grad Inka Machu Picchuu u Peruu izgrađen je nekoliko decenija ranije nego što se to mislilo, i to između 1420. do 1530. godine nove ere, objavljeno je u novoj studiji.
Tim istraživača, predvođen Richardom Burgerom, profesorom antropologije na Sveučilištu Yale, upotrijebio je radiokarbonsko datiranje kako bi otkrio da je car Pachacuti, koji je izgradio Machu Picchu, došao na vlast ranije nego što se smatralo, navodi se u saopćenju objavljenom u utorak.
To znači da su se Pachacutijeva osvajanja dogodila ranije, što je objasnilo kako je Carstvo Inka postalo najveće i najmoćnije u predkolumbijskoj Americi, piše CNN.

Belarusian dissidents fear the regime will put them into detention camps. It may have already built one

By Nick Paton Walsh, CNN
Three layers of electrified fence. New security cameras. A military guard and a sign saying “Entry forbidden.” Windows with bars and reflective glass, on newly refurbished barrack buildings. All empty, bar the occasional security officer, deep in the forest of authoritarian Belarus.
These are the indications, according to videos seen by CNN and witness statements, of a possible prison camp for political dissidents, recently constructed around an hour’s drive from the Belarusian capital Minsk, near the settlement of Novokolosovo. It sits on the site of a Soviet-era missile storage facility, which spans over 200 acres. It is unclear how much of the site has been refurbished.

Arkansas governor says he regrets ban on mask mandates as COVID-19 cases surge

(CNN) -- Arkansas Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Tuesday he regrets approving a statewide ban on face mask mandates earlier this year and has called the state Legislature into a special session in an effort to amend the law.
"In hindsight, I wish that had not become law," Hutchinson said during a news conference. "But it is the law, and the only chance we have is either to amend it or for the courts to say that it has an unconstitutional foundation."
The governor's comments -- a shift from his earlier defense of the measure -- reflect the changing public health landscape across the US brought on by the highly transmissible Delta variant. On Tuesday, for the first time since February, more than 50,000 hospital beds across the country were occupied by COVID-19 patients, according to new data from the US Department of Health and Human Services. That number is more than triple what it was a month ago.

LTFRB hopes to pay PUV drivers under service contracting during ECQ period

LTFRB hopes to pay PUV drivers under service contracting during ECQ period
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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, August 5) — The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board said it is hoping to release the payouts for drivers of public utility vehicles that provided free rides under the government's Service Contracting Program during the two-week enhanced community quarantine period.
"We are expediting the process of getting these funds released hopefully during the ECQ period, so that we will be able to pay the drivers who have been waiting for the payment on the Libreng Sakay (free ride program)," LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra told CNN Philippines on Wednesday.

Power up: Will Meghan's 40s be the decade she truly hits her stride?

Power up: Will Meghan’s 40s be the decade she truly hits her stride?
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By Camilla Tominey
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London: As an avid fan of Maya Angelou, the Duchess of Sussex will probably be familiar with the American poet and civil rights activist’s thoughts on turning 40.
“When I passed 40 I dropped [the] pretense,” Angelou wrote, “Cause men like women who got some sense.”
Will Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex become a true power couple.
As she marks her big 4-0 on Wednesday, those words will surely resonate with Meghan, a woman very much in command of her own future.

Kids protest masks during heated Illinois school board meetings

Kids protest masks during heated Illinois school board meetings
By Jacqueline Howard, CNN
Local health officials in the United States are worried about another rise in anti-mask protests — and their safety.
In cities and counties where there has been ongoing debate around mask mandates in public schools, several local health officials have reported again being intimidated by or receiving threats from anti-maskers, Lori Tremmel Freeman, chief executive officer of the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), told CNN on Wednesday.
As a return to school gets underway, “these are heated conversations sometimes that are turning nasty and out of control,” Freeman said. “We are going to see more of this in communities that have these high transmission rates and are returning to some of these mitigation efforts. We’re going to have to track it closely.”

Coronavirus: Delta variant accounts for more than 93% of US cases

Updated: 2:14 PM EDT Aug 4, 2021
By Madeline Holcombe
The delta variant now accounts for an estimated 93.4% of coronavirus circulating in the United States, according to figures published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.This includes several sub-lineages of delta, all of which are classified as variants of concern. Together, they made up about 93.4% of cases during the last two weeks of July.This number is even higher in certain parts of the country, including the region that includes Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska, where delta accounts for more than 98% of circulating virus.These figures have shown a rapid increase over the past two months. In the two weeks ending May 22, for example, delta's prevalence was estimated around 3%.At that same time in May, another variant first identified in the UK — Alpha, or B.1.1.7 — was the dominant one in the U.S., causing 69% of cases. Now, CDC's most recent estimates put that variant at just under 3%.US vaccinations reach highest level in a monthAt the current pace of vaccinations, it will take until mid-February to get at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine to all eligible Americans, according to a CNN analysis of data from the CDC.More than 90 million eligible people in the U.S. are still unvaccinated. And though the seven-day average of people initiating vaccination each day is the highest it has been since July 4 at 446,300, many experts say the U.S. is still not where it needs to be to get the pandemic — and the rapidly spreading delta variant — under control.With less than half of the population fully vaccinated, cases have surged again, causing serious illness.On Tuesday, for the first time since February, more than 50,000 hospital beds across the country were occupied by COVID-19 patients, according to new data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. That number is more than triple what it was a month ago."We are not crying wolf here. This surge that we're going through right now has every potential to be — and already looks to be — the worst surge we've faced so far," former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said during a live online interview with The Washington Post on Tuesday.National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday he would like the U.S. to be at upwards of one million vaccinations per day to close the vaccination gap."We may get there when mandates come, but it can't be 250,000, 500,000 a day, otherwise it's going to go well into the winter. I want to get there sooner," Fauci said.With the spread of the delta variant, it might not be possible to stop the spread of coronavirus completely, National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins said Tuesday."But we could still get to a place where this becomes a nuisance instead of a threat to your life."Experts considering boosters for immunocompromised people, Fauci saysAlthough experts have said data so far does not indicate a need for the general population to get vaccines boosters, Fauci said there is an effort underway to get them for immunocompromised people.Some conditions — including autoimmune diseases, transplants and cancer treated with chemotherapy — compromise people's immune systems."Those individuals we know almost invariably do not have an adequate response, so the need to give them an additional boost is much more emergent than the general population," Fauci said during a virtual event hosted by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Tuesday.Vaccine advisers to the CDC have met to discuss whether immunocompromised people may need additional protection from a vaccine booster but have not yet presented a formal recommendation or voted on guidance."We are trying very hard to get the regulatory mechanism in place very soon to get those individuals a boost that might bring up their immunity to the level where it should be, if possible," Fauci said.During a discussion hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies Tuesday, Fauci said it's "very likely" COVID-19 variants evolved in the bodies of those who are immunosuppressed.People with immune suppression may be unable to fight off COVID-19 infections for weeks or even months, meaning the virus has plenty of time to evolve and change."Variants, we all know, have emerged because of the pressure that the human immune system has put on the virus, very likely from people who are immunosuppressed ... and had virus in them for days and days and days before they cleared it and/or died, and then essentially led to the emergence of a variant," Fauci said.'Substantial' increase in cases among children and teensWith the new school year stirring concerns about protecting children from COVID-19, the American Academy of Pediatrics said Tuesday there's been a "substantial" increase in cases among children.Nearly 72,000 children and teens caught COVID-19 last week — five times as many as at the end of June, the group said.The definition of a child varies by state, but generally includes those up to age 17 or 18.COVID-19 protocols vary across the country, but when children go back to school, districts will need to know how to respond to outbreaks quickly.Districts need to be prepared to enact contact tracing, testing, the quarantining of people who were exposed to the virus and the isolation of people with infections, Dr. William Schaffner, a professor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and medical director of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, told CNN.While most schools follow those steps to isolate cases, contact trace and test, response plans can vary state by state and school district by school district, Kim Anderson, executive director of the National Education Association, told CNN."From what we understand, it does depend on what district you are in. The district should have very well thought-out outbreak plans that have included the voices of educators and parents and community members in the crafting of those plans, and they should have plans that follow the CDC recommendations," Anderson said."Our recommendation to all students and school districts is to follow the medical experts and follow the CDC," she said.

John Corbett and Bo Derek are married after 20 years together

John Corbett and Bo Derek are married after 20 years together
Updated: 1:29 PM MDT Aug 4, 2021
By Jack Guy, CNN
Updated: 1:29 PM MDT Aug 4, 2021
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Hey, maybe. Yeah. Right. Going to live together, Okay, Shania is an Ojibway name that means on my way and I have to say it's been a blast watching you on your way right up to today. She's one of the most talented, beautiful, beloved people in the world and here we are today. And you're getting your star on Hollywood boulevard, I love you and I can't wait to see where you go next. That's good. That's a good question. I have a my dogs are light in the darkness, you know, there I have two great German shepherds, it sounds silly and trivial and they're thinking, oh he's one of those but here's the deal. They don't require anything from me and all they want to do is give me love when even the beautiful lady that I live with doesn't feel like 100% of time. So when I'm really down and I don't have Children, when I'm really down I get a lot of comfort from these two creatures. That's awesome. Yeah. And this is awesome. Yeah, it's sorry. Yeah. Yeah. Seen we're going over there. It's really something that I got much more out of it than the troops did. I know people get like Britney. Why didn't you? Well, you know as I was saying, we we went through an incredible life changing experience together. I mean that rarely happens in this business and we've been really close for 22 years now. Mm First official No, we're providing entertainment. We don't even go that deep on any level. Yeah, we're just we're just all about good scenes and good clothes and hair. That's as deep as it gets on sex in the city with it. It is my birthday. What do you what do you do dirty on your birthday? Oh let's see. I'll probably go home and make love to a road up to sock is pretty dirty

German Paper Apologizes for Scaring Kids With Panic-Driven Coverage of Covid

Is CNN Paying Attention?
In a shocking example of media honesty, the editor-in-chief of Germany’s top newspaper, Bild, has apologized for the news outlet’s panic-driven coverage of the China flu. He specifically singled out children who were told “that they were going to murder their grandma.”
Editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt videotaped his apology and told the children of Germany he was sorry for Bild’s coverage, which was “like poison” and “made you feel like you were a mortal danger to society.”
Julian Reichelt, the editor-in-chief of @BILD– one of the largest newspapers in Germany, apologized to the children of Germany for the COVID-19 coverage in his newspaper that made them “victims of neglect, isolation and loneliness.”

House investigators interview DOJ official who penned January resignation letter

High-level DOJ official Patrick Hovakimian met with House investigators for three hours Tuesday
He wrote a draft resignation letter assuming Trump would fire Acting AG Jeffrey Rosen
Trump ultimately did not fire Rosen, although he did speak about elevating another official who pushed his election fraud claims in Georgia, notes say
 The unsent letter said Rosen 'repeatedly refused' refused Trump's efforts to use DOJ for 'improper ends'

US developing plan to require almost all foreign visitors to be vaccinated

(CNN) -- The Biden administration is developing a plan to mandate vaccinations for almost all foreign visitors to the US, a White House official confirmed to CNN on Wednesday, though some exceptions are expected.
Officials are still in the early phases of developing the plan and an announcement is not imminent. There is no imminent change to the current travel restrictions in place because of the highly contagious Delta variant currently circulating around the world, an official cautioned.
But officials from multiple agencies across the federal government have been constantly evaluating the current travel restrictions and are developing a plan for lifting them when the time eventually comes. According to the White House official, this includes requiring all foreign nationals traveling to the US from all countries to be fully vaccinated, with limited exceptions, though a final plan has not been determined.

CNN:s Chris Cuomo ignorerade utredningen om broderns och New Yorks guvernör Andrew Cuomos sexanklagelser i kvällssändningen.

Trovärdigheten kring CNN:s nyhetsankare Chris Cuomo, 50, är återigen starkt ifrågasatt.
Den senaste kritiken rör Chris Cuomos val att i sitt kvällsprogram inte nämna den utredning som hävdar att hans bror, New Yorks guvernör Andrew Cuomo, är skyldig till att ha sextrakasserat elva kvinnor.
I rapporten som New Yorks chefsåklagare Letitia James presenterade på tisdagen finns även uppgifter kring Chris Cuomos inblandning i hanteringen av sexskandalen av broderns kommunikationsenhet.
Upprörd stämning på CNN
Bland annat omnämns ett mejlutskick från den politiska strategen Lis Smith till Andrew Cuomos partivänner med orden: ”Chris vill vara säker på att vi är tillräckligt ångerfulla här”, skriver The Guardian. 

This CNN piece praising Biden for intentionally ignoring the Supreme Court is really something

AP Photo/Paul Sancya
Yesterday President Biden announced that he’d asked the CDC to look at extending the eviction moratorium which expired over the weekend. What was unusual about the statement was that Biden admitted the “bulk” of legal experts they had consulted agreed that a new extension would likely be struck down by the courts. That’s because the Supreme Court had narrowly allowed the previous extension to remain in place with Justice Kavanaugh writing that any additional extension would require “specific congressional authorization.”
Biden went on to say that even though the action would likely be deemed unconstitutional, he was going to try it in hopes that the it would take a while for the court to strike it down. “At a minimum by the time it gets litigated it will probably give some additional time while we’re getting that $45 billion dollars out to people who are in fact behind on the rent and don’t have the money,” he said.

Endgame? More than half of New York Assembly lawmakers support impeaching Cuomo if he won't resign

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin
Are we actually going to see a major political figure removed from office for misbehavior? After so many misses in that realm at the national level over the past 25 years, accountability in the form of ejecting a corrupt official from his sinecure is hard to imagine.
It’d be ironic too if Cuomo became the first pandemic-era leader to be tossed out on his ear — but
not for his egregious mismanagement of the pandemic. No politician ever pays a price for botching COVID, from governors to the public-health bureaucracy to Trump, who lost in November more in spite of his virus policies, I think, than because of them.

US intervenes to protect state secrets in Saudi Crown Prince's vendetta against former spy

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
Handout/Saudi Royal Council/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
The Justice Department has made the extremely rare move of intervening in a court case against a former top Saudi intelligence official who has been targeted by Saudi Arabia’s powerful Crown Prince
By Alex Marquardt
The Justice Department has made the extremely rare move of intervening in a court case against a former top Saudi intelligence official who has been targeted by Saudi Arabia’s powerful Crown Prince, in order to protect classified intelligence secrets.
If the court case is allowed to proceed, the Justice Department said in a motion filed Tuesday, it could lead to “the disclosure of information that could reasonably be expected to damage the national security of the United States.”

How safe is it for vaccinated people to return to in-person work? An expert weighs in

(CNN) — The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has changed its guidance to once again recommend that even vaccinated people start masking indoors in areas of the country with high and substantial coronavirus spread. Key to their decision was a study that shows that fully vaccinated people can still transmit the Delta variant.
At the same time, Disney, Netflix, Google, Walmart and the federal government announced plans to implement some type of vaccine requirement for employees returning to in-person work.
Is it safe for vaccinated people to return to work if vaccine mandates are in place? What if they are not -- is masking enough, and what if others around you are unvaccinated and not wearing masks? What about workers who have children too young to be vaccinated?

CNN goes entire week without reaching 1 million viewers

CNN continues to sink to new lows- and not only in journalistic ethics. 
According to Nielsen data, the scandal-plagued network has gone an entire week without reaching 1 million viewers from July 28 to August 3, further solidifying the liberal outlet's struggle to carry on without Donald Trump in the White House. 
Chris Cuomo, CNN's star anchor who was swept up in the explosive report from New York Attorney General Letitia James that outlined damning sexual harassment allegations against his brother Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, received a minimal ratings bump on Tuesday night as viewers were curious as to whether or not he would address the controversy, receiving roughly 100,000 viewers more than he did Monday. Cuomo ultimately avoided the scandal altogether on his program, which garnered only 930,000 viewers. 

Report: QAnon promoter Marjorie Taylor Greene to attend Wyoming fundraiser

Report: QAnon promoter Marjorie Taylor Greene to attend Wyoming fundraiser
By Brendan LaChance on August 3, 2021
Marjorie Taylor Greene is seen in a video posted last year on her Twitter account. Greene, a supporter of conspiracy theories, won the Republican nomination for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District. (Twitter)
CASPER, Wyo. — Georgia U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ohio U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan and former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows will be in attendance at a House Freedome Fund fundraiser Thursday at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, the Jackson Hole News & Guide reported on Monday.
Greene has previously expressed support for conspiracy theories relating to the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and school shootings. She called QAnon a “refreshing and objective flow of information” in a since-deleted Dec. 4, 2020 Twitter post before taking office, according to Forbes.

Biden administration proposes $750 million arms sale to Taiwan in a move likely to anger Beijing

Biden administration proposes $750 million arms sale to Taiwan in a move likely to anger Beijing
By Jennifer Hansler, CNN
The Biden administration has informed Congress of a proposed $750 million weapons sale to Taiwan in a move likely to further inflame tensions with Beijing.
The administration gave notice about the intended sale on Wednesday, according to a State Department spokesperson, two congressional sources, and a notification from the Defense Security Cooperation Agency. The deal includes 40 M109A6 Medium Self-Propelled Howitzer Systems and related equipment.
“If concluded, this proposed sale will contribute to the modernization of Taiwan’s howitzer fleet, strengthening its self-defense capabilities to meet current and future threats,” the spokesperson said.

US planning to expand coronavirus testing, Dr. Fauci says

“Last week, we reiterated to all governors that we stand ready to help them in meeting this moment, whether that be through more testing, increasing treatments, vaccine access and uptake, or other state-specific needs,” he said.
The seven-day average of new tests is now just over 584,000 per day, down from over 1.5 million per day six months ago and about 900,000 per day a year ago, according to data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Dr. Patrick Godbey, president of the College of American Pathologists, agreed that there is a need for greater testing.
“I think more testing is a good thing, for many reasons. One of the important things to remember is, first of all, bad data is worse than no data at all,” Godbey told CNN.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin wants to require U.S. troops to get coronavirus vaccine

Pentagon is to make the COVID vaccine MANDATORY for ALL 1.3M US troops after Biden ordered Defense Secretary to 'explore the mater'
President Biden has told the military to ''to look into how and when they will add COVID-19' to the list of required vaccines 
Pentagon chief Austin's 'inclination is towards making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory,' CNN reported
Comes as Biden is urging Americans to get shots, getting behind enticements, and pressuring federal workers to do so 

China's spiraling Delta variant outbreak hits Wuhan, as country introduces mass travel restrictions

China's spiraling Delta variant outbreak hits Wuhan, as country introduces mass travel restrictions
Nectar Gan, CNN
enablePagination: false
(CNN) — China's spiraling Delta variant outbreak has reached Wuhan, the original epicenter of the pandemic, prompting citywide coronavirus testing as authorities scramble to contain the city's first reported local infections in more than a year.
China is grappling with its worst outbreak in months, with more than 300 cases detected in more than two dozen cities across the country. The country now has 144 medium- and high-risk areas, the most since the initial outbreak in early 2020, the National Health Commission said Wednesday.

DeSantis to Biden: Damn right I'm standing in your way by opposing lockdowns

Between Trump and Kamala Harris, I mean. I have no idea what DeSantis will be doing that fall after Trump elbows him out of the way in the primary.
Preparing for the vice-presidential debate, presumably.
Yesterday Jen Psaki threw this jab at him and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for barring local governments in their states from reinstating COVID restrictions like mask mandates, a concern that at least one Republican governor shares:
WH Press Sec. Jen Psaki when asked about Florida and Texas governors:
“If you’re not going to be part of the solution, if you’re not going to be part of saving people’s lives, then get out of the way and let other people do the job.”

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Think you don't want to get vaccinated? Think again

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Think you don't want to get vaccinated? Think again
Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Think you don't want to get vaccinated? Think again
Posted: Aug 4, 2021 12:11 PM
Updated: Aug 4, 2021 12:11 PM
Posted By: By Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent
I still remember the feeling I had on December 13, 2020 -- the date the first vaccines rolled out of the Pfizer facility in Michigan, destined for hospitals and vaccination centers in every state in the country. Typically reserved scientists described it as the "medical moonshot" we had all been waiting for: a powerful tool against the new virus that had paralyzed the world for almost a year. Those first doses shipped out across America were supposed to signal the next phase of this pandemic -- and it felt as if the whole country could soon let out a collective sigh of relief.

Lachlan Murdoch: CNN's New Streaming Service Is Proof Fox Nation Is Working

”When someone copies you it’s the best form of flattery,“ the Fox chief says
Tim Baysinger | August 4, 2021 @ 3:59 PM
Getty Images
Fox Corp CEO Lachlan Murdoch is more than pleased that CNN is getting into the streaming game with the forthcoming launch of CNN+. His reasoning? It proves they were ahead of the game with Fox Nation, which debuted back in 2018.
“When someone copies you it’s the best form of flattery,” Murdoch said Wednesday during the company’s earnings call. “We don’t see CNN launching into that space as anything other than affirming of our strategy and what we’re doing.”

'The View' fails to disclose to viewers that Whoopi Goldberg headlined Cuomo fundraiser while tackling scandal

reported, when she emceed a $1,500-a-plate dinner for Cuomo at the Waldorf Astoria.
ABC News did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment.
(The View/AP)
This isn't the first time that "The View" failed to mention Goldberg's close ties to Cuomo. Back in March, Goldberg led two separate discussions of the latest developments in the harassment scandal, including the claims of a third accuser and the governor's press conference in which he expressed regret over his conduct, but refused to resign. 
On Wednesday, co-host Meghan McCain called out CNN and its anchor Chris Cuomo for staying silent on the subject during "Cuomo Prime Time."

Tiga Artefak Indonesia Diselundupkan ke New York

Tiga Artefak Indonesia Diselundupkan ke New York
CNN Indonesia | Kamis, 05/08/2021 07:15 WIB
Bagikan :  
Jakarta, CNN Indonesia --
Kantor kejaksaan Manhattan, New York, AS membongkar sindikat penyelundupan artefak lintas negara. Di antara barang bukti terdapat tiga artefak asal Indonesia.
Harga ketiga artefak tersebut mencapai US$86 ribu atau setara Rp1 Miliar. Ketiga artefak adalah arca Shiva dan Phavarti setinggi 20 cm, dan arca Ganesha setinggi 12 cm.
Kementerian Pendidikan, Kebudayaan, dan Ristek RI menyebut ketiga artefak diselundupkan oleh warga AS keturunan India bernama Subhash Kapoor. Pihak kejaksaan Manhattan telah melakukan komunikasi dengan KJRI sejak Maret 2021.
Lihat Juga :
Pelaku mendapatkan ketiga arca dari jarahan candi, dan telah didakwa terlibat dalam jaringan perdagangan ilegal benda antik. Pekan lalu, ketiga arca telah dikembalikan ke Indonesia melalui kejaksaan Manhattan, New York, AS.

Jerit Pengusaha Daerah Tak Sanggup Bertahan di Tengah PPKM

Jerit Pengusaha Daerah Tak Sanggup Bertahan di Tengah PPKM
CNN Indonesia | Kamis, 05/08/2021 06:37 WIB
Bagikan :  
Sebagian besar pengusaha daerah 'menjerit' kesulitan bertahan menghadapi dampak pengetatan mobilitas saat PPKM lanjutan level 3 dan 4.Ilustrasi. (CNNIndonesia/Safir Makki).
Jakarta, CNN Indonesia --
pengusaha daerah 'menjerit' kesulitan bertahan menghadapi dampak pengetatan mobilitas saat 
PPKMlanjutan level 3 dan 4. Pandemi yang melanda selama 1,5 tahun membuat para pengusaha ini tak lagi punya bantalan untuk bertahan.
Ketua Umum BPD Hipmi Jawa Tengah sekaligus Direktur Utama PT Dafam Properti Indonesia Tbk Billy Dahlan mengatakan keadaan pengusaha mulai kritis akibat tidak diperbolehkan beroperasi selama 2-3 pekan terakhir.
Dia menyebut masalah yang dihadapi pengusaha lebih dari sekedar dampak PPKM sebulan terakhir, namun kebijakan tidak konsisten pemerintah yang memaksa pengusaha buka tutup usaha sesuai aba-aba pemerintah. Ia mengaku paham dengan kebingungan pemerintah menghadapi pandemi 6 bulan pertama.

¿Fin del turismo vacuna? Estados Unidos evalúa exigir que todos los extranjeros que quieran ingresar tengan sus esquemas completos

¿Fin del turismo vacuna? Estados Unidos evalúa exigir que todos los extranjeros que quieran ingresar tengan sus esquemas completos
Aún no hay un cronograma pautado, pero la Casa Blanca piensa en un enfoque gradual para reducir las restricciones de viaje. Hay temor por la variante Delta.
Fecha de publicación: 04 de Agosto 2021, 23:00hs
La Casa Blanca estudia establecer vacunación obligatoria para entrar el país (Foto: EFE)
La Casa Blanca está tomando las primeras medidas para exigir a los extranjeros que visiten el país que
estén vacunados con dos dosis contra el COVID-19, con algunas pocas excepciones, informó este miércoles un funcionario citado por

Lukaku Paksa Inter Terima Tawaran Chelsea

Lukaku Paksa Inter Terima Tawaran Chelsea
CNN Indonesia | Kamis, 05/08/2021 06:22 WIB
Bagikan :  
Jakarta, CNN Indonesia --
Sky Sports melaporkan The Blues sudah melayangkan proposal penawaran yang kedua senilai 102 juta poundsterling atau setara Rp2 triliun plus satu pemain.
Sebelumnya, Chelsea dikabarkan sempat menyodorkan 85 juta poundsterling ditambah satu pemain demi seorang Lukaku. Namun, Inter menolak mentah-mentah tawaran tersebut.
Pilihan Redaksi
The Blues tak mau menyerah dan langsung mengajukan permohonan baru yang sulit untuk ditolak. Apalagi tim asal London Barat itu bersedia melepas Marcos Alonso sebagai tambahan pemain.
Juara Liga Inggris Manchester City juga dikabarkan berencana mendatangkan Lukaku awal tahun 2021. Namun, tidak ada proposal yang bisa dibuat karena Inter pada saat itu tak menunjukkan minat jual.

Daftar 10 Provinsi Alami Lonjakan Kematian Covid-19

CNN Indonesia | Kamis, 05/08/2021 06:11 WIB
Bagikan :  
Daftar 10 provinsi dengan penambahan kasus kematian Covid-19 tertinggi sepanjang Juli 2021. Ilustrasi (ANTARA FOTO/M RISYAL HIDAYAT)
Jakarta, CNN Indonesia --
virus corona (Covid-19) tertinggi pada Juli 2021. Total 
kasus kematian sepanjang Juli mencapai 35.274 orang.
Berdasarkan data yang disampaikan Ketua Bidang Data dan Teknologi Informasi Satgas Covid-19 Dewi Nur Aisyah, dalam jumpa pers, Rabu (4/8), Jawa Tengah menempati urutan pertama.
Provinsi yang dipimpin Ganjar Pranowo itu melaporkan 8.535 orang meninggal akibat Covid-19 sepanjang Juli.
Selanjutnya Jawa Timur dengan 7.730 kasus kematian. Kemudian berturut-turut ada Jawa Barat, DKI Jakarta, DI Yogyakarta, Kalimantan Timur, Lampung, Bali, Kepulauan Riau, dan Sumatera Selatan.
Lihat Juga :

Penyerang Pentagon Tembak Diri Sendiri usai Serang Polisi

Penyerang Pentagon Tembak Diri Sendiri usai Serang Polisi
CNN Indonesia | Kamis, 05/08/2021 06:04 WIB
Bagikan :  
Jakarta, CNN Indonesia --
Pentagon, hingga memaksa Departemen Pertahanan AS itu melakukan
lockdown, terungkap, meski motif serangannya belum jelas.
Biro Investigasi Federal (FBI) mengungkapkan pelaku merupakan warga Georgia berusia 27 tahun, Austin William Lanz.
Pada hari kejadian, Selasa (3/8) pagi, ia disebut turun dari bus dan "segera, tanpa provokasi" menikam petugas Badan Perlindungan Pasukan Pentagon George Gonzalez dengan pisau, hanya beberapa meter dari pintu masuk markas militer tersebut.
Lihat Juga :
Petugas lain kemudian datang. Sementara, Lanz meninggal di tempat kejadian. FBI sendiri tidak disebutkan apakah petugas juga menembak Lanz. Saksi mata mengatakan ada rentetan tembakan dalam insiden tersebut.

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