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years. making nearly ten times the amount of money there in the offseason than she's ever made as a star wnba player. so she had reason to go there, but she also embodies almost everything that putin rails against and tries to oppress in his own country. he has effectively outlawed gay and lesbian couples being open about their love. the idea of a black athlete challenging white supremacy, the cannabis consumption, also something he has harsh penalties in place for. so the opportunity as he was planning to invade ukraine, as the united states and european allies are standing up for democracy, to grab a star american, who in addition, has all these identities that challenge russian ideology and white supremacy, it really was too good for putin to pass up. >> so what, i know there's a lot to this, i'm going to take this to julia as well, then why now?

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six years later, she received a humanitarian award at the 65th academy awards for her work in the fight against aids. >> i accept this award in honor of all the men, women, and children with aids who are waging incredibly valiant battles for their lives. those to whom i have given my commitment. >> joining me now is kate anderson brouwer, author of the new book "elizabeth taylor, the grit and glamour of an icon." thank you so much for being here. and you know, because my formative years were in the 1980s, my junior high and high school years, i remember this era very well. the fear about hiv and aids, the sort of paranoia about the idea, could you get it just from touching someone, from hugging someone or sharing your milk carton with someone at school, even for kids, it was kind of terrifying and the president at

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>> yes. >> do you have any idea which of your tweets set the censorship in motion? >> i could probably guess. you know, a couple of years ago, axios did a study that showed our twitter account it was fourth most engaged on the planet, right up there with trump. i had been using it for a decade, understood it really well and we were averaging 115,000 retreats each day at our peak and we were talking about, for example, in the midst of the virus how lockdowns may not be the best decision. we started asking the question, are there other treatments we might want to talk about. it could have been that. then we saw, off a cliff almost immediately, our engagement and retweets disappear. i started to talk about this a lot and i was called a conspiracy there it. i was smeared and i started an email. >> tucker: you're crazy. >> you're q-anon.

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Tucker Carlson Tonight

>> tucker: so there is joe biden's press secretary telling you that brittney griner is important because she's a lesbian woman of color, and by the way, so am i. how perverse is it? well, imagine a press secretary from the last administration saying sean spicer, pausing in the middle of a briefing to tell you, "on a personal note, it is thrilling when a straight white man gets out of prison." what would you think of that? you would probably see that as an offense against the idea of the rule of law. against the idea of a country where we're all treated equally because we're all citizens. liberals don't see that it way because they don't believe in abstract principles so they are a hundred percent behind that idea. here's van jones on cnn. >> it just shows this president got it done. he cared enough about this individual person to get her home. it was shocking but i think for young americans to see an icon like that snatched, locked up, what you don't have and what you

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it is -- it is different. the history of the monarchy is different. there is aspects of it as a black woman that she would -- i mean different in the idea what she would have to think about. >> and here's the reality, they deserved the support of their family. they deserved a family that could listen and could adapt, and they didn't get that. and now people want to say she's a cribaby and she's a prima donna, etseta, et cetera. but i ask anybody you put yourself in that situation and you imagine all those people coming at you, and you live on a continent with actual nazis, et cetera, and say you'd be happy to have no protection. >> all i'm saying and she was asking a whatever 88-year-old traditional woman to adapt. >> how do you see it? >> well, like i said last night i don't really watch the royals and that's my right. we won a war over it, but,

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the population of america. we cannot win an election in america with just fox news. you need twitter to be open. you need facebook to be open. i'm trying to build this parallel economy. maybe that is why i am public enemy number one. i'm not a snowflake. you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. with google bandages, twitter banning us, it never stops. they have put a target on my back for a long time now. >> it is because you are effective and that is why. i got off the plot or because i was sick of it. joining us now clay travis and stephen miller.

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CNN Tonight

brittney griner is on her way home tonight after a prisoner swap for convicted russian arms dealer viktor bout bringing an end to more than ten months in captivity. but concerns remain over american paul whelan who is still in russian custody, plus first right here on cnn four high profile trump aides could face criminal referrals from the january 6th committee. a lot to talk about to go to, and we're going to bring in our panel. cnn anchor john berman and cnn political commentators s.e. cupp and van jones. what a day. the idea that this -- first of all, in context, you guys, this is even longer, frankly, than the invasion into ukraine. remember the week before she was actually detained. we didn't know about it for quite some time, and we woke up this morning with this brand new news, and there has been a whole mixed bag of reactions, mostly great knowing she's home but still a lot of concern for those who have been left behind. what is your reaction to this,

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matter what the cost. now, john bolton said today they were offered viktor bout for paul whelan and they didn't take it. donald trump himself seemed to go off the rails and indicate that wasn't the case today, but, you know, trump exchanged taliban -- senior taliban prisoners for americans held in afghanistan. he worked to exchange 200 houthi rebels in yemen for a couple of americans being held hostage. that hasn't been done for a long time because of what he's talking about. it's a good change but it's important to acknowledge it is a change and does put people at risk potentially. >> let's be clear, too, the idea of, yes, it is true that she is a black woman, a member of the lgbtq community, all the intersectional identity there, and what may have been even more impactful she very well may have been targeted while she was in russia for those very reasons. but it's also important to think about taking a step back. this was somebody who was accused of a crime and was not provided the due process we

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The Ingraham Angle

>> laura: for twitter to claim they were transparent, now with everything that we're seeing, it's just offensive. >> laura, i don't quite know for reasonable people how you get across the idea, these people are just liars. it's not complicated. they are liars. they lie all the time. they have total contempt for the rest of us. they think they can break the rules and get away with it. they think they are somehow this elite that's above us and that we're too stupid to know what we're doing and all too often, and this is the case, by the way, write think kevin mccarthy is showing the right leadership with people like adam schiff, who was chairman of the house intelligence committee, just routinely lied to the american people. totally misinformed them. there ought to be a consequence and we ought to start with simple old fashion language. these people are liars. they ought to be ostracized, kick out of polite society if there is such a thing anymore.

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